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(Part of Cory Harrison's seized arsenal" (text and photo courtesy reports that Australian “military enthusiast” Corey Harrison is looking at a five-year prison term for possessing an “arsenal” of Airsoft guns. “Detectives from the firearms squad raided Harrison’s Bunn St unit in September last year, seizing nine Airsoft firearms including a replica AK47, Scorpion sub-machinegun, an L96 sniper rifle and a Glock pistol. They also allegedly seized knuckle dusters, a homemade sling shot, 2.42g of ice and a small amount of oxycodone.” Wait. Ice is illegal? Wow, they really mean business over there.

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  1. Right on.

    This guy could have gone postal with that arsenal and given a bunch of people annoying welts.

    Just thankful we have the state to protect us from such a tragedy

    • And that one website that counts being shot by air soft pellets in their mass shooting statistic would have eaten it up, followed by CSGVreporting on it, then it blowing up in their face like that time the Tsarnev brother was included in a list of people killed by guns.

  2. Meanwhile the Easter Bunny is bringing some awesome airsoft rifles to the officers kids on Easter Sunday.

  3. Australia is lost and there’s no coming back from where they are at, it’s only going to get worse when it comes to guns and even airsoft. Now onto Ice……. AKA Meth if one is dumb enough to use that then reward that fool with some jail time.

    • +1 definitely meth. ~2.4g is only about 10 hits though, and he only got slapped with two drug charges and two dangerous weapons charges (for the non-“firearms”)…… The kicker is that he got hit with 9 “FIREARMS” charges….. New South Wales statutory law classifies airsoft replicas as firearms!!!! Even the article scoffs at the notion, pointing out that airsoft guns are made of plasic and fire rubber pellets.

    • Meth is FDA approved for use on children. How bad can it be? It’s all in how you use it. For ADHD or invading Poland it is fine.

      • Amphetamine has some approved medical uses, methamphetamine has absolutely no medically approved use.


          “In the United States, methamphetamine hydrochloride, under the trade name Desoxyn, has been approved by the FDA for treating ADHD and obesity in both adults and children;[22][23] however, the FDA also indicates that the limited therapeutic usefulness of methamphetamine should be weighed against the inherent risks associated with its use.[22] Methamphetamine is sometimes prescribed off label for narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia.[24][25] In the United States, methamphetamine’s levorotary form is available in some over-the-counter nasal decongestant products, such as Vicks VapoInhaler and its generic equivalents.”

          Jeezlus, you’ve never heard of Wikipedia? It’s pretty good for basic technical information and some history, although you don’t want to use it as a reference alone.

          Beware of anything social or political however, there is a definite liberal bias among the editors.

          See? You learn something everyday!

        • ActionPhysicalMan I did get that from your post – sorry I wasn’t clear – I was responding to Mike there.

  4. Just heartbreakingly sad and pathetic.

    It’s unbelievable how far the Aussie’s have fallen since WWII.

    You have got to fight for your rights!

    • If japan invades them again, i ain’t bailing them out. Same with UK, I know in WW2 they sent arms to help outfit the home guard, but I wouldn’t if it happened again.

      • That is a real possibility since airsoft is legal (and quite ubiquitous) in Japan. Since airsoft=firearms in the Australian lexicon, then they are screwed if some Japanese teenagers show up with their Tokyo Marui M4’s and lay waste to the countyside with their 2000rd battery powered pellet drums.

        • The Japanese stopped having kids decades ago. The last Japanese Japanese teenager turned 20 in 2011. The only thing left, is for the last Japanese woman to hit menopause while staying true to the country’s recent infertile MO. Then the demographic harakiri will have become officially irreversible. Kind of sad, actually.

    • I don’t want to be liberated, just extracted. Please!

      I’ve got about $15k in assets I can liquidate so that will cover my first year until I can get work connections. Well, 14k because 1 will be used for a pistol and holster. NO I DON’T KNOW WHAT PISTOL BECAUSE WE ARE ONLY ALLOWED 1911S AND GREAT BIG BRICK GUNS send help D’:

      • Bad news mate…. 15k Australian only comes out to about 10k American… you’d be able to live about 3 months on that, tops. Good news is you can get a decent pistol and holster here for as little as $400 if you shop around.

        • Single guy can easy live on $1k a month! Crappy part of town and cheap food but gotta do what you gotta do. And as long as you’re somewhat employable shouldn’t take more than a couple months to find something to pay the bills.

      • Wait… You’re “allowed” 1911s but airsoft is illegal? Does this have something to do with your backwards flushing toilets? Please explain.

      • I feel for ya, mate. (Note; pronounced with an American accent, since I can’t pull off an Ozzy accent.)
        You should probably just do what all of the rest of the Australians who want to feel a bit of freedom, but aren’t wackily wealthy do: become an ex-pat somewhere in SE Asia. If you feel like being able to get by with pretty much only English, try the Philippines; maybe somewhere in the Visayas or eastern Mindanao; in Metro Manila it costs as much as any major city anywhere.
        Sure the laws aren’t technically all that free, but there’s the fact that they pretty much are not enforced at all that allows such freedom. I know several guys who buy a gun every time they visit the Philippines; it isn’t legal, but they want it for self defense, and have no troubles getting it.

      • Goodacre, don’t listen to him. You can live on 10k us for over a year, if you are not a self indulging American. I live in les than 500 us per month. Not because i want it that way, but by necessity. Shit happens. Living on 10k for 3 months it complete frivolity

  5. Ice- street slang for smokable methamphetamine. Kinda like crack is to cocaine.
    That amount is akin to the street slang for a “teener”, or 1/16th of an ounce.

    Aside from that, that is some seriously stupid “gun” law.
    They don’t recognize the name, “air soft”?

    • The article mentions that under ozzy law, airsofts are categorized as firearms. Idiotic, but he’d have been in trouble without the oxy and meth regardless.

  6. Take notes crew…half our population agrees with Austraila and Hillary mention we should be like them as well.

  7. So far TTAG readers are just glossing over the fact that a homade slingshot was also found. Think about that for a minute. And don’t forget the drugs. That alone would put him in prison in the US (until BHO pardoned him if he wasn’t white.)

  8. I am assuming that the jail term was for the possession of controlled substances and NOT the airsoft toys?

    • As I understand it, air soft guns fall under the definition of firearms in the great country of Australia. Don’t quote me on that.

    • Well that’s a depressing realization – to be jailed for owning toy guns. Because they look bad? Geezelueeze those Ausies are screwed. Or have allowed themselves to be screwed. Or screwed themselves…

  9. 2.42g = 0.08536299oz

    That’s not very much ice. Perhaps his ice cube melted.

    Of course, we are talking Australian English vs. American English. For all we know, Australian ice could be American pomegranates.

  10. and I thought we were circling the drain when we started suspended kids for eating poptarts into vaguely gun shaped forms.

    ….I guess we have far further to fall.

  11. I love how the first part of the article writes “man” in all caps. As if that’s shocking on it’s own or something. Is that some sort of feminist newspaper or something?

  12. I kind of suspect the prison sentence was for the ice, oxy, and actual weapons not the airsoft guns. However I do find it depressing that there were nine counts of “possessing realistic Airsoft rifles.” That kind of sounds like either sloppy journalism or sloppy law-making. I’m guessing sloppy law-making by people who want to pretend that they can somehow be secure without weapons.

  13. Saddenly, the last paragraph of the article in regards to air soft.
    “The extremely realistic ­weapons are legal in many parts of the world however in most of Australia, including NSW, they are classified as firearms and are banned.”

  14. There hasn’t been an Australian worth mentioning since the death of Chopper Read. And he was a criminal.

  15. It’s cases like this that could help reverse course on gun control in the Land Down Under. Hopefully there is an ambitious lawyer there willing to fight for this guys rights… Minus the ice, of course.

  16. The ‘Gun Cops’ scored big time, a round of promotions and atta boys is needed ASAP for the boys in blue; not. Low level dope bust and cap guns; impressive!

  17. We have anti-airsoft legislation passed here in California. This type of outright banning and perpetual lessening of the legal ability of children and adults to be able to freely choose how they spend their time in private is a gross overreach by the state, spurred on by a*holes. Even though airsoft are not firearms, this type of legislative banning removes the ability of the next generation to be allowed the free expression of learning about gun culture, the 2nd Amendment, and the freedom to spend your own time in private in whatever manner you choose. It is another reminder of exactly how far the left wants to go to drag this fine country into the crackpot utopia of a gun free nation.

    Penalizing airsoft markers and the kids, and adults who spend their time and money on this hobby is a blatant waste of limited brain power by politicians who cannot think beyond their next campaign contribution from Bloomberg, and from the storm in a teacup groups like Moms against Guns.

    We need a group of our own, Moms against Ineffectual Activism or Moms Against Bloomberg, TheTrace, etc… Mom’s Against Disarmament, Moms for the 2nd Amendment would be even better, fill it with women who have protected themselves and their families with their firearms.

    • There is a legislative proposal in MA to outlaw airsoft right now. There is an indoor airsoft range near my home that would be literally wiped out of business with a stroke of the pen. It’s a shame really because I used airsoft guns as a way to practice and become more familiar with guns before I actually became an actual gun owner. I’ve met a lot of people who love airsoft as well.

    • IYearn4nARnCali,

      “It is another reminder of exactly how far the left wants to go to drag this fine country into the their crackpot utopia of a gun free nation.”

      There, fixed that for you.

    • Well, that’s exactly the point. Given that Airsoft replicas are almost entirely modeled after military small arms, and that even the halfway decent ones are pretty darn realistic, they make an excellent “gateway drug” to the ultra scary, super evil AR, AKs, etc. Anyone who is comfortable around Airsoft M4s is going to be equally comfortable around real steel AR-15s, and the left just can’t have that…..

  18. Gee RF-I thought I was old and outa’ the loop. No one measures frozen H2O in grams…So what do you get for real guns in OZ? The death penalty? I will never visit(it was a bucket list item for me).

  19. Just looked it up and air soft pistol are banned in my state but as I have several .22 rifle and pistol .223, 30-06, 9mm and 12 gauges etc I have never bothered about them
    Not that I like our gun laws that have changed from walk in and pay to 28 days waiting since the 35 unarmed people were shot in Port Arthur

  20. Walt Walker real guns fine if you leave the methamphetamine aka ice alone

    You can come here and hunt either byo or hire from guide company

  21. I use 2.42g of ice to cool my .9mm bullets before pressing them into the case. It makes the thing that goes up go faster.

  22. Airsoft guns are considered replica firearms, which are expressly prohibited in the regulations of the firearms act (at least in NSW, other states may differ).

    It sucks so bad that anything considered to vaguely resemble a prohibited firearm is forbidden. There was an incident of the WA police declaring prohibited a bolt-action rifle they thought sort-of resembled a AR-15.

  23. I’m a retired LE from UK and looking at the picture it suggests to me that the bright coloured markers which generally distinguish Airsoft from the real thing appear to have been removed.

    If as one commenter notes-Airsoft are illegal to possess in that state, then end of…but if I were looking to add, “Intent/Mens Rea, ” to the case, the removal of those red/green indicators of Airsoft might well be part of the case.


  24. The funny thing is that CRIMINALS use replica firearms (and airsoft) to commit REAL CRIMES!

    You bunch of American idiots!

    • Okay so why not just make using a replica firearm during the course of a crime illegal. By banning airsoft/replicas you are just allowing an entire group of people to be punished for the actions of a few criminals.

    • “The funny thing is that CRIMINALS use replica firearms (and airsoft) to commit REAL CRIMES!”

      Whenever you need to turn to name calling you are showing that your argument is inherently false.

      And it’s right there in your first sentence! You admit that it is not the gun – fake or not that make for the crime, that is, the criminal has to use the device to actually do something.

      The gun itself is not the crime, it’s only a tool. And a tool mind you can be used to do anything that the user wants to do with it. Notably, these are very useful tools that a non-criminal can use to protect his or her lives, and those of his or her family, and others around them.

      Of course the CRIMINAL can use firearms to commit REAL CRIMES, but they can and will use anything available to them to do so also. And remember also, that, being CRIMINALS, they will have no problem acquiring firearms (fake or otherwise) when they are deemed illegal, in illegal ways, in order to further their goals of committing REAL CRIMES.

      Thus, your silly laws against firearms (fake or otherwise) only end up with the law abiding citizen being unable to defend themselves against CRIMINALS!

      And to go to the extreme of making a molded piece of plastic shaped in the form of a gun a GUN CRIME is such an absurdity it sounds almost like a joke to any thinking reasoning person. It’s nothing but a toy!

      Huh. And you call us idiots for living in a society that has the foresight to have our natural individual right to defense of self and others actually written in our founding document.

      I’ve no doubt that you will fail to respond to this post, having of course no argument against real logic and little enough ability to reason yourself that your chief argument is to call others names.

      Go on, prove me wrong.

    • Criminals also use motor vehicles to.commit real crimes. We should ban them too! Wait, then they will rely on running shoes to get away quickly. Now shoes.must have a minimum weight and we will ban running.

      Kitchen knives are used for stabbings, better ban them. Now you may only use rubber knives to cut your steak unless you have a license as a chef. If licensed, your knives must be locked in an approved knife safe at the place of employment, subject to law enforcement approval, like the gun locker law in Austrailia.

      Wrenches can be used to beat people. Only licensed auto mechanics can now have wrenches and they are subject to the same lock requirements as knives.

      Baseball cricket and hockey are all now banned because the sticks and bats are considered weapons and therefor banned. Cleated shoes are now banned from use in any sport because the cleats could be used to cause injury.

      Are you through being a moron yet? Do you still need nanny hovernment to protect you from yourself? Should we ban baby rattles too because the sound might scare you?

      • Don’t forget, you would also have to ban machines that are used to make and build kitchen knives and cars and the like. Of course making an knife can also be done without any machines but let’s ignore that for the time being.

        Banning machines may not be enough, because the industrious out there can also build machines! You then also have to ban books and knowledge about the subject.

        The true believer in the banning solution would really have to ban pretty much everything, yes all the way down to baby rattles. The plastic used in making them could be melted and reformed into the shape of a knife, or a gun fairly easily.

        Much easier I think to just ban citizens in the first place. Solves a lot of problems, and leaves a lot of warm bodies around for slaves to run the machinery and to cook and serve food to the elites.

        This is why private property rights, and self defense rights (that is keeping and bearing of arms) is what makes one a citizen and not a subject.

        Australia it seems is a continent of subjects. But of course, it’s us who are the idiots. Nice huh?

    • “The funny thing is that CRIMINALS use replica firearms (and airsoft) to commit REAL CRIMES!

      You bunch of American idiots!”

      Are you serious?

    • “seeing as how your pistol says replica down the side, and mine says Desert Eagle point five oh, should commence your balls to shrinking.”

  25. Okay, I do know people can do stupid things with airsoft guns. The law had to get a bit stricter around here (Czech Republic) after certain cases, wawing one around in public counts as brandishing and so on. An almost funny case was that of a group of LARPers who managed to get themselves swatted. In-game police pulled out airsoft pistols while chasing in-game criminals in the city, then both parties entered a neutral-ground cafe and, the guys being involved being friends, sat down to chat while waiting for some other players to arrive. However, uninformed bystanders saw some poor sods being chased by buys with guns, so a real SWAT unit stormed the cafe to find youths with by then hidden again airsoft weapons have been playing a more sophisticated version of cops and robbers.

    However, there’s a huge difference between paying a fine for being stupid and ending up in jail for owning a toy. Stories like the one this article is about makes one all too aware of what gun control aims for.

    • “… playing a more sophisticated version of cops and robbers.”

      Wow! When I was a child, we played “cops and robbers” in our yard. We never imagined playing in town. That was interesting.

  26. Isn’t New South Wales the same state where the Islamic kid shot the police employee outside of police HQ? I guess Oz cops figure it’s safer to go after an Airsoft gun collector than actual Islamic terrorists with real guns.

  27. I wonder if the Aussie news paper in that area is going to run a series of Articles about how taking a major criminal of the streets made them much safer, next agenda is removal of street lights so people can walk down the dark streets without being afraid their shadow might attack them,
    Simply amazing 3/4 of the world wants to do bodily harm too the Christian world and all the politicians can come up with is take their freedom away, then they can trade lives for appeasement without cost to their lifestyle!

  28. Lest we think something like considering airsoft guns as firearms could never happen here in the good ol’ US of A, don’t forget that our own government quite heavily regulates threaded metal cans with no moving parts as stand-alone firearms here. So it’s not so far-fetched as to put it past the ruling class here.

    • It’s already happened. In New Jersey (yeah, debatable if they are really America), airsoft, bb, paintball guns are considered “firearms” and fall under all firearms statutes. You need an FID and permit to purchase. I keep a close eye to the idiocy in NJ as it could easily creep over to PA (like in Philly).

      • You’re wrong about airsoft in NJ, there’s a dedicated airsoft shop 25 minutes from my house. BB and Pellet guns sadly yes, those count as firearms here, which is why I never bothered to buy one.

  29. In possession of plastic toys AND frozen water both? Geez, he’s lucky
    there’s no death penalty in Australia. Just imagine the trouble he
    could have caused. Why, he could have caused a nasty welt or even put
    someones eye out! Zombie sheep ought never to have a pointy

  30. This is the the final descent that the Western world will succumb to in its final days. The oxycodone aside, there’s nothing wrong or institutionally illegal of the things this man collected. What this is is “feel good” justice, which is “law enforcement” not because crime has been done, but because of the possibility of crime being done. Because the guns seized are not even remotely lethal and are more along the lines of a toy, this is an absurd case and thus, the West is the epitome of absurdity.

    There’s only one way this ends and it’s not good.

  31. I participated in airsoft battles which were a blast. I had a Sig 228 and a m-16 with a 500 round mag. The Sig was very realistic and neither had orange tips because I bought them in Japan. Got a nice price for them both in the US.
    I packed them both in my luggage and the airport pepper didn’t bat and eye. Those Were The Good Old Days before 911

  32. The US should have let the Japanese have in WWII, they would have a different view about weapons today. .

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