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“MORE than 100 five-shot Adler shotguns are registered in Tasmania, reports. “And a simple ‘do it yourself’ kit available online can see the five-shot 12 gauge converted into an 11-round rapid fire shotgun. It follows concerns by anti-gun advocates about the number of firearms in Tasmania and the proliferation of small arsenals across the state.”

Props to for not calling the anti-firearms freedom folks campaigning in The Land Down Under  “gun safety” advocates. Brickbats for the anti-gun advocates for their anti-firearms freedom fixation on a lever-action shotgun, especially when Australian criminals are having plenty of “success” with regular shotguns.

Clearly, Australian antis consider a “rapid-fire” shotgun a weapon suitable only for mass murder. Hence their interminable fight to make it unavailable to average Aussie.

The emergence of the rapid-fire shotgun sparked fears about the impact on community safety and the potential undermining of the landmark National Firearms Agreement. In response the Commonwealth slapped an import ban on the seven-shot Adler. However, the five-shot Alder is currently legal in Tasmania and there are no Federal Government bans on its importation.

Gun Control Australia vice president Roland Browne urged the Government to ban the shotgun.

“Rapid fire shotguns should not be available and the Government is letting us down in failing to prohibit this firearm,” Mr Browne said.

Last month the Council of Australian Governments failed to agree on whether the Adler should be recategorised as a firearm for which it is is harder to get a licence.

The battle over the Adler continues, a squabble that shows what happens when you open the door to laws that discriminate between  commonly available arms and those reserved for the police, military and other priviliged groups.

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    • It sounds like typical Progressive anti gun control.

      They understand next to nothing about guns when drafting law.

      Kinda like the ’94 Clinton ban when the number of ‘features’ decided if a gun was illegal or not…

    • Not illegal at all in most state a Category A firearm (rimfire rifles other than semi auto & shotguns other than pump action or semi auto) have no magazine capacity limit for fixed magazines, therefore the conversion kit is perfectly legal across most of the country (and most of my mates who have one have already put the extended tube on it. If there was a way to effectively do a 50 round tube without damaging the extension then I’m sure someone here would do it purely to piss off the antis.

  1. The seven shot model has been banned, but the five shot model is okay, cause you know those two extra rounds are all the difference between a simple farmer and an isis operative.

  2. “Rapid fire shotgun” — it’s a lever action for crying out loud ! Wish someone would import them into the US, wouldn’t mind owning one 🙂

  3. HOHO!!! Come to Canada! They’re legal and obtainable here! I have one, but converting mine to a 8 or 11 round would look dumb; mine is one of the 13″ bbl versions Australia never even saw! Legal and unrestricted here, even with the short barrel, because it was not modified (i.e. the barrel came from the maufacturer in 13″) to be effectively an SBS.

    It’s actually a really nice shotgun. Beautiful hardware, nicely figured Turkish walnut, great fit & finish, and a nice smoth action after a hundred rounds or so. It’s a quick shooting gun for a lever action; close to pump action speed, but certainly not “rapid fire”. I use it mostly for bear protection, and interestingly, not one person has accused me of being a terrorist.

    If you can get your hands on one, give it a try…you too can be smug with the poor Australian gun enthusiasts

  4. My God, man, these dashed new-fangled lever-action quick-fire shotguns are absolutely mad! The Government must forbid them at once, I say! Forbid them, before the peasants can buy them on every street corner!

  5. I wouldn’t buy one if they brought them stateside only because it would break the rules of my collection. Every firearm i own would be illegal for me to own if i moved back to Australia. 🙂

      • Hmm, good point. I guess that would satisfy my requirements.

        Still, lots of other stuff to buy before this. Don’t even have a semi shotgun yet!

        You know the sad part about my collection? It’s really easy to buy guns that i couldn’t have in australia. Even my humble 10/22 is too dangerous for the delicate folks back home.

  6. Anyone who thinks a lever action firearm of any type is a rapid fire weapon has been watching too many westerns.

    The funny thing is I have hunted with a No4 Lee-Enfield with a 10-round magazine in gun and two more magazines in my pockets. The No4 would be much faster to cycle than the Adler shotgun.

  7. That Browne(shirt) guy is a true pants wetting mental midget. The Adler is a military weapon? Give me a fracking break, this is 19th century tech.

    One other interesting thing in the video is the tactical Martini Henry. I didn’t expect to see that.


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