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I’ve spent some time in Austin since RF moved down there and have come to love the place. Sure, the majority of its residents’ preening leftist moral narcissism can be exhausting, but by and large, the capitol makes up for it with an undercurrent of libertarianism combined with great music and a fantastic food scene. So all of that said, no one who’s had much experience with the town will really be surprised by the fact that some local MDAers did their best to keep Austin weird (not to mention a little nauseating) Saturday, with a topless protest of a Come And Take It march. And from the accounts, they were every bit as coherent and high minded as you’d expect from a brace of bare-breasted Shannon shills (possibly NSFW photos after the jump) . . .


As Gun Rights Across America’s Eric Reed at reports,

The women continued to remain topless in front of innocent children that were with today’s CATI group, shout obscenities and racial slurs, while “BAREing” signs that contained vulger sexual messages. See the pictures below, which I obviously had to censor.

At one point in an effort to create an uprising, Jefferson stated “they followed us into a small coffee shop and called us the Aryan Brotherhood. They continually used terms like white pride and white power. Their allegations are obvious nonsense as we not only have many African American members in our group, but also on our walk today.”


Of course, no one is more supportive of topless activity than are we here at TTAG central command. Unfortunately, though, some women lack the self awareness to know when it’s a good idea and when it just isn’t. We’re guessing the CATI members would have traded their guns (and maybe a limb or two) for a supply of bullet bras Saturday.

What these exhibitionist simpletons obviously haven’t learned is that, like wearing Spandex, baring your boobs should be a privilege, not a right. That’s something Shannon may want to communicate in her next membership email. Please. Do it for the children.

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    • I find it interesting that the statists say the same thing about us and our “scary” black rifles.

      Am I the only one who finds the irony in all this?

      I mean, I don’t agree with their stance but I am pro freedom. That not only includes open carry of firearms but also the freedom for women of questionable beauty to let it all hang out. Not only that, who the fuck died and made any of us the arbiters of good taste or whether someone is “hot enough” to go topless? I don’t like seeing fat old men mow the lawn in tiny shorts either but I have to see that all the time in my neighborhood.

      See, the thing about freedom is it doesn’t mean, “Only the things I like or agree with are protected activities.” Freedom means freedom. Period. Just like freedom of speech applies to all the comments I see below further solidifying the Left’s characterization of gun owners as ignorant, hate mongering red necks. ::facepalm::

      I think the article I am commenting on comes across exactly like the articles that the statists write: mean spirited, off topic, and spending more time demonizing the opposition than talking to facts.

      Come on everyone – we are better than this.

      And as an actual Austinite who identifies as “Libertarian” with a huge gun collection… I have a message for Dan:
      If you’re going to keep writing derp like this, please kindly just stop writing altogether. Your veiled mysogyny in a badly written hit piece like this is doing as much hurt to the firearms community as the bros who take pics with their rifles at the ready in Chipotle.

      • I think I love you. Thank you. You win the internet at least for the rest of this week.

        • No problem.

          I just call them like I see them. I also try to remain as impartial and logical as possible.

          Railing at the statists for calling our open carry people nasty names and basing arguments purely on how they look but then doing the same thing ourselves is obvious hypocrisy. I mean, there have been entire articles on this site about how the statists love to characterize gun owners as insecure racists with tiny penises (which they definitely do – and often)… but then we get articles like this one saying, “Those chicks are ugly and have ugly boobies!” Really?

          I understand this is a blog, but it is the most popular firearms blog on the web. There are a lot of people on each side of the debate who consider TTAG to be the voice of the firearms community. I believe we can do better than this.

        • I had no idea TTAG was that central to the firearms blogging community. In that case all my long verbose ire goes double.

      • I see no problem with women going topless. Men are allowed to be topless, so women should be allowed also. Nudity does not need to become moral issues. We were all born naked. If you are around topless people long enough you begin to not care.

    • That needed to be included in the title…. I was unprepared and might need a new keyboard….. forget NSFW how about not safe for standard stomach

  1. Geez…at least find someone who isn’t hideous to go topless! Where’s my eye bleach?

    • It is very rare for the people who show up at topless and/or nude protests to be anyone you want to see naked.

      IMO, if the activists on the other side have to take their clothes off because nobody’s paying attention to their issue, it’s just another sign that we’re winning.

  2. To quote Ron White from his Blue Collar Comedy Tour “alright baby, you can roll those back up now”

  3. Aaaaaahggggg!!! My eyes, they are burning!!!! Jesus, what the hell is wrong with this people, and gun owners are the crazy ones? BS

    • … Just not these particular boobs. They look like the Remington R51s of the boob world; they were great back in the day, but now they need more work before they see daylight.

      • Comparing those to the R51 is a little insulting to Remington. I’d say they are closer to a homemade grease gun thats been in a river for the last 20 years.

        • I don’t think Remington deserves much after the R51 debacle and of the quality issues many current guns in their lineup have.

        • Ha. Nice one about the grease gun. But the R51 really does suck that bad. I handled 8 or 10 at the gun store I work at before they got recalled. Every one of them was a complete and total POS.

        • See I look at the R51 like the smoking hot drunk girl you brought home on your 21st birthday… well at least until you wake up the next morning and realize that 10 was really a 2.

  4. Arghhh! You could have warned us. It might take YEARS to get that outa’ my memory…and I’m a big fan of boobs…

  5. If I saw them I’d shout “No one wants to see your gross ugly old tits! Put a shirt on, have some self respect!”

  6. Personally I think it’s great! Not that I’m wanting to look at the “C” grade flesh here, but that they did something soooooo over the top stupid. If the “mad mothers” would keep doing that at every open carry protest that would be wonderful. Number one, it would bring even more attention to the open carry movement. (Who by comparison would look very conservative and normal.) Number two it would show the world just how crazy/stupid the anti-gun whiners really are.

    • “Never interrupt your enemy while he[she] is making a mistake.” ― Napolean Bonaparte

      MDA Moms protesting in this fashion (pun intended) can only help our cause. Let’s hope they do it more often.

      • Bob, I think the actual quote is: When your enemy is digging his own grave do n ot interrupt him.
        And why should we, she’s already got two shovels

  7. oh, but my trying to post pictures of Shannon wearing a one piece bathing suit get my comments stricken

      • Mr.Diggler – The difference between Rape and Rapture…

        …is Salesmanship. So give Shannon a jingle…OK?

  8. I guess some don’t understand the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, not bear breasts!

  9. Isn’t that against the law there? It is in my Texas city.

    Either way, it’s common for lefties at the Capitol to bring their own children along with obscene signs they’ve made, and sometimes they even make their little girls hold the signs. At an abortion protest, one sign held by an elementary school-age girl said “If I wanted the government in my body, I’d f-ck a senator”. I’m not sure why they think that’s helpful in persuading others to their cause. That’s child abuse.

    • The Texas Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to have a law forbidding women to be topless in public. It was part it the equal rights amendment movement and part of the reason most of the Supreme Court was replaced in the space of a few election cycles.

      • IIRC there is a nuance, namely that such behavior is allowed when it is part of political expression (say a protest) as opposed to having topless dancers at the park

        • The “nuance” is not that it must be a political statement, but that it can’t be with the intent to arouse sexual interest. So, for instance if you’re hustling, then you can’t do it. But if you’re sunbathing, you can. It’s up to a jury which is which, so I wouldn’t want to push the envelope if I were a woman.

    • Yup…it’s legal in Austin. Part of the old school hippie “keep Austin weird” before that became trendy. Whatever floats your boat.

      I think a compromise can be had…keep your hands off their guns and they’ll keep their hands off your breasts.

  10. The implication that “innocent children” will be harmed by the sight of boobs is exactly as preposterous as the notion that children will be harmed by the sight of a gun. I think we can do better than MDA.

    While it’s hilarious how nasty these protester’s boobs are, I fully support normalizing the open carry of boobs, in hopes that some much younger, much hotter ladies will eventually feel comfortable joining in. As of now, I believe Austin is the only place in TX where you won’t be arrested for it though.

      • Yup. It’s kind of nauseating how some of our pro 2nd amendment brothers and sisters can have so little self awareness. :/

    • No. In Texas topless women are constitutionally protected across the entire state, so long as they are not topless for prurient interests.

        • It’s one of the few nice things Ann Richards’ administration brought us. It was part of her drive for the Equal Rights Amendment.

  11. (Sung to the tune of Turkey In The Straw)

    Do your boobs hang low
    Do they swivel to and fro
    Can you tie em in a knot
    Can you tie em in a bow

  12. Is there any actual evidence that these topless grannies were actually associated with MDAFGSA? Or are we just making that assumption based on I.Q.?

  13. “What these exhibitionist simpletons obviously haven’t learned is that, like wearing Spandex, baring your boobs should be a privilege, not a right.”

    Wow. And you want them to respect our Rights? Come on, you can do better than this. What else should be “a privilege, not a right”, and on what justification?

    • Can we atleast agree on the right to make obvious jokes that nobody could possibly confuse for an actual opinion?

  14. This is laughably gross and proves once again how ineffective MDA is….and where is Shannon Watt’s bare chest in all this? These women must have husbands who chose castration over vasectomy and for apparently good reason.

  15. These women are embarrassing. They say they are feminists but they set women back. Using your breasts instead of the strength of your argument is weakness. And again, embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for them and I’m embarrassed they are part of my gender.

    • Looks like the Chipotle Ninja virus has become airborne, gone over and infected The Mom’s camp. Shannon’s got to be beside herself over these optics. You can’t fix stupid.

      But then again, maybe the Koch brothers are hiring false-flag counter protesters? What a concept.

  16. Also, all you guys on here making nasty comments about these women’s breasts and the fact that they don’t give you boners, are disgusting, frankly. These women are an embarrassment, but you all are just being foul and dishonorable as well. Seriously, have some class, men. You don’t have to sink to their level. Nobody cares about your stupid boners.

    • I agree. Most of the comments have been childish, bordering on stupid. The whole idea of going topless may have been silly, but as an attention getting stunt it obviously worked. It also seems to have brought out the sexist, stupid side of a number of commentators on TTAG (although some are funny).

      • Thanks! It means a lot not to feel alone here.

        I lurked for awhile before I commented. When I commented the first time, I was surprised by how I felt comfortable and at home (despite the occasional misogyny that pops up here.) But then I see the long list of comments here and it just feels hostile to me. I know a lot of men don’t “get that’ and feel like I’m somehow trying to infringe on their rights to say things. That’s not my intention. (I haven’t said anything about anybody’s “right” to say stupid demeaning bullshit. I’m merely appealing to class and integrity, here. Basic ethics and honor.)

        There’s really no way to make someone who isn’t empathetic to women living surrounded by men who act like apes the second shit doesn’t go their way to explain it. What I do know is that often online when men saying demeaning BS about women is challenged, soon after that rape threats fly. (Not saying that will happen here, just pointing out the progression that often happens to serve to silence any woman who doesn’t like this behavior and finds it alienating.)

        Even if it’s online, women feel threatened by that and men do it to make them shut up. It’s an intimidation tactic and it’s shameful. I hope it doesn’t go that far here because I would like to believe that most of you guys are pretty decent and just not thinking about how alienating some of these comments are, both to the women who lurk and comment here and to women in general. (The MDA women most likely aren’t lurking here so the only women who can be offended by it are the women on your side. Think it through, guys.) I mean this shit makes your daughters, wives, grandmothers, sisters, the women you care about feel like shit, too. They just rarely speak up because women have long known what happens when they speak up. Best case scenario they just get yelled at and demeaned personally.

        • Suck it up, buttercup. Men will be men and, no, that doesn’t mean anyone wants to rape anyone. Speaking purely for myself, I suggest you go clutch your pearls elsewhere if you can’t handle some slightly randy comments without getting the vapors.

          Just because we all agree that guns are great and we’ve all a God-given right to them, doesn’t mean any given gun owner is someone who’d be a pleasure to sit down with and have a beer. Case in point: the hypocritical, hypercritical woman who cries about men riffing on some past-their-expiration-date mammary glands, but who herself has no problem dismissing those men and their “stupid boners.” Good grief.

        • No, I’m not going to “suck it up.” YOU suck it up. I’m going to call men out on this bullshit at the very least online. Women shouldn’t have to be made to feel this way and demeaned and be afraid to speak up.

          If you think this is what “men are” then I’m deeply ashamed for you. Men are worthless if what “men are” is a mouthpiece of degrading women and treating them like a sack of shit.

          And it IS stupid when you get distracted by your boners and the fuckability of any random woman in an issue as important as your 2A rights. Seriously, grow up.

        • No, I’m not going to “suck it up.” YOU suck it up. I’m going to call men out on this bullshit at the very least online. Women shouldn’t have to be made to feel this way and demeaned and be afraid to speak up.

          If you think this is what “men are” then I’m deeply ashamed for you. Men are worthless if what “men are” is a mouthpiece of degrading women and treating them like a sack of shit. (Note that I didn’t say men are worthless only that if men think that this is what “men are” they are because seriously??? WTF is wrong with you?)

          And it IS stupid when you get distracted by your boners and the hotness or lack of hotness of any random woman in an issue as important as your 2A rights. Seriously, grow up.

        • “The MDA women most likely aren’t lurking here…”

          You can count on them reading EVERY word here.

          …to use at _their_ convenience.

        • Sorry for the sort-of double post there. I went into moderation for the F word, so I rewrote my post to not include that word. It ended up passing moderation anyway, but I didn’t know where the boundaries were with language here because I’ve seen shit and stuff pass muster. I’ll try to avoid the harsher language (*F*) in the future.

        • @cowgirl: First off, you must be new if you don’t think the “f*ckability” of any given woman isn’t one of the first three things any given man considers when presented a woman he isn’t familiar with. Respectively, women consider whether any given man would be a good provider. Welcome to the difference in sexes and what our respective differences entail.

          Secondly: Are a lot of the comments here boorish? Absolutely. Are they unnecessary? Most certainly. Should you have expected exactly what you got when you read the article prior to the comments? Derp… Jon and I have had our disagreements in the past, but he is absolutely right on this one. Bad behavior isn’t being excused, but boys ARE boys and let’s be frank with each other and agree that women’s conversations often aren’t better. You have a 90+% majority of men on this site which has topical discussions on the f*cking internet. Newflash, the internet is where everybody lets their dirtbag side hang out.

          If you have a bone to pick, pick it with the author and the publisher. I personally found the tone of the article far more distasteful than the protester’s actions. That said, I had a pretty good idea of what i was getting into about three lines in.

          Lastly: I was just in Austin recently for my bachelor party. I am sorely disappointed that it was an old hag that opted to loose the girls on society and not one of the (countless) remarkably good looking young ladies I ran into all up and down 6th St…

        • Matt,

          Look, I’m married. I have a very visible wedding ring on my hand, so ANY man who treats me as a prospective F*ck will be roundly told to get out of my face. You guys are not Neanderthals or animals but you seem to insist that you are.

          I think people are WAY too sex-obsessed in general. If you can’t look at me without thinking about whether or not you’d like to bang me, maybe you need a handler. Holy crap. How hard is it to not think every woman exists to please your boner or offend it?

          I just want to be treated like a person and spoken to with respect as a person of equal intelligence and value. I don’t want my sexuality to have anything to do with anything. And I don’t run around dressing provocatively or using my sexuality for anything, but I steer very clear of any man who can’t simply treat me like a person.

          And I don’t sit around considering whether or not a man would be a good provider. I can provide for myself, thanks. I don’t need a “provider”. I need (and thankfully have) a grown adult partner who isn’t living in the stone age thinking he has to “provide” for me.

          Bad behavior IS being excused and you guys aren’t possessed. Be gross pigs in your own private spaces, like the locker room. Men have spent centuries keeping that shitty talk more private among themselves. This is not the locker room. This is a public space, and women come here too whether you like it or not.

          Talk in public like a Neanderthal and someone will shame the shit out of you. That’s just life. I don’t care what percentage of people here are men. What you’re basically arguing for is “men are shitheads, deal with it.”

          If men are really that terrible, why should any be surprised if I don’t like them, don’t trust them, and don’t want to be around them?

          I actually seem to believe men are better than you do, because if I thought you all couldn’t help it I’d just pat you on the head and say “bless your heart”. But I actually think men CAN be better. They just choose not to because they enjoy being assholes. Well, I don’t enjoy it and you’ll hear my displeasure loudly.

        • Hey Cowgirlup. Sorry to hear you are feeling grief over comments. I personally agree with you that there are poor comments and having given up a long time ago on expecting every comment to be smart and considerate just skip over to the smart and considerate comments. I hope you will be able to comment in the future and add some good points to the discussion. I expect that you don’t agree with my viewpoint about calling out people, but I personally would rather try to focus on trying to add smart and real comments to the conversation that relate to the core topics of this blog. It isn’t that behaviors are excusable but I would rather pick what I talk about that react. There are a lot of intelligent things to contribute and when I can I try to communicate that and try to get a better message out. I know that isn’t what you were looking for but it is what I try to do, and usually the TTAG comment have a lot of smart and considerate and worthwhile of reading comments. Actually a lot more than a lot of other places where the comments are dismal. Certainly Misogyny is wrong but so is Misandry. I feel uncomfortable with the generalization of “Women” are like this or that, and with the generalizations that “Men” are like this or that. Especially when those characterizations are meant to be marginalizing. I especially don’t like when those characterizations are cast onto gun owners, Men and Women in an attempt to marginalize them and reduce them to some sort of sub human for the sake of making an ad hominem attack.

        • Hey CT Resident,

          Yeah I get it’s a lost cause, but it pisses me off because I WANT women to feel welcome in gun spaces because frankly if we don’t get more women on our side, the 2A tide could end up turning against us. Right now there is a lot of pro-gun legislation and there are a lot of women coming over to guns, but some of them are going to turn right back around and leave again after seeing some of the shit a lot of these men seem to think is okay to say publicly about women. It’s alienating and holy crap, this is NOT the hill I want 2A to die on, and I can’t understand a man who would fight for the privilege to be an asshole with no restrictions on an online forum (or elsewhere in public) when it so harmfully colors the way women are going to feel about the whole gun culture in general. How hard is it really to NOT be a douche in just a few limited times and spaces?

          You’d think I was calling for their penises in jars. Damn.

          And I definitely don’t feel grief over everybody’s comments. People aren’t required to agree with me, just don’t be a jerk about it. Lots of people have debated/discussed with me and been perfectly normal/nice. We’ve agreed on some things and disagreed on some things but I appreciate the discussion. Others just decided to call me names or tell me to chill out or just behaved like your standard stereotypical dudebro only proving my points. Um yeah.

          I don’t totally disagree with what you’re saying with regard to picking one’s battles. When I made my first comment on it, we’d had about 10-15 of these jerky comments and nobody had said anything against it and that irritated me. So I spoke up. I didn’t call anybody specifically out because it’s not necessarily just “one isolated comment” or any one individual person. It’s more death by a thousand papercuts. It was just the unchallenged volume of it. So I challenged it in general. Then some people debated me and some people decided I was hysterical and a real boner killer (whaaaa). And some people agreed and defended me.

          I don’t know why it had to be such a big deal, but of course it did because bitch (that’s me!) can’t keep her mouth shut like a good little woman. Nope!

          I agree with you re: misogyny and misandry. I try not to lump “all” of one gender into this or that, though when confronted with a LOT of crappy behavior from one group or the other, it can be easy to generalize. Often I just decide I frankly don’t like “people” with some exceptions. Mainly I just don’t like that people can’t manage to be decent to one another and stop trying to control each other.

        • Cowgirl, don’t be too quick to write it off as a lost cause. While there may be some element of truth to what some of they guys are saying about men’s … um … baser nature, you are just as right to call us out on it. It’s part of the balancing act between Mars and Venus that helps keep us civilized. So sure, men can be idiots at times, but at least we’re also smart enough to usually recognize the value of a good woman.

          Just don’t do what some have done and pack up and go away. Been enjoying your posts on TTAG.

        • Hey Raul,

          Thanks! I appreciate it. And if I didn’t believe men could do better, I wouldn’t waste my typing energy. 🙂 I do understand their frustration at groups like MDA and some types of feminism. I feel that same frustration. My anger is mostly at those in power on the left who are using women for their political goals and strategies. Though I guess I’m also equally irritated at the women who fall for the pandering. But there are still lines of honor one shouldn’t cross. (This goes for both genders.)

          • Thanks and I’m particularly glad you added that last. One if the things I had considered noting, but didn’t was that women are just as bad. Consider the vitriol spewed by women at some of the lady hunters and shooters in recent months.

            One of the things I’ve found as a student of people is that is the tendency of dehumanizing our enemies – often subconsciously. It has much more to do with our fallen natures than any particular fender or racial bias.

        • Raul,

          Women can be just as bad, definitely. PEOPLE are often assholes, but most of both genders are reasonable and can be reasoned with. There are a LOT of men I think are wonderful and a lot I think suck. And the same for women. It’s still a challenge sometimes to get out of that thought pattern where it’s one “group” that is bad and to just take and deal with people on an individual level.

          I think if more of us (me included, sometimes) could deal with everyone as individuals and not whatever “group” they’re in, we’d be a lot better off.

          I have noticed the women spewing hate at women hunters and shooters, and I really just don’t understand their mentality at all. Feminists “claim” they don’t want gender stereotyping and that there are no specific “boy things” and “girl things”. If that’s true, why do they think guns are so terrible and icky? If a man can bake a cake, can’t a woman shoot a gun? Sometimes it seems like they circle back around to sexism against themselves without even realizing their doing it. It makes me embarrassed for them.

          With regards to the whole “both genders” should be honorable thing, I really think women are not socialized heavily in being honorable. I’m not saying they are taught to be dishonorable, but honor isn’t a huge “thing” for women. I think it should be. Just as I think greater empathy should be emphasized for men. I think if women were taught more honor and men were taught more empathy, we’d all meet in the middle.

          Likewise, I don’t think “men should hold doors open for me”, but I would appreciate a PERSON holding a door open for me, and I hold doors open for people of both genders myself, because I think it’s rude to let doors slam on other people’s faces.

          • @cowgirlup:

            Likewise, I don’t think “men should hold doors open for me”, but I would appreciate a PERSON holding a door open for me, and I hold doors open for people of both genders myself, because I think it’s rude to let doors slam on other people’s faces.

            I was raised to hold door open for people, too – but I was also taught to open the door for women. The saddest thing to me is that feminism has taught women to be offended by such gestures, by completely misconstruing the intent. Chivalry is not a matter of condescending to women, but rather elevating women, by treating them with greater honor and respect. So, yes, if a woman – especially a woman of a certain age, who is more likely to understand the gesture – is ahead of or near me, I will make an effort to reach a door first, so that I can open it for her.

            Most women my age (30s) and younger no longer understand that. I can’t change that, but I can promise that my daughters will understand it. I don’t want them to limit themselves to finding men who will treat them as equals; I want them to respect themselves enough to find men who will treat them as their betters.

        • Chip,

          Whenever a man (or woman) holds a door open for me, I say “thank you”. I think we should always encourage politeness. I would prefer if men held doors open for anybody the door was about to close on (just like I think women should be doing this), but I want to be encouraging of all gestures of kindness/politeness. It’s tiny acts of kindness that add up to make us all more civilized toward each other, and it can be tiny acts of meanness that start a ball rolling in a direction we might not want it to roll.

          I certainly don’t think women are better than men, though. I think men have traditionally held more institutionalized power (partly from greater physical power). Power corrupts. Enough women in extreme positions of power is just as corrupting. Both genders can be shitheads, and both can be honorable and decent.

          • And that, Cowgirl, goes straight to the heart of chivalry. It has a civilizing influence on men and it celebrates the differences between men and women in a way that builds up both. This goes above and beyond the courtesy and helpfulness I give to all.

            I’m 51 and that means I’m old enough to remember when such behavior was the norm. I’m not going to say bad things didn’t happen in the past and the feminist movement – at least certain flavors of it – addressed serious social ills, but things have certainly worsened as modern feminism has driven chivalrous behavior out of the mainstream in favor of a false equality that is not based on reality.

      • @cowgirl:

        Congratulations on getting married, I guess. I could make some generalizations about your husband based on a few lines of your text but that would not only be totally off base but incredibly f*cking stupid. You tracking?

        “I just want to be treated like a person and spoken to with respect as a person of equal intelligence and value”

        If this is what you want then stop behaving like the obnoxious harpy many of us have decided you are and have a discussion. Rather than call us misogynistic pigs you might actually discuss the issue. You seem more concerned with everybody’s respective “boner” than they are and you’ve managed to make up about half the comments on this article from what I’ve skimmed and it’s all the same wailing about woe is you you feel threatened and construction workers something something.

        Seriously, get off it. Speak your peace and quit whining like a kid who didn’t get her way. As is I’m sure we’ll see another comment policy change thanks to your moaning. Can’t wait.

        • I am not “obnoxious” and “hysterical”. I’ve said I don’t like this bullshit, and don’t think you all should be speaking about women like this in a public space because you’re being misogynistic Neanderthals and hurting the cause.

          Your response is to scream louder about your right to be little shitheads and to treat women like F-holes. Had those of you who have argued with me on this simply said: “Sorry, you’re right, that was inappropriate.” It would have ended. You’ve decided I’m a harpie because I won’t sit around while men keep behaving like this and I won’t remain silent.

          Also, some of you guys responses to me and “attitudes” toward me is exactly WHY most women lurk here or remain silent when you all start this kind of shit.

          Let me just tell you this. If the government comes in the middle of the night some day to take all your guns because you couldn’t fucking stop being assholes to women and you alienated all the women who otherwise would have joined and fought alongside you, then you got what you deserved because anybody idiotic enough to think it’s more important to be able to make gendered slurs against women than it is to keep their 2A rights and gain support from a group that makes up over half of the population is too stupid to be allowed to have a gun in the first damn place.

          So think what you want about me, all I here is “whaaa, I can’t make this woman obey me.”

          If you guys had any intelligence to speak of, you would work to make this place welcoming to women and not disrespect women so you could gain more and more support for 2A. Instead, you are turning off women left and right because we see you talking about other women like the misogynists some of you so obviously are. Why would any self-respecting woman stand with men who only like women as long as we keep our traps shut when you act like pigs?

        • “This shit” doesn’t hurt you, it offends you. I already pointed out that it was inappropriate and raised bigger issue with it. You just won’t be happy until we worship your superior feminine intellect and agree that we’re cave men.

          You’re a f*cking troll…

        • Oh, and regarding your veiled assumptions about my husband, my husband is not “whipped”, nor is he to be ‘pitied’ for being married to this ‘harpie’. I don’t yell at him or emasculate or belittle him. We hardly ever argue about anything because he simply treats me like his equal and like an adult. He doesn’t demean me or talk shit about me in particular or women in general. He takes personal responsibility for his behavior rather than saying stupid shit like: “men will be men” or “boys will be boys”. He acts with honor and respect and treats me like a person. This really is not that difficult, but it seems you think it’s like scaling Mt. Everest.

          In short, he’s a grown up.

          Apparently, judging from some of the comments in this thread, he’s also a unicorn.

        • Actually Matt, this shit DOES hurt me. It makes me feel like shit when men speak like this about women and it makes me want to be as far away from most men as possible because I can’t trust them not to treat me like I’m some subhuman piece of shit. It DOES hurt me.

          You denying that doesn’t diminish the reality. And you doubling down on your right to do it is just BS.

          Also, you’re a cave man by your actions, not by virtue of having a penis. Stop doubling down on your right to be an asshole and I won’t think you’re a cave man. Otherwise, embrace your caveman status, I guess.

          I’m not a troll just for not bowing down to you when you call me an obnoxious harpie and tell me to stop telling you your behavior is hurtful. It’s convenient to call anybody who won’t put up with your nonsense a troll, though.

          If you think I’m a troll, however… it might be best not to feed me. I keep going as long as you do.

        • I know this is an older article now so nobody will probably read this… but damn.

          Come on guys. Women make up half the population, are the most vocal of the anti gun camp, and a great number of those sitting on the fence are women.

          Are we really so stupid (as a group) that we think being able to say whatever we want on the internet is more important than winning the hearts and minds of the public?

          Some of the posters on here come across as complete idiots who are trying to emulate the pro-gun stereotypes that the statists take every chance to propagate.

        • @TheBear: THIS. Exactly this. And this was my main point and what I was trying to say in all my verbosity. (I DID say it but it might have sometimes gotten lost in the verbiage.)

          This crap affects me on 2 levels:

          1. It’s hurtful and harmful and makes me (and probably other women) feel unwelcome as like men on the political right are all a bunch of misogynistic Neanderthals who don’t give a crap about women at all.

          which leads right into:

          2. It serves to alienate women who are on the fence or re-inforce views of the anti-gun crowd.

          Just like all republicans have to do to never lose again is SHUT UP about gay people and abortion and stop trying to make something like that a national issue when it should not be a part of the federal govt’s duties at all… ALL the gun people have to do to win 2A FOREVER, is win the hearts and minds of the women. Stop with the douche-y misogyny and gently introduce women to firearms in a way they’re going to relate to (their own personal protection, effectiveness of firearms, their RIGHT to not be brutalized by some random psychopath, etc.) and it’s game. set. match.

          But I guess they’d rather keep on fiddling while Rome burns. Anybody who can’t keep from being distracted long enough to realize the right to say stupid shit to or about women in public is NOT worth their right to bear arms, is probably too dangerously stupid to have a gun in the first damn place.

          Seriously. Guys need to focus and stop being distracted by boobs whether they like the boobs in question or not. I have NO freaking clue how you all managed to build skyscrapers, invent shit, or create civilization at all if this is all it takes to distract you from your mission. No wonder women have been kept down through the ages. We aren’t nearly this distracted by sex.

    • I have to agree with your sentiment to a point. The right to bear arms doesn’t stipulate anywhere that WHAT you carry has to be in pristine condition. My banged up 1911 may be a bit saggy and loose but it’s still covered.

      • LOL, Shaun! I’m not sure if I *should* think that was funny (I’ve got my woman rage hat on right now), but… it did make me laugh out loud. So thanks! (Shockingly when I type LOL in all caps, I’m not lying… I really laughed!)

        • I agree that some of the comments may be a bit out of line but you have to keep your sense of humor as well. I may still be somewhat young(36) but parts of me aren’t what they once were as well and I can only guess at what the next 20 years will do to me so…. “glass houses and stones” is all I’m saying here.

          I’m just not quite ready to start throwing stones.

        • I agree re: keeping a sense of humor. At the same time, there is this saying that men are afraid women will laugh at them and women are afraid men will kill them. Men shout inane awful shit at women at construction sites all the time. Women often try to laugh it off, but they feel actively threatened. There have been too many times when a woman has stood up for herself and said: “Hey, don’t speak to me that way”, where the guy has felt so entitled that he’s become physically aggressive with her. There have been women who have had broken beer bottles smashed in their face for telling creepy guys in bars to leave them alone when they’re just trying to hang out with their friends. Women have been killed (stabbed even!) for refusing dates with men.

          I’m not saying “all men are like this”, most aren’t, but it pretty much trains women to NEVER stand up for herself if a man says something that offends her, makes her feel uncomfortable or makes her feel unwelcome or unsafe, but to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible and get away. Even armed, I often don’t feel physically safe to stand up to men in public places to speak in demeaning ways to or about women.

          Online, at least, there is not an IMMEDIATE threat of violence if a woman speaks her mind, but even online most women just remain silent and hope it stops soon. I get that crap like the sexual revolution has screwed things all to hell, but men used to at LEAST pretend to respect women in public. Now they don’t, and many women, including myself, feel pretty threatened and alienated by this turn of events. Even online.

          I understand that talking about sense of humor is a way to diminish it. Nobody wants to be wrong about something like this. I get that. I’ve said or done insensitive things around black people and felt really embarrassed and ashamed when it was pointed out to me. The first reaction is anger or to act like the person is overreacting, because nobody wants to think they are part of the problem. But we all make mistakes. There were like 20 or more juvenile comments before I even spoke up. It was clear it wasn’t going to stop until and unless I did. It might STILL not stop. But a part of why this stuff keeps happening is that women are too scared to speak up and men take their silence for approval.

        • wait wait wait… You feel threatened by random people making dirtbag remarks online? What planet do you live on?

          I just want to be sure I never visit when Virgin Galactic finally gets their act together. Live and let live is all well and good til one of the hens get her feathers ruffled. Somebody should pass a law or something.

        • Matt,

          I didn’t say I felt personally threatened from internet comments. Try reading comprehension. but I do feel it’s a hostile environment when women are expected to just shut our little mouths and keep quiet while you all behave like pigs right in front of us.

          How does this help 2A? Is this the hill you guys want to die on? Holy crap. I’ve never seen someone feel SO entitled to be a douche canoe to someone physically weaker than them.

          But just because I personally don’t feel threatened right now does not mean that women online are not roundly told to STFU or sent rape and death threats for daring to tell men to stop being shitheads to them.

          I also haven’t suggested anyone’s free speech rights should be curtailed. I’ve simply said I’m going to shame the shit out of men who make me feel like shit in a public forum while exercising their privilege to talk about women like they exist for their pleasure and don’t like have separate lives and worth beyond what’s between their legs or their cleavage.

        • Now they don’t, and many women, including myself, feel pretty threatened and alienated by this turn of events. Even online.

          You’re vapid… Your arguments involving shitty random stories about how mean really have stabbed women for refusing dates are as absurd as the antis’ suggesting all gun owners are psycopaths waiting for their perfect moment to strike. Their are crazies out there, deal with it.

          And if you don’t want people to look down on you, speak down to you, or treat you poorly; stop behaving like a f*cking loon. Go blog about it or something for God’s sake…

        • Matt,

          My point, which so obviously sailed right over your head is that when women speak up about mistreatment, a good portion of men (and congrats, you’re in that category right now), intimidate women in order to shut them up so they can continue to behave like assholes.

          Some men just shout down and shame until the woman shuts up (like what you’re doing.) Some men start in with rape and death threats. Some men stalk when they have access to the information to do so. Some men rape. Some men kill. Some men beat. MOST men don’t do any of that shit (though a larger portion do the kind of stuff you’re doing.) But why on earth would a man who would do the first one not automatically be put in the potential threat category for more?

          Am I meant to think that a man who passionately defends his right to be a douche to women is a man who can be trusted alone with them. Really? I have no idea why you are fighting so vociferously for the right to be a jackass.

          My arguments at least make sense as I’m simply asking that men try to think a little bit before they say hurtful gendered slurs in front of women. And again… 1/2 the population over there… technically a little over half. This is not the hill you want to die on if you care about your 2A. The misogynists need to be shouted down in the 2A movement or else we will LOSE. Dude, I don’t want to lose my RKBA just so you can be a jerk on a blog somewhere. Jesus. Get some perspective.

        • Nothing sailed over my head. However you fail to recognize the point I have been trying to make the whole time. You’re screaming and stomping your feet like a hysterical child and you insult anyone that attempts rational discourse with you. Then you throw out some random story about women being raped, stabbed, beaten, bullied etc about evil men as if it’s relevant to ANY part of ANY discussion being had outside of your own rants.

          Furthermore, I couldn’t give fewer f*cks about your plumbing. I’m talking down to you because you’re behaving like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

        • Matt,

          This is not even remotely true.

          EVERY person in this thread who has attempted rational discourse with me (you are not among them), has been met with reasoned discussion. I’ve conceded some points and clarified others with people in this very thread. And it’s all here in black and white for you to read. So stop lying about me. If you don’t like the way I’m interacting with you, check your approach with me or stop talking to me. Believe me, I won’t miss your lack of comments in my direction.

          Also, I’m not “screaming” about anything. Long paragraphs and strong opinions do not equal screaming. IMO YOU are the one being hysterical because you seem to think I’m over here having some kind of fit and stamping my feet like a small child. I’m doing so such thing. I’m debating/arguing, sure. If that’s too much for you, I suggest you go take your coloring book to the kid’s table and leave the grown ups to discuss things.

          I also don’t throw out insults until someone else starts that with me. You started OUT on the offensive with me. Reread your first comments to me. I’m not sure why you thought I would respond to you any differently.

          I’m not behaving like a child in any way, shape, or form. I’m simply disagreeing strongly with you. But you’ve decided that because I see the world differently than you that I’m throwing a “temper tantrum”. Let’s remember my “temper tantrum” is all because some men on this thread have behaved like misogynistic douche canoes and you decided to double down because apparently it’s really important to you that their immature and hate-filled comments about women be praised. All hail the mighty penis. Or something.

          Let’s not ever offend the mighty penis.

    • You’re definitely correct, but try convincing the lunatic asylum here to be sensible.

      Personally, i dont have a problem with either breasts or guns. The message in this article is hypocritical to say the least. Its also stupid at worst.

      “What these exhibitionist simpletons obviously haven’t learned is that, like wearing Spandex, baring your boobs should be a privilege, not a right.”

      This is the comment i have the biggest problem with. Well, no, its not a “privilege” you fvcktard, its a right. Ever hear of freedom of expression?

      Your right to own a SBR or suppressed rifle is also a right, even though the courts and rule of law have designated it as a privilege in their infinite idiocy. Same argument. Same protections under the bill of rights.

    • Yeah gotta agree with you on that one, the issue is far more that these protestors were acting in a truly bizarre and tasteless fashion, not the attractiveness of the women perform said bizarre acts.

      Though that does raise an uncomfortable question: if the different women took part, and those women had been considered attractive, would the commentator base have acted more in support of their anti-2A harassment?

      I’d like to think not, but…

      • I think they still would have spoken out against them, but they would have just objectified them in a different way. Like:

        “Hey, honey, why don’t you stop all that hard thinking, my bed needs warming.” Or something else equally gross.

        It’s the point that… women who speak and say something you don’t like get judged on their appearance. They are either told they are gross and ugly and to go home and dismissed based on being gross and ugly. Or they are objectified and told their thoughts don’t matter because they are too pretty to think thoughts and should instead be spreading their legs for some dude (presumably the gross commenter.)

        The reality is… these women’s arguments are weak on their face and if we want to engage with them at all, certainly we can point out the distastefulness of their chosen debate strategy, but the focus should be on their assinine arguments not their T&A.

        • “It’s the point that… women who speak and say something you don’t like get judged on their appearance.”

          We’ve been dealing with the “OFWG” and “dumb redneck” stereotypes for years…. I know it’s not the same but it’s as close as men can get. Some of us get what you’re saying and even agree to a point. It’s at that point though that you seem to be painting with a pretty broad brush by lumping ludicrous puns and joking in with the misogynistic and hateful comments of others. Acknowledging the equality of women shouldn’t mean preferential avoidance of their flaws. It’s been pointed out to me on several occasions by my female friends how I’ve gotten a bit(just a little) pudgy around the middle or make “old man” noises when my bad knee creaks and pops. Parts wrinkle, sag and “fill out” on men too and let me assure you, our close male AND female friends alike are the harshest reminders of that because “guys can take it”. Now consider this… If a wife asks her husband “does my a$$ look big in these?”… how likely will she ever hear the word yes?

          I think here we can come to an equitable agreement…. You don’t lump me in with the misogynistic jerks when I’m not being one and I won’t lump you in with the man hating feminazis that give women’s equality a bad spin. I don’t see you as one of “them” so I hope you’ll stick around and keep speaking up. I enjoy the extra point of view.

          Most men will always be juvenile in some way shape or form. We like to blow $h!t up, look at boobies and buy unnecessary toys…. it’s what helps us(me) feel young even when knee surgeries, saggy bellies and thinning hair try to drag us down.