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Gold Coast killing (courtesy

Dear Mr. President,

You recently hailed “Australian gun laws”. In doing so, you praised a government for forcefully removing all semi-automatic firearms from its populace, you admired the banning and confiscation of guns. We expect to hear that from a European leader. But not you. You’re the leader of America: the world’s first free country, the nation that has inspired many to be free, that has protected the freedom of others, that has spread more freedom than any other. I am an Australian and I must set the record straight . . .

The “success” of the 1996 Australian gun reform is a myth. The only thing achieved was to take away the guns of the law-abiding, leaving only the criminals armed. Is this what you wish for America?

In Australia, if a citizen has firearms, the police have a right to search their property without a warrant any time. Does that sound like America? The laws you praise outlawed the Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun that my father played with as a child. Now you need a special permit, gun safe and serial number.

For what? There are just as many guns on the street today. Gun crime is no lower. In Australia, mass shootings have been a rare event. If strict gun laws mean no massacres, explain Britain’s Cumbria shootings, Monkseaton and Dunblane. Or Anders Breivik of Norway?

Gun laws achieve very little. Mass shootings are about illness, not guns. Any other so-called “gun issue”, if there are any, is related to the breakdown of the family, cultural decline and the age of entitlement.

The Second Amendment defines American exceptionalism. It speaks to the character of America, and reflects why America is America. Civilian disarmament is based on the assumption that people are irresponsible (unless they work for the government). America was founded on the opposite premise. Don’t make America a namby-pamby society.

The right to bear arms is not wrong nor unnecessary. It is:

– the greatest test of genuine freedom,
– the best protection of you, your family and your property,
– the ultimate deterrent against government overreach.

The Constitutional right to bear arms is pivotal. The American idea is a value system. If you take away the guns of America, you take away America.

Mr. President, your country is the one the world relies on. Right now, it is at a tipping point. Forget guns. Focus on ending the waste, paying back the debt, limiting the government and axing political correctness. That’s how you’ll get America to boomerang.

Your country is the greatest in the world, and respectfully, Sir, you should stop apologizing for it. Keep it up, and America will be just another European state. And that’s not good for anyone.

Yours Sincerely,
Nick Adams

Nick Adams is the author of The American Boomerang- How The World’s Greatest Turnaround Nation Will Do It Again.

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  1. As a former constituent of Obama’s in Illinois, I can safely state that Obama does not comprehend freedom. To him it is an empty word. The concept has more meaning to a pond frog then it does to that man. I’ll be forever amazed that the rest of America didn’t see right through him during the elections…….

    • No, he understands freedom, under the context the state has sole monopoly over that concept and can allow it or restrict it at will. What he doesn’t understand is Liberty.

      Freedom can be given, but Liberty must always be acquired.

    • Of course. He’s trying to turn this country into wherever the hell he’s from – and that sure as hell isn’t America because he doesn’t belive in freedoms and American patriotism. Maybe he’s trying to turn this into an African country: run by a dictator, and completely submissive. “Well, we’re the government, we can wiretap whoever we want. We’re in charge here.” Whatever it is, he was all against abuse of power before he was elected, now that he’s elected it’s: “Oh, I meant YOU shouldn’t have unlimited reign…. I should have as much as I want.”

      He is a lying hypocrite, and I don’t know why he’s still in office – and I sure as hell don’t know how he got elected a second time!*RkUwitNBErBb8XgKKBVrMcgtgRce-ukfmH8LoB-s9AmQx*XfDlyXu45LTDhpEeWyaW8W*l/01.png?width=475&height=337




      We believed him the first time, then millions of stupid people chose to vote for him again – I SURE DIDN’T! “Fool me once, shame you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  2. Our public officials no longer abide by the oath of office that they take. I consider that treason. Any official that violates their oath should be hung in public for all to see.

  3. I fully support this article/letter! USA, please don’t become Europe! The idea was for us to became you, not for you to became us!
    Europe is captive in a Dark Age of mentalities, and I assure USA that is not a good place to be.

    • Ironically, the dark ages were relatively free in Europe. Historians don’t like them because there weren’t any big wars or strong, centralized empires. But the governments were small, the last vestiges of Roman slavery disappeared, the people began to have rights, and the nobility became responsible for the people under their rule.

      • I would hardly call a time where the major driving economic system was serfdom as any more free than the age of Rome. And there were plenty of other wars that took place, whether the Hundred years war, Various Hapsburg wars or the many religious conflicts of the age between the Catholic, denominations and or invading Muslims. True there wasn’t an overarching centralized control (the Church’s attempt to fill the void was loose at best) but that doesn’t mean Lords and Barons were not tyrannical in their own domain. I’m not for one that advocates the middle ages as truly a darkened time, since there was some advances in science and agriculture that continued that time, but I’m not going to whitewash the middle ages either.

        • 1. I said “relatively”. Compared to the periods that preceded them and followed them, the dark ages were better.
          2. The Hapsburgs rose long after the dark ages ended.
          3. Serfs were tied to the land, but they were considered people with rights, not property.

          My point is that it wasn’t the huge step back in terms of civilization that historians make it out to be. In terms of the quality of life for the people, it was a step forward.

  4. Focus on ending the waste, paying back the debt, limiting the government and axing political correctness.

    Without waste, big government and political correctness, the life of Barack Obama would be very, very boring.

  5. The reasons listed here by Nick the Aussie are exactly why Obama is pushing gun-control. He doesn’t want people to be independent and safe, but most of all he wants as many decisions as possible to be decided by the government. Our president is seemingly anti-American or at least is greatly influenced by those that are anti-American.

    • +1

      The reason the second amendment is being attacked is the same reason we are increasingly becoming a police State.

      “The Constitutional right to bear arms is pivotal. The American idea is a value system. If you take away the guns of America, you take away America.”

    • That quote makes no sense. If you have the power to disarm the citizens, haven’t you already conquered them?

      • It basically means that armed citizens are the difference between being governed and being ruled with an iron Hitler fist.

      • It doesn’t make any sense because it’s fake. It’s one of those unsourced, made-up Hitler quotes that get repeated on the Internet ad nauseam.

        • I like how every quote ever by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the founding fathers are just automatically fake now on the internet, because some leftists figured out that some of the quotes were made up. But the majority of them are true, and even if he didn’t say it, he certainly thought it, Example A.

          “Jews (§5 of the First Regulations of the German Citizenship Law of 14 November 1935, Reichsgesetzblatt I, p. 1333) are prohibited from acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those now possessing weapons and ammunition are at once to turn them over to the local police authority.”

        • I believed the Nazis only expanded on the gun control laws implemented by the former Weimar Republic. Post WWI Germany was a hotbed of Socialist revolutionary and counterrevolutionary conflict at the time.

        • Actually, in 1938, the Nazis relaxed some of the very restrictive gun laws held over from the Weimar Republic. They prohibited Jews from owning weapons, of course, but for Aryans, they removed restrictions on sales of rifles and shotguns, loosened permit requirements, lowered the legal age at which one could buy a gun, and a couple other things I’m forgetting now. Nazi Germany was not the gun-control “utopia” people on our side like to paint it as, though the rules were more restrictive than in America during the same period. Sadly, there are plenty of places in America today that have more restrictive gun laws than Hitler’s Germany.

  6. . . .related to the breakdown of the family, cultural decline and the age of entitlement.”

    Statists see this as a measure of success, not of failure.

  7. While I applaud this letter’s sentiment, and i appreciate the author taking the time, it will only fall on deaf ears. Obama has no interest in allowing American’s to continue owning firearms. The whole ‘gun violence’ argument, everyone with half a brain knows, is a smokescreen. The left simply wants a disarmed populace. Period. Full Stop. The only logical conclusion of such a strategy is to make everyone dependent upon the state for protection. Which isn’t going to happen.

  8. Well written, sir. I just got a Daisy Red Ryder for my 8-year old son this weekend. I can’t imagine living in a country where owning one would be illegal. My son had an absolute blast, even when dad was chastising him to keep his finger out of the trigger guard until he was on target.

  9. His letter is encouraging from the standpoint that it is good to know that some people in the World still hold the United States in esteem and regard us a a model for their own aspirations. No, we haven’t done everything perfectly right, but we had the best chance of doing so and it will be inexcusable to throw that chance into the dust bin of history. It is ALL going to turn on the Elections of 2014 and 2016. Americans are waking up to that fact. Let us hope it is not too little, too late.

  10. “Focus on ending the waste, paying back the debt, limiting the government…”

    Ending the waste: drastically cut back on military and police expenditures. They can go find jobs in the private sector like everyone else.

    Paying back the debt: Hard to do when $65 billion (down from $85 billion) per month is conjured up out of thin air and “borrowed” from the Federal Reserve – with interest – every month.

    Limiting the Government: Homeland Security, TSA/VIPR, etc. Those are only going to grow even more.

  11. Strewth, that was great! Apart from one thing.
    This letter will probably never be read, and if it is, then by God Obama won’t give a f*ck. It is rather naïve to believe that the freedom-hating, Constitution-trampling prez-prez will ever listen. In fact, this whole idea was naïve, simply due to the fact that it is old news for Obama. He looked at the facts, didn’t like them and so changed them. That’s how politics work. It’s not about the truth, it’s about whatever will get you re-elected.

  12. Obama – “What? I can’t hear you! Can you include some $$ with your letter so it can be read to me?”

  13. It is a sad day when someone from the other side of the planet has a clearer understanding of our founding principles than our president.

  14. “Gun crime is no lower.”

    Unless I’m hugely mistaken, this is not true. Gun crime did indeed drop in Australia, as did crime overall. The more important question is, did the overall murder rate drop because of the ban, and did it drop greater than other countries who did not institute such bans? My answer is no. From 1997 to 2012, the last year both countries had complete crime data, murder rates in Australia and the United States dropped an almost identical amount – about 32%. Gun controlists will point out that Australia still has a much lower homicide rate than the US. They’re right. So low, in fact, that our non-firearm homicide rate is almost twice their overall homicide rate. That seems indicates that guns aren’t the problem, doesn’t it?

    Another frequently cited “statistic” is that before the ban there were 13 mass shootings, and afterwards there were none. Forgetting the fact that mass shootings are statistical anomalies and difficult to predict, and that Australia has a population less than one tenth the size of the US, the gun controlists are again right. But not thanks to gun control, just to very careful wording. Indeed, there have been no mass shootings in Australia since 1997, but I’d venture a guess that the families of the 36 people murdered at Childer’s Place, Churchill and Quakers Hill Nursing Home take little solace in knowing their loved ones died in fires instead of gunfire.

    This comment was longer than I meant it to be, but I hope it provides some ammo for ya’ll.

    • Your comment provides context and perspective to the Australian crime data that would otherwise *appear* to show that Australia’s massive gun control drive was successful. This information is not commonly known and without it, the Australian data would lend support the arguments of the antis.

      • Context is immensely important. Gun control advocates tend to do two things with data either present piles of it without context to insinuate correlation equals causation, or parse it down to statistical irrelevance, a la ‘no more mass shootings in Australia!’

  15. …leaving only the criminals armed. Is this what you wish for America?

    Obama is the leader of the largest criminal organization in world history (the US government, not the democratic party), so yeah, I think he’d like to see only criminals have guns.

  16. *Your country is the greatest in the world, and respectfully, Sir, you should stop apologizing for it. *

    God bless him for that quote. When you’re top dog, you’re an easy target to snipe at. There’s nothing wrong with some national introspection about how we can be better (improve economic opportunity, limit gov’t reach to promote personal freedom, etc.), but let’s not get caught in that classic liberal state of hating yourself all the time and thinking constant change for change sake is the answer.

    • Barry definitely takes the cake for being a disingenuous prick who talks like a civil rights hero and walks like a good old boy on his way to a Klan meeting, but W gleefully gave us the Patriot Act, Part D and No Child Left Behind. Oh, and the light bulb ban.

      I’m truly at a loss. They both suck ass.

      • It may be an oversimplification, but W and O both have one huge thing in common. They’re both part of the government. They believe in it and fuel it’s growth. As Reagan said: “Government is the problem”.

        I hope you’re not foolish enough to trust Republicans or think they’ll reverse any of this. They too are in the business of government, and business is good!

        • Reagan may have said that, but he doesn’t appear to have believed it. Government’s post-WWII growth boom carried on unabated during his presidency, more than doubling the national debt, farm subsidies, Medicare spending, the Education department’s budget, foreign aid, etc, etc, etc – you get the point.

          It’s time to give up the ridiculous notion that Republicans are any more interested in a small government than Democrats are. Why would they be? They’re part of the government, benefiting just as much from the fleecing of the American people as the Democrats.

  17. Appreciate the sentiment, and the effort, to be sure.
    In fact, I would live to hear from far more people who understand this from an international standpoint. God knows we hear from the pro-statistones often enough- they usually write for the papers.

  18. Obama knows all of this. He is known to be hostile to American exceptionalism and knows fully well that the Second Amendment stands between him and being the dictator he wants to be.

    Criminals keeping their guns would probably be just fine with him, too. If the people spend their days and nights quaking in fear of robberies and murder in the streets and home invasions whilst formerly safe at home, well, they’ll be too busy to oppose the rest of his agenda. And if they do, many police forces in the US subsist on hefty federal handouts and those can be cut thus punishing the community for not bowing down. Or he can sent Holder’s gunslingers to deal with the disarmed malcontents.

  19. Nice letter. Unfortunately, except for the choir and those few undecided who can think logically, the message of this letter falls upon deaf ears.

    Obama and his minions in this administration, and the antis and the Democrat party as a whole, are not the least bit interested in “ending the waste, paying back the debt, limiting the government and axing political correctness.” Least of all will they concede the illogical efforts they are pursuing to restrict gun ownership and use by the law abiding, with an eventual goal of confiscation. They are an elitist narcissistic class onto themselves and only defeat at the polls will curtail their efforts.

  20. Mr. Adams I respectfully disagree with your premise that America is the greatest Country in the world. It use to be up until 2008 when the present POS POTUS was elected and then reelected. We are well into a a steep decline into 3rd world status. The fall 2014 and 2016 elections will determine if this insanity can be reversed.

    • Exactly. We lived in a veritable paradise under Bush: two wars of attrition, first round of bailouts, “too big to fail”, introduction of TSA, etc.

  21. A: GREAT ESSAY!!!! I just saved it and will enjoy reading it again in the future. Covers many pivotal points — briefly.

    B: About Obama. In my view he is a Sock Puppet. There is NO “Obama believes X or Y”. He believes in ambition. Keep your eye off the puppet and try to see the puppet-masters — they are hiding in plain sight..

    IF my view is correct — then Obama is simply putting forth polices that are originating at: NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS & Pentagon.

    WOW that is MUCH scarier than the “Obama is jerk” viewpoint. It also means that the next POTUS — even if a GOP guy with a 100% NRA rating — will try and pursue the SAME policy with a different sub-culture hook. (Obviously “War On Terror”)

    See you all at CAMP TTAG!!!!! Coffee and donuts at 6AM — Re-education starts at 7 sharp. Don’t forget to confess after your FIRST water-boarding!

  22. I don’t know all the details of Australian gun laws, or any details for that matter, but if Australians elected such politicians, and then meekly surrendered their guns on demand, then they are cowards unwilling to stand up for even the most basic of their freedoms. They deserve what they get.

    Same for us. I don’t believe America can be saved. The Left has won the social wars for good and all, but I hope to God we still have the balls to hold on to our weapons, no matter what the cost.

  23. Too bad Mister Adams claims are not true and not backed up by facts. Yes, mental health is an issue, a culture that glorifies violence and fetishizes power over cooperation and individual ambition and profit over compassion and the overall health of the society are all issues. However, the fact that our culture values guns more that people doesn’t make the guns wrong — it makes the culture wrong. Controlling drugs only controls a symptom of a sick society. It will help, but only to a degree. To cure it, we need to cure those addicted to the power that comes from the end of a gun rather than the power of reason and compassion.

    Anyone who opposes Obama’s gun-grabbing efforts:

    There is POLL that is asking people about how they feel about Obama’s gun-grabbing efforts. Maybe you (anyone reading this) should take the poll to make yourself heard – Ms. Marcotte, Watts, and their herd of cultists do it all the time. Here is another chance for us to voice ourselves. Don’t miss it, it only takes a about a minute.

    Attention! Read the answers carefully. They switch up the pattern on only the 3rd question, which asks
    “Do you support special taxes on ammunition, making it more expensive to buy?”
    Unlike the other questions, if you select the second answer for the 3rd question, it will confirm that you SUPPORT a tax on ammo! Don’t be tricked because you didn’t pay attention and actually read it.

  25. You’re the leader of America: the world’s first free country, the nation that has inspired many to be free, that has protected the freedom of others, that has spread more freedom than any other… The Second Amendment defines American exceptionalism. It speaks to the character of America, and reflects why America is America. Civilian disarmament is based on the assumption that people are irresponsible (unless they work for the government). America was founded on the opposite premise… Mr. President, your country is the one the world relies on… Your country is the greatest in the world, and respectfully, Sir, you should stop apologizing for it.

    He’s trying to schmooze his U.S. audience. That will backfire if they know better – if. Certainly, very few non-U.S.A.ians hold the U.S.A. in that regard, even though some do, so it comes down to whether U.S.A.ians know how unusual that view is among everybody else.

  26. Great article…too bad Barry Soetero doesn’t give a damn. I’ve told several brothers they’ll wish Bush was back. I used to get laughs of derision & contempt. Now I usually don’t. And sometimes I get complete agreement. And W. was an awful president. Where’s Dan Quayle when you need him?

  27. That was truly moving. It just goes to show that the people in this world who appreciate our freedoms the most are people who have already lost theirs. You never really understand what you have until its gone.


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