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[HTML1] Slow erosion of gun laws presages another tragedy. Yada yada yada Australian gun control yada yada yada no gun massacres since 1996 yada yada yada less homicides and suicides yada yada yada OH NO! SEMI-AUTOMATIC SHOTGUNS IN TASMANIA! yada yada yada time to finish the job. “In the end, only certain types of handguns were banned: those with a calibre of more than .38 and magazine capacity of more than 10 bullets. With drug-related handgun crime an increasing concern in Australia, our governments should re-examine the idea of banning all handguns – rather than wait for another mass tragedy.”

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  1. This will not end well. If left unchecked however, THIS is what happens. I’m sure all those gun free zone signs are working great now.

  2. The range here should’ve taken more time to show her how to handle the firearms safely. No trigger or muzzle discipline makes Patrick scared, and shows ranges in a negative light.

    And that cameraman would’ve finished all the “ammunition” they bought if she let him.

  3. When the guy behind the counter learned she had only once fired a weapon he should have suggested starting out with .22 pistol… Let her build her confidence and alleviate her fear of the big BANG before handing over an AR or AK styled rifle.

    AND I have to say that this kind of journalism is irksome in that the challenge was that at the end of the day she would be asking for more ammunition. So all she had to do to disprove the “gun lobbyist’s” theory is to simply have some bullets left in her bucket. I mean come on. That’s juvenile.

  4. “It does make you wonder”!? WTH… I guess they will NEVER get it. Sure, we keep firearms for self-defense. But it goes well beyond that, IMO.

    Nothing ticks me off more than other countries trying to determine what is right for the United States based on THEIR morals and values. And this story by them just feeds the beast.

    Why don’t our journalists do stories about the silliness of their Anti-Gun laws? Oh, wait – never mind…

  5. Not the worst news shortie pertaining to guns/America/foreigners.
    Interesting to go read the Oz news story and then the comments left at the bottom.
    Opposing views are well represented.

  6. the whole way this story is famed is telling. ‘Americans are bizarre.’ yea having the “god given right to defend yourself is ‘bizarre’ .” free people should be free to defend themselves.

    as to why anyone needs “high powered weapons” at home. why do you “need” to eat meat? when you can survive on veggies? why do you need a car that can go faster then the speed limit? why do you need a car at all? when you can have a bike that can get you where you need to go? see what i did there? ugghh these people are fools….

  7. Let’s remember the POV of this little production. It’s mainstream media. It may be Aussie MSM, but MSM just the same. It would be a mistake to extrapolate this as being the viewpoint of all Aussies.

    The underlying views and biases here are pretty much what you’d get from Brian Williams or Katie Couric. That skinny Wilfred Brimly-looking joker views us as he would some kind of exotic creature in a microscope. “Heh, heh. Look at the weird little fellas. Amazing they get along at all!”

    Bite me, Wilfred.

  8. Who is she decide what type of weapon I should own. I’ll own whatever pleases me and anyone who doesn’t like it can piss off.

  9. If they are going to ban handguns to prevent crime then they shouldn’t ban handguns over .38 and 10 rounds but under that. Ban any small concealable weapons. Who are you more likely to notice packing heat, the guy with the 32 auto tucked in a pocket or the guy with a full size automatic?

  10. Tasmania probably has those semi auto shotguns for all of those Warner Brothers Tasmanian Devils running about…

    • After hearing the reporter refer to “American fascination with firearms” I am glad all the spiders in their country are poisonous!

  11. Wish she wold hold that AR properly…

    Oh wait, thats an “Assault Weapon” thats designed to be “Fired from the hip”. So I guess she’s attempting some sort of half hip, half shoulder combo.

    Well played Aussie operator…

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