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The Adler A110 12-gauge shotgun can hold eight shells. A practiced operator (operating operationally) can fire all eight rounds in eight seconds! Which makes the Turkish lever-action long gun a death machine of unparalleled lethality! Or not. As far as I can tell, no one has used an Adler to kill anyone, even someone who needs killing (i.e., a perp posing an imminent credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm). Meanwhile . . .

Australian gun control advocates — which includes the Australian government — are using the Adler to addle the brains of anyone with the temerity to think gun owners Down Under should be have the right to keep and bear a fast-firing firearm with a capacity greater than five-rounds.

The Powers that Be banned imports of the Adler A110 after the Lindt cafe siege, during which a Muslim terrorist used a five-round pump-action shotgun to kill one hostage. (Responding Australian police equipped with M4 carbines also killed a hostage and wounded four others, including a policeman.) Think how much worse it would’ve been if the terrorist had been equipped with an Adler!

That’s the logic, such as it is, that led to the temporary federal import ban on the Adler lever shotgun. Which will soon be lifted, now that all the Australian states have now agreed to re-classify the Adler as a category D firearm, restricting availability to “government agencies, occupational shooters and primary producers in some states.” So now that it’s banned for civilians, it’s not banned!

This “compromise” leaves Australian gun control advocates unsatisfied. They’re calling for the government to confiscate all the Adler A110’s that were legally modified to hold . . . wait for it . . . 11 cartridges! When asked about a modded A110 turn-in, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refused to address the possibility. “I’m not going to run a commentary or speculate on it,” he demurred.

It’s hard to believe there’s been this much — as in any — kerfuffle about Aussies owning a lever action shotgun in a country where [legally] keeping and bearing any firearm requires more paperwork than an IRS tax return and a rectal exam. But that’s what happens to a disarmed populace.

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  1. Aussie freedom hating liberals will argue that it is easier to put a magazine extension on the lever gun than add another barrel on the double barrel shotgun. But what they should really just say is –

    We hate your rights. There are more of us than you. We will vote your rights away because we are so tolerant and diverse.

  2. Same shit happens here to an armed populace.
    Countless demonstrations have proven 5 round mags will put just a many rounds on target in the same amount of time as 30 rounders and putting your Mini into a synthetic stock doesn’t make it a heat-seeking exploding missile launcher but morons will be morons and the feelz trump realz every time with these people.

    • Come on- a mag change takes very little time, but when you multiply that by 7, it starts to become significant, especially if you miscount and lock the bolt/slide back.

      Similarly, this video. What if the number they chose was either 8 rounds on target, or 16 rounds on target, and not “Right after one reload by the levergun”? Clearly, the levergun got 8 rounds downrange faster than the double, but then the shooter fumbled with the reload for a good 2 seconds and gave the doublegun time to catch up.

  3. They don’t want people to have the SxS either.
    The police though tool up with machine guns and death rays it’s fine.

  4. Every time I see an article about the Adler, I’m left with one nagging question:

    Why the f**k isn’t anyone importing them into the United States so I can buy one?

    • They are sold up here in Canada, but they aren’t very popular. Apart from the neat-o factor, a pump-action does the job better, and costs about the same/is cheaper. And as you are in the US, you can get a nice Ithaca M37 a lot easier (distribution up here is spotty).

      On the plus side, I haven’t heard many complaints about functioning.

      • I’ve got one, a 13in. bbl. It’s a shame they aren’t more popular; they’re a very well made shotgun. I’ve never had a malfunction of any sort, regardless of what type of ammo I’m using. If I have any complaint, it doesn’t throw empty hulls with as much authority as I would like.

        The fit & finish is excellent, tolerances tight, and the walnut furniture is beautiful. It’s a nice, quick pointing shotgun. I live in the Rocky Mountains, so mine sees use as a bear defence gun. Felt recoil, even with heavy slug loads, is very manageable; my wife won’t shoot a slug out of my 18’bbl 870, says it hurts her shoulder too much, but has no issue running through 5 with the Adler.

    • I would like one as well. I think it is cool. I would also like to buy one in support of the law abiding Aussies who are blocked.

    • The question is not, “Why can’t we get lever action shotguns?” It was designed specifically to get around the Australian ban on pump guns and has no other purpose.

      It would be more appropriate to ask, “Why aren’t there more pump action rifles?” They are ergonomically superior to lever action if your goal is to maximize lead on target in a short period of time. My brother has a pump action .22 that’s been in the family for at least three generations.

      • I would disagree that it has no other purpose. I’ve got pump-action shotguns, and I understand the ways that pump-action long guns are “superior” to lever-action guns, but I still much prefer the levers. For my uses of a shotgun (critter control around my farm, blasting pumpkins for fun, etc), the pump-action offers little benefit, and I’m much more practiced and smoother operating a lever gun, because I do it all the time with several rifles I own. So I would prefer a lever-action shottie that lets me transfer that skill, instead of having to practice a whole other set of skills to operate it well. Not to mention, it’s just kind of cool.

      • The Adler A110 wasnt designed to get around Australian laws. The Turkish Adler company designed it and released it back in 2014, it took the Australian distributor NIOA more then a few months to work out it existed and to import them.

      • Lever guns have another advantage over pump guns, namely extraction reliability. The leverage of the, um, lever multiplies the force you’re applying, giving a lot more oomph
        cycling the bolt. If there’s a stuck case, you’re going to have a lot better odds of getting it out of there with a lever than a pump/slide. For shotgun shells and low-pressure stuff like a .22 that’s basically a non-issue. Hell, it’s probably still a non-issue 99% of the time with most typical lever action cartridges. But there it is.

  5. At least they have attractive women who are still, statistically speaking, the most likely to put out on the first date of any women in the Westernized world.

    Crown Lager and Vegemite never really did it for me but to each their own…

    • Wonderful accents too. Tend be very liberal on most issues so that’s a hit it and retreat situation.

    • “My advice to people would be to comply with [the intruder], not to confront them, certainly not to engage them in a physical altercation, let them go and let us investigate,” he said. Thank god I live in America.

  6. So another blip on the end game… this is what happens after they ‘win’ and come for the semi-autos.

  7. I admit I didn’t know about the Alder until after the controversy started. Had looked at one of the other lever action shotgun but was not supposed to be that reliable.

    Nioa’s original video ad was made to show the Alder as a very fast. Exaggerated like lots of advertising and this is what the antis use not the truth.

    SSAA is fighting against bans and some politicians on our side but not enough. As I mentioned last week our federal electoral system is dominated by city voters. One electoral district in Western Australia is the size of Alaska

    Again as mentioned before it is easier to fight bans than to try get them repealed.

    Media only runs anti / look at the nutty shooters stories.

    As I have said here before I don’t like the current laws but I own more firearms now than before the bans.

    You can own pumps, semi auto and full (friends in movie hire have M60 etc) with lots of paperwork.

    Almost 6.00 am here and I have to go to work. Running underground cable today and its raining.

  8. The Greens will not be happy until the only guns allowed any citizen of Australia are single shot rifles and shotguns, and no pistols of any type.

  9. “even someone who needs killing (i.e., a perp posing an imminent credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm).”

    Didn’t you know there’s no such thing in the Queen’s realm?

  10. There is the fear that reclassifying the Adler shotgun will also be used as justification to reclassify lever action rifles as well because of their alleged “Rapid Fire” capability.

    Personally I think someone was watching too many Westerns when they were younger.

  11. Hi Southern

    Too many people seem to think movie shooting is realistic.

    Unfortunately yes the greens, who get most of their votes from inner Melbourne, are totally anti gun.

    I spent years and lots of my own money with SSAA CWM branch controlling feral cats etc in national parks. The greens are even against that

    SSAA tries to educate media for free but I guess that would involve them being able to think for themselves

  12. As an Australian gun owner I’m sick to death of this crap. The general problem is the fact so many people are just not exposed to firearms at all… the media tell them the Adler is a ‘rapid fire’, whatever that means, death machine and they all piss themselves.

    I talk to a lot of people in Australia for whom the idea of firearms ownership, and in particular the feral animals we need to control, isn’t even a thought they’ve ever turned their minds to, it’s so far outside their personal experience.

    The worst part is the review into the terrorist attack noted he used an illegal weapon and recommended a review to REDUCE red tape on the civilian market and consider new technology to streamline cumbersome licensing processes and assist in tracking illegally imported firearms. Somehow that got warped by politicians into recommending a review to consider ‘new’ firearms technology and tighten regulation.

  13. Hey, after all we are talking about a country who chose to join the Nazi world. The only country in Europe to vote YES to giving up all their rights to the Nazis The sad truth is they haven’t had a public voice since that election.

    So, we have Australia- the country with the most dangerous animals in the world and a population with no means of defending themselves against man or beast. Just what could go wrong?

  14. Dez

    AUSTRIA joined nazi Germany

    Australia fought nazi’s for three years before USA joined the war. We are the place with the cute cuddly koalas and the worlds most dangerous reptiles

  15. – 5 shot Adler available in aussie legally on Cat A license

    -7 shot Adler not available at present but may be in future under Cat D license (nearly unobtanium unless commercial shooter)

    -5 shot Adler plus 2 round extension available in aussie legally on Cat A license.

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