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OK, this is getting ridiculous. It has been weeks since the Sandy Hook inspired panic took hold, and everything is still sold out. The above picture was taken at a local Bass Pro Shop when I was browsing and waiting to get into an opening night showing of Zero Dark Thirty. Not one month ago I walked past that same display and brushed my hand against the rippling waves of magazines. Also sold out are every single round of 5.56 ammunition in the store, which is making my review of a Leupold riflescope somewhat harder to complete. But here’s the kicker . . .

The magazines I expected to be gone. The ammo I was hoping to get lucky and catch them restocking, but I knew it was a long shot. This, however, was completely unexpected:

That top row is typically overflowing with boxes of .224 caliber projectiles for my reloading pleasure. And the aisle next to it is usually reminiscent of the powder magazine on the U.S.S. Constitution. But it’s all gone, every single round, every single projectile, every single flavor of rifle powder. Sold out.

The “easy to get” stuff I can understand selling out. It’s the low hanging fruit, the stuff everyone can use and get scared out of their minds about having the supply turned off. But no one has been talking about reloading supplies. It doesn’t even register in the minds of American politicians that its even possible, let alone that it needs to be regulated. So it surprised me to see it all gone, too.

This panic buying stuff is really starting to get annoying. My only hope is that everyone has bled their bank accounts dry so we can start to see some supply coming in to meet the demand. Because I need some more damned ammo, even if it means digging through the berm at the range for .224 projectiles.

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    • The bullets need to be bigger than the bore to prevent the gasses from moving in front of the bullet. 40 S&W/10mm bullets are typically .401, .45 ACP is .451 (jacketed) or .452 (lead). 50BMG is .510. The only cartridge which I know of which uses the same bullet diameter as the cartridge name is .308 Win.

    • Not in .224, my order from december is on backorder and they have no powder or small rifle primers, also out of stock. Plus I must have just got in under the wire, for everything now is out of stock, no back orders!

  1. Use cheap com-bloc rifle. It cheaper to buy. Cheap to feed, and glorious Soviet ammunition of Glorious Russian manufacture is still on shelf in Indiana. Is good thing about peasant gun!

    • You better hurry up and get it. People are catching on. I just delivered about 13k rounds of 7.62x54R this past week. Now that the US stuff is gone they’re moving on to the Russian.

      • Well, I’m lucky. Here in Indiana you can’t hunt with a rifle, so the military rifle calibers usually stay on the shelves. Next paycheck I’m planning on another couple hundred rounds for the AK.

        My issue has been finding .38 Special. It took me looking at 3 different stores to find it. 9x18mm and 7.62x39mm haven’t really been a problem (too much). Everywhere was out last week for the AK food, but I was able to find a whole bunch in Southern Indiana and took home 200 rounds.

        Paycheck days are ammo days, at least while the ammo lasts.

      • Thanks for the help, friendly Russian people!

        I was in my local, noxious Walmart last night, and only the shelf space for .223 was empty. Hard to say if they’d had a run, or if they stopped selling them because… well, you know.

    • .22 is about all I can find in Wally World right now along with bulk shotgun ammo and .17 which Im not at all familliar with

        • +1 I have both .17 hmr and .17hm2, both are great rounds for squirrel popping, just make sure the hmr is a head shot otherwise you get burger meat lol

      • Double-ought buck. Hate that stuff. It’s the only 12-guage shells the carry at my Wally’s. If you have an attached neighbor, it’s irresponsible to shoot double-ought. #4 is all I buy.

    • I put .22 LRs on my Christmas list, figuring it could be bought about anywhere. It turns out a couple people in my family spent most of a day checking stores before finding a couple of boxes.

      • Went to the local Wally World yesterday around 10:30am, there were 2 boxes of .22LR (225)left out of a shipment of 180 boxes they received earlier that morning. There was another guy standing next to me – he took one and I took one.

  2. Nick,
    Yes the bank account has been bled dry. But there’s these neat square plastic cards that the stores just love. Its like Christmas has not ended. It is crazy though. You know there are foundations that give away clothes and toys and food. Anyone giving away some ammo?

  3. “My only hope is that everyone has bled their bank accounts dry so we can start to see some supply coming in to meet the demand.”

    Bank accounts are dry but tax returns are coming.

  4. It’s all about surplus, although lately, even that has been a bit thin. Myself and a few friends have sort if a reloading collective, this allows us to buy larger quantity of all the raw components. We generally will have about 15k rounds worth of raw materials at any given time, so we can usually wait out these stupid panic buying sprees.

  5. I was just in the Big 5 in San Leandro yesterday. They had shotguns, rifles and ammo. I don’t know about 5.56 but they had 9mm and .22 rimfire. They even had .380.

    Of course Big 5 tends to be pricier in ammo but they tend to have the best prices on long guns in this area. Also, during the last ammo draught I found by accident that there was a Big 5 in the Newpark Mall in Newark that didn’t sell guns, except air rifles, but they stocked ammo and people seemed to have missed that fact and I was consistently able to get 9mm and .22 and .38 there. I haven’t been to that store in a couple of years but if you’re local it’s worth a trip to check it out.

    My birthday is looming so I’m going to do a gun shop tour today and see if anything catches my eye. I’ll pass along any ammo scout reports later today.

    • I was about to say I wish I lived out that way…then I remembered that you’re from Kalifornia (right?) and decided against that. Still no ammo on the shelves here. Reloading supplies are pretty meager too. Have been able to find some stuff online. But Im with Nick, the panic buying needs to stop.

    • I was at Dick’s last night in Modesto.
      The have pretty much nothing.
      Big 5 in Tracy, has a few shotguns, but things are drying up.

  6. It would be nice to see some rational thought begin to make headway in the national conversation. It’s a pity that in a world of competing news networks, fear sells. Fear of gun owners, fear of gun grabbers, fear, fear, fear.

    If we could come to a rational interim solution that allows law-abiding citizens to own firearms while making it difficult for criminals to purchase them legally, pices would come down. Perhaps as a law allowing everyone to own firearms subject to a mandatory background check for all firearms sales (perhaps a national firearms owner license plus a federal-level database where sellers could verify that the license is still valid at no charge).

    Yeah, I know – black helicopters full of gun grabbers would use the database to spot gun owners (rather than using credit card records, hunting licenses, or the NSA’s database of e-mail communications / web searches gathered under the Patriot Act). But we’ve really got to do something other than ever-looser gun ownership restrictions plus “sentencing enhancements” for firearms-related crimes intended as a deterrent. Deterrents require a long-term cost/benefit analysis – most people don’t operate that way. As the Country-Western song goes “I knew what I was feeling, what was I thinking?”

  7. I can hear the range from my house.

    Saturday morning used to be ‘rifle time’ when all the ladies & gentlemen would gather to share their gear. Quite a lively sound of freedom!

    No more. The range has fallen silent save for skeet & trap.

  8. Yeah. Fortunately I do have somewhat of a supply for just such occasions. I too prefer surplus. I am concerned that I won’t be seeing any green tips or M80 ball for a long time.

    Hopefully I can get my hands on some Prvi Partisan in a month or two. That’s the next best thing to surplus. At least for 7.62×51. As for green tips I am going to have to sit tight on the 1200 rounds or so I have. I am kicking myself for not buying that belgian vacuum sealed stuff I saw a month or two ago. Stupid stupid stupid!

  9. Since there is no talk of an ammo ban, one must consider the reason why people are buying it up. There is basically two choices.

    1. The mother of all plinking sessions.

    2. A government gone bad.

    • No. In many house across the US the guy that had already hoarded 6000 rounds for every gun they owned doubled their stocks. Thats the part that pisses me off. The guys that arent even buying it to shoot it.

    • The gun-grabbers are planting the future seeds to limit, regulate, raise the prices, and ban certain types of ammo and ammo purchases.

    • There are talks of ammo bans, severe regulations on the quantity and location of ammo purchases, regressive taxes, databases, licenses, and even criminalization of ammo possession over an arbitrary limit. In CA we have some airhead legislator out of Berkeley who wants the Federal government to require licenses for all ammo purchases and to track all purchases over 1000 rounds, as if 1000 rounds is some huge number that no law-abiding citizen could ever use for legal purposes.

      • I have heard of whispers from a class three ffl, 5 cents on every round tax to pay for peoples hospital bills that have been shot by a gun…

      • Look for the major ammo distributors to start offering 950-round cases approximately 30 seconds after any such law passes.

  10. My bank account isn’t empty, but since there is nothing left to buy anywhere, it doesn’t really matter.

  11. Nick: didn’t you vote for Obama? WTF did you expect? Sounds like you met the proverbial enemy when you looked in the mirror.

      • Same. The only Pro-2a candidate out of the 3 possible. Both the Repubs and the Dems in the last election were antis, I’m just surprised that so few people here figured that out!

        • Ivan, I think a lot of people had it figured out but if the masses stopped saying that bull %#it that a vote for Johnson or Paul was a vote for Obama and actually voted as a mass then it would (could) have been a different story.

        • While he certainly wasn’t a gun guy, Romney’s gun grabbing reputation was way overblown. He kept a lot of weapons off the banned list in a state with an 85% Demoncrat legislature. I’m not sure what people expected him to do under those circumstances.

        • You do realize that I live in Texas, right?

          Even if I voted for Obama it wouldn’t have scratched the vast and overwhelming majority of the GOP. Better to vote for a 3rd part candidate and hope they get more attention next time.

        • OK, half a meaningless vote. I stand corrected.

          If it’s any consolation the GOP is doing everything it can to become a third party.

      • By participating in the political process, you consented to Obama being your President if he was elected.

  12. It is getting annoying. Itll be some time before I replace 9mm and 5.56 already consumed for target practice and training (I treat my ammo like my financial budget: income versus expenditures). I have a rather large stash and dont like rationing. 🙁

    • As if Obama had a damn thing to do with this.

      Obama wouldn’t have touched this issue if he weren’t being backed in to a corner by opportunistic anti-gun vultures capitalizing on a tragedy.

      Be pissed off at DiFi and the rest, sure, but people acting like this is something Obama had in his back pocket the whole time are being more than a little tiresome.

      • Swarf, do you actually believe what you said? Obama is the POTUS!!! He also is not going to be up for reelection and was already in again come Sandy Hook.

        He can say no and veto whatever he does not approve of. He dosnt have much to lose.

      • Are you fucking kidding me? Did you forget your /sarc tag or do you honestly believe Obama wouldn’t disarm you in a second if he could?

      • WTF are talking about!? This is the kind of “stuck on stupid” that makes me fear for my children’s future.

        • I never said that he was our friend. I said, and I’m right, that guns would not be at the front of the stove if he weren’t being pushed in to it. He knows he has nothing to gain from signing gun control legislation, but if it comes up he’s going to be obligated to sign it.

          I’m not saying he’s gun friendly, I’m saying that given his druthers, he’d be fighting other battles, and I think it’s childish at best and cringe worthy conspiracy theory at worst to assume otherwise.

          Just because you don’t like the guy be wise he’s got a D after his name doesn’t mean he is responsible for every thing Dianne Feinstein does.

      • In both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns he stated he was for a new “assault weapons” ban. It was on his campaign website in 2008.

  13. If no legislation is passed, come mid-year–once credit cards have been maxed out and tax returns spent– I fully expect the private market to explode and bargains to be found as people begin to realize how much the overspent. The extra AR or two and dozens of mags will seem a little superfluous as bills pile up.

    Of course, if the gun grabbers get any encouragement, legislative or otherwise, our fellow Americans have shown little objection to racking up debt this far….

  14. Buy , Buy everything you can get your hands on , if, and when it comes back the prices will be sky high , and not due to gun control , but because the Fed is printing money out of thin air and setting records , that is what is the mad house D.C. talk is about… more that guns at issue here… the take over of the old America…. WAKE UP!

    • That ship sailed when Nixon finally abolished the last vestiges of the gold standard in the 1970’s to fight the evils of ‘financial speculators’. Ever since then it’s been a downhill. The only difference between now and the inflation that we experienced in the 1980’s is the way the government has decided to count inflation.

      Part of me kinda hopes that the morons in Washington finally decide the ‘trillion dollar coin’ is a good idea and finally drives the U.S. Dollar into hyperinflation territory so we can go and replace it with something sane.

      • The value of gold is as inflated as the paper dollar. Both are based on a psychological valuation more than any practical usefulness. For example, silver is more useful as an electrical conductor than gold.

        • i would like to think that except folks like soros see it as useful to invest in physical gold.

          so does india and china.

          silver and gold is far more valuable than debt-backed fiat paper currency.

  15. I cast and reload for all my rifles and handguns. So I never really run into any issues. It was hard to get primers a while back, but primers dont take up much space and I had several thousand on hand.

  16. The Leftists read this blog too. Probably now the gun-grabbers and the politicians are thinking about trying to ban reloading supplies. I’m not sure what the current rules are in Kalifornika for powder and reloading gear. Several years ago, there was talk in Kalifornika to require stores that sell powder to be physically separated from other buildings and homes by some distance and requiring no-smoking signs be posted outside the entrance. Beware a false flag operation at some gun store selling powder in the near future.

    • Friend and ally, I am a leftist. A left-libertarian would be a good description. Consider using a more percise term when calling out the anti-gun people or radicals. 😉

    • On the left, they call people who want to control every aspect of our lives conservatives. It turns out that there are people on both sides saying, “Don’t touch my stuff, but I’ll take your stuff!”

    • Reloading supplies will soon be labeled “bomb making material”. The media will hype it as right wing crazies with bomb making material who are using reloading ammo as an excuse. Wy would you need to reload ammo when there are companies making it? Either you are avoiding the lawful tax placed on ammo to help the victims of gun violence or you are a terrorist.

      Sounds crazy huh? But just watch msnbc for a night and you will see the willing obama propagandist hard at work.

  17. Seems to me its a two way street. All these people shooting up tons of ammo so there isn’t enough for those people new to firearm ownership. These people that shoot massive amounts in competitions and reviews of obscure trigger springs or fancy scope mounts. No gonna name names or anything. *nudge*

    I don’t know anyone that has 6000 rounds of each caliber stockpiled. But I do know people that only have enough ammo for one range session but are afraid to go practice because they are afraid they can’t get any more when they need it. That’s with their self defense firearm, not recreational boomsticks.

    I’m not trying to knock what Nick and TTAG do for us by providing great information, but wouldn’t a temporary moratorium on activities that burn up large amounts of ammo be appropriate until store stock recovers just a bit? I’m sure you could make it into a great publicity stunt. Lead by example instead of creating more panic. Thanks for reading my rant.

    • wouldn’t a temporary moratorium on activities that burn up large amounts of ammo be appropriate

      I think that most of us are kinda doing exactly that, but in an unformal way. I cut down my range time to once a week. So have a lot of other shooters that I know.

      • I haven’t been to a range since Sandy Hook. Mostly because I’ve only got about 150rds on hand and if I blow through those, there’s no telling when I’ll be able to get more.

        Shoulda bought that Dillon press I found on eBay for $250 over the summer…

  18. Speaking of low hanging fruit, after I spent several hours scrounging on the Internet for ammo and other gun supplies, I went to a local BiMart store seeking Mason Jars. Yeah, seriously friggin glass jars. The location I went to usually has an aisle filled with equipment and supplies for canning and preserving food. It had been hit hard with buyers and the sizes I wanted were gone. Obama and DiFi can add to their short list of accomplishments that they are the glass jar sales reps of the year.

  19. My club is having a defensive pistol match tomorrow, but nobody has any ammo. Just went down there this morning and dropped off 500 rounds each of 9mm and .40 S&W from my horde (which I amassed well before the recent panic started). Only stipulation was I want the brass returned so I can reload it, eventually. I’m a new member this year and hoping to win some brownie points with the old timers!

  20. Didn’t the big ammo manufacturers modernize their operations after the last election and subsequent panic buying frenzy? I think the massive government order for .40 s&w and 5.56 helped contribute to the shortage but I expect ammo to be restocked before many components made of evil black anodized aluminum (if only the government would allow manufacturers to build rifles out of the black anodized aluminum that isn’t evil- now THAT would be change we can believe in).

    Everyone take a deep breath and think about how foolish you feel feel in 60 days when you paid a buck a round for that 5.56…but if you are ever ready to pay $3 a round let’s talk.

    • I have a surplus of .38 special ammo. I can offer someone a deal on the ammo to include a small pocket knife and a C-ration can opener.

    • @k4R-15, you’re probably right about the big government orders putting a lot of pressure on supplies of .40 cal and 5.56 ammo. But what we’re seeing now is unprecedented and across the board. Even the market for combloc surplus 7.62 X 54R is dry. How is that even possible?

      • My theory is that the cheap stuff arrives on ships in containers, taking the least expensive and frequently slowest route possible.

        If the supply chain is set up to deliver X rounds of Mosin rifle ammo and Y rounds of AK ammo per month, and the sales rate goes to X*10 and Y*20… Well, the ships with the next ammo delivery aren’t going to get here any sooner, and they’re not going to have any more than usual when they DO arrive.

        Even if the eastern-bloc surplus brokers, Wolf, Tul, et al all kick into overdrive it will be February or March before we see any difference. It’s not like they have the option of expediting loads via air freight.

        I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that domestic ammo suppliers have similar supply issues because they’re waiting for stocks of components to be refilled, perhaps also off container ships.

  21. “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

    Anyone feel like those folks who wait until the hurricane landfall is an hour away, and then start looking for plywood? Some people saw this coming when The One was elected in 2008. The key part of the word “preparation” is the first 3 letters.

    With the current media hysteria over the “need for reasonable gun control”, this kind of buying frenzy is, in a way, quite rational. Hey, if don’t have any plywood when the storm is an hour away, you would probably be willing to pay 10 times the usual price for a few sheets of cheap OSB.

    • You’re right. Prepping earlier and even now makes sense. Seems to me it is as logical as buy low and sell high. I just received my first ammo order from Reds Trading Post based in Idaho. Shipping rates were low compared to most places. If I had a need for 5.56/.223 ammo and the large quantities of ammo many shoot I would invest in reloading gear and supplies.

      • If you are interested in reloading supplies, try Graf & Sons at They have a really great inventory of everything reloading (probably some shortages in the .223 category now), and their shipping is a flat fee of $6.95 to $8.95 (unless you order primers with the haz ship charges). They currently have about a 10-day backlog on shipping due to high order volumes, but they are great people to do business with. And if you don’t want to order on-line, they have real people answering the phone.

        • Thanks man! I’ll check them out. Currently, I do not re-load or even know much about it. One of my goals this year is to study re-loading, buy the equipment and supplies, and do it.

        • There is a Graf & Sons in our town (St. Charles, MO), they’re out of all .224 and almost all .356, with no small rifle primers in stock.

    • youre exactly correct. i find it hilarious that these are the same people that threw excuses like “money” “family” “work” around as reason not to buy anything during bush’s era but they seem to have the money and credit now and theyre paying more. doesnt make a lick of sense to me.

  22. Anyone else starting to feel a little depressed? Every morning I load up TTAG and wonder “in what exciting new way are people trying to infringe on my rights?”

  23. I didn’t realize that BassPro had that much space dedicated to reloading in their retail locations. On a whim I went to their site to see how close they were (my recollection was that they had a store near Charlotte, NC) and discovered that just two days ago they announced plans to open one in Cary, NC (Harrison & I-40) later this year or early 2014. Hopefully the product pipeline will refill by then.

  24. Wouldnt it be rather funny to have people attacking eachother with knives for bullets instead of guns for money?

    My local Dicks has a large amount of Winchester and shotgun ammunition but bone dry of everything els. I stopped by this morning just in time to see a man buy up the only three boxes of .223, if only id gotten there a few minutes earlyer.

    Should probably learn how to reload. Id rather have a ton of hand made then no factory fresh if this happens again.

      • Maybe he doesn’t know? Then again, when everywhere else is sold out would you feel comforted being the guy with no ammo who didn’t go to Dick’s? Better to clear the shelves when supplies are short, and tell Dick’s to FOAD and the need is not so dear.

  25. Just back from my cast bullet supplier. I’m stocked up on 9mm and 45 projectiles now. There were pallets of orders to all points of the country. It’s amazing. You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.

  26. I am completely out of ammo. That’s never happened to me before…”

    -Burt Gummer

    Tremors 2: Aftershocks

    • i got accused of having burt-syndrome in 2006-2007 when i literally spent untold tens of thousands of dollars on cheap ammo and AR lowers, realizing that ‘dubya will not be in office forever and his legacy pretty much guaranteed another democratic president.

  27. This is why it’s good to stockpile .22. It’s compact and you can store tons of it easily. Just set aside, say, $50 of savings every month and get at least 500 rounds (Current cost for out-of-stock, backorderable CCI CBs at Cabela’s). You’ll outlive any ammo shortage.

  28. Can we get past the hysteria, please? I don’t have a lot of money to spare.

    I managed to score a few boxes of .308 Win from the NRA range yesterday at sane prices, but that’s the only place I’ve seen it in stock at less than 50% over normal retail. And don’t get me started on parts: A normally respectable shop near me is selling a small batch of AR lowers at nearly three times the MSRP.

    • There’s no un-respectability in following market prices. It’s called the free market. That’s how it works. I’m getting a little tired of gun guys screaming about our freedoms being infringed while simultaneously griping about the normal workings of the free market economy that makes our liberty possible.

      When things go in short supply, higher prices act as a form of rationing. It is better to have some things available at higher prices then to have them all disappear quickly at “normal” prices. Would you feel better if they had no lowers at all to sell but the empty shelf space had a “respectable” MSRP price on it?

  29. Like I always say instead of wasting time panic buying. Use your resources to help the NRA and call your Reps and Senators and force them by pressure to say no to Obama’s BIG gun ban. The fact you make it hard for others to get wanted guns ammo and accessories is counter productive for or cause as well.

  30. I need to go to the range to get in some time with my .308. However, .308 ammunition has become virtually irreplaceable at this point in time.

    What’s really surprising, though, is the lack of .22 WMR. Fortunately, I’m pretty well stocked with .22 WMR. But still, if ammunition remains difficult to replace, then what?

  31. You might want to look behind things or on different levels of the shelves or on the floor. I’ve read people posting about hidden stashes of ammo in stores in a few different forums. People being out of money to hoard ammo so they squirrel it away for buying next pay check.

  32. Found this report : Classmate: Adam Lanza had webpage dedicated to Satan! (, what does this have to do with gun control? Who Wins? Yes the devil is the winner here. and who wants the New World Order the most ? the Anti-Christ Dems… Buy everything even extra food… We are only headed down at this point, long way to bottom. it is going to be a ROUGH RIDE… BUY ,BUY and BUY more have a yard sale and sell the junk(games , golf clubs, boat,) NOW… You have been WARNED!

  33. I was at the Richmond Gun Show this morning and it was a mad house. The show opened at 0900 and when I got there at 1100, there were almost 400 people still in line just to pay to get in and with more coming. I stood in line for 40 minutes just to get in the place. When I got in, I could barely walk down the aisles there were so many people. The cheapest I could find .223 or 5.56 from a dealer was $659 for a case of 800 rounds by Lake City. Most 9×19 was running close to $300 for a case of 1000 rounds. I did find one dealer that buys spent brass from ranges and reloads it. I got 500 rounds of 115 gr FMJ 9×19 from them for $130 including tax. I also picked up 200 rounds of .45 Colt Cowboy Loads for a little over $100. Most “AR Style” rifles were selling for 40% to 50% markup of the pre-Connecticut pricing. Magpul Mags could not be had for less than $40. Cheap metal AR mags were around $25 – $30. Almost all pistol magazines that had a capacity over 10 rounds were selling at a premium. There were dozens and dozens of people prowling the lines asking everyone carrying a case or box in hand if they were selling. While in line, I sold the pistol I brought with me (M&P9c) without half trying and for more than I expected to get for it. I talked to a couple of the dealers and they said that they sold out of almost all of their compact pistols and lower priced AR’s in the first 2 hours at the show. Despite all the craziness, everyone was very polite and courteous.

  34. When the panic started I read posts on other forums where folk maxed out their credit card to buy AR-15s for themselves and every member in their family. Then I have friends that had no interest in ever buying a AR-15 all of sudden bought one last month. This followed by Obama voters who are now buying a AR-15, I guess they thought not paying that $10 co-pay for birth control pills was more important than the 2A. Last, we have the gougers as I sadly know people that ordered 100 PMAGS expecting a ban to happen so they can make money after it happens.

    When this passes without any bans, which is likely if Obama doesn’t use an executive order, I’m going to laugh at all the desperate folk trying to sell what they bought to pay off their maxed out credit card.

    • “I’m going to laugh at all the desperate folk trying to sell what they bought to pay off their maxed out credit card.”

      the hilarity will ensue. their 2200 dollar AR will suddenly be worth only 900. LOL.

  35. After the last panic I decide to gradually build my inventory to one year’s consumption so I can continue my practice routine even when panic buying causes a shortage. I buy at low prices and use inventories in times like now.

    • Right there with you. When this blows over (being positive), I plan to double my already ridiculous ammo cache. Just imagine real SHTF scenario for a minute and tell me how valuable that ammo would be. Seriously better than buying other precious metals.

    • *One Google search later…*

      Y’know, I was actually not aware of that at all. That changes some plans.

      Thank you once again.

      • The OFWG’s that TTAG likes to belittle have, in fact, invented quite a lot of neat stuff that the current hipster generation has ignored… probably because it these technologies aren’t painted black and touted by people sporting tats all over their bodies.

        If you root around on Corbin’s web site, you’ll see that you can even make your own .224 pills that use .22 LR spent cases as jackets. How financially glorious is that?

        As an old, trim, pale male, I’m glad to be of some service in this matter.

  36. I just returned from a gun show today and was dumbfounded by some of the prices. $800 for a case of Privi Partizan 5.56? Glock “happy sticks” for $100? No AR less than $1,800? People…stop paying these prices and the prices will go down.

  37. Just got back from my gun shop run in the bay area. Ammo supply is better than gun supply. I was in 5 shops from Campbell to SanLOrenzo, the 880 corridor. 2 of those shops were Big 5’s and 3 lgs’s. Ammo was available at all locations including .40 cal.

    Handguns were badly depleted. Shotguns and rifles were down in numbers but still available. I saw nothing that I couldn’t live without so I left empty handed.

    • It’s going to be a desperate day indeed when Sportsmen’s manages to sell those post Freedom Group Marlin lever action rifles.

  38. Was at the local gun shop (Big Buck Sport Shop, in Wexford PA). Good selection of hunting rifles and shotguns, pretty decent selection of pistols. Their ammo supplies weren’t too bad either–for everything but 9mm and 5.56. They said they get a few ARs in every day, and half an hour after the UPS truck leaves they’re all gone. Didn’t see much of what they had for reloading supplies, but they didn’t look to have a lot.

  39. I don’t hoard ammo, but usually pick up a few boxes every pay check, I have about 1,000 22lr left but thats 2 range sessions when I take children and new shooters with me, as for 5.56 I have “enough” but I already switched to an m4 airsoft rifle for trigger time…

    • You may have already seen my comments on the product, but I do heartily endorse the LaserLyte system to offset reduced time at the range. Really like mine, already thinking about picking up a second electronic target.

      • I agree, that would be a good way to go, but I already had the airsoft gun and about 5k 6mm bb’s no sense in dropping a few hundred bucks on laser at this time. Unlike my ar though, my m4 airsoft gun is an assault weapon, full auto selector and good for mid range (considering plastic bb’s have a 100 yd max range)

        • Heh. No argument there, I’ve been known to borrow the airsoft M4 and HK416 rifles from my kids, they’re tons of fun.

          The laser makes good sense for me since I’m going to start competing as soon as I have a steady ammo supply, and I need trigger time while the ammo/reloading-supplies situation stabilizes.

  40. Get some lead and cast your own stuff…I’m kinda partial to my 1st model Brown Bess loaded with 100 gr FF behind buck and ball, topped by a nice bayonet. I wonder what an intruder would think staring down the muzzle? Huzzah!

    For longer range work my Whitworth rifle is fun. Finicky, but fun.

  41. People are really freaking out. I was at a Cabela’s and three other local gun shops today, and people are just buying anything. I don’t even think most folks know what a new AWB entails, all they know is “they’re coming for my guns, so I better buy one (or three) RIGHT NOW!” Even the selection of 1911’s was pretty dismal.

  42. Speaking of 1911’s I have wanted one for a very long time, always bought something else when it came down to it, kinda glad I did because 7 or 8 round mags will probably go by untouched fr the time being, but the purchases I have made instead have 15, 17, and 30 round magizines, just in case some type of legislation does make it through.

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