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Scene after the arrest. Photo: ATV, via

There was an attempted terrorist attack in Antwerp, Belgium this morning. The Metro reports that a man “in camouflage” drove a vehicle through a red light and drove directly into a crowded shopping area, forcing pedestrians to jump out of the away. There do not appear to have been any serious injuries from the attack.

The man was subsequently arrested by Belgian authorities, who reported finding multiple knives, a shotgun, and a gasoline canister filled “with an unknown liquid”. No word on any possible motives or the identity of the attacker beyond the fact that he was a French national, driving a vehicle with French license plates. The Belgian government has deployed “additional police and military personnel” to the city center.

The Belgian attacker’s modus operandi — a vehicle used to ram pedestrians followed by a knife attack — echoed the strike outside the British Parliament yesterday, about which additional details have come to light. British authorities have identified the attacker, who was shot to death, as Khalid Masood and believe that he was “inspired by Islamist ideology.” The attacker was born in the UK. The British internal security organization, MI5, apparently had investigated the attacker “some years ago” due to concerns over “violent extremism”, but he’d been dismissed as a “peripheral figure”.

The so-called Islamic State hailed Masood as one of its own, claiming he was a “soldier” who “carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting citizens of the coalition” of countries fighting IS in Syria and Iraq.”

Four people have died as a result of the attack, including American Kurt Cochran (whose wife, Melissa was also injured,) Police Constable Keith Palmer, and Briton Aysha Frade.


L-R: PC Keith Palmer, American Kurt Cochran, Aysha Frade. Via

Some news services have been reporting that five people were killed in the attack, which includes the attacker himself in that tally. Something that’s technically correct but, emotionally, feels like a lie to this author.

Fox News points out that vehicular attacks appear to be the current trend in Islamic terrorist tactics aimed at civilian targets. In the past year, such attacks utilizing vehicles have taken place in:

Jerusalem, Israel, on January 8, 2017;
Berlin, Germany, on December 19, 2016;
Columbus, Ohio, on November 28, 2016; and
Nice, France, on July 14, 2016.

This is probably understating the magnitude — there are many terrorist attacks that take place in Israel whose stories do not get as much play in the United States, for instance.

Regardless, this underscores the point: there is no such things as ‘condition white’ when you walk out the door anymore. Look for things that seem suspicious and trust your instincts. The fast reaction time of a good guy with a gun stopped the Parliament attack before it could get any worse; the wise person will carry a firearm wherever he or she is legally capable of doing so.


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  1. But the progs say this never happens anywhere but here! If only we banned firearms and apologized for being so awful then the world would be sunshine and unicorn farts while we all grabbed each other’s buttcheeks!

    • No KLP, these people only died by knife and gun! Imagine how much WORSE it would be if they’d died by gun! Same number of victims, but if they’d died by gun it would be a million times worse! Gun deaths are absolutely terrible! Being eaten alive is better than being shot!

  2. Yet another daily demonstration of the true nature of the “religion of peace”… I wonder how long it will be until it’s Crusade o’clock?

    • I’m at the point where I would find it more efficient to just make large swaths of land into shiny new mirrors…

      • In the Navy we have a term for attitude or performance adjustment called Bulkhead Counseling. One shipmate of mine coined the following:
        The ultimate form of Bulkhead Counseling is – A Nuclear Weapon.

    • So the libs blame guns for our troubles.
      Blaming a whole religion is just as sad.
      We have proof that a sect that does acts that are against Islam’s tenets claimed responsibility. ISIS.
      It’s easy to blame guns. It’s hard to look at the actual causes of gun violence. So let’s listen to Mothers Against etc. and ban all guns.
      Here is the same thing.
      Some bad actors. Some bad actors don’t represent everyone.
      Some bad actors don’t represent all gun owners, men, women, whites, blacks, red states, blue states, liberals, conservatives, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, etc.
      It is easier to blame “all”.
      It takes courage to look for the facts, for the details.
      To be safe it’s wise to actually know the danger, specifically.

      • Bullshit. The myth of the “tiny radical minority” was thoroughly debunked last time we had this conversation. #notallmuslims is just as retarded as #notallnazis. Islam is the Nazi germany of the 21st century. The sooner we acknowledge that, the sooner we can remove this vile cult from the face of the planet.

        • I’ll just quote the Serge from yesterday. I can;t say it any better. Not even close:

          “Ok… maybe you haven’t been paying attention. Almost all Muslims are bad. At the very least they dogmatically follow an ideology that calls for the murder or subjugation of everyone who is not Muslim. This #notallmuslims bullshit has to stop. The few sane ones do not balance the majority who are not.

          The “bad” Muslim wants to cut off your head and rape your goat.
          The “good” Muslim wants the “bad” Muslim to cut off your head and rape your goat.”

          “By that logic we should judge individual Nazis by their actions, not the belief system they follow… let that sink in for a while…

          The “most fundamentalist” version represents the overwhelming majority of Islam and a tiny minority of “all other isms’. Voluntarily joining or remaining in Islam today is like getting a guided tour of Treblinka and then heading right to the Neo Nazi recruiting office.”

        • I guess you people forgot all about the terrorism and people by the IRA. Who were not Muslims. Or all the people throughout history that were killed because they wouldn’t convert to Christianity. Blaming all Muslims for terrorism just makes you look stupid.

        • Islam is the true 1000 Year Reich. Hitler idolized Islam and its conquering, raping, murdering ways.

        • @Dev Show me one major group of Christians that still does this and I’ll be happy to yield the point. However, you can’t. Christianity shed oceans of blood to be as sane an ideology as it is today. Islam has no interest in doing so. Anybody who attempts to even slightly reform their cult is declared an apostate and hunted to the ends of the earth.

          The IRA was fighting a civil war against a nation that had occupied their land and murdered their people for generations. Their religion had jack shit to do with it. Pretending that the IRA was some sort of fundamentalist catholic movement is bullshit on its face.

        • I’m not a huge fan of this argument but serge raises a valid point here.

          Are there “good” Muslims out there (by Western standards)? Yes. How many, or what percentage of the total I don’t pretend to know.

          Now, that said, we’re faced with the conundrum serge brings up. How do we tell the difference between the tolerant Muslims and the head chopping fanatics? I don’t think most of us would have a problem with a Muslim neighbor if we knew them to be tolerant. However, again, how do we know?

          Let’s look at a couple of facts from around the world.

          1) The Palestinians have “summer camps” for kids, and I do mean KIDS, like single digits in age, where they teach them knife work and other killing arts. This ain’t no karate class, this is murder school complete with “Why Jews are evil and need to be killed” classes on the side. This isn’t smores, archery and whittling. It’s flat the fuck out terror training for toddlers. (OK, not toddlers but damn close.)

          2) When you look at France what you find is that first generation immigrants who are Muslim (recent masses excluded, we’re talking historically over the past decades) tend to be pretty peaceable. They left some shithole country and are happy/proud of that. However, their children have radicalization numbers way, way higher than you’d rationally expect.

          Now, without getting into the weeds here, some have ascribed this radicalization to the French system that, well, enhances the chances that these people grow up in poverty. I don’t buy that. Anywhere else you look in the world such problems, where they do cause violence cause gangs and organized crime to appear. That’s people in bad situations turning to socially deviant behavior to get ahead and make money. Terrorism is a completely different animal that has no rational basis in self-advancement in this lifetime. Poor people might get violent and bust some caps but they do it to make money and advance themselves. They don’t murder people for no goddamn reason other than because some idiots on the interwebz told them to.

          So, again, serge raises a good point: how do we tell the good from the bad? From purely logical standpoint, you don’t because practically speaking you can’t. In fact, from that standpoint you don’t even try.

        • Until the day we see “Million Muslim Marches Against Jihad and Violence” in every major city in the west and middle east, 99% of muslims will be suspect in my mind.
          Sudden Jihadist Syndrome can strike any muslim, anywhere and at any time.

        • “They left some shithole country and are happy/proud of that. However, their children have radicalization numbers way, way higher than you’d rationally expect.”

          And that is just what makes Muslim ‘immigrants’ so dangerous to the ‘Civilized World’.

          We had better wake the fvck up to that lethal reality.

          @ Serge – Stumbled across a book yesterday that deals with that in some depth.

          Scott Adams, the guy who does the ‘Dilbert’ comic, wrote a fiction book titled: ‘The Religion War’.

          Set in year 2040, the base plot is the ‘Civilized World’ finally has its fill of Islam and its Caliphate and builds a massive wall around the Mideast and then exterminates the Muslims.

          Adams says he realizes it sounds like genocide, but that he seriously predicts that it will happen in the future:

        • “Until the day we see “Million Muslim Marches Against Jihad and Violence” in every major city in the west and middle east, 99% of muslims will be suspect in my mind.

          The “Million Muslim Marches Against Jihad and Violence” means *nothing* since it is permissible, if not their outright *duty* for a Muslim to lie if it is in the interest of Islam…

        • Geoff, egads, you remembered that? I’m more of a Bloom County-Outland kinda guy, but Breathed has never really been a novelist, so yeah, I read it way back when. Of course, Adams came up with a ridiculous ending in which everybody lives happily ever after. Adorable and all, but at least Berkely’s children’s book have more realism.

          We have to “corrupt” them with Western decadence, or find a way to kill every last one of them. I prefer the former. Giving up civilization to the primitive believers in the mutterings of a serial rapist, child molesting warlord is unacceptable.

      • @H
        Sure, some bad gun owners do not represent all gun owners. But gun ownership is not equivalent to a religious belief system. You’re trying to make an argument based on false equivalence.

      • We have proof that a sect that does acts that are against Islam’s tenets claimed responsibility. ISIS.

        So, you are claiming that the Koran and Muslim clerics do not direct Muslims to kill apostates and infidels? Wow. Just, wow.

      • H, what tenants of islam has isis has acted against ?

        Just curious. Educate us.

        Edited because question mark.

        • Taqiyya. You’re not supposed to TELL the ifidel you plan to cut off their head and rape their goat.

        • @VaqueroJustice, none. Their book advocates for this and allows lies and theater to overcome suspicion.

        • I am well aware of the islamic principal of taqiya,
          and what their book advocates.

          I just want to hear it from H, as he was the one who claimed that isis has violated
          the tenets of islam.

      • “To be safe it’s wise to know…” ‘H’, just read: the koran. You’re attempting to defend without knowledge, Islam is not a religion, it’s a government.

  3. Might be worth keeping some fmj in a spare mag depending on how your carry ammunition reacts to car door and the like. Just sayin.

    RIP to the innocent fallen victims of a twisted ideology and an equally twisted person.

    • I totally agree. I always carry one mag with HP and another with FMJ. Never know what your target may be.

    • Or just carry premium barrier-blind ammo that will penetrate a car door and still do the job on the perp behind the wheel.

      • But it’s not always about hard target penetration. Sure, I’d love to have a rifle instead of a pistol, but that’s not practical either. I chose 9mm for several reasons. So of course there are limitations and benefits. Knowing and accepting them is the key. So sure, you can carry a wheel gun with 6 more powerful rounds. Me, I carry a 9mm with 20+1 with 20 backup. That’s my choice. One mag HP, one mag JHP.

        • I carry a snubby. That being said If you are really worried about it you could get a few boxes of buffalo bore 9mm +p with hard cast bullets. I’d be willinng to bet on some serious
          Penetration through most average targets

        • Hard to believe, but Ruger 9mm ARX ammo will go thru 4 layers of car door thick sheet metal & still cause a wound cavity like a HP, by my testing.

  4. Regardless, this underscores the point: there is no such things as ‘condition white’ when you walk out the door anymore.

    Sat down with the kids last night to discuss SA, again. It is so easy for their generation to go white with one of those mobile thingies shoved into their faces. It’s funny, but whenever I’m in public and I have to answer my phone, I do a 360 first; habit I guess.

  5. But…but…religion of peace! I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! It’s only a matter of time before we have to deal with this crap on a regular basis in this country. France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, and soon us.

    • Yep. Pretty obvious with the huge open borders crowd here in the U.S. that we are just a few steps behind these European countries. These attacks will be the new normal. Trump is hitting a major institutional roadblock to correcting our immigration shortcomings.

  6. I’ve noticed that too, how news agencies are beginning to just report the total dead, with the dead attacker lumped in with their victims. I guess it doesn’t really matter, and we must not let our emotions get the better of us like the antis do, however something about that just seems dirty and wrong.

    • You make a good point. There is a reason to them doing this, they wish to absolve the bad guys of the responsibility for their actions. This first came to my attention back when the Columbine High massacre occurred. The leftie anti-gunners wanted to claim that there were 15 victims because they wanted to list Harris and Klebold as victims. They even tried to include them in the memorial. Lefties with this kind of attitude believe it is the trigger that pulls the finger rather than the other way around!

  7. It is very wrong. The attacker is not a victim of himself. He chose to attack people.
    All for 72 virgins???? I guess no one told them Lemmy is dead. There are no more virgins in the afterlife.

  8. To those who are being investigated for extremist behavior, just take away their drivers license and make it harder to get access to deadly assault vehicles.
    Because we have to do something!!!

    • Moslems elsewhere have no issue prohibiting women from driving, surely they would accept happily rules prohibiting driving by ALL muslims. It’s Christian Sharia!

  9. Where’s the resistance with his constantly regurgitated “this still pales in comparison to the hundred millions of mass shootings every other second” shtick?

    • I think The Resistance is dead. We all are, actually — all those millions of mass shootings per second killed off the entire human race in 2002, and we’re just inhabiting a simulacrum of our former lives.

      • If his claims were real, ammo consumption would have exceeded our worldwide manufacturing capacity.

  10. Bad title. Sounds to me like the attack wasn’t “thwarted” at all. People simply got out of the way in time.

  11. Okay man leaves Md take bus to NY plans to kill Black men. How do I know which White man has that intent?
    Forget religion for a moment where is the Million White Man March to stop racial murders in the USA?
    It wasn’t a false equivalency. I’m stating how blaming the thing, in this case Islam is like blaming guns.
    Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t represent all Christians. In the name of religion all peoples have killed others in our history. My point is how do you tell the difference between the good one and the bad one? We seem to be able to distinguish between Al Queda and Saudis, Taliban and Afghanis, Al Queda in Iraq and Iraqi citizens, the Klan and a Pennsylvanian citizen. So painting with that wide “all” is beneath you.
    Read the Bible. It is no less violent nor full of “God said” than the Torah or Koran. Is the difference possibly you identify with one book over the others? If you are selecting which chapters and verses to call your own that are more about peace then do the same with the other books.

    You know what? I know this doesn’t fit your beliefs. Why not entertain something different and see if there is any truth here? If you don’t undertake the challenge is it because perhaps your belief is incomplete and you do not want to know it? Would it mean that you’d have to challenge our “story”, our leaders religious and political?

    I.e. Would you wonder why we see Cheney walking with Faisal if the Saudis actually were funding Al Queda? Would you have to wonder if your gas purchases funded Sept 11th? See? It takes courage. It’s not easy. It’s not simple.

    • Ok… You can shut the fuck up with your off point bullshit. The CORE TENETS of Islam call for the annihilation or subjugation of EVERYONE ELSE. Read the fucking book your retarded mongoloid. Better yet, go visit a majority islamic country and tell me how awesome it is to be gay or a woman there.

    • Yes. It is simple. You line every Muslim up in a row. You tell them to spit on the Koran and renounce their cult. If they fail to do so, you put a bullet in the back of their head. Again. The CORE of Islam is a violent racist ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation or EVERYONE else. Your false equivalency bullshit and blatant race baiting is getting tedious.

    • I know this doesn’t fit your beliefs. Why not entertain something different and see if there is any truth here? If you don’t undertake the challenge is it because perhaps your belief is incomplete and you do not want to know it?

      You know what doesn’t fit Islamic beliefs? Our western culture, our beliefs and way of life. I don’t care what they do or practice in their own land. But they migrate to western countries and flat out refuse to assimilate. Many become radicalized, and many more quietly support that. Their beliefs are incompatible with ours, yet for some reason people like you find every excuse in the book for their behavior. At the same time you expect us to accommodate them, while their culture is slowly replacing ours. If they move to western countries, why is it so unreasonable to expect them to assimilate our values? Not only are they replacing our culture and population, they don’t mind doing so violently. But somehow we’re the bad guys for refusing to submit to this crap and appease them? Give me a break.

    • Go do your Nazi apologetics somewhere that people would be stupid enough to fall for it. I treat Muslims the same way I would treat Nazis. If executing Nazis is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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