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“[Atlanta] police are looking for a man accused of breaking into two northwest Atlanta homes and pointing an assault rifle at a woman in one of the homes,” reports. “‘He told me to lie down on the bed and put my face in the pillow,’ Barbara Lyles-Anderson told Channel 2 Action News. ‘And I thought then he was going to rape me and shoot me in the back of the head.'”

The perp “only” stole jewelry and other items before leaving. But think about that: a woman on her own lying on her bed with a gun to her head waiting to be raped. A man who is, at the time of this writing, still at large.

Three things: don’t leave your door unlocked, home carry, and save this story to show your anti-gun friends who say it’s safer not to have a gun in the house.

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    • People who have homes are 100% more likely to be victims of home invasion than those that do not have homes.

      What we need to ask ourselves is “why to people need homes”, rather than “how can we take homes away from people”.

  1. But if she had a gun, Dr. Jack and Shannon say she most likely shoot herself (or other friends or family) with it. So, better she just be still and take it, right?

    /bad sarc

    • Just bite the pillow and think of England…er, New York City…er, Bloomberg. New Jersey. Obama. Hillary. Sanctuary cities! (It just keeps getting worse.)

  2. Girls are not good with guns – they are scared of them and will probably just shoot themselves.
    Just go ask Jessie Duff and plenty of other professional female shooters. (and non-professional female gun owners/shooters/hunters)
    BTY, I home carry at all times, even though I live in a very safe neighborhood.
    It’s safe until it isn’t – just don’t know.

    • Image is too blurry to see if it has the ‘shoulder thing that goes up’.

      But that certainly looks like a “.30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second”.

      • I don’t know, it seems pretty clear its missing a stock and the barrel appears shorter than 16″ – I’d say pistol as well.

        Lets just call it a High-Capacity Assault Pistol.

    • Seeing the guy with an AK, makes my EDC 642 seem a little wimpy. Hopefully under similar circumstances I’d at least have time to grab a Glock or service revolver from the safe.

      Maybe I should keep one of the long guns loaded in the safe as well.

      If you were to keep a loaded long gun ready to go, would you prefer a pump shotty, or a AR/AK carbine. I’ve got them all. I just figure the long guns are more for “civil defense” or “riot defense”, and the pistols and revolvers are for “home defense”. I live in a regular stick built house in a 60’s era suburban neighborhood.

      • I have a 442 in my pocket. I live in a 2 story. On both floors there’s a pump 12 ga stashed with full mag and empty chamber.

        • That is also how I would run the shotguns- “patrol ready”. Likewise with the AR/AK, I’d probably go full mag inserted or maybe not, but no round chambered.

          Do you recommend only keeping the shotguns patrol ready in a locked safe, or outside of a safe? Even though we don’t have kids in the house, I don’t like the idea of leaving loaded guns laying around. I’ve got the main safe in the basement (unloaded long guns plus a few loaded pistols and revolvers), and a small pistol safe on the main floor with a loaded Glock 22 and Glock 19 ready to go.

        • I’ve started storing my 930 that way. 9 in the magazine, safety off and trigger broke. The JM Pro has the oversized charging handle so just chamber it and your good. I think it takes 0.214 seconds longer to rack a round than to disengage the safety but I think it is a safer way to leave the shotgun at the ready.

        • Michael, I agree about the safety off, no round chambered. That, and I am jealous of your 9 round capacity 12 gauge. My two shotguns only hold the standard capacity 5 rounds.

        • I also have to think about the fact that my wife could handle my AR or the 4095 (plus maybe the AK), but she couldn’t handle the 12 gauge. She is a girly girl and I like her a lot.

      • Use a 12 gauge slug and blow his chest out between his shoulder blades. You can’t miss a thug with a slug beyond the rug.
        If you are worried about penetration through a wall when you miss, you are dead anyway if you miss a guy aiming an AK at you so …just don’t miss.

        • Thug, slug, rug… nice rhyme.

          Since you are in GA, this fellow might be coming to your neighborhood sometime soon.

      • I home carry a full size “duty” pistol; if I’m outgunned with 18 rounds of 9mm then it was going to be a pretty crappy day regardless. I do keep a loaded AR in the safe, just in case I have time to get to it.

      • Art out West,

        “Seeing the guy with an AK, makes my EDC 642 seem a little wimpy.”

        I always carry a full-size .40 caliber semi-auto handgun and even I was thinking the same!

        In the event that my full-size handgun is inadequate and I have time, I keep a 20 gauge shotgun with slugs in a discrete location ready to go with five shells in the tube magazine, the chamber empty, and the safety off. All I have to do is pump it and squeeze the trigger.

        In your case, keeping either a shotgun or AR ready is a nice option. I chose to keep a shotgun ready mainly because it is inexpensive (bought it brand new three months ago for $192!) and I won’t be out very much money if someone breaks in and steals it … after all it is not in a gun safe but out and ready. Also, the shotgun doesn’t have a magazine that sticks out which means it is much easier to hide.

        As for your wife being a girly-girl and not up for a 12 gauge, that is why we have 20 gauge shotguns. Remington makes a 20 gauge slug that weighs 5/8 ounce — that’s 273 grains — with a muzzle velocity of around 1550 fps. In other words that is watered down .44 Magnum ballistics out of a long gun. While people may balk at the idea of .44 Magnum recoil in a handgun, no one is concerned about .44 Magnum recoil out of a 6 pound long gun. Even a 110 pound women can shoot that comfortably — especially during a real home invasion with its associated adrenaline dump. Oh, and speaking of women, you can even get a 20 gauge shotgun in youth/compact size which is even easier for them to handle!

        And there is another advantage to a shotgun: you can shoot shot rather than slugs if you are worried about overpenetration in suburbia. Of course shot is not as effective as slugs so keep that in mind.

      • I don’t know what the fuck a “shotty” is, but for home defense I have found a youth model Remington 870 magnum to be great. Anyone from a big tough man to a child can weild that shotgun with confidence and ease. With buck shot you can pretty much handle anything inside your home quickly and confidently. Being a youth model gun it is of course compact. So you save a few bucks over a super cool guy tactical shotgun. I chose a pump gun because it requires very limited skill to operate. The shotgun stays loaded and is in a place where my wife and son would go in an emergency. Other than that I keep my edc with me 24/7.

    • It does kind of look like a toy. If the lady had a .38 or a 9mm, she could have found out whether it was a real AK or not after she sent some rounds his way.

    • I’ve read that certain segment of illegal employed citizens think that if they are busted with an airsoft toy that it’s not a firearm related offense. But some states have laws if the victim had reason to believe it was real, then it’s considered as a firearm related crime. Skreet lawyers are the best!!

      I saw where the news claimed it was a HIGH POWERED RIFLE. Yet if they caught him in middle of the act, they would only write the “accused”. They didn’t recover any brass or bullets from either place so how do they know for a fact it was a real firearm, could be a .22LR or a toy.

  3. Always home carry, 2 dogs, camera’s….My buddy used to have a sign in his window that said “My dog can get to the end of the driveway in 3 seconds, can you?” and he had 100 feet of driveway. While I loved that, my opinion was, why advertise the dog..

  4. It could have been a DGU, it should have been a DGU — except that some people are completely incapable of taking care of themselves.

    It takes sand to shoot a BG. Some people have a whole beachful, and some have not a single grain. This is nature’s way of sorting things out.

  5. Libs have a death wish. They r in essnce telling victims to submit to the rape, as though that doesnt virtually kill ur soul.

    And libs that hav nvr been victims of violent crime just do not know y guns offer the best chance of survival

    • My brother graduated from a liberal college as a wild-eyed liberal, no point in arguing, he knew it all. Fast forward a couple years, he has a home and a wife, victimized twice (he thinks it was the same people) in NON-violent crime (burglary) losing thousands of dollars worth of electronics, replacing them, losing them again. It struck him, with a little help, that since he lived way out in the sticks, it might have been a lot worse if he or his wife had been home, either time. Ever since, 12-guage pump in the corner by the door, votes law and order, no sympathy for thugs. It really isn’t complicated once they are forced to confront the world as it actually is, instead of as they have been brainwashed that it “should be”.

  6. I’ll write the same thing I always write in regards to home invasions. HOW THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE GETTING IN YOUR HOME??? YOUR SECURITY IS SHIT!!! There should be NO WAY anyone can get in your home short of having a ladder and going to the second floor (HIGHLY UNLIKELY). Make the ground floor a fortress. It is not difficult to do and will save you the need to ever need your gun. Now, I still home carry, but jeeze people come on…..

    • All I need is a 4 inch thick patio block to “open” any first floor window. A simple rechargeable drill and a 5/16 bit is all I need to drill out your locks on your security door within 2 minutes. And with a simple crowbar I can open a window or slider door within about 10 seconds. Finally, I can get through your exterior wall in about 20 seconds with a chainsaw which will happily chew through vinyl or aluminum siding, plywood sheathing, foam/fiberglass insulation, and drywall. Upgrades to harden your home against all of those methods of entry It will cost thousands of dollars for most people.

      And what upgrades would be required? Your home would need a masonry exterior, reinforced door frames and an interior security bar on your perimeter doors, and special reinforced window frames with shatterproof glass.

      Or, you can simply lock all the doors and windows that you already have (which costs nothing) and be armed. And that is exactly what I do. My doors, windows, and walls are simply a perimeter alarm.

    • Wow Mark. Does your first floor have no doors or windows? Maybe 6″ thick Lexan for windows on your house? What’s your door frame made out of? I mean seriously, locks are a joke, you know that right?

      I’d bet money I can get into your house in under a minute and do no damage to your house. 20 seconds if I go the destructive route.

      All locks can be picked. So that’s out. Unless your house is made of stone all around with no windows windows can be broken and if not the frame of your door or your window can be bent to gain access with nothing but a farm jack and a piece of pipe. Your locks don’t do any good when they can’t reach anything to engage.

      • I’d generally agree.
        But, thugs don’t pick locks. Brute force is all they’ve got.
        Do what you can to raise the ante, and make ’em spend seconds. They’ll freak if it is going too slow.
        You’re not up against the Phantom from the Pink Panther.

        • Ever busted a metal door frame with a farm jack and a cheater bar? Takes about 15 seconds before the frame is so wide the deadbolts don’t have anything to grab on to. Shockingly quiet too. Wood’s quicker to bust but louder.

          Also don’t rule out lock picking. Anyone can buy a pick gun online for like $80. Nice, quiet and while luck oriented usually opens a lock in a few tries. No skill required and a nice quiet entry unless you have an alarm on the door.

    • My home is kinda high end, on a lake and essentially built for maximum view. My second floor originally included 9 sets of 8′ high double doors, all with 6′ high glass panels. You can lock hell out of it, but there are rocks in the driveway which will open any of the doors (all 3 floors have multiple glass doors) in 0.0 seconds. Part of the relaxed ambience which it represents to me (and in fact that Austin represents to me) is the complete lack of 3-layer steel fencing, with killer dogs and armed guards, stress levels beyond computing. If I spent half the value of the house “securing” it as you describe, it would destroy the other half of the value, and make it nearly unlivable. OTOH, I am convinced that when the neighborhood has its first home invasion, the number of rounds fired into the invaders after they are all dead will help convince their friends that pickings would be better elsewhere. Keep your noisy and worthless alarms which no one pays attention to anyway, I’ll stick to the same methods used a thousand years ago.

  7. This dumbass lady left her side door unlocked. That is how this thug gained access with his airsoft toy. Talk about security

    • It is not too hard to break into a secured house, even one with “good” security. All locking a door does is slow the invader done, if he wants to come in badly enough.

  8. Hi! I’m Barbara Lyles-Anderson, the woman who was robbed at gunpoint in your article. Just to clarify in this situation…he was already facing me with an AK-47. He had the laser pointed at my forehead so there was no time to grab a gun. And in actuallity, when the same man robbed a Brookhaven home, the homeowner did try to get to his gun first but was unsuccessful. So the assailant shot him first with a pistol. Every situation is different and I do think it is a good idea to have a gun in your home for protection. But…only if you have everyone in the home trained in its use & all are aware that it may not always be wise to go for it.
    Ironically for me, I used to own a 357 magnum that I kept in a drawer beside my bed. But on December 13, 1989, I was the victim of another crime. 3 men burglarized my home and stole many things..
    including my 357 magnum!!

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