Atlanta Journal Constitution Poll: No Guns In High Schools, Churches, Airports

First, the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s methodology: “Those who participated in the poll [450 registered voters} were randomly selected from all regions of Georgia. The findings are representative of Georgia voters by region, type of community, age, race and gender. Opposition to concealed carry of firearms was so deep that differences by region of the state, type of community, and age or political affiliation varied only by a few percentage points.” Uh, that doesn’t sound like the usual “we’re unbiased” gun control survey disclaimer to me. Be that as it may, THE SURVEY SAID!

76% said “definitely not” in a high school;

64% said “definitely not” in a house of worship;

61% said “definitely not” at an airport;

54% said “definitely not” at a college or university campus;

Not on a train? Or a plane? What are you insane? Yes, well, I think it’s significant to look at the obverse of these results.

14% sad yes to concealed carry in high school;

36% said yes to concealed carry in a house of worship;

39% said yes to concealed carry at an airport (!)

46% said yes to a college or university campus;

And here’s your “huh” moment. “Black voters were the most adamantly opposed to concealed carry in every location.” All this in response to Georgia House Bill SB 308.

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