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ATF to Predict Gun Crime in US, UK and Canada

This just in from our ATF info wars guy Ike:

“The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau [sic] wants to use technology to help predict where gun crime may unfold, and eventually work to prevent it from happening,” reports. “The Justice Department….issued a solicitation for a system ‘designed to accurately identify the risk of personal and property crimes’ covering 200 locations throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.” Wow! ATF now has so much money in the budget, it’s expanding to predict crime in the United Kingdom and Canada? Why leave out Mexico? When did ATF jurisdiction extend to foreign countries? How many ATF employees will be transferred to plum assignments in the UK and Canada? ATF did such a fine job with Fast and Furious it’s now time to include more foreign countries? Maybe ATF should concentrate on predicting crime within it’s own agency. Talk about “Fraud, Waste and Abuse . . .”


  1. avatar David says:

    Yes, and we all know how kind, sweet and loving the cowboys at the ATF are.

  2. avatar MadDawg J says:

    I have a system that will work as well as anything else out there, be more accurate then what they are currently doing and is man portable. Since it is a government contract I will sell them at “only” $25,000 each.

  3. avatar sdog says:

    maybe it is not being applied in MX because there is no effective system for them to manipulate?

  4. avatar Spread Eagle says:

    Here’s a prediction on where gun crime will occur: ANY area with a minority majority population.

    You’re welcome. No charge.

    1. avatar ConradW says:

      It’s not the minorities. Nothing to do with race.

      It’s where ever gun laws are the strictest. Washington DC, New York, Chicago, California.

      No legal guns = more crime.

      1. avatar Joel says:

        actually, patterns tend to show that it’s where places are the worst with population, which may, in turn, make gun laws more restrictive out of fear and make things worse. why was London bad in the 1800s, back before gun control? too many damn people.

    2. avatar Totenglocke says:

      The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau [sic] wants to use technology to help predict where gun crime may unfold, and eventually work to prevent it from happening

      Based on statistical analysis, I predict that gun crime will unfold in areas with limited freedoms and tight restrictions on self defense, such as California, New York (especially New York City), and D.C. The quickest way to prevent it from happening is to return freedom to the people to allow them to defend themselves, as most states have done and seen a drop in crime rates.

      I’ll take my $5 billion consulting fee now, for fixing the government’s problem.

  5. avatar Alaskan Nutkase says:

    ATF… the new “World Police” Im pretty sure that this was predicted a while back… what was that movie… Team America? hahahaha

  6. avatar CarlosT says:

    So the ATF is going to become PreCrime. Awesome.

  7. avatar ST says:

    “Gimme all yer money!”(Street Punk aims .44 Magnum at citizen)

    -I don’t hear a red ball, punk. Do you feel lucky?

    (***alarm sounds***)

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    Now if the ATF could only predict the politicians’ crimes in Washington and Chicago, we’d be all set.

  9. avatar Chas says:

    Hey, what could go wrong?

  10. avatar DaveL says:

    What’s worse than a government agency that thinks it has the technology to predict future crimes? A government agency that thinks it can get the technology to predict future crimes if it just throws enough cubic dollars at it.

    Every shyster and his brother will put in a bid, and every single one of their systems will be a fraud. The ATF chooses the cheapest fraud of the bunch, and we pay the bill. Hooray.

    1. avatar Jwhite says:

      *cough* F-35 *cough*

  11. avatar Aharon says:

    Where is my comment about the future police busting smokers? Robert, you better not be censoring me because you smoke those smelly cigars.

  12. avatar Tom says:

    “The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau wants to use restricive gun laws to help reduce legal guns where gun crime may unfold, and eventually work to prevent legal gun owners from defending themselves happening,”

    1. avatar David says:

      The ATF can do what ever it wants, as illegal as it may be, I for one look back on history, I’m cocked, locked, and ready to rock… Semper Fi!

  13. avatar David says:

    We live in a society where swingin’ dicks tell other swingin’ dicks what to do… that’s going to change.

  14. avatar Silver says:

    Gun-free zones.

    Your welcome.

  15. avatar al from chicago says:

    Hell any big city retired cop like me with more than 30 years can do this, but we would be called racists. Give me a 20 million no cut contract and five hours of their time an I’ll show them how. (hint it involves large scale maps, daily crime reports, accurate census data and colored pins.)

  16. avatar IdahoPete says:

    Hey, maybe the subjects in Britain will get lucky and ATF will start a Fast & Furious program there! That would get more guns into the hands of people in Britain than their current laws!

  17. avatar bontai Joe says:

    They want a system to predict crime before it happens and then be able to do “something” to prevent it? I dunno, maybe a crystal ball? Taro cards? tea leaves? The magic “8” ball mentioned above is as good as anything. Heck, if I could accurately predict the future, I’d be rich instead of so damn good looking.

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