ATF Special Agent Bradford Devlin (image courtesy US District Court and Seattle Times)
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ATF Special Agent Bradford Devlin Nazi tattoo
ATF Special Agent Bradford Devlin (image courtesy US District Court and Seattle Times)

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is, of course, the primary federal alphabet agency tasked with regulating firearms in this country. It has not been without its controversies over the years. Who could forget the ATF’s involvement in the infamous Fast and Furious gun-walking operation, shipping firearms to Mexican drug cartels?

On the tobacco side of the regulation business, there was the “cigarette-walking” scandal in which hundreds of millions of coffin nails were sold in an alleged sting operation…with some of the profits left unaccounted for.

And then there were the six storefront sting operations the agency ran, supposedly to buy drugs and guns from felons. In the process, the Agency entrapped used teenagers and the mentally challenged to promote their phony businesses.

Now the Associated Press posts this brief story . . .

A supervisor for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Seattle is receiving a $450,000 settlement after complaining of racial harassment from a co-worker with a Nazi tattoo.

The Seattle Times reports Cheryl Bishop, a senior supervisory agent who is black, complained of harassment from Bradley Devlin, the bureau’s resident agent in charge in Eugene, Oregon.

Devlin has a “German Eagle SS Lightning bolt” tattoo he says he got infiltrating a white supremacist biker gang in Ohio.

Bishop sued the ATF in 2018, saying the agency retaliated and scuttled her appointment to work at headquarters after she filed a discrimination complaint against Devlin.

Devlin said in court documents he is not racist and called Bishop’s complaints absurd.

He described their conflict as based on personality, not race.

Looking at the much more detailed Seattle Times story, Agent Bishop not only will receive $450,000 from the US Treasury, she’ll also get a face-to-face meeting with the ATF’s acting director as part of the civil rights lawsuit settlement.

And a ring.

In addition to the cash payout, Cheryl Bishop, a senior supervisory agent in Seattle and former bomb-dog handler, will receive a ring commemorating a previous assignment as the first female member of the ATF’s Special Response Team (SRT). The ring will be presented to Bishop during a meeting with ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo.

About that Nazi Tattoo . . .

According to court documents, Devlin has worn a Nazi-themed tattoo — showing what’s described as a  “German Eagle SS Lightning Bolt” — since the early 2000s. He says he got it while working undercover to infiltrate an Ohio white-supremacist biker gang called The Order of Blood. That operation led to several arrests.

Though his bosses have said they were “appalled,” Devlin hasn’t had the tattoo removed. The agency has said it would pay for the procedure.

Devlin’s tattoo, along with a series of emails sent from his ATF account mocking black people and then-President Barack Obama, were at the heart of Bishop’s lawsuit. Devlin was Bishop’s supervisor in Seattle from 2009 to 2011 and she alleges he has continued to disparage her work since.

As it turns out, Devlin’s not happy either.

After the agency learned that Devlin still had the tattoo and had sent the emails, the ATF withdrew his pending promotion to the agency’s Internal Affairs division. As a result, Devlin has claimed in a letter to ATF that he is being discriminated against “based upon my race” because he expressed his opinion about Bishop’s qualifications.

Your tax dollars at work. Or not.


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  1. ya never know when a naz-i tat will come in handy again. Aging biker population needs aging agents to infiltrate.

    • I know you’re probably being tongue in cheek but that’s the first thing I thought of. ATF does a LOT of undercover work with outlaw biker gangs.

        • That’s probably the KKK. But there are some biker groups- especially those with ‘shorter’ paths to full patch- where you can’t throw a rock without hitting a fed.

        • This was the case with the FBI and the communist party for many years. For over a decade the majority of the leadership of the American Communist Party consisted of FBI agents and paid informants. But the red scare paranoia continued.

        • “But the red scare paranoia continued.”

          Yeah I guess we’re unjustified in worrying about the economic and social communist bullshit coming from nearly ever Dem candidate and the Dem congress, and the gun grabbing and emptying the prisons coming from all Dem controlled cities and states.

  2. WTF, BATFE???

    It is interesting that Devlin didn’t have the tat removed.

    While it appears that there were other issues, I can’t imagine leaving a symbol representing tenets with which I disagreed on my body. Just sayin’.

    • I would say he doesn’t necessarily disagree with the philosophies of white supremacy espoused by the Nazi party:

      “along with a series of emails sent from his ATF account mocking black people and then-President Barack Obama”

      • Yes, because anybody mocking o’bongo’bongo must be racis. Here’s an idea… if your only defense is that your opponents are racist, you have no defense.

      • Miner, I like how in all your posts you go on and on about how he dissed obama, and that makes him a Nazi. You seemingly don’t give a shit about the actual lighting bolts tattoo, you know the actual Nazi symbol, like that has zero bearing on his Nazi credentials. But oh wait hold the presses, he bashed Obama!? Well fuck he’s certainly a Nazi then! I bet you couldn’t even tell me who the real Nazis were.

        • “in all your posts you go on and on about how he dissed obama”

          You are wrong in your statement, I have never gone on and on about how he dissed Obama.

          All I did was quote the actual text of the article regarding the subject of the emails, in which Obama was mentioned.

          The fact is, apparently Devlin in his emails went on and on about Obama, and you’re reacting to Devon’s email content.

          Triggered much?

      • Anybody remember the “Good Old Boys Roundup”, organized out of the Oklahoma City BATF offices and run by a serving BATF agent?

        Anybody remember the “n***er hunting licenses” and the “n***er check point” at the Roundup?

        Anybody remember the BATF agents who got pulled off of the ’90s Black church burning investigation because they attended the Roundup?

        Scratch a BATF[E] agent, find a Klansman.

        • Yep, law-enforcement has always been full of racist officers, just ask Tamir rice or Philandro Castile.

          No, I’m not especially upset about the content of the emails attacking Obama, it’s more about the use of a taxpayer funded federal law enforcement email account to promote his prejudice agenda.

          Would you be OK with a gay ATF agent using his official email account to send out group emails promoting the queer lifestyle?

          How about an Islamic ATF agent using his official law-enforcement email account to promote Mohammed as the one true prophet of God?

          Or an atheist ATF agent using his official email account, sending group emails pointing out the hypocrisy of organized religion?

          What I really find interesting in this situation is that Devlin has no sense of the irony of an Irishman expressing his racist views.
          Just a few short years ago, the Irish were the brunt of all the jokes, no Irish need apply.
          Thousands of Irish workers, fleeing the potato famine, were worked to their death building railroads across the USA. Buried in mass, unmarked graves, because decent folks didn’t want their Catholic sacrilege in the Baptist cemetery.

          It’s kinda like the Israelis, just as soon as you get the Nazis foot off your neck, it’s time to become the conqueror and steal somebody else’s land and put your foot on their neck.
          And you know, those Irish are just a bunch of drunks anyway, and like the name says they’re always pissed off.

          • Ah, your anti-Semitism is laid out for every one to see. You certainly have more in common with the Nazi’s than the BATFE agent.
            Oh, your little screeds are so funny to read as you prove yourself to be the very thing you pretend to be against..

        • Where do you get the diet anti-Semitic?

          I am opposed to the oppression of my fellow human beings, by anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity or nationality.

          Hitler was wrong to kill the Jews and take their property, and Israel is wrong to kill the Palestinians and take their property. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin or their nose or their hair, and all to do with their actions.

        • Where do you get the diet anti-Semitic?

          I am opposed to the oppression of my fellow human beings, by anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity or nationality.

          Hitler was wrong to kill the Jews and take their property, and Israel is wrong to kill the Palestinians and take their property. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin or their nose or their hair, and all to do with their actions.

          In 1918, it was Turkish land.

          When was it ever Palestinian land?

      • Stupid linkage. I’m a Jew I mock nazis, Obama Muslims blacks whites any one who is a jackass or evil.

    • I would say that after their involvement in Waco, Ruby ridge etc. that they all should have these tats.

    • There’s not nearly enough details here to know where the truth lies and it all falls down to hearsay. I hate to say that, but people are so easily triggered these days.

      The ATF says it’ll remove the tat now but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised they never ponied up money before now to do anything about it. Nevertheless, I don’t know how he could stand to keep that on his arm any longer than was necessary for the sting. Pay for it out of pocket and hound your employer for however long you need to cause that’s absurd you’d allow that to stay on your arm for nearly two decades. I mean c’mon…

      As for disparaging comments about our previous Commander-in-Chief… well, you’ll find plenty of people willing to criticize him, and it’s got jack to do with his race.

      • I wonder if the ‘woman’ involved has ever said s as nothing about ‘crackers’ or anything disparaging against the current President. If so, they should withdrawal her payout and her ring.

        • If the woman involved used her official federal law-enforcement email account to promote her racist views in group emails, then yes, I agree she should be disciplined.

          But at this point, there is no evidence to support that assertion so it’s just hypothetical BS.

          If you actually read the documents, you’ll see Devlin, as her supervisor, denied her the use of body armor on several high-risk operations, endangering her life and those of her fellow agents.

          This isn’t about somebody posting some nasty comment on their Facebook page, this is about official misconduct by a supervising agent while on duty, and misuse of taxpayer funded federal email accounts.

          Really, don’t you think Devlin should’ve used his official federal law-enforcement email account strictly for business related to the performance of his duties? Or are you OK with him fucking off and sending dirty jokes out on company time using an email account funded by you and me? It sounds like Devlin is just another slacker wanting free stuff from the government, wanting you and me to pay for his email account so he can indulge himself in his racist rants.

          • You poor thing..
            you only believe what you are told to.
            You really think the article has all the info? Lol!!
            Sorry, but you are a fool, and just happily regurgitate the crap that the media spoon feeds you.
            I’m less worried about non-PC jokes being sent through government e-mail than I am about things like the attempted coup that is currently underway, the abuse of FISA, the use of an Unauthorized and unsecured server by an former acting SecState that contained classified materials that was hacked, and nothing done by the Feds.
            This ‘woman’ sounds like a non-hacker and is getting paid off for being a whiny bitch.
            Being offended isn’t something you should get a 6 figure pay out for.
            And yes, Obozo was a sack of shit. Oh dear, does that make we wacist?

        • “You really think the article has all the info? Lol!!
          Sorry, but you are a fool, “

          So you have information it is counter to the published media reports? Are you willing to share this information, or is it secret?

          If you don’t have a source or citation to back up your counter narrative claim, then you’re just full of shit spouting empty speech in an attempt to justify your flawed internal narrative of white supremacy.

          OK, boomer…

          • Awe, poor lil’ Miner the commie thinks I’m a ‘boomer’!! Typical ignorance from a leftist.
            Are you really as stupid as you make yourself appear online?
            I’m betting you are.

        • Oh, nothing but personal insults? What a brilliant technique to prove your point!

          Again, what evidence, source or citation do you have to support your assertion that there is a counter narrative to the situation in this article? Do you think the information presented in the federal suit by agent Bishop was incorrect or inaccurate? Or do you believe the federal court judge was somehow part of a fraud?

          The leadership of the ATF made the decision to settle the case, does that mean they are part of the conspiracy in your counter narrative?

          Come on man, how about a little more actual substance to your comments and a little less childish insults.

        • Typical liberal, Miner. Throw an insult, and when you get one back, you claim victimhood.
          Boo hoo, poor Miner…

          All I see from you is endless cheerleading for far leftist politicians and their ideals. So any replies of substance would be utterly wasted on you, as the ideas and thoughts would counter everything the left has told you to feel.
          So it’s really not worth the effort.

    • I dont know if they changed the way they do it but tattoo removal is immensely painful. Much more so than actually getting it.

      • Would it be easier and less painful to alter or tat over it? Other than a couple of scars I’ve never altered my body so I have no real insight.

    • Nope, Tax Stamps go to the federal governmentsgeneral fund and no way directly fund the ATF or the NFA branch within the ATF. So pretty much the money comes either DOL or OPM.

  3. Years ago(like 1978)a co-worker had Nazi tattoos and hated Jooz. Funny but we got high at his trailer after work and often had a large black dude accompany us. Years later I met him again at the Kankakee,ILL Gunshow and sold him a very old Saturday night special(he ran the show for years). And he had renounced the nazi bs. $450000 is silly…

  4. I would like to hear the details of this story. There is not enough substance to this article to tell who is right or wrong, and in a civil trial, the burden of proof can be extremely low.

    • All the news what’s fit to print. The ATF is what’s wrong, disband it, repeal NFA 1934 and call it a day. The rest is eyewash.

    • He should face disciplinary action for using his official, taxpayer funded ATF email account to communicate his white supremacist views.

      He has the right of free speech, when he is using his own account to post his prejudices. What is not OK is to use an official ATF account to spread his hate.

      “along with a series of emails sent from his ATF account mocking black people and then-President Barack Obama”

      Would it be OK for a federal agent to use his official email account to spread the Muslim faith?

      • Just after all the insurgents involved in the Comey Coup and Russia Hoax 2: Ukrainian Boogaloo are stood up against a wall and shot. I am far less concerned about a man rightfully criticizing a man who only got into the White House by playing the race card than I am about unelected deskwarmers trying to overthrow a lawfully elected president.

        • Sergei, we understand that lining people up against the wall and shooting them is how you do it in Russia, but here in the United States we have the rule of law as defined by the constitution.

          I’m sure you yearn for the good all days of the Warsaw Pact and the NKVD, later the KGB but those days of Russian glory are pretty much over.

          You claim to be an immigrant from the Ukraine, so I am especially pleased to see a fine Ukrainian immigrant like Lieutenant Colonel Vindman testifying under oath about Donald Trump’s abuse of power, in a process defined by the constitution and the rules of the house of representatives.

        • You mean the guy who had no personal knowledge of said “abuse”? The very “abuse” denied by every person in power in Ukraine?

          The only thing that clown could testify about is his opinion and complete lack of personal knowledge of any wrongdoing.

        • FYI – Lt Col don’t make policy for the Fed govt’. In DC no one gives a damn what Lt Col think. In DC senior majors run to get coffee and open doors. Lt Col make the coffee under the supervision of Full Birds.

          Lt Col Vindman was/is a NO BODY IN DOD OR THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.

        • Sergei, LTC Vindman has served America, earning a Purple Heart in an IED attack in Afghanistan.

          Have you served? Have you been in combat, been in harms way to protect America’s interests, bleeding for this country?

          LTC Vindman is a patriot, who is speaking truth to power. It’s true that cadet bone spurs doesn’t think much of LTC Vindman, clearly Trump is the better man with five rich-kid draft deferments.

          So please, share with the group what service you have performed for America that gives you the right to question LTC Vindman’s loyalty and patriotism.

          • The LtCol is a sack of crap. You only call him a ‘patriot’ because he is anti-Trump. You love your fellow leftists.
            Yea, I served. So apparently that makes my opinion more valid.
            What have you done?

          • “LTC Vindman is a patriot, who is speaking truth to power.”

            If I had gone completely off the reservation, contacted my congressman and volunteered to testify in a manner designed to harm a Congressman, Senator, or President, I would have been placed under immediate military arrest, pending court martial. And all for the purpose of telling “power” that I had policy differences with the Commander-In-Chief. Your “patriot” had nothing first-hand to offer but hurt feelings.

            Your “patriot” was miffed that Trump did not acknowledge that the “patriot” was THE highest authority on Ukraine, that the “patriot” dictated not only policy, but what was said about policy (Vindmin’s talking-point presentation prepared for the phone call). Which, IIRC, was the same position Ollie North presumed he occupied.

            The only way I could have acted as Vindmin did would be if I had orders from my superiors (and I would need iron-clad trust they would not abandon me in the aftermath – a fool’s bet).

        • “ The LtCol is a sack of crap.“

          Would you please cite your source to justify your claim about LTC Vindman?

          Is there some basis for your opinion, or is it just empty speech?

          I look forward in breathless anticipation of your insightful and on point resource that justifies your assertion, thank you!

      • When will we punish hillary for putting classified .gov docs on her PC? Using an official account for personal e mails kinda pales in comparison.

        • You are miss characterizing what happened with the emails in question, many of them were classified after the fact and many of them were sent to Hillary‘s email by mistake by under links.

          When will President Trump and ambassador Sondland be punished for using unsecured cell phones to conduct sensitive foreign policy discussions in Kiev, Ukraine? When will the administration be punished for providing crucial foreign policy and national security information to Rudy Giuliani, a private citizen with no security clearance, all in violation of state department and intelligence agency rules? The same rules you accuse Hillary Clinton of breaking, don’t they apply to the current administration as well? Where is your outrage over the current events?

        • No excuses, just wondering when you’ll apply the same standards to Republicans that you do Democrats.

          Secretary of State: Paul used a private email server, where is your out rage? I’m listening now to hear you chant, “lock him up!“

          Oh, but that’s different, right? And Condie rice, as Republican secretary the state used a private email server, did you advocate for her imprisonment?

          • Mindless49, SecState Rice used an AUTHORIZED server, and followed all applicable security protocols and record keeping laws.
            Keep making excuses for your ideological brethren.,

      • Actually, political speech is permitted on government platforms. If he was spreading a religious dogma or trying to make money, then yes he’s in violation. But political opinion is not a crime on a government platform.

        • I would disagree, it’s always been my understanding that political speech on government platforms is prohibited under federal law. I would be interested in you providing a citation that authorizes political speech on government platforms.

          My research indicates that the courts have ruled otherwise:

          “In United Public Workers v. Mitchell,773 the Court answered in the affirmative. While the Court refused to consider the claims of persons who had not yet engaged in forbidden political activities, it ruled against a mechanical employee of the Mint who had done so. The Court’s opinion, by Justice Reed, recognized that the restrictions of political activities imposed by the Act did in some measure impair First Amendment and other constitutional rights,774 but it based its decision upon the established principle that no right is absolute. The standard by which the Court judged the validity of the permissible impairment of First Amendment rights was a due process standard of reasonableness.775 Thus, changes in the standards of judging incidental restrictions on expression suggested the possibility of a reconsideration of Mitchell.776 In Civil Service Commission v. National Association of Letter Carriers, however, a divided Court, reaffirming Mitchell, sustained the Act’s limitations upon political activity against a range of First Amendment challenges.777 The Court emphasized that the interest of the government in forbidding partisan political activities by its employees was so substantial that it overrode the rights of those employees to engage in political activities and association;778 therefore, a statute that barred in plain language a long list of activities would clearly be valid.”

          And you might note, the court recognized a long-standing doctrine that “no right is absolute”, very interesting when applied to the 2A, eh?

    • My thoughts exactly!

      For everyone’s information the photo links to the Seattle Times article with some additional details.

  5. Litteral Jack booted thug?

    Seriously though, the origins of this tatt should be well documented. I would think it would hurt like a bitch to get it removed though maybe I’m wrong. I certainly wouldn’t want to wear it for the rest of my days and be buried with it.

    • From what I understand tat removal is much more painful (and difficult). I still don’t think I’d be wearing it around unless I expected to go back undercover, though…

  6. The location of that tattoo brings into question how anyone outside his immediate supervisors (I assume he told them of it to get it paid for as part of his work) knows that he has it.

    • From the article:
      ‘Bishop says that she saw Devlin show off the tattoo in public, including at a retirement party for an agent in 2011, where she says he rolled up his sleeve and showed other colleagues “while eyeing (Bishop) with a grin.” He has said he views the tattoo as a “war trophy” from his undercover work.’

      • Thanks. I didn’t have time to click through each link earlier.

        I guess that makes sense. Being proud of war scars/viewing them as a sort of badge of honor is nothing new.

        • So what excuse does he have for using his taxpayer-funded ATF official email account to spread Nazi propaganda?

          “along with a series of emails sent from his ATF account mocking black people and then-President Barack Obama”

        • It’s certainly is a more reasonable explanation that the ATF guy who risked his life to infiltrate a “Nazi” gang and put many of them into jail is the REAL “Nazi.” Clownworld diversity grievance thinking 🤡

      • Biker gangs a apparent political philosophies are nothing but window dressing.

        They identify with the death and destruction that the Nazis represent,, it’s just a interesting form of Stockholm syndrome.

        Our law-enforcement efforts against the biker gangs are much more about their drug dealing, racketeering and protection racket, and have a little to do with their political ideology.

        But I understand that shallow minds have difficulty seeing past the external trappings of any particular group, just look at the working people’s support for the billionaire Republicans.

  7. His body his choice. I can understand not wanting to get rid of a tattoo that reminds you of a time you risked your life to take down some dangerous folks. An eagle and a couple of sig runes is obscure enough that it doesn’t scream Nazi to average joe anyway.
    “Devlin’s tattoo, along with a series of emails sent from his ATF account mocking black people and then-President Barack Obama, were at the heart of Bishop’s lawsuit.” None of that seems directed at Bishop herself. It clear they didn’t like each other but not seeing why Bishop should get a payout, where is the damage to her? Bishop seems to have been able to do whatever she wanted to in the ATF including leaving to be Jeff Bezos bodyguard and being allowed to return and pick up right where she left off. She got promoted out of K-9 handling but wanted to keep her service animal. 🙄 It’s not a pet, lady. It doesn’t sound there was any direct evidence of targeted harassment, just assertions with no proof.

    • That was my thought too. If he actually infiltrated a gang and got arrests it might be the highlight of his career. I might keep something like that to show off. It doesn’t in any way prove him to be a nazi

      • You are correct, the tattoo is not proof he is a Nazi.

        The proof is on his taxpayer-funded official ATF email account:

        “along with a series of emails sent from his ATF account mocking black people and then-President Barack Obama”

        • You do realize that mocking black people and o’bongo’bongo doesn’t actually make you a Nazi? Right commie vermin?

        • So our resident agent provocateur believes that using an official federal email account to post racist attacks on black people is not spreading Nazi propaganda?

          Do you really believe that the Nazis were ambivalent about black people and that racial discrimination against black people is not part of the Nazi philosophy?

          “The Nazis, at the time a small political movement, viewed the “Rhineland Bastards” as a threat to the purity of the Germanic race. In his autobiography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Hitler charged that “the Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily-resulting bastardization.”

          African German mulatto (a person of mixed white and black ancestry) children were marginalized in German society, isolated socially and economically, and not allowed to attend university. Racial discrimination prohibited them from seeking most jobs, including service in the military. With the Nazi rise to power they became a target of racial and population policy. By 1937, the Gestapo had secretly rounded up and forcibly sterilized many of them. Some were subjected to medical experiments; others mysteriously “disappeared.”

        • Assumes facts not in evidence. Claiming something is Nazi propaganda does not make it such. Unless you have personal knowledge of said communications that hasn’t been published, you’re pulling an assumption out of your ass. The fact that the agent in question still has a job proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the “mockery” was not as you describe it.

        • The emails were sent out wide, not specifically to her. She is claiming they were racist. Are the emails actually racist though? It doesn’t take a black person to spot a racist email. How come other people who received the emails didn’t complain about them? Shouldn’t the other people get part of the 450k if they were so horribly victimized?
          Also did he send any emails about other groups of people and perhaps Bishop cherry picking the ones with black people in them? If I send a bunch of “Florida Man” emails and 80% of the dudes happen to be white and then send a disparaging email about Trump’s character/politics that does not automatically mean I hate white people.
          This just doesn’t pass the smell test. It is more likely Bishop saw the opportunity to get a payday by leveraging a colleague she didn’t like who happened to have an “evil” tattoo. In the current ginned up moral panic about “Nazis” she saw her chance and took it.

        • If you actually read the facts in this case and did a little research, your comments wouldn’t sound so ignorant.

          Among other specific offenses, supervisor agent Devlin withheld body armor from Bishop during high risk warrant services. There were other specific offenses against agent Bishop committed by Devlin, taking 10 minutes and using Google to research this case will yield a wealth of information.

          Tell me, do you believe that the court had less or more evidence than what you had when you made your assertion?

        • From the article: ‘In another instance, after Devlin yelled at her about the use of her agency vehicle, Bishop says “she found a banana placed on the hood of her car in her new parking spot next to Devlin’s spot — a racist symbol of viewing Black people as monkeys,” the lawsuit alleges.’
          So yes, she alleges a lot of goofy things in her lawsuit. Most informed people know that a plaintiff’s lawsuit is just one side of the story.
          We will never hear the ATF and Devlin’s side because Bishop took the hush money instead of taking her slamdunk 🙄 case to court. She can’t be too worried about an “evil Nazi” still working at the ATF because Devlin is still there and will face no discipline. Sorry but this was about leveraging sensational “Nazi” news stories to extort the ATF for a payday.

  8. how in the world could an author have possibly left out ruby ridge and waco from a list of the atfs controversies
    it would be tantamount to listing the cias controversies and not mentioning mkultra
    or the fbis controversies on not mentioning cointelpro

    • I would be interested in hearing what evidence you can cite that supports your claim that agent Bishop is garbage? Or is that just a personal opinion?

  9. Sounds to me like a gold-digging opportunist got her panties in a bunch because she couldn’t get along with her co-worker and then saw a way to get a huge payout over nothing.
    I absolute hate these kinds of bottom feeders.

  10. So much b.s over a tattoo and an honest opinion of how he felt on her job and bam 450k ..

    Who gives a shit over a tattoo… its not illegal to be white or pro white , and just becuase shes black gets a massive hand out.

    To much ps liberal garbage and so many brainwashed minds.

    For once i support the atf.

    • Two of my squad mates in the grunts had “nazi” stuff, one a tattoo, the other a brand, we had plenty of Africans, Vietnamese, Thais, Mexicans, ain’t nothing ever stirred over a damn tat.

    • So do you believe it would be OK for an ATF agent to use his official federal email account to mock white Christians?

      • Depends on the content, was it poking fun at a colossal screw up? Crude memes? Because I laugh at everyone, what the hell country do we live in if we can’t crack some crude jokes or memes?

        • So you are in favor of posting crude jokes mocking people for their ethnicity on a taxpayer funded official federal email account?

          And you don’t believe crude jokes at the expense of your fellow employees, spread on group emails on a taxpayer funded official federal law enforcement email account should be prohibited?


        • Miner, I’m retired from the infantry and if you are butthurt over someone sending crude jokes, wow, you would go into full meltdown if you knew what grunts say and do outside of the public eye.

          There was no one, nothing, no group of people, place, things, race, country, etc, off limits to us.

        • Again, the problem is not the crude jokes, the problem is the use of an official federal law-enforcement email account for personal enjoyment or gratification.

          Yes, I too have spent time in service to my country and you were right, groups of young men can say some terrible things about their fellow humans. As they get older and more mature they’ll figure out that they’re full of shit.

          But as a taxpayer, I don’t want someone using the government facilities that I am paying for in order to propagate their crude jokes and bullshit racist rants. If the agent had been a employee in a private company, using the companies email to do this he would’ve been fired.

        • @Miner
          “Yes, I too have spent time in service to my country…”
          Which country are you talking about?

  11. Looks to me like the ATF paid $450,000 — and a ring — just to get everyone to STFU.

    I couldn’t get to the original Times article because I’m not going to disable my ad blocker. But from what I’m reading above, it doesn’t sound to me like Bishop was the target of any of the shit coming from Devlin. Which is not to say that Devlin was not ragging on black people in his e-mails– it’s just that he wasn’t ragging on Bishop. So, why should Bishop get the big payday — and a ring — instead of every black employee at the ATF getting a cut of the action — and a ring?

    Obviously, I have not seen the emails. But, if I write out that Barack Obama is the dumbest, most corrupt and inept motherfucker to ever sit in the White House — does that make me a racist? Does that make me a Nazi? No, it doesn’t. I’m ragging on a black man, but I am not ragging on blacks. The liberal mind fails to make the distinction.

    • I attempted to post the story with full attribution, but it was deleted.

      I’ve no idea about the woman in question but the guy with that NAZI tattoo is solidly in the wrong. An American who could go around bragging on his NAZI tats is a shithead at the very least.

      • Yeah.. because context totally doesn’t matter. Bragging about how you busted a bunch of Nazis by infiltrating them and then showing off the tat you used to do it is not the same thing as goose-stepping down the strasse.

        • Jesus dude, sometimes you sound like a damned narrative spouting liberal.

          What you do is you get the symbol of demonic-scale evil laser’ed off your arm, at taxpayer expense, and brag your ass off about the scar. That’s normal, decent behavior any American should be able to grasp.

          Not one wounded in the line of duty cop or veteran I have ever known walks around bragging about how he got the bayonet sticking out of his guts fighting for his country, still there many years later. He gets the bayonet removed, the injury attended to, best as can be done, goes on to live with the scars. Maybe show off those scars if he’s a mind too.

        • Hiter is evil, Hitler is evil! We never hear one blip about the genocide perpetrated by Great Briton across India, Not one word about the red famine that killed millions in Russia, or the murderous conditions of Russian POW camps. No no no, its all about Hitler being evil! Hitler is evil personified not because of how many he killed but who he dared to attack.

          Tbh, I may get a nazi tattoo just to trigger people and be edgey.

        • I should also add that one of my M8s had the tattoo because of family and cultural heritage, not because he was a neo-nazi.

        • Arc the British were never as evil as the Nazis were. Not by a long shot. Stalinist Russia? Yeah you have a point. But the Empire didn’t industrialize genocide. It was the epitome of imperialism, sure. But I personally don’t see imperialism, particularly British Imperialism, as such the big bad thing modern leftist history sees it as. The British civilized and stabilized multiple volatile and barbaric regions of the globe, and if it hadn’t have been for Germany greatly weakening the Empire it wouldn’t have collapsed so quickly. The latter half of the 20th century with a strong Britain to help America counter communism and jihadism would’ve been a huge help to the world.

        • What a fascinating exchange on this inter-web tonight!

          Working late, thought I’d check TTAG, imagine my surprise to see controversy.

          It’s not really about who perpetrated genocide on who, your people killed my people, my people killed your people, we need to quit looking in the rearview mirror and drive the car.

          We should recognize past injustices and do what we can to mitigate their impact, not forgetting but forgiving. No justice, no peace.

          But I’m more concerned with peoples attitudes and behaviors, there are far too many extremist stepping forward, be at neo-Nazis or white Supremus or so-called antifa. It’s all just undisciplined bad behavior, being infected by a negative ideology.

          Yes, we all agree Hitler gets the prize, he did industrialize genocide with Germanic efficiency.
          That’s why today’s neo-Nazis alliance with American white supremacists is so troubling, they make no bones about their goals or methods.

          Yes many countries, including the United States in the Philippines and Britain pretty much all over the world, did indeed slaughter tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of native populations, but with one big difference from the Nazis.

          Only the Nazis had an official policy of mass extermination, they had no intent to pacify, educate, uplift or bring peace to the populations of the lands they conquered.

          Nope, it was straight to the ovens for millions, all official policy, all forms to be completed in triplicate.

          Even the Romans allowed much freedom in the countries they conquered, when Rome conquered a country they made all the inhabitants citizens of Rome.

          America certainly hasn’t been the most ethical actor on the world stage, what with overthrowing Iran’s democratic government in the 50s and financing Michelin rubber and Royal Dutch Shell’s continued rape of Southeast Asia, but America has at least tried to up-lift the conquered peoples that it has governed.

          • “Yes, we all agree Hitler gets the prize, he did industrialize genocide with Germanic efficiency.”

            The only reason we “believe” that is because the US Army captured so much archive text and video. Notice how little we popularly know about Stalin. His was the more efficient and voracious killing machine, we just don’t have the documents and movies to put on TV.

            For instance….we do have knowledge that Stalin almost lost to Germany because he eliminated almost the entire officer corps of the military; fear of a rebellion. However, we do not have video. In the culture of today, if it ain’t on video it didn’t happen. We can run video of the Nazis, over and over. The video we have from Russia is mostly propaganda, and very little of that.

        • No doubt Stalin was a monster, and killed millions. But I think the vast majority were killed through corrupt government and inept management of their resources, many just starved.

          The same is true in China, gross mismanagement of the limited resources coupled with the large population meant those who didn’t meet the favor of the government we’re likely to starve and millions did.

          And we don’t have any video of Hitler or Stalin, video wasn’t invented yet, it was all on film.

          • “And we don’t have any video of Hitler or Stalin, video.

            Video/film. Distinction without a useful difference. Point is, Stalin gets a pass because we can’t access the records. In the end, both helped raise the death count under socialism to amazing levels.

        • I’m not sure why you think that Stalin has it been recognized as a major villain and mass killer of the 20th century, the history books are full of his crimes.

          And Hitler was no more a socialist then Stalin was a communist, both were authoritarian dictator’s who used whatever label they thought would work best to control their populations and gain power. The fact is, the wealthy industrialists prospered under Hitler, a prosperity that has continue to this day. Right here in West Virginia we have Bayer Agri- science, using poison gas technology learned in World War II to produce pesticides. Their profitability has been maintained for 100 years, regardless of their crimes against humanity.

  12. So is this why NFA approvals take 12 months to come back, ATF agents are too bus litigating dumb emails?

    Me, I’d fire them both and move on. They both sound like asshats to me.

    Meantime, will one of you asshats get on with approving tax stamps, please?

  13. How exactly does an SS tattoo trigger a black chick? The Nazis didn’t do diddle squat to American Negros (or in sub-saharan Africa). Whining bitch.

    • Do you really believe that the Nazis were ambivalent about black people and that racial discrimination against black people is not part of the Nazi philosophy?

      “The Nazis, at the time a small political movement, viewed the “Rhineland Bastards” as a threat to the purity of the Germanic race. In his autobiography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Hitler charged that “the Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily-resulting bastardization.”

      African German mulatto (a person of mixed white and black ancestry) children were marginalized in German society, isolated socially and economically, and not allowed to attend university. Racial discrimination prohibited them from seeking most jobs, including service in the military. With the Nazi rise to power they became a target of racial and population policy. By 1937, the Gestapo had secretly rounded up and forcibly sterilized many of them. Some were subjected to medical experiments; others mysteriously “disappeared.”

      • The germans copied the margeret sanger playbook for genocide. The same playbook planned parenthood uses. Which has decreased the black population in America. The only racial group that has declined in numbers here.

        And you support that playbook. Kind of puts you and the naziefied atf agent on the same side.

  14. Call me racist. I see a cool ass eagle with an assault lighting bolt shield against humans. Thunderbird rocks

  15. It seems a bit odd that if not having the tattoo removed, he would at least have it modified to cover up the lightning bolts. He’d be able to pass it off simply as a Germanic eagle type thing. Of course he has opted not to do any of that. One wonders if perhaps his Kamerads down at the beer hall have suggested he keep it as is. ATF, ATF, UBER ALLES!

  16. A middle age black woman working at the ATF. Yea, Right, she was offended all the way to the bank. What really happened was that she knew she wasn’t going anywhere in her career, probably because of incompetence or laziness and she pulled the race card. It’s really that simple, when these type of people decide they don’t want to work anymore. I have seen this scenario numerous times, nothing special here. Let this be a lesson for HR, be very careful when hiring women or minorities, Prove me wrong.

  17. Funny how given their documented history of White supremacist activity, the SPLC doesn’t list the BATF[E] as a “hate group”…


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