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“Therefore, any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by Federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.” – The ATF’s Regina Milledge-Brown in Arkansas Medical Marijuana Users Federally Barred From Purchasing, Owning Guns [via]

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      • Has NOTHING to do with “hatred of evil weed”; it’s a COMMON SENSE law; they should also be automatically prohibited from driving or operating any device that poses threats to others’ safety, etc! Use of an HALLUCINOGEN is a choice, which MUST have consequences attached! Since people refuse to police themselves, laws must do so!

        • You have no clue what you’re talking about. The real danger in driving stoned is the irresistible lure of distracting thoughts. Your mind is going full speed, generating thoughts in a lot of different directions, and if you follow any of them, you’ll lose track of your driving. The only antidote to that tendency is experience. You eventually learn to stare through the thicket of distractions to keep your eyes on the road.

        • Sandy wears shiny things EVERY Friday. I luv her girlfriend. She wears shiny things EVERY day! I really grok her!

    • I’d like to know if “Marijuana” includes non-psychoactive cannibis oil. The law was passed out of concern for the psychoactive effects and non-psychoactive uses should not be included.

      Based on my personal experience in the 60’s, Marijuana users should get bullets that move really slowly and get distracted by food.

      • “Based on my personal experience in the 60’s, Marijuana users should get bullets that move really slowly and get distracted by food.”
        What, David Lee, are you talking about? I was with you constantly in the 60’s, and you never smok What? potato chips, sure! Barbeque Ripples, COOOOL! Where was I? Oh yeah, we all pigged out on White Castle sliders and grape RC soda po YOU GOT DARK CHOCOLATE! Man, I love dark chocolate! But I digress. I need coffee. Lots of coffee! I can’t keep my ey

        Saturday!? Quit farting with me. I just laid on the floor a few minutes ag

  1. I’ll be interested to see what the ATF does in a few weeks when marijuana gets moved from a Tier I to a Tier II controlled substance (some medical benefits) as the FDA just approved the first medical marijuana drug.

    Probably continue saying the exact same thing even if someone has a prescription for what is now federally allowable by law (as a prescription for that specific extract).

    Because Sessions.

    • Because potheads are unstable irresponsible idiots and societal misfits. You didn’t figure that out by the time you were 21?

      And don’t give me the nonsense about medical use. It’s unproven BS they is the best illustration of the truth of progs shoving the camel’s head under the tent flap. Potheads would have NOTHING without rationalization of their stupidity.

        • I personally know a gentelman that used it to cure his prostate cancer and then he shared it with a friend that shrank a tumor away with it. Ive seen it work so say what you will. I think you need to really do more research and step away from the govt foolaid.

        • “I personally know a gentelman[sic] that used it to cure his prostate cancer and then he shared it with a friend that shrank a tumor away with it.”
          What you probably meant to say is that you know a gentleman who use MJ along with other treatments, and his cancer is in remission.
          I say that because I can find no literature that suggests what you said.
          MJ has not shown the kind of results you describe except in anecdotal stories.

        • I enjoy how people who, in some areas, understand that the government is full of failure, incompetence, and uses laws to control people based on bad information, fear, uncertainty, and doubt while doing no actual research and just reiterating the same tired old lies.

          But in other areas, they’re right on board with the government’s incompetence, tired old lies, lack of research, fear, uncertainty, and doubt, down to defending tired old lies, wive’s tales, and clearly zero personal experience.

          Depending on your side of the aisle, those topics are either “weed and guns, respectively”, or “guns and weed, respectively.”

          Meanwhile us libertarians are getting bitched at by both sides because we’re all like “do what you want as long as you don’t hurt people or take their stuff.” Jerks, amirite?

      • The computer programmers and engineers that make the computers that you use to write idiotic post consume copious amounts of marijuana. (source Pot is like alcohol in that people from all different walks of life use it. Only difference is that pot is way less damaging to your body (Ever hear of someone ODing from pot?)

        So since we now know that alcohol is more dangerous than pot, I guess people that consume alcohol should also be barred from firearm ownership, since it is a more dangerous mind altering drug.

        While we are at it, why not just ban everyone on any drug from firearm ownership? On depression medication, no more guns. On anxiety medication, no more guns. Etc, etc.

        • Hey I am a computer programmer and I don’t use pot. What are you trying to get the ATF to take my guns?

        • I learned years ago that marijuana is a hallucinogen. Of course, that was while I attended a government sponsored law enforcement academy, so it may have been indoctrination. So, what makes alcohol more dangerous? Is that because there are more total deaths from alcohol from DUI accidents? It may be a true fact, but that doesn’t make a hallucinogen less dangerous. Many more people abuse alcohol than smoke marijuana, which is why more people die from alcohol related incidents. That is true because alcohol is easier to get than marijuana. As marijuana becomes easier to get, I assure you that marijuana related deaths will surpass alcohol.

        • Dammit Adam, don’t give them any more crazy ideas to enact. What were you thinking?

        • Bob:

          Pot is indeed a mild hallucinogen but the real question is why are hallucinogens dangerous? What LE doesn’t bother telling you is that nearly every culture has used hallucinogens at some point for religious or medical purposes. From the gasses at Delphi to Coptic Christians consuming mushrooms to South Americans using DMT. Heck, LSD and MDMA were both in gov’t approved medical testing right up until the DEA (or its precursor) arbitrarily decided that they shouldn’t be legal any more and wrote a letter to that effect.

          Further, as hallucinogens go pot is one of the weakest ones known. It doesn’t make people actually hallucinate. It doesn’t predispose people to violence, doesn’t screw with emotions or motor coordination, isnt physically addictive, does not fuck up your liver, doesn’t contain a zillion unknown chemicals (like whiskey of all types, no one really knows what’s in brown liquors). Pot doesn’t cause blackouts either. The list goes on.

          It also, in terms of CBD rather than THC, has medical benefits as the FDA has now confirmed.

          If you want unbiased information on drugs and a decent compilation of the research on them to date I recommend The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs.

          Having used both (and quit both) I can tell you from personal experience that pot is way less dangerous and less problematic. It just doesn’t have a group backing it with the power that the liquor lobby has.

        • From what I’ve read, after Colorado legalized pot, the fatal traffic accidents went up 50% for those high on the stuff.

        • Marty:

          Correlation is not causation. We also have, in Colorado, 30,000 people moving here per month and roadways that cannot keep up with such an influx of people.

        • Nope, this report I read specifically detailed fatalities involving weed in the system of the driver. It’s not just the high driver, but also the innocent occupants of the other vehicle.

          I haven’t read a report yet of Washington state since they legalized it, but I have a friend who lives there, and he confirms the same problems.

          I smoked the stuff with friends when I was a teenager. Then we drove to a nearby Jack in the Box. I was so stoned, had it not been for one of the passengers who kept correcting the steering wheel, I would surly have crashed. That was the first and last for me. So please don’t tell me the stuff doesn’t affect one’s ability to drive.

        • Because if we are looking at simple safety and being prone to violence, alcohol is going to make you wildly more likely to commit a crime with a firearm or do something like discharge a firearm.

          Granted, I don’t know too many potheads who own guns (maybe none?) and not a lot of guys who own guns who I know also use in any amount, but my anecdotal experience around people high is that they are universally much more mellow and easy going than they are all the rest of the time. I’ve run in to a couple of people who got paranoid as all hell, but they also likely used something that was laced as near as I can tell.

          Alcohol on the other hand effects everyone very differently and differently from person to person. I know a number of people who are mean nasty drunks and I know several people who have done stupid/dangerous things when drunk in relation to firearms.

          By contrast I’ve know zero who have done something criminal with a firearm when high.

          If what we are attempting to do is keep people safe with guns, than there is no reason we should ban people from owning or possessing firearms if they happen to have a medical prescription for marijuana, or even recreationally use it. At least not if we still allow people to consume alcohol and also own and possess firearms. The driving thing is a whole different story and has zero relation to firearms.

          The other thing to note is the rough 145% increase from 2013 to 2017 in marijuana related traffic fatalities in Colorado, there was also a 17% increase in alcohol related traffic fatalities over the same period of time, making alcohol still about 20% more likely to cause a traffic fatality than marijuana.

          And lastly, for marijuana, it is only that the person involved in the fatal accident tested positive for it. NOT that they tested positive for use recently. That means someone could have used that morning and it is 8hrs later and they are in a completely fine state of mind, motor control and reaction times, but marijuana is still going to be cited in the cause of the accident.

          I am sure it HAS increased traffic fatalities some, but because there is no good way to say it really was involved in a fatality without know for sure when someone used (THC levels in the blood aren’t a good indication of how intoxicated a person is, unlike alcohol), all you can say is the person used sometime between seconds ago up to about a day ago. You can’t say much more definitively than that.

        • As Matt points out you’re still in the realm of correlation because canibinoids pop on a drug screen weeks after the last use. Therefore those reports aren’t really very valid because there is no way to determine if the person was high at the time or got high Tuesday and wrecked on Saturday, long after the pot were off.

          This has been an ongoing issue for how to assign DUI cases in Colorado. Been going on for years.

        • if it is a high CBD variety and low THC then you wont get “high”. also most that use the high CBD varieties dont smoke it but mix a metered dose with food to get the medical benefits. most who smoke it use the high THC varieties so they get the “high”. BTW the high THC varieties are good for relief of serious pain that even morphine has trouble with and while i used to smoke it i dont anymore and have not for a number of years.

      • I think you have the monopoly on stupidity. You’re ranting an opinion based on nothing but pure speculative imagination.

      • I don’t think it is typical, but I knew a straight student in HS that went on to get her PhD in mathematics (at Univ of Mich where I also knew her) never getting less than A and honors in everything and she smoked pot all day. She was as brilliant as she was funny. I also knew a guy that smoked pot when he built aircraft engines. I lived with him (in the shop/hanger) and watched him work for five months and would have no problem betting my life on one of his builds. Pot made him more industrious rather than lazy. I also knew even more people that it made lazy, but I knew of none that it made dangerous.

        • There are currently 5 US citizens who receive medical marijuana from the federal government itself, per the FDAs Investigational New Drug Program, for a range of medical issues such as glaucoma. It is even mailed to them through the US postal service. There have been more than 5 over it’s history that have been receiving this federally recognized medicine since the 70s, despite any DOJ/DEA rhetoric.

          Further, anyone claiming that marihuana is dangerous can go to the CDC, who tracks all known causes of death in the US, and find out that ants kill 8 people a year, while marihuana has 0.

          There is a vast difference between the policy rhetoric since Nixon, and any actual truth.

      • Because anyone on painkillers (opiates) are unstable irresponsible idiots and societal misfits. You didn’t figure that out by the time you were 25.

      • Funny, the years I lived in Marthas Vineyard, the guy I worked for was a self-made millionaire, one ofthe nicest most stable family oriented guys I ever met was a total pothead. I wish I could be as big a loser as he is. You redneck assholes don’t get that pot is WAY less harmful to people than alcohol…but you Foghorn Leghorn bible thumping shitheads just dont get that, do you? NO goverment agency should oversee what people do to their own bodies, period and there should be no penalties for responsible use of anything until it affects ones behavior. For freedom loving educated people you sure like to use ignorant govement non-facts to take away freedoms from people you dont socially agree with…like fuckin NAZIS.

        • “For freedom loving educated people you sure like to use ignorant govement non-facts to take away freedoms from people you dont socially agree with…like fuckin NAZIS.”

          Gee, ‘Ed’.

          That’s not very mellow. Not to mention intolerant. I thought tolerance of others was something important to assholes like you.

          Go burn a big bowl and just chill out, will you?


        • @ Geoff “Mess with the Bull, get the ‘Good and Hard’ Horns” PR  “I thought tolerance of others was something important to assholes like you.

          Go burn a big bowl and just chill out, will you?

          Tolerance for ignorance is not one of my strong points, big boy. If I was to go “burn a big bowl” I’d be following in the footsteps of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin among others you ignorant PIG cocksucker. Some of us WILL resist ANY goverment overreach..not just the 2A over reaches but ALL invasions on FREEDOM…you
          condescending asshole. Thank you, Fuck you, BYE.

      • Personally I think you are 100% the problem marijuana does have medical benefits you’re just too ignorant to see through to that you are stuck in the ideological bullshit that you have been taught

      • “And don’t give me the nonsense about medical use. It’s unproven BS”

        Did you miss the part where the FDA just approved a drug that is derived from Marijuana? :B

        • The FDA approves a lot of very dangerous drugs that kill 10’s of thousands of folks every year. Aside from the leaders of the FBI and DOJ, the FDA is the next most corrupt agency in government.

      • Neiowa
        Marijuana does have medical uses. But I agree with you ALL pot heads are easy distracted from important daily activities in life.

        States that have made marijuana intoxication legal have also passed new gun control laws.
        The pot legalization crowd WAS NEVER A SUPPORTER of the second amendment. In fact they said by making pot legal, there would be no need for guns because the violence associated with pot dealing would go away.

        Black pot dealers will never give up their guns. However white pot dealers will never use a gun. (Smile)

        • BTW, for those who smoke dope. This is the cleaned up version
          Afro man, “Because I got High”

        • Bullshit. Nevada legalized recreational marijuana last year and no new gun control laws at all. Stop making stuff up and presenting it as fact, use the internet to research.

      • Well the FDA would like to disagree with you.

        As in they reviewed and approved the results of medical trials for an extract of CBD oil to treat a rare form of epilepsy. So it DOES have medical benefits.

        It is just that the government and uptights have spent 60+ years attempting to make ANY research in to medical benefits illegal and/or ridiculously difficult. I am not saying it’ll solve the worlds problems, but when you can do almost no research, it is hard to prove efficacy for anything.

        But now there is no way, other than being ignorant or malicious, to claim that there are or can be no medical benefits to marijuana.

        Hell, Cocaine is a schedule II drug because it IS used in some rare cases to treat certain diseases and has proven medical benefits in those cases.

        • MLee

          “I happen to agree with with the federal law. Some things require a clear head and clear thinking. Should you be able to defend yourself, sure! But if you are a waste-case pot head drug addict, you’re not going to lawfully posses firearms. That’s the law and I approve of it. Don’t like it, change the law.

          PS: And don’t tell me a drivers license isn’t the same as gun ownership and one is a protected right. I know that argument and reject it.”

          Wow…just wow. What an insanely inaccurate, myopic, ignorant, arrogant, fact-less piece of worthlessness from an obvious person who has absolutely no knowledge of what the vast majority of people go through. Incontrovertibly, you must be 10 years old on Mommy and Daddy’s computer.

          I’m a 22 year military veteran (retired with 20 years and 100% disabled), former police officer, former firefighter, and a former paramedic. I also have PTSD, TBIs, IA (Idiopathic Anaphylaxis), et al.

          I incurred two TBIs on active duty that were investigated and determined to be LOD. Those TBIs were aggravated by a fall in a patient’s bathroom that added another TBI that left me disabled. Thanks to a daily waxed bathroom floor which the doctors delightfully diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and the best one yet, Post Concussion Syndrome.

          I was put on few pain relievers (except usually NSAIDs, aspirin and Tylenol) for over 6 years. 6 years of losing two jobs, constant pain (14 years plus of pain 24/7 as opposed to the 30 plus years of intermittent pain, vertigo, tinnitus, personality changes, vision issues, memory loss, et al), lost my wife, children, everything except three cats, a pos SUV, my service dog, and $100,000 in debt.

          Around 2008, I was put on Oxycontin and Oxycodone. I was given a 30 day supply that not only had to last three months, but I had to have two weeks of meds left over for the three months. Late 2010 I was put on morphine. I was never on morphine for more than nine months before being taken off of it then after a few months, put back on morphine. Late last year, my superb “pain management” doctor cut my meds in half. Since I have IA, I am allergic (anaphylaxis) to almost all meds for TBIs/PTSD/PCS, including all antipsychotics, anticonvulsants(both are first line meds for migraines which PCS headaches are treated as), etc. My pain was barely manageable prior to having meds decreased, now it was unbearable. The pain management staff resolutely refused to increase the morphine dose, and would only prescribe meds that I am highly allergic to.

          The VA has decided that there are no reputable studies on medical marijuana, regardless of the fact that Israel has been studying medical marijuana since the early 1970s, the longest continuous studies of medical marijuana in the world.

          Ironically, one of my doctors at the VA, someone who must not be named, referred me to medical marijuana. The individual asked me about my pain, and I told the person that it isn’t under control, was cut in half and I really do not have any other options left. The only therapies that I haven’t tried was medical marijuana, oxygen, and a hyperbaric chamber. The chamber was out since the last TBI left me with claustrophobia, MJ is illegal federally, and every doctor refused to prescribe oxygen.

          How sardonic. Medical marijuana in the US has not been studied efficiently or consistently, but oxygen has been, but they hide that stuff online or in books. I have been taking medical marijuana since the beginning of June, my daily pain fell from a 9 to a 2. PTSD almost gone, nausea down 90%, vomiting down 99%. I was at a 9 since December, and if I could not get medical marijuana or it wouldn’t work I would have committed suicide. 30 plus years of terrible pain off and on, and over 14 years of daily pain was too much, not taking into account the other 10 plus medical issues. If you think this is bad, wrong, immoral, illegal, GO FUCK YOURSELF, or better yet, come to Tampa and we will “talk”. Go stand in front of a pickup and let it hit you at 80 mph then decide what meds you want, assuming you can legally get them.

          Yup, without a doubt, medical marijuana does not work. The few studies I have read suggest that MMJ is more effective with tremendously less side effects than opioids. Since they probably will make opioids unavailable except for very short time use (two weeks or less is what my wonderful former pain management doctors told me), what will be in their place for long term pain management? Anyone who says that we should be in pain is an asshat who never has been injured severely.

          MLee, evidently you have never taken medical marijuana to know its effects. You don’t get high, maybe buzzed for 15-30 minutes, just relief.

          Dr JD and WT: Absolutely correct, unlike Annie Oakley who is so far off course you should pop a flare and radio your position so someone compete can rescue you.

          If I have offended you, Mlee or Annie Oakley, I really do not care. In fact, I hope you aren’t. There are many, many kinds of people, most of whom cannot tolerate others who aren’t like them. Like the South Koreans and Panamanians who just want to be treated like equals. But I’m SURE you know all of this. Me? I’m just a brain damaged, cannabis dependent (not addicted, two distinct and different diagnoses/conditions), disabled and retired veteran who wants to be left alone.


          DJ with a HP DA

      • Pssst, the War on Drugs, otherwise known as the War on the American People, is a progressive program. Supporters of the WoD are the ones with a progressive camel.

      • There have been studies done that marijuana DOES help reduce PTSD stress levels in vets and helps control seizures in people. Your bias doesn’t help anyone but yourself. And for the record I’ve never even tried marijuana so don’t try to label me as a druggie that just wants to get high.

      • Carl Sagan was a “pot head” and I’m pretty sure he contributed more to society than you ever will.

        • Carl Sagan was also a PhD – and he is not here to defend that postulation of yours. Since he never publicly admitted to regular use of drugs, you have no proof other than a popular rumor. If he was a person who used pot he certainly can’t be used to defend the use of it, as he was quite brilliant and so few abusers of this substance can scarcely read his writings except for what was presented on television. He had to drastically simplify his message for the vast audience of his television audience to understand what he had to say. Perhaps you should read some of his papers and see what I mean. He was not a typical person and you can’t compare his mental acuity with the average pot head’s – he was “light years” ahead of the typical pot smoker.

      • I would also love to hear your reasoning ? Also I’d be interested to hear what you would say to all the cancer patients that are POTG ? Also the other various legal MEDICAL MARIJUANA people being helped by the ” evil weed ” combat veterans with PTSD. You get my point. I do not smoke , than I do not drink alcohol either. Wich is worse in your knowledgeable opinion. I don’t hear of medical marijuana users killing anyone while behind the wheel of an automobile. Can’t say the same about drunk drivers. I guess a large percentage of alcohol users should not be allowed the right to keep and own firearms ? That shit is just hypocritical. The only people in this great country that should be denied their 2nd amendment right’s are violent felons. And wife & child abusers. Support our 2nd amendment or be quiet & keep your antiquated retorts to yourself. Thank you.

        • Like the kind doctor said, there are valid medical reasons for Dr prescribed THC. At this point, until the feds change the law, it’s the law. I have no doubt the law will eventually be changed, but until then, you’re barking up the wrong tree. If the folks want to violate the law and take the chance of loosing their 2nd A rights, so be it. But don’t bitch about it.

      • Carl Sagan was an avid pot smoker—to the point he wrote anonymous articles for High Times.

        You are uninformed.

        • Might I point out something here? Carl Sagan is DEAD. He can neither support nor refute your claim. Lacking firsthand knowledge from the man himself, I don’t see what your claim has to do with anything.

          It isn’t just the substance that this is designed to combat, it is the habitual nature of consumption of psychotropics that is the problem, and it should include ANY intoxicant or hallucinogen. Firearms and lack of sobriety is a bad mix no matter what the substance may be.

          Funny how the people in favor of legalized intoxicant consumption do not address this very real problem associated with their use. If we have to draw the line somewhere this is as good as anyplace. How many times have we seen firearms used by inebriated and impaired individuals cause loss of life and/or severe injury?

          Perhaps this isn’t a topic for legislation, since you can’t force people to commit acts of random sanity, or common sense. Unfortunately you have to teach children those lessons, and it looks to me that the education system we entrust their impressionable minds to has betrayed that trust many times over. Instead of reasoning, sense, and the obligation to make sure our actions do no harm to our fellow human beings, our kids are taught the holiness of self, lack of respect, rage, hate and many other forms of ignorant behavior too numerous to list here. There is no virtue or honor, only doing what makes you “feel” good. This is why this world is so screwed up – everyone is looking out for number one and the hell with everyone else.

      • I personally know one person who has a myriad of medical conditions and who was prescribed large amounts of opiates to deal with the chronic pain. This person was smart enough to realize that taking large amounts of opiats was a bad plan, and that when she got much older she was certainly going to have no choice but to take powerful painkillers. If this person stayed on the opiats now, in 20 years the dosage required to get through the day was going to be tremendous. This person told her doctors she wasn’t going to take opiats anymore and started smoking pot. She claims she feels better than she’s felt in years. So don’t tell me there’s no medical purpose for it. And it’s neither your job nor the governments job to determine how people treat their medical problems. That’s between them and their doctor.

      • Well said & spot on! America doesn’t need more intoxicated people! Look HONESTLY at what “legalization” has actually “done for” CO, like the spikes in welfare and Medicaid costs, the lawsuits from surrounding states over their intoxicated & dangerous drivers spilling over onto other states’ roads, the businesses leaving because “legal” pot use CANNOT be meshed with OSHA and COSH safety regs in the workplace, and the 1 the public likely never heard about: rising malpractice insurance costs for health practitioners, due to the increasing risks of death to users during treatment , especially in urgent or emergent situations and the increasing propensity to sue for “wrongful” deaths, even though the death was caused by the individual’s stupid drug habit narrowing safety margins for using other meds in treatment trying to save their lives, sometimes to non-existent!

        • Thank you Sandra Lee Smith, for I so seldom encounter the opportunity to utter the word “preposterous”. I plan to read further along this thread in hopes of coming across another submission of yours. I’m practically tingling in anticipation of my next use of “balderdash”.

    • I agree with Matt. There are only two FDA-approved uses for marijuana-derived medications. Back in the day they used to tout weed for glaucoma. That has been debunked. There are some studies that show usefulness in some medical conditions, but it seems illogical to legalize it for unapproved uses. The industrial use of hemp, followed by medical use of weed is just a fig leaf to open the door for recreational use and new source of tax revenue.

  2. So… a prescription of opioids and you’re good to go but, not a prescription of marijuana. All righty then.

    • I’ve always wondered about the opioid. As I fit that category. Perscription user of but not addicted or dependant. Smoke pot and your illegal or forced to lie on the 4477 or whatever form. Stupid law.

      • Prescription user of but not addicted or dependent ? OK don’t pop a pill for a month and get back to us. (This is assuming that you take them regularly, not once in a while.)

        • I take 4 10/325 Vicodin a day. Every day except I stop for 10 days every 60 days. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th days are a little uncomfortable but I still have a whole bottle most of the time and I just don’t take them till the 11th day.

          Most opiate addiction problems are mental, not physical.

        • I have severe diabetic neuropathy and take 100mg 3x a day if and when needed. I have never had any withdrawal symptoms. In over 10 years of use as needed. As needed can be daily for weeks at a time or days not needed. As the other poster said addiction is more mental then physical. Walking proof is myself.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, the Supreme Court already ruled as such, with regards to a person who presented a medical marijuana card at a gun store and was denied as a prohibited person.

  4. Meanwhile for people who use it illegally and keep their mouths shut their gun buying/owning remains secure provided they aren’t stupid enough to be honest about something that is wholly unverifiable on a 4473.

    Way to reward the black market boys!

    • Clearly you mis-understand. You see it’s illegal if you don’t have a prescription and so you will be unable to acquire it. /sarc

      They ran these ads here in Oklahoma ahead of the vote a couple of weeks ago that informed us that if medical marijuana became legal in Oklahoma then college students might have it in their dorm room! What a shameful world we would live in if college students had pot in their dorm rooms. Thank God that never happens.

  5. Just more pre-crime tyranny. How about we come down hard on people who misuse guns? Leave everyone else alone until they actually cause harm. If you can’t clearly articulate who the victim was, then no crime was committed.

    For the record, I don’t use marijuana, don’t want to, but can’t understand why it is illegal. At the very least, it is no worse than alcohol.

  6. As a physician (internist) that will shortly be getting into the medical marijuana certification business (as a legitimate medical clinic, not some seedy rubber-stamping kind of place), I can safely say that it does indeed have medical benefits. I have seen cases of it first hand with chronic pain, Parkinson’s, and other conditions. Are the studies up to the usual medical standards? No, because in fact, the only medical studies The majority of studies are from the university of Jerusalem, though some are being done in Canada now. However, it does bother me that people that I will certify will potentially have their rights taken away from them. Opiates are far more addictive, as is cocaine. Both of those are Schedule II drugs, and have been proven to have some medical benefit (along with a ton of negative issues associated with them). Can anybody really say with a straight face that cannabis represents a bigger threat? Will Florida eventually place everybody on the medical marijuana dispensary on the prohibited persons list for Florida background checks? Who knows…

    • Hey Doc I can attest that pot is a great pain reliever for nerve, bone, and back pain. Especially in the edible forms. I have enough titanium plates screws in my ankle and back to get most opioids at will. I choose not to use them as I can’t function safely. Even the lowest doses and I will doze off and just generally feel like crap. Most days I use ibuprofen only and some rare good days I don’t need anything. But once or twice a month for a few days I use the evil weed. It would be nice to be able to freely grow and make my own meds without government permission and having rights denied, but until then I will continue in the shadows.
      I don’t get you people who scream about the evils of the anti-gun establishment but believe it’s ok to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body. You really believe I should be denied the fundamental right to keep and bear arms because I want to use plant extracts from something that grows natural? Something is seriously wrong with the way some of you view liberty.

    • Excuse me sir. Cocaine is not a schedule ‘ll controlled substance. It is a schedule I , no medical use. How do I know this you ask ? I paid attention in college. & you are a Dr / intern ok.

      • Cocaine certainly is a schedule 2 drug. My son is a pharmacist and showed me a bottle of pure cocaine they have in the safe. It’s used for some dental and nasal surgery as well as other things.

    • So if Florida puts folks on a prohibited list for background checks because of having a medical marijuana card would that not be in violation of HIPPA laws?

  7. Interesting how our laws condemn some things but not others. Marijuana=bad, alcohol=good? I don’t and never have used weed, but I am an occasional drinker. I’ve seen drinkers react to booze all the way from enraged nuts who fight (or worse) and need to be jailed down to people who just get pleasantly plowed and sing themselves to sleep. I imagine it is the same way with marijuana users. There is potential for misuse in both things (e.g., nobody should be out shooting while under the influence of either booze or MJ), but my view is that those folks who do violate the law in that way should be punished, and otherwise, no harm no foul. For that reason, the federal and state laws should be made to agree so that nobody is barred from their gun rights for doing what is legal with a state-legal product.

    • Treat alcohol and cannabis the same; do it at home or with friends, but don’t drive for a bit afterwards.

  8. THC is an extremely persistent intoxicant that accumulates in body fat. As fat as most Americans are, that presents significant societal problems, especially in an industrialized nation.

    Alcohol & (prescription) opioids wear off much faster, and at very predictable rates. Since pot is illegal and the source, strain, or growing conditions may vary considerably, we have no way of accurately calculating when a user can safely drive, operate machinery, do complex calculations, etc.

    As far as using software engineers as a good example of being able to function well using pot…. that’s utterly laughable! Look at the rate of security breaches, hacks and patches we need for virtually every piece of software we use! If they were doctors, they’d lose their licenses and be sued out of business for malpractice!

    To protect the public and businesses, legalizing pot would require severe restrictions on the activities of those who choose to use it.

    And no, I don’t use alcohol, opioids, pot or any other recreational drug, legally or otherwise.

  9. When the Feebs banned booze they had to pass a constitutional amendment. Which amendment did they pass to give them the authority to regulate a plant?

    • They didn’t have to pass a constitutional amendment to ban booze, just as they didn’t have to get one for MJ.
      The reason they got the amendment was because there had never been an amendment repealed before, and the banners really, really wanted to make sure the ban stuck.
      We all now how well that worked out.

      • There is no Constitutional authority for the Feds to regulate either booze or drugs. It violates both the 9th and 10th Amendments.

        The Commerce Clause only grants power to regulate the actions of states. California’s gun list should be overturned under the Commerce Clause.

  10. Oh well potheads…get yer reefer the old fashioned way. And before you “soma for all”(get it?) doofuses comment I smoked the herb for 10 years ending in about 1983. I had bronchitis for 7 years in a row. And I have old friend’s who NEVER quit. Everyone lazy and lacking ambition. Pot is now much more potent and addictive. Those gangbanger’s in Chiraq all smoke…is it “safer” than booze?!? Dunno’ and don’t care.

    • And all KKK members and supporters drink booze. Damn! I drink (rarely, but, yes). I’ve smoked weed years ago, so, yes. I’m Black and from Southside Chicago.
      I guess that makes me a Black gangbanger in Chiraq hood-rat White racist, huh?
      And I am a disabled Viet Vet with a few firearms.
      I am soooo SCREWED!

      • …And I’m very light-skinned, blue-eyed, could pass for White if I wanted (Never did it intentionally, in fact, got fired from three jobs when they finally noticed my family and friends were mostly Black).

    Even if they pertain to legal marijuana.

    According to the 10th Amendment the only powers the federal government has
    are the powers delegated to it in the constitution.

    And no where was the federal government delegated the authority to regulate firearms even if it pertains to possession and usage marijuana.

    So if the federal government was delegated certain powers and then
    USURPED those powers then those responsible are TRAITORS to the Constitution.

    Nullify the federal government.

  12. I’m over 60 years of age.
    Self employed most of my life.
    Been smoking the weed for over forty years.
    I make very good money, own a large beautiful home.
    I’m a Veteran, a taxpayer and I vote Conservative.
    The weed has never interfered with my life ambitions.
    I’ve traveled the world over, love my job and country.
    I would rather be around pot heads than drunks.
    I have Parkinsons, the weed helps greatly.
    I’m keeping my guns along with the 60,000 rounds of ammunition.
    When our country comes to the point of needing to refresh the tree of liberty, I’m there.

    • God bless you sir, I would happily stand beside you to refresh the Tree of Liberty with its natural manure!

    • No that’s impossible!!

      According to the anti-drug warriors here only losers, criminals, and creeps use that stuff who can’t possibly succeed in life. The government is wrong when it comes to guns but right when it comes to drugs!!

  13. Guns and booze dont mix. The BATF prooved this at Waco. (The FBI data reveals that 3 of the 4 deceased agents were shot with .223 or .308 rifles rather than .50 BMG or full auto AK-47 as ATF claimed. The BATF had a sniper team stationed at the undercover house who fired some three dozen .308 and .223 rounds. The autopsy summaries in the Treasury Department report reveal thatwith the exception of Winston Blake, all of the Branch Davidians who were shot during the initial raid wereshot with 9mm, 147 grain Hydroshoks). This being said, we should treat guns and drugs like drunk driving. Shooting or carrying a gun while under the influence should be a crime while simply possessing a gun while under the influence is not.

    • Um, no. Can’t paint alcohol and guns with such a broad brush. Would you be opposed to a guy sitting on his couch drinking a six pack from defending himself from a murderous home invader? No? That’s why broad based laws and guns don’t work.

  14. Never did much for me but it’s been almost 30 years since I’ve had any.
    Smoke, don’t smoke, doesn’t matter to me.

  15. Over the years, I’ve known a lot of people who use cannabis and own firearms. They’re productive members of society. I see no reason that they should be denied a basic human right. The federal law needs to change.

  16. The ATF would love to disarm all citizens regardless. I wonder did a law get passed for this ruling, or are they just making stuff up as they go? Wait, someone will catch a case and sue the ATF all the way to the Supremes.
    Pot is one of man’s oldest medicine. It’s just our government in the 1920s decided it was the worst thing ever, more than likely because of prohibition. The government even tried to poison it, (remember paraquat?), sort of like poisoning alcohol during prohibition. It’s all a control issue. Smoking pot, cigarettes and booze are all pretty much the same. All habits that if legal, only hurt the people doing them. Some tight-ass in government thinks they know better thus they want to control all of the poor simple minded public.
    The ATF should be disbanded and rolled into the FBI, that way the IG only has one shifty agency to watch, instead of two. But like anywhere else in government 2/3’s of the jobs are make work for a few folks that couldn’t survive and prosper away from the government teat.

  17. Just more government bullshit.

    Like around me yesterday. $2000 plus dollar fine for fireworks but the city spends a couple million putting on a fireworks display on the taxpayer dime.

  18. Jeff Sessions hard at work making sure marijuana users are treated like child rapists. Cuz the corruption at the FBI and state/local governments is just the way it is, no need for justice there.

    • Sure, why not just allow drunk driving? Why not let folks like myself with a pilots license who also have significant firepower at home just be a blithering juice-lip pot head druggy and fly planes? What could possibly go wrong? Or would you rather I be 100% clean dry and sober and not a drug addict who smokes pot all the time to exercise my privilege as a pilot? sniff sniff, you smell that? I smell double standard.

      Consider this; it’s not as if people who use drugs make poor decisions huh! It’s not as if poor decision makers with firearms have ever affected lawful gun owners, right? Why would the millions of lawful gun owner folks who own AR pattern rifles or like myself an AK or my brother with his HK 93 care if unspeakable crimes and mass shootings are committed with semi-auto rifles? Not going to affect any of us is it! Or would we rather that not happen?

      Let’s clear the air and be serious. There is a reason folks who drive semi trucks, drive taxi, etc must have a CDL and are subject to drug testing and more stringent requirements like getting sleep. There is a reason folks in sensitive areas of employment generally are not drug addict waste cases. Druggy loser types are safer in an area of employment that carries a low risk of inducing excessive risk to others. There is a reason if you get a DUI or drive like a moron all the time you lose your drivers license.
      I have known and know pot head. I live in Washington State and have rental property. One of my renters is a major pot head. You know what, he talks and acts like a pot head. I know another one in Phoenix, AZ. He’s a pot head. He smokes all the time. He’s so much of a pot head, he couldn’t even get his Arizona gun permit because he had to do a class. Yes yes AZ is constitutional carry, but an resident AZ carry permit gets you a lot of states. It’s as good as a Utah or Idaho enhanced resident permit. I hold a Washington and non-resident AZ permit. He can’t get his business license because he’s too big a pot head, but then we have them running around carrying weapons!

      I happen to agree with with the federal law. Some things require a clear head and clear thinking. Should you be able to defend yourself, sure! But if you are a waste-case pot head drug addict, you’re not going to lawfully posses firearms. That’s the law and I approve of it. Don’t like it, change the law.

      PS: And don’t tell me a drivers license isn’t the same as gun ownership and one is a protected right. I know that argument and reject it.

  19. First they came for the potheads…

    …and then they came for me and there was nobody left to protest.

  20. There are currently 5 US citizens who receive medical marijuana from the federal government itself, per the FDAs Investigational New Drug Program, for a range of medical issues such as glaucoma. It is even mailed to them through the US postal service. There have been more than 5 over it’s history that have been receiving this federally recognized medicine since the 70s, despite any DOJ/DEA rhetoric.

    Further, anyone claiming that marihuana is dangerous can go to the CDC, who tracks all known causes of death in the US, and find out that ants kill 8 people a year, while marihuana has 0.

    There is a vast difference between the policy rhetoric since Nixon, and any actual truth.

    • It’s amusing the folks who must surely feel a kinship with anti-gunners who readily spread false information and the anti-marihuana crowd.

  21. The govt like to “approve” stuff and then change course later, booze, opiates, hemp, cigarettes, individual rights….
    Look at the crackdown on doctors for prescribing “approved’ opiates for 40 years…most of the people I had learned who smoked pot were some of the most normal high-functioning ones i have ever met. The ones who slammed the booze back and smoked cigarettes like fiends on a regular basis were the train-wrecks.
    One more way to keep citizens and their rights separated.

  22. I just feel it is still a bit hypocritical to allow raging alcoholics to own firearms but not pot users or addicts. Of course no one under the influence of anything should go shooting but I personally know quite a few major gun enthusiasts that also have major drinking problems. I have as of yet seen a call to make that illegal and if a drinker can own them as long as they are not under the influence while shooting or transporting then why can’t the marijuana users? Just pointing out a bit of inconsistency with this thought process…

  23. Responsible gun owners that drink alcohol know that if they are going to be drinking not to put firearms into the mix. What makes cannabis users by default irresponsible? If you are smoking, don’t put firearms in the mix just the same as alcohol.

  24. Why isn’t pot legal?

    #1. There’s no roadside test for it. THC affects your reaction time in a similar way to alcohol. THC may not affect your coordination but affecting the reaction time of the user makes driving more dangerous. Of course there are exceptions to this for some people just like methamphetamine and other anphetamine’s being used to tread ADHD.

    #2. Smoking pot around a minor, even in a different room, will cause said minor to ingest trace amounts.

    So get a reliable, instant roadside test and make the primary way to ingest THC a liquid/solid and it’ll be legal.

    • That is absolutely incorrect but thanks for joining the conversation.

      1. There are in fact ways to check for signs of marijuana use roadside and officers are trained to test (google “nystagmus”).

      2. Dispensaries around the country sell tons of edibles, tinctures, atomized was cartridges, etc.

      Neither of these have any bearing on the legality of it.

      • Yes, there are roadside ways to check for the use of THC containing products but none of them stand up in court. Even a breathalyzer doesn’t stand up in court for alcohol, only a blood test does. If you would have ever served jury duty on a DUI case you would understand that.

        Name a single test that measures the exact content of THC that is in your system and the level at which it affects your ability to drive. No one has those two answers that combined are needed to stand up in court.

        As far as dispensaries selling edibles? Duh! The dispensaries also sell weed you can smoke. My comment specifically said “make the primary way of ingestion liquid/solid and it’ll be legal”.

        So thanks for replying about something you have no clue about and typing before you read & understand everything someone else said.

        • It seems to me I’ve read comments from LEO’s that have said the same thing. They were unable to give a standard field test which was accurate enough for court testimony. I don’t have a clue. I’ve been out of it for too many decades.

        • “Even a breathalyzer doesn’t stand up in court for alcohol.”

          But it does. Sorry, you’re just 100% wrong.

  25. Every time I hear someone (or read from the comments section of websites) someone decrying how marijuana makes people “dangerous losers and fiends,” I literally laugh out loud at it. These are the statements of a sheeplike lemming who doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about. Alcohol is SO much worse for you, yet there are so many people who were brainwashed growing up into thinking “Alcohol=good, weed=bad.” Because we listed it as a schedule 1 substance (no medical merit) we went all this time without researching the myriad health benefits until just recently. Only recently has the stigma starting to dissipate.

    I’m sorry to say this, but the generational group who somehow still believe that marijuana is evil and pass judgment on those who use it are finally starting to die off and retire. New, fresher attitudes are replacing the former thinking of the establishment. And that is fantastic.

    • yep, like you I feel the same. the stuff they claim as fact is incredibly ignorant and the anecdotes they throw out there (I knew a pothead once..) are amusing and I picture a 60+ guy behind each keyboard. for every “pothead” they think they zeroed on there are likely 50 other weed users they know in every day life that aren’t as obvious. Generational brainwashing. they are beyond help. Freedom lovers supposedly, but only when the activity in question is sanctioned by their ever-shrinking cabal.

      • Yeah that’s what gets me the most too. I think a lot of visitors to this website think that “muh freedoms” should only apply to their own interests.

  26. Comment and argue all ya want it’s the law and until you change it you all are wasting your time and energy on a moot point.
    These geniuses here in my state of Oklahoma passed it without ever thinking or mentioning it and acted like it was a huge surprise the day after elections.
    Far too many never read the bill, studied it or thought on it and all they saw was opportunity to smoke without regards to the realism now staring them in the face. Lots of carry cards will be revoked now. Bet ya all wished you had of passed constitutional carry now huh?

    • Just like the people complaining about California guns laws, just wasting their time until they change the law.

    • Yeah, because before they passed that law pot was unattainable in the state of Oklahoma. Anyone in Oklahoma who wants pot already has it. You’re fooling yourself if you believe otherwise.

      I would also add that if push comes to shove I don’t believe they’ll be able to put someone on the NICS list because they have a medical card. They have to prove that person actually uses it to deny them. There’s also the possibility for a challenge to any denial of a CCL based on possession of a medical card. A CCL is issued by the state, and medical use of MJ is no longer illegal at the state level. Of course part of the background check for a CCL is a NICS check, so that’s problematic. Lots of grey area to be litigated.

      • You’re incorrect. The Supreme Court has already ruled that a medical card implies usage and those with the card are prohibited from owning and or possessing firearms. Period. That litigation is finished. The only way that changes is if it’s legalized on the federal level.

        • Apparently you believe that the Supreme Court Justices are making law. They are not. They can set precedent by their decisions, but they are not legislators. That is the purview of Congress. Congress also controls the federal budget, and it is too bad they don’t present and pass a budget every year as they are charged with under The Constitution. So much of the foundation of our republic is being ignored because the will of the people has become the third level of criteria for our government. The only ones on this planet who can alter the present situation is the voter. The massive amount of voter ignorance is bad enough, but it is eclipsed by the abysmal level of understanding of what is in The Constitution by those same people. Most people do not pay attention to basic civics when they are taught in the public school system, and with the current crop of people in congress who consistently fail to do their basic duties while chasing every rabbit down the proverbial rabbit hole, I am not surprised by the division and seditious nature of the words and deeds of these people we elect to govern our country.

          Whether the discussion is this issue or something else we are overdue for changes, the primary one being no career politicians. Government service was not intended to be a permanent job with a pension and security and health care for life. Today, it is impossible to win any election without wealth. Once elected these people not only prosper but often become more wealthy than their salary would allow, especially the ones who make a career of public office. It is time to review their need for continued benefits once they leave office, many are more than well enough off that they can’t foot the bill for their retirement without need of pensions, healthcare, and security. The reason none of these things are addressed is because the Congress is a Good Old Boys And Girls Club and they will never vote to reduce their benefits or the reduced term limits that would exempt them from making a living as a swamp creature. The powerful among them will never limit their gravy train. So it is up to us to stop reelecting incumbents after more than one term in office. These people have too much personal power and that is what keeps this corrupt system going.

          Progressives brought this corrupt way of doing business in American politics in the late half of the 19th century. Too bad if you don’t like it, it is here to stay unless we the governed exercise our rights at the polling places and elect people who will do what the people want, and increasingly that seems to be a return to The Constitution and the way the federal government is supposed to function. Progressives are notorious for pursuing policy via the courts at the expense of popular opposition. This is the way in the past decade that US law and policy has been made, bypassing the one branch of government whose primary duty is to draft and pass legislation for the Executive branch to sign into law and implement. This is how many laws have been made because they lacked the support in Congress to pass a bill on the subject.

          It is also unconstitutional, but as long as they can judge shop, progressives will use that method to their ends every time.

          That alone is the reason for a return to the Constitution, but I doubt this will ever happen when liberals and progressives can propagandize children in the schools like they have been doing the past 30 years. There is an entire generation in this country who don’t know the truth of how the government is supposed to be run. That is a sad legacy.

  27. OK people…for the last time. THC is a legally prescribed drug known as Marinol…Smoking pot is against Federal law and one cannot own a firearm if illegally using, follow the F-ing law, that is what gun owners do…

  28. The recent wave of weed “decriminalization” has been a giant scam to make more prohibited persons. As long as the Democrats refuse to FULLY LEGALIZE it at the Federal level, it will continue to be a way for them to trap people for their gun control schemes.

  29. Friggin’ dumb-assed potheads. They were on their way to march on Washington but they passed a 7-11 and have been in there eating potato chips ever since.

  30. Yep. That’s the law alright.

    If people don’t like it, they should change it- FEDERALLY, not state by state. It would solve so many issues to get this mess squared away one way or another. As it is now we’re getting the worst of both options.

    • So federalism isn’t something you believe in? But I bet you think of yourself as a strict constructionist. A patriotic American who loves his Constitution? In reality just another person who doesn’t really understand the whole concept. I wish I could say you were unique, or even unusual. Sadly that’s not the case.

  31. I was going to become politically active and personally lobby my senators and congressman to change these unfair law. I was also going actively campaign for candidates who agree with me and help elect them to office.

    Then I got high, then I got high, then I got high…

  32. “Hey you, don’t you know you never point a gun at something you don’t intend to destroy?”

    “I forgot, man…”

  33. “Hey Sean, you ready to go huntin’?”

    “Yeah, man.”

    “What you got there, Sean?”

    “That’s my shotgun, man.”

    “That’s a bong, Sean.”

    “I’m so wasted!!!”

  34. I believe in medical cannabis, but not smoked. Btw smoking doesn’t cure cancer, what killed Bob Marley? And he did smoke a lotta kaya.

  35. Medical weed is a hoax.

    Give me a bottle of Jack and a script pad and I’ll get you some weed.

  36. Glad there wont be anybody smoking the devils lettuce while I drink my case of beer at the deer lease……

  37. They’ve got to be kidding. People rarely commit violent crimes while on weed, but drunk, it’s a different story. Are these people mad?


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