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ATF Agent William Newell (courtesy

“Several men have now been convicted for the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry but we’ve looked into the murky cases of the men in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gun-walking scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious and found those in charge of the program received a better deal,” reports. “Murky” because the ATF refuses to tell KVOA what’s happened to 15 federal investigators found responsible for Operation Fast and Furious. Meanwhile, they found out the punishment meted out to the two ATF agents in charge of F&F. First, their guilt . . .

Federal reports obtained by the News 4 Tucson Investigators show the gun buyers spent $1.5 million dollars on 2,000 weapons. The report notes that among those who created the gunwalking program, two men were responsible for creating Fast and Furious: ATF’s special agent in charge at the time, William Newell, and his second in command during fast and furious, George Gillett.

Investigators wrote:  “Newell also bore ultimate responsibility for the failures in Operation Fast and Furious.”

And on his second in command: “We found Gillett’s supervision and judgment in Operation Fast and Furious seriously deficient.”

And so . . .

Tony Coulson was a Drug Enforcement administrator in Tucson during Operation Fast and Furious and worked with Newell and Gillett.

“Nothing happened to them. George Gillett was allowed to retire with no impact on his retirement.”

Bill Newell got an even sweeter deal.

“Newell was demoted from a senior executive service to intelligence analyst or grade 13.”

Coulson estimates Newell stands to make $100,000 a year in annuities.

As for the men ultimately responsible for the anti-gun gun running black ops op, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama, Mr. Holder got off scott-free (despite being held in contempt of Congress) and Mr. Obama continues to hold office.

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  1. 1.5 million for 2000 guns? Average of $7500.00 each?! What kind of guns were they walking? Something doesn’t add up here.

  2. They’re talking about their FAILURES, when it was their SUCCESSES that cause such death and mayhem!

  3. And lets not forget Secretary of State HRC, who gave a speech only two week prior to Agent Terry’s death, replaying the 90% of guns from US gun stores myth, already discredited.

    Moving guns into a sovereign country means Sec State is read in at the Principal level.
    Whether its CIA, USMIL or ATF selling and delivering, Sec State has to sign off…

    Of course, not a ripple will we see at the ReliablePartyOrgans about this- except:

    “What difference does it make, anyway?”

    • State had to sign off if the law was followed. What makes you think anyone was following the law? Not saying she didn’t know as I’m sure she was in on the whole deal. There wasn’t a day going by you didn’t hear how every gun found at a Mexican crime scene came from a rogue dealer. Well up to the day the story broke anyway. Since then I don’t think I have heard rogue dealers and Mexico spoken in the same sentence.

  4. That’s our fine upstanding Democratic Gubbermint for you. All a bunch of unindicted crooks and they walk away with bonuses.
    Can I get me one of those jobs please??

  5. Not sure how going from an SES to a GS-13 is a sweet deal. That’s a $50-100k drop in yearly pay (depending on your rate at both levels). I’m not saying he shouldn’t have gotten more, just that losing a 1/3 to 1/2 your yearly pay and going back to a rate you were a decade or more ago is not a sweet deal.

    • Being demoted to GS13 and being allowed to retire is much mo betta, than a few years being traded for lucky strikes or shived in the shower. It may seem harsh, but no. He knowingly broke the law. I suspoect the only reason he got off light, is that he’s covering for someone.

      • You mean like Obama, Holder or Hillary? Yeah, I could see that. This is shameful people died because of this.

  6. Not sure how going from an SES to a GS-13 is a sweet deal. That’s a $50-100k drop in yearly pay (depending on your rate at both levels). I’m not saying he shouldn’t have gotten more, just that losing a 1/3 to 1/2 your yearly pay and going back to a rate you were at decade or more ago is not a sweet deal.

  7. I think this was a foregone conclusion around when everyone thought it was, about the time it was first reported.

  8. The way I see it there are at least 2 charges that should be brought against US citizen involved: Accessory to murder and treason. I realize the treason charge is arguable, but when you are at war aiding and abetting the enemy is treason. My reasoning is that for many years it has been referred to as “The war on/against drugs”. I know we have not declared war against Mexico, but again the government and media have repeatedly said that we are at war with these drug cartels. As far as accessory to murder; that is pretty much self evident. Our officials are responsible for putting weapons into the hands of the cartels which have been proven to be directly involved in the murder of our agents. Just like HRC; directly responsible for the deaths of US citizens because of her lack of leadership, yet no one hold her responsible. Now, liar and party to these deaths, she is the Democratic front runner for president. You or I would be locked up and the key thrown away.

    • The only problem with your treason charge is that we would be saying “the war on drugs” is an actual war. That would by default mean that we have given the media the authority to not only determine what is/is not a war, but also the authority to declare war. I don’t like giving them that much power, and would forego the treason charge in favor of smuggling or something like that.

      • Issue is that common law, proving guilt, etc was designed to deal with ordinary crimes that no one wants to be tolerated…theft, arson, murder, and the like. The founders were less than found of treason charges because they understood how prone to abuse they were.

        Trying to put charge these assholes with “treason” or “accomplice to murder” kind of misses the point in that you’re playing their game. They have bureaucratic protections they have woven throughout the years that make it difficult to make them pay for anything negligently harmful.

        The founders didn’t try to indict the East India Company on conspiracy to fix prices because the EIC was only doing so because they had corrupt assurances from the government that they could do so with impunity. The founders extrajudicially threw all the tea into the ocean, and then started a war, then they won.

        I would argue that putting faith in the system that enabled this behavior is not going to give you a satisfactory outcome. If anything, we need to buy Gillett retirement party drinks until he can’t stand up, then slit his throat in the bar’s alley.

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