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Fox News went in search of a Mexican politician who was properly outraged at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) for running guns from the U.S. into their territory.  The news org worked their way down the list from president Felipe Calderon to Sen. Rene Arce Islas. Methinks Sen Islas has issues. “I obviously feel violated. I feel my country’s sovereignty was violated,” the pol protested. The U.S. government officials involved should be “tried in the United States and the Mexican government should also demand that they also be tried in Mexico since the incidents took place here. There should be trials in both places.” As if . . .

TTAG has discussed the many tendrils of the ATF Gunwalker Scandal. Not the least of which is Mexico’s complicity in the drug trade flowing north. And the American government’s complicity in the sale of box-fresh military-grade weapons to Mexican military and police, which “seep” to the drug cartels. And vice versa.

Any trial of the agents involved in the Gunwalker scandal—either here or in Mexico— threatens to open these cans of worms. And more. Do Mexican pols really want to pursue America’s federal gun runners? Let’s just put it this way: any Mexican politician who doesn’t want to see his family tortured and killed in front of his eyes before he faces the same fate (a well-documented cartel practice for recalcitrant pols), will STFU.

Case in point: Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, recently captured co-founder and former leader of Los Zetas drug cartel, said today “All the arms are bought in the United States… Before we would transport them over the bridges, but now we transport them across the river, with difficulty.”

That’s according to Mexico’s public security ministry. That’s an entirely incredible statement, considering Los Zetas have grenade launchers and fully-automatic machine guns (not commonly available at Bob’s Gun Stores). But it shows that the coverup is going down on both sides of the border.

Why wouldn’t it? The Obama administration may be dumb, but they’re not stupid. They’re busy figuring out a way to cauterise the Gunwalker wound so that their entire “policy” towards Mexico doesn’t bleed out on the floor of Congress. They’ll do whatever it takes to avoid that fate. Deals are there for the taking.

Bottom line: the chances of ATF, DOJ, DE, DHS, State, CIA, ICE or White House officials ending-up in a Mexican court are, as Bret Easton Ellis might say, less than zero. In fact, the odds that the Gunwalker enablers will face any kind of judicial blowback are lower than a snake’s abs.

However, the family of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, murdered by drug thugs using ATF-enabled rifles (after being shot by beanbag rounds), may have the last word . . .

The Terry family has hired Attorney Paul Charlton of Phoenix to represent them. Charlton is a former U.S. Attorney for Arizona. Once the tort claim is filed, the ATF will be given six months to respond by either offering a settlement or denying liability.

Terry stressed to 9 On Your Side the family is not seeking money. She simply wants top leaders to be held responsible for her son’s murder. knows the score. If the feds don’t pony-up truckloads of cash to the Terry family, and maybe if they do, the ATF & Co’s anti-gun running gun runners may still face the music. In The Land of the Free, a lawyer can do things no Senator or Congressman can. And vice versa. But one is less easily . . . distracted than the other. (No points for guessing.)

The truth about Gunwalker won’t emerge in a country whose corruption is so complete that a politician posturing with anti-ATF posturing risks his life (that would be Mexico). But it might be revealed in an Arizona courthouse many years from now. If so, TTAG will be there.

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  1. I have to disagree with you on this one. No Mexican politician ever lost votes by bashing los gringos. That applies from the small border down caudillo all the way to the top. Even the Cartel managers would go for it.

    Just the possibility of down south prosecution is a potent weapon in Darryl Issa’s hands. There is no immunity for Holder and other Justice Department officials unless there was a Presidential finding and Obama is not going to admit to that one.


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