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“Authorities partially closed a downtown Minneapolis freeway briefly Tuesday morning as they executed a “high risk” traffic stop to detain a motorist who allegedly brandished a gun at another driver.” Uh oh. Road rage! “The incident began about 6:40 a.m. on eastbound I-694 in Brooklyn Park, where a motorist called police to report that another driver was displaying a gun.” The cops finally nabbed the irresponsible motorist, shutting down half of I-94 in Minneapolis for safety while they made the arrest. See? This is why civilians can’t be trusted with guns! They just don’t have the training or capacity to handle the responsibility. How many times do we have to make the point that . . .

Uh. Hold on.

The State Patrol took the man with the gun into custody. He was questioned and released after officers learned he was an ATF agent who was carrying proper credentials.

According to the story, Minnesota law prevents the release of his name as it would blow his cover. Strangely, the Strib article makes no mention of any charges that were filed against the angry agent. But don’t worry, the matter is reportedly “under investigation” so it’s all good.

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  1. Proper credentials. That mean the license that says they can pretty much do anything to anybody and walk away license. What a bunch of god damn bull shit!

    • Exactly! And we will never find out if the federal agent who violated departmental policies AND laws was every disciplined. But only law enforcement should have guns!

    • No identification? Really! Waving a gun at another motorist?

      I can see it all now:
      “Welcome to the 11:00 o’clock News.”
      “This just in: Channel WXYZ has just learned that an officer with the ATF is now dead after being shot 15 times by half a dozen armed citizens for brandishing a firearm at an innocent fellow motorist.”

      “Apparently, Officer Bruno Shitforbrains felt it necessary to threaten people with his service pistol while getting burdened down in commuter traffic. WXYZ has just now learned that he was late for a BBQ to watch the SuperBowl.”

      “Having not identified himself, it is believed he was too enraged at the driver of another vehicle to identify himself as a member of law enforcement. The other driver, 75 year old Casper Milquetoast, was on his way to evening church services when the impatient officer couldn’t get around Milquetoast’s car fast enough in order to pass.”

      “Seeing the apparent assault on Mr. Milquetoast, a number of armed citizens stepped up to the plate and sent that lousy, entitled, brandishing piece of trash to the Promised Land.”

      “Next on the news line up; a fire broke out in a Porta-Potty at the County Fair this afternoon ……….”

      (See, there was a happy ending after all)

  2. Why exactly was he released? Was there not evidence he brandished a firearm without just cause? The other motorist was not arrested so one can only assume Agent Jagoff got a bid road ragey and then decided to brandish, he should be in jail not on the streets with a badge.

    • I’m waiting for the apologists/cops to arrive and bleat in unison “officer’s safety”

    • No good excuse for brandishing if this situation is exactly as advertised, BUT…this is obviously a he said/he said situation. Where is the actual proof or evidence that the brandishing in fact occurred? Perhaps the ATF goon was just adjusting his belt and the driver in the next lane saw his pistol and panicked.

      I have no love lost for ATF, but it is all to easy for any hoplophobe who sees a gun to call in SWAT and make someone’s life miserable for awhile just because they can. Without clear evidence that a crime was committed, or at least a corroborating witness, this is a no-arrest situation as far as I can see.

      • “who sees a gun to call”
        and how did anyone see it while he was in his car if he wasn’t waving around? What do you think would have happened if it had just been one of us “civilians” that had done it? Regardless of whether the gun was being legally carried or not?

        But he was a Federal Agent, so he can do no wrong

      • Cliff….with you your level of deductive powers you must work for the ATF or some other 3-letter gov tyranny squad.

        How in the hell would the citizen have known the road-rager had a gun unless he was waving it around? The citizen (NON anonymously by cellphone) just randomly called in the guy and made a false claim that would get him in trouble?

        Now go back in the corner and put your dunce hat back on.

        • Out of all of that, I still have to ask who gives a shit? Was he SHOOTING the gun? In a crowded road, there are probably thousands of guns per mile, why are we shutting down the road because someone saw one? Who cares? When this gets back to business as usual, “OK, you saw a gun, but why did you call?” as opposed to OMG! OMG!, a GUN? What will we do, who will save us? OMG! OMG! RUN AWAY!!!!! Then we will have accomplished something.

  3. My thought as well, Mark. What kind of “credentials” allow you to cover random citizens?

  4. Of course the police cant detain an SS officer. What where these foolish cops thinking. The SS officer was just waving his pistola about at civilians.

      • Then tell me what “New Continental Army” said that was not true. Mr. ATFBETTERTHANYOU waved a gun at another driver in a fit of road rage and got away with it because he is a member of the government thugs. Should “New Continental Army” have used the term brown shirt instead? The analogy is accurate either way.

        • Godwin’s law doesn’t say you can should only analogize things to the Nazis if they have a similarity, it’s that you shouldn’t analogize things to the nazis just because they have a similarity… that it should take more than that, because comparing someone to the most evil thing we can imagine should be a bigger deal.

          So when the ATF is going around killing 6 million jews, it would be more apt. Until then I have to ask, can’t we imagine anything bad that isn’t at a kiloHitler level? It’s like someone who can’t make an argument without calling the other person childish names; their argument might have validity but it would be better served if they did a better job of leaving that stuff behind.

        • @ Hannibal. No, it doesn’t akin to childish name calling. It’s simply the best example humanity has of a government run amok with power. Sure we could sit here and propose all sorts of historical examples of run away government. But Nazism, the rise, the fall, the war, everything, is one huge case study in the matter. There are so many examples about that situation to point to. When making a comparison between governments and the Nazis, to simply dismiss the claim as “oh, you broke godwins law har har har”, is allot like when the left dismisses anything pro gun as “right wing conspiracies, or stop watching fox news,” Theres no real counter punch, just “oh har har har your an idiot, because You are one.”

        • @New Continental Army

          Good point. Similar to the fashion in which the leftists have made calling someone a communist seem ridiculous, even while the person in question is spouting classic Marxist dogma. If one cannot call out evil and folly for what they are, the First amendment has been effectively defeated.

      • Yeah, well, when you take a look at the government and it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck… Maybe comparisons happen so often because the situations are comparable.

        • Wait… you’re serious? Because police responding to a loud music call, and then attempting to arrest the belligerent suspects is akin to SS officers systematically rounding up Jews and relocating them for slave labor / extermination? I dunno, I can think of a few differences off the top of my head.

        • @Veidt

          Nice try; What is the difference between these thugs who beat, tase, shoot people for any (or no) reason, and break into people’s homes in the middle of the night, and the SS?

          We’ll switch to post WWII, if you like, and speak in more general police state terms: how is this any different than the Stasi or KGB?

          You statists/police apologists were fine with these tactics when they were confined to certain neighborhoods and people, now it’s equal opportunity: it’s in the suburbs, gated communities, etc. We’ll see how much you cheerlead for these thugs if you (and I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen) have to have one of these encounters with them.

        • Are you buggin out? Can you seriously compare this BS with the SS? Have you read any history, have an idea what the SS was? Putz.

        • Are you buggin out? Can you seriously compare this BS with the SS? Have you read any history, have an idea what the SS was?

        • Have you read the history of the ATF? Murdering defenseless women and children without so much as a hearing? Nobody fired? No restitution? No damn QUESTIONS? How do you think the SS started, with millions at a time, or maybe just 50 or 75? The entitlement to ignore laws, not just a few but ALL of them, that is in fact very like the SS, murdering with complete impunity, complete immunity. Smuggling guns to terrorists is good, no one fired, no one jailed, someone needs to WAKE UP, here.

          Waving a gun around on an interstate, assuming that is illegal, has nothing to do with an operator operating operationally, he should be treated just like I would.

      • Godwin’s law is an effort by liberal Marxists to stop being branded as using the tactics of the Nazis. I for one will use the Nazi typology whenever it is fitting. The SS also used low level thuggery like waving guns at people on a near constant basis. What it shows is that the low level thuggery can quickly lead to genocide with the right leader.

        • IMO in almost every case trotting out Godwin’s law (who the hell is this guy, anyway) is exactly the same tactic as yelling “RACIST!” whenever anyone criticizes the Obama regime. It’s a phony way to stop an argument with an ad hominem attack rather than on its merits.

        • What it shows is that the low level thuggery can quickly lead to genocide with the right wrong leader. FIFY
          With all the thuggish behavior by our current admin and his cohorts, Coupled with the escalation we have seen through the last few, We may be there.

        • Well said. It should also be pointed out that the Brownshirts and SS didn’t start out shipping Jews and others to the death camps. It took them a while to get ramped up to that. They had to establish the camps, and the system, and it was still a work i9n progress when destroyed.

      • Perhaps he should’ve substituted ‘GRU’ or ‘NKVD’ or OGPU’ for ‘SS,’ and thus made his point about totalitarian power-structure cliques and the existence of ‘better pigs’ without violating some arcane ‘InterWebs Law’?

        If you disagree, Sir, you are worse than Stalin.

  5. Is anyone surprised its an ATF agent? They are the worst of a bad lot. Every citizen who brandished his firearm like that agent would currently be languishing in a jail cell or worse. Remember, they are they only ones responsible enough to handle a firearm.

    • Well if business people shave and put on lipstick behind the wheel I don’t see why not…

  6. Why am I not surprised at the mention of the ATF. Hey, if you can supply Mexican Cartels with firepower what’s shutting down an interstate between friends, right?

  7. “Uh. Hold on.”

    Yeah, that about sums it up… plus maybe a few WTFs and a “this oughtta be good.”

    If we ever hear more about it.

  8. Out of all the Federal LE agencies, the ATF is consistently the most out of control. Their agents “lose” twice as many duty weapons as other agencies, engage in extremely questionable “store front stings” that often take advantage of the mentally disabled (including making them get neck tattoos and suggesting that they saw off shotgun barrels), the whole F&F fiasco, and now this. I’m sure he won’t face any charges and that poor motorist will just have to get over having a pistol pointed at him by a thug. The ATF should be disbanded.

  9. cops should be held to a HIGHER standard.

    Cops should be an example? They shouldn’t be speeding in cop cars, beating up innocent people, or brandishing guns.

    unfortunately, some if them use their creds to get away with a lower standard, and authorities don’t put a stop to it.

  10. One set of rules for them, a completely different set for us.

    This is precisely why the government can’t ever be trusted with guns. Not. Ever.

    • Correction:
      One set of loose guidelines for them, and a strict set of laws that will be enforced for us second class citizens.

  11. Fair or not, in your capacity as a member of the uniformed services or law enforcement/emergency services you are held to a higher standard by the public. It comes with the territory. If you can’t accept that, don’t accept the post.

    • Higher standard? At this point, we’d settle for something somewhat approaching the standard that the rest of us have to adhere to, and at least a modicum of accountability!

  12. I hope that the ATF agent got home safely that night. Because that’s the only thing that counts.


  13. As I live very close to this area, 694 is actually on the Northern edge of the Twin Cities. It`s a 3 lane each way interstate.. the real kicker here is I haven`t heard a word of this on the radio or elsewhere int e print `round here…

  14. Not to nitpick this high octane keyboard kommando mob lynching, but we haven’t heard the rest of the story yet. It could just as we’ll be that the agent displayed his firearm to de-escalate and terminate an accelerating road rage incident. Others who observed the action and the ‘brandishing’ called it in and stayed with the guy with the gun.

    I’ve personally witnessed and read reports of hotheads deliberately causing wrecks with maneuvers and impacts out of road rage. Last night I watched a news report here in San Diego where a patrol unit dash cam recorded a pick-up driver cut off another motorist during a road rage incident by cutting a near 90 degree turn into the path of the other motorist’s car causing a rollover crash on a local freeway (the aggressor in the P/U rolled).

    My take from the very limited information released is it’s too early to *assume* this ATF agent was the aggressor; that he didn’t simply act to diffuse a deteriorating situation.

    I know how easy it is to jump all over any event that involves ATF personnel; they’ve earned the reputation of being often incompetent ass holes. However, in this case, I don’t see the Minnesota State Patrol simply releasing the agent if he couldn’t convince them of the above scenario, or something very similar.

      • Then you are naive as to how dangerous and deadly such out of control road rage incidents can become.

        • I have had a guy accelerate to get ahead of me then slam on his brakes for no reason other than hallucinations. Then try to pass me again for another attempt at causing a rear end collision. I just got off the freeway at the next exit and pulled behind a gas station. Screw the police, screw self defense! I just wanted to get home to a hot meal all in one piece.

    • “It could just as we’ll be that the agent displayed his firearm to de-escalate and terminate an accelerating road rage incident”
      Yeah Right.
      Why don’t you go try it and use that as a defense? be sure you let us know how it works out for you

      • I have no illusion that the outcome would likely be different for a non-LEO in the same circumstances.

        Not everything is fair.

        Like Slick said, deploying a gun in such a situation would likely be a poor decision, particularly for a non LEO.

    • It’s pretty simple Roscoe; The ATF get’s all the hate because they have earned it. They created sting that caused the murder of Randy Weaver’s son being shot in the back and his wife shot in the head while holding a baby because he didn’t get a tax stamp before cutting a shotgun barrel shorter than 18″.

      Because he didn’t get a tax stamp.

      The ATF instigated the murder of over 98 men, women and children because they thought Koresh might, I repeat might; have been making full auto weapons without the proper license; so instead of waiting to arrest Koresh they knew went to town regularly to buy coffee at a café; they do a full military style assault on a ranch filled with men, women and children leading to their deaths by being burned to death.

      They destroy business owners livelihood for paper work mistakes; or because they couldn’t read the minds of gun buyers as to whether they might be a straw purchaser; like the Reese’s in New Mexico.

      They are a tax agency destroying peoples businesses, putting people in jail and committing mass murder because a citizen didn’t get a tax stamp or because someone didn’t dot an I or cross a T.

      They are the example of government at some of it’s worst; they have earned the term Jack Booted Thug, Nazi Storm Trooper and Thugs With Guns.

    • I saw that video also, reported here it was two women. Whichever, I bet that pickup driver got broken of the habit, looked like she rolled 3-4 times, and when the video ended it looked like she was about to be jammed into a signpost. I suspect the driver will be pleased to be charged with simple assault, even assault with a deadly weapon, because it looked like attempted murder to me. And how do you get that pissed on an 8 or 10 lane highway? Hard to imagine.

  15. I used to live in Minneapolis. There must be more to this story, because I-694 in Brooklyn Park is about 20 miles from I-94 in Minneapolis. Maybe they were feeling disruptive or something, because I-694 in BP is out in the boonies and wouldn’t block any traffic, but I-94 goes right through Downtown.

    • I think the incident began up on 694, but the State Patrol caught up with the ATF agent on 94.

  16. Its entirely possible that it was not brandished per se. One possibility is that the officer removed it from a concealed holster, and placed it some where else in his vehicle, and the one who saw it was a follower of Bloomin idiot. To them, every one not in uniform is an untrustworthy civilian.

  17. I think the ATF would be closer to the East German Stazi than the Nazi SS or SA. A paramilitary (The SS were straight up military, not paramilitary, the brown shirts were civilian thugs) police force that is more or less able to circumvent the law at will and make up new rules on the spot.

    So the Stazi, or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. No, scratch that. The Mounties can arbitrarily decide they don’t like a gun and ban it without legislative process. The ATF doesn’t have that power.


  18. Why would he be charged? It’s the ATF’s job to harass, bully and threaten innocent citizens.

  19. They let him go due to the fact that he isa Fed. Probably no other reason than that , Feds like to wield their power , if this had been a civilian their would have been a felony stop weapons pointed at them , thrown down on the ground , handcuffed violently , and probably shoved even farther down into the roadway , possibly getting some minor road rash , then yanked up from the ground , put in a police car accidentally hitting his head on the top of the car , then on the way to jail been given an attitude adjustment by slamming on the brakes which sends the subject into the screen between the front seat and the rear area , possibly causing some abrasions to their face , but of course that is because a dog , (a cops best friend ) , ran across the road and the officer was trying to avoid running over the poor dog , then when they get you to jail , you ask them a question and they pepper spray you saying that you were being disorderly , then they throw you into the hole without trying to wash off the spray , maybe a couple of hours later if that soon you might get your phone call , but of course you can’t get bond until you go before the judge whenever that might be , so then they throw you back in the hole unless you ask another question which will probably get you another shot of spray , so you just keep your mouth shut and hopingthat this nightmare will end soon ! Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  20. Anyone else worried that some dumb walking-dildo is going to see your “Protected by Glock,” or similar pro-2nd amendment bumper sticker, and call the cops to make a false threat report?

  21. “All animals are equal … but, some are more equal than others”.

    In the case of George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, it was the pigs.

  22. He was questioned and released after officers learned he was an ATF agent who was carrying proper credentials.

    Some are more equal than others.

    • No; not “more equal than others”. At this point; there is not even the attempt to act as if they are “public Servants”. They act and the expect to be treated as the masters. They can break the law, destroy peoples lives and lively hood, put people in jail for paper work mistakes and instigate mass murder because someone didn’t pay a two hundred dollar tax stamp without consequence to them selves.

      It was because of the government trying to enforce a tax on alcohol that created the first big armed resistance to government heavy handedness. (The whiskey rebellion)

      It was because of a government agency trying to enforce a tax violation causing the murder of a boy and his mother and the deaths by fire of almost a hundred men women and children that has become a rallying cry and a focal point that has helped to wake up the current generation to the dangers of government run amok.

      I would not be surprised that if an open shooting war was to begin in this country between the citizens and the government; it will be because of the rogue actions of the ATF in it’s continued treasonous actions against the second amendment and the American people.

      • It’ll more likely be a conglomeration of all of them, but then again, that could out to be quite the circular fustercluck as they squabble over jurisdictions and stuff. I’m kinda looking forward to a sort of electoral bloodbath this mid-term; I got my mail-in ballot already even though the polling place is two blocks away. I just hope it doesn’t snap all the way to the neocon side.

        The R’s will win, they’ll mostly go pro-2A, but to appease the antis, they’ll agree to subsidized training, which will turn to mandatory training, which will turn to conscription, which will….

        Or not. 😉

      • True, ThomasR, and I agree with you. I often think that armed resistance would be preferable to this slip into tyranny that’s happening. Sure, it would be hell but at least there is a glimmer of hope in restoration for our free nation. With the mask suddenly ripped from government’s face, only the most cowardly or evil among us could deny its nature. If the slip-slide into tyranny continues behind the scenes, I am concerned that our Liberty will dissolve with nary a whimper.

        • The inflation bubble, the antigun nut bubble, the taxation/regulation bubble, and the welfare/warfare bubble will all burst simultaneously, and that’s when we’ll find out what each of us is made of.

  23. If there is a federal agency we could do completely without the ATF is certainly a great prospect. If there is one we need to be without that settles it, the ATF needs to go. Then we can work on getting rid of the BLM and DEA, and all the armed wings of agencies that have no reasonable cause for having armed agents. Why do NOAH, the EPA and the National Institute for Health have armed agents anyway? What possible reason could they have to field these agents that isn’t already within the purview of some other law enforcement agency? There is a lot of talk in the business world about doing more with less. This is one of those situations in which we need to make the federal government do less with less. Less raids, less regulation, less law enforcement, less war on drugs, less gun running scams and less harassment and even out right murder of the citizenry.

    • Well, unless a WHOLE BUNCH of people wake up by mid-terms and Nov. 2016, it’s going go get a “hell” of a lot worse before it gets better.

  24. Seems like more often than not, these stories of “Some animals are more equal than others” take place in NYC – At least in the last couple of days.

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