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  1. So apparently there’s a new tactic out now, Larry Pratt and GOA apparently are “white supremacists” and have “white supremacist” ties. I did some Googling and SPLC is behind this, can we get any clarification on this??

    • SPLC are basically remnants of the KKK accusing everyone else of being remnants of the KKK to take eyes off of the fact that they support flagrantly racist, misogynistic and homophobic policies.

  2. It is not at all surprising things like this are said. The anti-gun people a long time ago have formulated this political issue into a moral issue. When that happens one tends to demonize one’s opponents. Actually it is difficult not to do so when one feels that the moral rather than simple political right is on one’s side, the other side need be evil. Unfortunately I see gun rights people doing the same to the anti-gun crowd albeit not to the same degree.

    Really, “white supremacists” is mild compared to some of things individuals and the whole of the gun rights crowd are called by the anti-gunners.

  3. I bet a couple green tips into the bulk of the machinery would shut that thing down pretty quick. Robotics are finicky beasts. I suppose if it was armor plated, that would be an entirely different proposition. Then a fiddy would do nicely.

  4. A plasma rifle in the 40 watt range should do nicely. Could lay some sheet metal smeared with 10w40 in it’s path. It was having a hard time on the ice.

    • I’ll be the one to say it: if someone comes onto/into my property, it’s not gonna be robots/guns that shoot at them. It’s gonna be me. After a verbal warning. I’ll give them that warning, I reeeeally don’t wanna shoot anyone. Robot, human, anything. I’d rather rely on deterrence. After that unheede

  5. Two words: molotov cocktail. if they come using robots, we just follow the Finns’ example and overheat the sucker.

  6. The red circled number next to “ARs Are Not Enough” on the main page keeps going up. Now I’m like “Damn, 16 ARs isn’t enough? How many do you need?”

    • Maybe they can wrangle all those burros around Alamo Lake. They get really annoying when night fishing for crappie by the dam during the summertime.

  7. Did the Government not see Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi? Teddy bears with ropes can take that down.

  8. I wonder what a autonomous robot “horse” would do if someone laid out a snare made of tow cable?

    It could be quality entertainment.

  9. Right now, that thing is just running a few algorithms to handle basic motor functions. Once the power problem is solved, there will be a push to use more complex AI. This will start on the autonomous flying units (drones) and eventually work into the “walkers”. Flying requires far less fine motor function than bi and quadrupedal balance and motion. That is still in the horse and cart phase compared to the Ferrari that it will become.

    • Try 15, maybe less. Did you know the SR-71 was operational before the end of the Vietnam War? Whatever they show us, it’s about 25 years (or more) behind what they really have.

      The Global Elite want to eliminate human soldiers completely and replace them with robot soldiers, so as to work around human soldiers’ weakness: compassion being able to think for themselves.

      This think must be fairly old tec – a mobile dentists’ drill that chucks cinderblocks.

  10. I have seen other video of this particular robot where the operators approach and try to shove it sideways to knock it over. It reacts like an animal or person: it stumbles a bit and moves away from the person shoving it as it regains its balance but it doesn’t fall over.

    The only positive aspect is that it is slow … which makes it vulnerable to a nice sledge hammer. Of course no one normally carries a sledge hammer around so that would be the down side.

  11. This would be a good reason to have hard cast lead shotgun slugs … or shotgun slugs with mostly steel cores. A 300 grain hardened projectile with a 2000 fps muzzle velocity can do some pretty serious damage to anything without armor plating.

  12. Actually I think this robot project is a funding boondoggle — a quasi-legitimate way for some government employee or representative to funnel money to a friend or relative.

    I am much more concerned about tiny (bumble bee or humming bird size) flying drones. They are tiny, quiet, next to impossible to notice, and worst of all inexpensive compared to the monstrosity in that video. All they need are a sharp “nose” with a small amount of neurotoxin to fly into a person and disable them. It sounds silly at first until you consider that bees have stung everyone at some point in their life. Now imagine if a dozen “bees” were coming at you and determined to “sting” you. You really don’t stand a chance in that scenario even if you were expecting them. I suppose I will have to begin carrying a tennis racquet with me in the near future!

  13. That thing walking thru the woods is friggin creepy. I’d probably soil myself if I randomly came across that while walking thru the woods.


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