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Armsband holster (courtesy

There was a time when I read every comment on every post. Now that TTAG’s cranking out (in a high-quality way) 14 posts a day, those days are long gone. But I still cruise through our comments widget to keep my finger on the pulse to stay current with the Armed Intelligentsia’s gestalt. And look what I found! A response to our article What Could Possibly Go Wrong: ArmsBand Edition from the manufacturer. A little late perhaps; the post was written in July 2012. But much appreciated. (e.g., “To those who think me a fool for pursuing this method of carry from idea to product to market: You may be right.”) Make the jump for the more modest merriment and details on how you – yes YOU! – can win an ArmsBand holster . . .

For anyone using an ArmsBand®, it is important to follow the directions to avoid pointing the gun at your own body. There is a recommended sequence to avoid this mistake. Still, it is possible to mount the weapon incorrectly, but there is no need either when mounting or drawing to point the weapon at yourself. To those who think me a fool for pursuing this method of carry from idea to product to market: You may be right.

The orientation of the handgun in a properly mounted and carried ArmsBand® is a little better than the most popular shoulder harnesses with regard to flagging others, and better than the popular appendix carry, but it is still possible to have the muzzle pointed at someone behind you if they are close enough or tall enough. One LEO user says he can no longer lean back at his desk with his feet up without drawing comments.

We’ve had favorable comments about ArmsBand® Carry by drivers. Having the gun up and away from the seat and seat belts is an advantage as is the convenience and safety of the draw, for right hander’s.

The ArmsBand® is not recommended for people with circulatory problems that would make wearing the ArmsBand® a poor choice.

Among users of the ArmsBand®, sweat problems are surprisingly few, but it is a concern. Probably less so than IWB or appendix carry though.
Running and even jumping with ArmsBand® carry works reasonably well but brawling is not recommended as even with the band fairly tight after delivery of three or four blows, the band can slip down the arm and the gun can come loose. (See the Concealed Carry Magazine review by Bob Pilgrim for some negatives relative to this)

I will include a recommendation to leave a little protective fluid in the barrel to avoid ruining the rifling for those with particularly prevalent and corrosive sweat.

We offer a refund to anyone who is unhappy with the ArmsBand® for any reason. The ArmsBand® is a new product, we think it offers some advantages to some people but realize it will not appeal to folks who only carry large guns and recognize that it is normal and right for folks to be skeptical. Maybe some of you could go to the website and offer comments that would help me improve the instructions, cautions, etc.
Thanks for your interest and by the way the dude in the pictures is unfortunately Scotch Irish and never tans even when living in Tahiti and diving 4 hours a day. Maybe soon we can get a decent model.

Bill Davis

To win a FREE ArmsBand holster, just come up with a snazzy motto/tag line for the product. Winner announced tomorrow.

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  1. Do not taunt ArmsBand®. If ArmsBand® begins to smoke or vibrate, please seek shelter immediately…

    • ArmsBand® may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.

      ArmsBand® contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at.

      Do not use ArmsBand® on concrete.

      When not in use, ArmsBand® should be returned to its special container and kept under refrigeration. Failure to do so relieves the makers of ArmsBand®, Wacky Products Incorporated, and its parent company, Global Chemical Unlimited, of any and all liability.

      ArmsBand® may stick to certain types of skin.

  2. I’m constantly looking for a way to carry when I’m out on the dual sport. Since I ride in the mud and muck and wipes are not just possible but likely, traditional holsters are out. I tried the NRA body band and it doesn’t work for me. Inside coat pocket is dangerous and uncomfortable. I’d give this sucker a try for riding. Also, the freaky looking fanny pack reviewed here the other day.

  3. *shrug*

    It’s another option. Another tool in the toolkit.

    I could see it being used by women who wear sundresses.

    • Aren’t most dresses like that sleeveless? I think it would kinda ruin the look to have an LCP jammed into your armpit in a black nylon armband. Maybe someone should make a companion product, the Tactical Sundress. Made of ripstop nylon, MOLLE webbing all over it, built-in mag pouches. Just because you need to operate operationally, doesn’t mean you can’t look feminine doing it.

      • I just buy the 5.11 holsters that are backed with velcro and made for sticking on the inside door of a safe.

        The velcro sticks agressively to the thick, matted hair on my back.

        • Well played, sir. I like your “John McClane minus the duct tape” style.

          I assume this works well for you in appendix carry as well?

    • Forget it is uncomfortable. Forget you have to wear it so tight that you cut off your blood circulation. How the hell are you supposed to draw from this thing? If you have average to muscular arms, you won’t be able to pull your hand out of your sleeve once you have a martial grip on your gun.

  4. I’m impressed with the down to earth response from the manufacturer/inventor.
    I think my chosen carry pistols would be too big, but it’s definitely an option in the car, vs IWB.

    as for a replacement model, she would probably have skinny arms and make the pistol selection even more difficult 😉

  5. Not just corrosive, but prevalent, too!

    In other words, if you’re a sweaty hog, dip the gun in cosmoline before you cram it in your stank-ass armpit.

    • I heard you like to keep and bear arms so I got you some arms for your arm so you can be armed on your bare arm when you’re bearing your arms on your arm.

  6. Piss off a liberal… “Assault Band®”

    Armed to the teeth? Bah! Armed to the arms!

    Band on the gun… band on the gun…. (Paul McCartney and Wings)

    When someone asks, “Show me your guns,” you can do that… along with your biceps.

  7. “Apply once in the morning for day-long protection.”

    It looks like it could double as a manly thigh holster for us guys with skinny legs.

    • Or…

      There’s deodorant, there’s anti-perspirant…and then there’s anti-perpetrator.

      ArmsBand: Keep the funk of society off you.


      ArmsBand: when body spray just won’t cut it. (Ideally, there’s a picture of mace with this caption.)

  8. Welcome to the gun show (with picture of a dude flexing his bicep under the holster)

  9. Seeing that registered-trademark symbol on every mention of ArmsBand almost made me miss the days of “Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.”

  10. Skotch is something you drink, Scottish is someone from Scotland. And I still have a lump from the guy that taught me the difference. Surly fellow, but one to have along side you when the poop hits the ventilator. Sorry, but I have no suggestion for a slogan, because some of the above ones are far better than anything I could come up with.

  11. There was a time when I read every comment on every post. Now that TTAG’s cranking out (in a high-quality way) 14 posts a day, those days are long gone.

    ??! … @>!? You’re not reading my posts? Can’t believe this. All this time I thought you were reading my posts. Unbelievable.

  12. Frankly, I nearly stopped reading when he asserted that sweatband carry was better than AIWB to avoid flagging others. Unless there’s someone laying on the ground between my feet when I draw, nobody gets muzzled with my gun unless I want that to happen. But of COURSE I kept going and read the rest, just in case there was more humor therein.

    There might be reasons that AIWB is legal in USPSA (Limited and Open divisions) but shoulder holsters and sweatband carry are not. Those reasons seem likely to be safety related. Just sayin’.

  13. The Arms Band, helping you exercise you right to keep and bare arms while you exercise.

  14. I can’t help it, something about muzzling over a major artery doesn’t sit just gives me the heebee jeebies. It’s why i don’t appendix carry (sitting muzzles either the femoral artery or if canted muzzles over the junk). The same applies here, the holster gets jostled and you are muzzling over either your brachial artery or your armpit… But I’d have to actually take a look at one of these to see how bad it really is.

  15. Shoulder holster convenience, all-day comfort, Wal-Mart price. ArmBand Holsters.

  16. ArmsBand: The best trick up your sleeve ever.

    ArmsBand: It’s the newest craze in anti-perpspirant (I did that on purpose). You may still stink to high hell, but not as bad as you would if you were dead.

  17. Wow….this is honestly the most stupid thing I’ve seen related to gun accessories, yes, even more stupid than the man-purse/fanny pack thing.

  18. So one has to be an anorexic man in his 40’s for this not to be “notveryconcealed-carry”

  19. ARMS (band), an American indie rock band, formed in New York in 2004. Originally a solo project created by ex-Harlem Shakes’ guitarist Todd Goldstein.

  20. ArmsBand, the most accessible way to carry a gun for the thug you are trying to push off since the shoulder holster.

  21. My pistol smells like gun powder, why would I stink it up with arm pit smell, wow! Keep awake out there and don’t let anyone near you that stinks!

  22. Be careful in snatching the weapon you could bald your arm pit, ouch! I can see it now fire at a BG until the mag. goes empty, then throw the gun at the perk, he falls over because of the stinch, wow, cool.

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