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By Gretchen Ehlke and Ivan Moreno, Associated Press

A police officer shot an armed male student in a classroom at a suburban Milwaukee high school Monday morning after the teenager pointed a gun at officers, a police chief said.

Officers performed life-saving measures on the 17-year-old Waukesha South High School student, who is in custody and in stable condition, and no officers or other students were injured, Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said.

The shooting happened after another student told a school resource officer that a classmate had a handgun around 10:17 a.m., Jack said. He said the resource officer went to the classroom to confront the teen and move other students in the room to safety. Authorities have not said if other students were in the classroom during the ensuing standoff, and Jack did not immediately respond to an email seeking clarity.

Waukesha police and sheriff’s deputies soon arrived at the school and tried to de-escalate the situation to no avail.

“The suspect would not remove his hands from his pocket and continued to ignore officers’ commands,” Jack said. “The suspect removed his handgun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers. An officer was forced to discharge his firearm, striking the suspect.”

The officer who shot the student is an 11-year veteran of the Waukesha Police Department, Jack said.

Police have not said whether the student ever fired his weapon. Police said the shooting was an isolated incident and that they are not seeking any other suspects.

Andrew Oresick, 16, told the Journal Sentinel that he was outside his Spanish class hanging posters with other students and their teacher when they heard a commotion.

“These kids start running out from the classroom directly across from us, and one of them goes: ‘He’s got a gun,’” Oresick recalled. He said their Spanish teacher immediately got them into the classroom.

Parents gathered outside and hugged students as they streamed out of the school about 18 miles (30 kilometers) west of Milwaukee. Some students said they took cover under desks and teachers barricaded doors when a drill was announced. They told reporters outside the school that they knew it wasn’t a drill when they heard two or three gunshots.

“It was just really scary,” Alexis Grady, a senior, told the Journal Sentinel.

School shootings have occasionally shone a spotlight on the response by guards and school resource officers. Armed school resource officers have rarely prevented a school shooting.

Last year, armed guards at three high-profile school shootings — Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida; and Santa Fe High School in Texas — were unable to stop the rampage.

In Parkland, the school’s resource officer remained outside rather than enter the building to engage the shooter and try to end the attack.

Gun-rights advocates believe having more armed educators and law enforcement in schools will help stop a shooter in his tracks. Gun-control advocates contend that arming teachers and having more guns in a school will do little to prevent school shootings and that such moves could put kids at greater risk.

An estimated 43% of public schools have an armed law enforcement officer on-site, according to a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics. The survey covered the 2015-16 school year, the most recent year surveyed. That figure doesn’t include schools with armed private security guards or teachers and administrators who carry firearms.

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  1. Topical. I was just watching youtube vids about how dysfunctional the wisconsin school districts are. Lots of teachers leaving saying no help from admin. I’d never live in a hellhole like wisconsin.

    • Waukesha isn’t actually a part of Wisconsin. It’s a suburb of Milwaukee/Chicago Hellhole.
      But point taken.

      • That’s bullshit. Waukesha could be considered a suburb of Milwaukee at 21 miles east of the city but it has no connection to Chicago. Chicago is 100 miles south.

        • They’re just idiots being idiotic…
          And Waukesha is in no way, shape or form to be considered a suburb of Milwaukee, it’s a completely different county, and the county seat…

        • Milwaukee is a port city on Lake Michigan, so unless this is a refounded Atlantis and all the residents have gills, there’s no way Waukesha 21 miles east of Milwaukee.

  2. Gee, yet another pupil of the Bolshevik Indoctrination Center showing just how well he was taught at not caring for the lives of others or even himself… and just in time for Scotus NYSRPA!

  3. No report that I have seen asserts that the kid pulled the trigger. I am not criticizing the officer on the scene, but this is a Police Shooting that happened at a school. The media will be screaming, until the next sensation, that this is another school shooting.

    And how many media outlets will point out that a man with a GUN took a threat down? Will the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNPC or Blaze point out that an armed response eliminated a possible threat to students?

    • Yeah it sounds like he was narc’d for having the gun and drew on the police when they went to apprehend him. Not a school shooting.

      Gang members and screwed up kids carry guns in school all the time without the intention of perpetrating a school shooting.

      • Shooting took place in a school, more than one round was fired so therefore a “school mass shooting. “
        It’s just common sense.

    • A gun was fired, intentionally, at someone, hitting that someone, at a school. That’s a school shooting, by definition. I get it: it wasn’t some kid going berserk in the hallways with the gun. Well….it was about to be. He had the gun. He had purpose.

      We can quibble about pre-crime all evening. (Well, maybe you could, I’m only in it for this one reply.) The fact remains that extremely dangerous circumstances already existed. The actual spree shooting was just a matter of time. It’s that mortal danger that’s at issue here. The antis would be right in drawing attention to that, even if the kid had not yet pulled the trigger.

  4. “A police officer shot an armed male student in a classroom at a suburban Milwaukee high school Monday morning after the teenager pointed a gun at officers”

    Seems like someone didn’t really understand how a gunfight is supposed to work.

    There is some irony here though since I’m fairly confident that this will be added to the statistics as a “school shooting”.

  5. I’m a teacher. This sucks, but it went the right way because Billy Badass faced a hard target instead of only soft targets. Our focus should be on PREVENTION, but when the gun comes out a credible resistance is your only hope. Sigh.

  6. Hey, Scott Israel and the rest of you Broward Cowards:

    This is the way it is done by brave and intrepid men.

  7. Why do all media reports have to reference “arming teachers” as if the school principal is going to be handing out G19s on orientation day? The proposals have been to STOP DISARMING the teachers who are ALREADY ARMED but have to leave their tools at home when they go to work, where they might need them the most.

    Of course I know the answer to my own question. The left wing media repeats this talking point to support the disinformation campaign against citizens with firearms.

    • They also make it sound like “arming teachers” will be mandatory if they vote to allow it.

      • And they make “arming teachers” sound as if one wants to militarize them. I guess that since modern police arm themselves more like paramilitary forces than like a police force I can see why they are conflating the issue.

    • Comon’ guys. Ya’ll know the drill.

      Rule #1 of politics: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit.

  8. And THIS is what’s supposed to happen sans body cavity searches & metal detectors. Good job officer. Thanks for not being a puzzy!

  9. I feel for the cop having to shoot a teenager like that. No one wants it to end that way. The teenager clearly made a huge mistake taking a gun to school and should he live he’ll regret it the rest of his life.
    No one should be gloating over this or doing high fives.

  10. News reports read like an attempted Suicide By Cop.

    So it is not a school shooting. It was some messed up kid tried to get the cops to solve all his troubles. Sad shit, glad nobody died.

  11. Why is it in America these days every time someone uses a distance in miles, yards, feet or inches they then have to convert it to metric???

    • American Patriot,

      Isn’t it obvious? Showing distances in miles, yards, feet, inches is tacit endorsement of the Imperial System which is tacit endorsement of the British Empire which is tacit endorsement of the American Colonies which is tacit endorsement of slavery and Manifest Destiny which is tacit endorsement of the evil white-privilege system — which we must resist/reject at every turn.

    • I guess it’s just in case some foreign news outlet wanted to run the story anywhere in the world, outside of this island of imperial system.

    • That’s what you got out of this? It’s not like Imperial units weren’t provided.

      BTW, Thomas Jefferson himself as Secretary of State endorsed a decimal system but since we were on the outs with the French at the time, who had control of the meter standard, he decided against it. Had the politics of the time been different, you might not know any other system.

  12. High fives are required. Give the officer a promotion and significant pay raise. He may have stopped a future serial killer, that might have kidnapped your son or daughter. Bleeding hearts is what has got usin this mess in the first place. He is a teenager in high school don’t tell me he isn’t aware of the laws and consequences if he is that mentality challenged he should have been home schooled and where he could have endangered his parental modules.

    • Sam Hill,

      … if he is that mentality challenged he should have been home schooled and where he could have endangered his parental modules.

      If he is that mentally challenged, in all likelihood there are no parental modules at home. He may have absentee parents that have utterly and totally shirked their responsibility to raise a well-adjusted child. But he does not have parental modules that would home-school him.

  13. Talk about a story dying before it even lived…this story has not been peeped in the mainstream press. That leads me to certain preliminary connect-the-dots conclusions about the young man

  14. Naturally the most obvious question everyone avoided was: How did a 16 year old kid get a handgun. Probably at home because it was not locked up or in other cases an unvetted street handgun. There are obvious sane solutions for both those problems which is always avoided by the Republicans. Too much NRA money lets the killings go on and the problem never solved. That will soon change after the 2020 elections.

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