Armed School Resource Officer Takes Down Maryland School Shooter

Here’s the press conference held by St. Mary’s County, Maryland Sheriff Tim Cameron with the latest on this morning’s Great Mills High School shooting.

After shooting one male and one female student, an armed school resource officer on duty did something no one in Parkland, Florida was willing to do. He opened fire at the shooter.

The suspect, believed to be a student, is dead after a shooting Tuesday morning at a high school in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, that has left a girl in critical condition and a boy in stable condition, according to authorities.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office says it happened at Great Mills High School and that police are on the scene. ABC7’s Brad Bell said sources tell him the shooter was a student, as were the two victims. Bell says a school resource officer took action to end the threat and authorities confirmed the incident has been contained.

There’s no way to know how many more students might have been injured or killed had Great Hills been an entirely gun-free zone. Fortunately, we won’t have to find out.

Meanwhile, we’re sure that Broward Count Sheriff Scott Israel, exercising more of his amazing leadership, is hard at work analyzing the Maryland response for future training purposes.

Our friend Shannon Watts was characteristically quick to jump on the opportunity, claiming that NRA spokesman Dana Loesch was politicizing the shooting. Pot…kettle…

Shannon’s must be under the mistaken impression that armed resource officers are only there to sweep floors and hurry students along to class. She hasn’t yet addressed the fact that this morning’s violence was stopped by…wait for it…a good guy with a gun. One who was there, in a school, just in case the worst happened.

She’ll probably get right on that.


  1. avatar anonymoose says:

    Shannon probably sends her kids to a nice private school or some fancy New England prep academy with Daddy Bloombucks’s money.

    1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      Most of the leadership in the anti gun movement have no children. Or they re all adults who attended a private school as children.

      1. avatar Uh-huh says:

        Probably because the Anti-gunners Murdered, I mean aborted their babies in the womb.

      2. avatar JasonM says:

        Have you not seen her Bio? She’s a stay at home mother of five.

        1. avatar Mister Fleas says:

          “Have you not seen her Bio? She’s a stay at home mother of five.”

          She is professional P.R. hack employed by Michael Bloomberg to agitate against Second Amendment rights.

  2. avatar The Rookie says:

    Glad the perp was stopped before things got worse. Best thoughts and wishes for the two kids he shot. Hope they make it.

  3. avatar Gman says:

    So a good guy actually showed up!

    1. avatar Bloving says:

      I prefer to say: a good guy with a gun was not legally prohibited from being there.

  4. avatar Docduracoat says:

    Maryland has an assault rifle ban
    A good guy with a gun stopped an attempted mass killer
    Good thing the school was not entirely gun free

    1. avatar Raoul Duke says:

      It bans certain rifles, but a lot of them are still legal. The Maryland “AW Ban” is a massive farce.

      1. avatar Steve Kroh says:

        Shut up before they hear you.

      2. avatar Hannibal says:

        They all are…

    2. avatar Mercury says:

      The federal government of the United States of America has an assault rifle ban (with an exception for those posessed and regisgered before ’86) because an assault rifle necessarily has fully automatic capability. What Maryland has is an “assault weapons” ban, which means absolutely nothing in a technical sense. A bowl of tapioca pudding could be banned as an “assault weapon” because the term has no meaning outside of legal fiction.

  5. avatar NoBs. says:

    And how many of us WOULD actually walk into danger ? It’s one thing to have a gun and be authorized to use it, it’s another to walk blindly in the line of fire. Let’s give credit to a true hero.. I say ” Bravo ” and thank you for your service.

    1. avatar The Sand Man says:

      It’s called doing your job. No more. No less. Just like the rest of us. And I’m not shilling daily to be called a “hero” and asking for “thanks for your service”. Just do your job.

      1. avatar Alexander Nix says:

        That’s right because you aren’t a hero, your one of the little people, glad you recognize it cop hater.

  6. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    It’s great that the SRO ended this expeditiously and without getting injured himself. I doubt that this incident will move the chains in our direction any, though.

    We can point to the good guy with a gun stopping this, but the antis will just point out that he was a super highly trained, expert ninja assassin, spec ops SRO, and not some aging nine-fingered, wood shop teacher with a .38 Special revolver, who pulled this off. So adding SROs, not arming teachers/staff, is the solution.

    That bats the shuttlecock back into our court, where we smash volley it back, arguing that SROs can be cowards and not engage. The antis’ response? “Yeah, we know. That’s why we also raised the purchase age, instituted gun violence restraining orders, and banned bump stocks.”

    And we…..we…..we have nothing after that, and here we are: great outcome to a school shooting, or at least as good as can be expected, and it still doesn’t kickstart anything in favor of freedom.

    1. avatar Raoul Duke says:

      Yea we do have something.

      Show me an example of where these new laws specifically prevented a crime from happening.

      That’s right, it doesn’t and it won’t.


    2. avatar Euronam says:

      My shop teacher was a much better shot with a pistol then I’ll ever be. Of course he had all ten fingers.

  7. avatar NoBs. says:

    Johnathan Huston…. well, let’s see how much positive press the major news networks give this.. I hoping for a lot but expecting less.

  8. avatar Ragnarredbeard says:

    “After shooting one male and one female student, an armed school resource officer on duty did something no one in Parkland, Florida was willing to do.”

    Wait, the officer shot two students?

    1. avatar 2004done says:

      Ragnarredbeard: I suppose on top of Good Guy w/ a gun, you’re going to point out the obvious effects of “Common Core” lack-of-teaching. [Nice job, I elided it myself, and I’m a non-ComCore senior citizen that should have seen it, Thanks!]

  9. avatar Hank says:

    And she doesn’t even realize how condescending and tone-deaf she really is…probably a future blue state senator…

  10. avatar Hopscotch says:

    I’m more concerned with what David Hogg, Latina Gonzalez and Cameron Kasky have to say /

  11. avatar CarlosT says:

    Immediate armed response: two wounded, zero killed.

    No armed response: 17 wounded, 17 killed.

    Anti-gun activists: guns are not the answer!

    1. avatar SurfGW says:

      Guns in the right hands are the answer. Clearly, SROs with guns is the right answer, especially with patrol rifles (AR’s).

      1. avatar wyantry says:

        Long guns in a “quick access” locker, perhaps. A 5.56mm round is not appropriate in a crowded environment. Too bulky, slow handling in crowded conditions.

        Rifles might be good for CONTROLLING large crowds, but not for precision use INSIDE crowds….

  12. avatar Armchair Command’oh says:

    And the left will still insist that guns don’t stop mass shootings. Cognitive dissonance will tell them that a mass shooting involves four or more deaths, here there were none, so it’s not a mass shooting. Ergo, the good guy with a gun did not stop a mass shooting.

    1. avatar 2004done says:

      Armchair: SSHHHH! Anti-Constitutionalists don’t need any help.

    2. avatar Jim Macklin says:

      BECAUSE the good guy was there within seconds and stopped any further blood shed NO MASS SCHOOL KILLING happened, ergo, nothing happened, nothing to see or report, move along.

  13. avatar Matt says:

    The news is always people dying. Its never people NOT dying. This story probably wont even covered in 24 hours. Nothing to see here citizens, move along.

  14. avatar William Ashbless says:

    Food for thought: This would not count as an armed person ‘Stopping a Mass Shooting’ by FBI standards. The Resource Officer killed the perpetrator of a double attempted homicide but, not a mass shooter.

  15. avatar sound awake says:


    too bad that cruz kid is still 98.6 or thereabouts

    lotsa taxpayer $$$ going to be spent giving him 3 hots and a cot and medical care for the next 50+ years…

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      Cruz should be renditioned to Club Gitmo to participate in lots of water sports.

  16. avatar Montesa_VR says:

    As I write this I have not seen confirmed that the SRO actually shot the shooter. What I read was that the SRO fired one shot and the shooter fired one shot and the shooter later died. Possibly he shot himself, which would be a typical reaction of a school shooter when confronted with the possibility that someone might shoot back.

  17. avatar J says:

    Oppose Gun Control and Weapons Ban Legislation

    Please help save our 2nd Amendment rights. Please pass the first link to others so we can get this petition sent to the White House.

    1. avatar Big Bill says:

      I suppose if you brew beer at home, the petitions do something.
      Otherwise, they are a bust, providing little more than “we agree” responses, but little action.

  18. avatar Mark N. says:

    Hey Shannon, are you oblivious to the fact that most if not all SROs are law enforcement officers? You know, those guys who are supposed to shoot at armed bad guys?

  19. avatar Wayne says:

    CNN is still talking Trump. MSNBC is also talking colusion. No mention of this. Doesn’t fit their agenda…

  20. avatar AndrewinVA says:

    I hate how the corporate media weaselly uses firearm-related words only in a negative light.

    I’d love to see an honest headline like “Gunman stops attempted mass murder”

    1. avatar PistoleroJesse says:

      I’d prefer “Man of the Gun”

  21. avatar Michael in GA says:

    This was a shooting at a school, not a school shooter. He targeted the individuals.

    1. avatar Mark H says:

      Exactly this. There is no indication at all that this was a “School Shooting” as opposed to a domestic shooting that occurred at a school.

      The shooter targeted one individual (female) that he had a “known relationship” with. No indication that the second victim was targeted. Could have been a target. Could have been a miss. Could have been a “through and through” on the first victim that over-penetrated and hit a 2nd student. No data.

      We also at this point do not know if the SRO shot the shooter or not. Only that he fired his weapon.

      1. avatar clst says:

        You can bet that if the shooter had actually killed another student it would have been a “School Shooting” and all over the MSM.

  22. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Hell Mary Mother of Geese, the Lord is with you.

  23. avatar Hank says:

    As someone who’s worked in the prison that he’ll very likely be going to, his life will not be pleasant. I can assure you.

    1. avatar Gunr says:

      Does that mean you’ve got “Big Bubba” all prepped for the arrival of his new “bride”, with some gritty sand to mix in with the “butt grease”? OUCH!

  24. avatar Joseph says:

    “After shooting one male and one female student, an armed school resource officer on duty did something no one in Parkland, Florida was willing to do. He opened fire at the shooter.”

    Why did the school resource officer shoot one male and female student before opening fire on the shooter?

    1. avatar Jim Macklin says:

      Proper grammar is not taught as part of either TV or print reporting or editor training.

  25. avatar Hannibal says:

    Heeeey, look what happens when you assign a cop to a school who has the requisite balls to do his job.

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