ArmaLite Limited Edition AR-10 1913 Carbine

ArmaLite would like you to know that they’re offering a limited run of AR-10 1913 Carbines. So now you know. The AR-10A4CBNF 1913 features a National Match two-stage trigger, 16″ barrel, 1913 quad rail handguard, Picatinny gas block, Flattop Picatinny upper receiver, forward assist and collapsible stock. “Compact yet rugged, this AR-10 is perfect for both tactical and sporting uses,” ArmaLite proclaims, failing to use TTAG’s preferred euphemism for assault rifles (home defense gun). And just in case you think we’re craven bastards willing to whore ourselves to anyone who’ll loan us a weapon, TTAG’s got an AR-10 review in the works. Our next newest writer, Captain John Raguso, is stoked.

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