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Check this “Editor’s Note” from “At the request of a number of licensees who were concerned that they might be targeted by criminals, Arkansas Business has voluntarily removed a link to the spreadsheet of concealed-carry licensees generated by the Arkansas State Police on Friday morning before the information was exempted from the state Freedom of Information Act. However, the spreadsheet will still be available by request. If you want a copy, email [email protected].” Gun owners who value their privacy might want to use that address to share their concern that the publication is still putting Natural State licensees in the crosshairs.

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  1. I’d suggest starting your letter with, “Hi, my name is Matt. I’m a white male, 5’10”, 205#, and my hobbies include model airplanes, burglary, and dealing in stolen property. I’d like to request a copy of that list, please, so I know which of my neighbors to fear and shun watch and track their movements.”

  2. My email:
    Thank you for publishing and making available this list. It makes my job so much easier. You see, I’m a career criminal, and finding a good score is harder these days what with the recession and all. Times are hard all over, even in the seedy world of crime. TVs are a dime a dozen, but guns of all sorts are hot commodities, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks again! You are a saint!
    /sarcasm in case you missed it.

  3. Here is more contact info:

    Contact Us
    Arkansas Business Publishing Group
    122 East Second Street
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
    Toll free: (888) 322-6397
    Main line: (501) 372-1443
    Customer Service
    (501) 372-1443

        • My letter.


          I am writing in regards to this column by Gwen Moritz.

          I find it abhorrent that she would use her position at this business news organization to push her personal agenda of endangering the privacy, lives, and property of gun owners. I suspect your organization could become civilly liable for any harm that comes from her publishing and using her official web address to disseminate this information.

          Thank you for you time,

        • Ok, when I read “will still be available by request” I assumed that this was the policy of the company, to do things by request instead of publishing, and she was just the contact woman. You make it sound like her bosses made the decision to respect privacy, and she’s just doing a “gunshow loophole” thing by privately giving the list personally through email, so it’s not officially given out. You may be right.

          In defense of my use of the loophole term: I’m not against private sales of weapons to those who are of good character, regardless of background check, licensing, or felon status.

        • I got a reply from Gwen in regards to the email I sent to her and the rest of the staff asking:

          “Could I publish this as a letter to the editor?”

          Anyone here see why she would want to?

        • “Anyone here see why she would want to?”

          Because she’s doing her job as a journalist and giving “the other side” their say, in public, in her publication?

        • All they have to do is look on the comments at the bottom of her own column (which are now closed) and find plenty to choose from.

      • Thanks for that. Those who called and emailed their anger a few days ago might consider sending her a note congratulating her on her lessons learned. Not everyone figures stuff out instinctively.

        “Some can learn by being told, others can learn by watching. The rest of us have to pee on the electric fence ourselves.”

        • Matt, love the “peeing on an electric fence” bit.
          When we were kids(5 or 6 yrs old) my cousin and I had a bad habit of peeing by the edge of the chicken coop on our grandparents farm.
          Granpa had an electric fence b it to keep the cows from wandering into the two fishing ponds he had(the fence was hooked to an old 6 volt Eveready battery).
          One day one of our Aunts seen us an told Granpa about it. Later in the day he caught my cousin taking a leak in the “Usual” place an snuck up behind him and pushed him just enough that the liquid stream hit the fence.
          The hollering and dancin around he done was so funny!!! We still tease him about it an he still gets red faced about over 40 years later!!!
          Thanks for bringing back a funny time!!

  4. If the list is accurate, I’m on it. Forget polite requests. If a criminal breaks into my home, I’ll look into naming Arkansas Business Publishing Group as a co-defendant in a lawsuit.

  5. As an Arkansan, this is terrifying. Never thought something like that could happen here, then again, we are the least free state in the South in regards to gun rights and self defense law. Regardless, this person will be receiving an email.

    • Im glad that you guys are fairly free regarding your gun rights but maybe even a little surprised. I walked in to a nursing facility there (work related) and they had a picture of Bill Clinton hanging up in the main entrance. It took me a minute to remember hes from Arkansas but it just seemed a little odd. Dont get me wrong, Im not thinking it means that everyone worships him overe there.

  6. Concealed-carry firearm licensee lists should be kept confidential for the same reason(s) automobile licensee lists are confidential. If one is made public, then so should the other. The reason, as I understand it, that auto licensee information was made confidential is because a stalker tracked down a woman using her auto license plate information and getting her address from DMV. A law was thereafter passed making DMV automobile license information confidential. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find out where that guy lives who cut you off in traffic, then go to his house & confront him? That would certainly make the country a safer place, right?

    And this doesn’t even address the issue(s) of making other govt-issued benefit recipient information public, such as govt-paid abortions, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, housing assistance, TANF, TEA, cell phones and more. If we’re going to make public concealed-carry licensees, then let’s make the Obamaphone list public too!

  7. As an Arkansan myself I emailed her a request yesterday for a copy of the list for my personal safety. Haven’t gotten any replies yet but am emailing again this afternoon.
    She is really not very smart is she!! Considering the law passed about keeping the list private and she is offering the list after the passing of the law she is in direct violation of the privacy law!! Hate that for her!! Repercussions hurt you know!!
    And yes I am on the list!!!

  8. An email I just sent to them with “carry concealed list” in the subject line:

    Thank you for still continuing to allow criminals to target innocent law abiding people who want to protect themselves and family. When these peoples houses are broken into and anyone who is seriously injured or killed, I’ll be sure to sign any and ALL petitions to hold you, and ones who continue to allow this stuff to be public knowledge, accountable for any and ALL damages.

  9. Hey Gwen,

    To heck with the list of people who have guns. Can you track down people who might have some 5.56 x 45? Also, a list of anyone with a few bricks of .22 lr would be welcome. If it isn’t too much trouble, could you include a list of gun/ammo owner’s work schedules so as to allow “the boys” to maximize their collections and reduce their risk.

    Ima Crook


  10. Yeah, been dropping e-mails to good old Maxine Brantley over at Arkansas Times about the final culmination of what he/she/it started almost 4 1/2 years ago when the list was posted there, he/she/it isnt replying, hmmmmmmmm.

    Besides, still dont understand why these anti gun idiots keep intentionally irritating, oh thats right, they are blindly following Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals #8. “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”

  11. I will start the emailing I guess. And you can believe if anyone breaks in my home, these people will be held responsible.

  12. Arkansas although still categorized as a “free” state is still the retarded incestuous half cousin of the family of all the southern states.


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