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By Patricia Fay

As a 2nd Amendment supporter, I strongly believe in one’s right to keep and bear arms. As a female and a mother, my beliefs grow even stronger. Like most mama bears, the instinct to protect and defend both my children and myself is inevitable. I know many people that are new to the gun world and want to fully immerse themselves in our culture, but don’t know how with children in the home. The following is a crash course in firearms safety, and a couple of tips on how to be a safe and responsible gun owner with children in the home . . .

The first step to becoming a responsible gun owning parent is education. Educating yourself on the different sorts of ways you can safely store your firearm, you can ensure that firearms are out of your child’s reach. Taking a basic course in firearms, as a family, is also a great way to keep everyone involved in the family. Children are more curious about that of which they know none about. There are a variety of different programs out there to help educate kids, from the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, with their catchy slogan: “Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.” to safety classes at your local range. Feel free to have a conversation with your older children, and answer any questions they may have, or refer them to someone who can.

Safes, gun locks, cable locks, biometric, key, RFID, combination…the possibilities are endless, and sometimes a little confusing. Some people prefer one over another and it comes down to personal preference, adjusted to your situation. External gun locks are one option, whether it’s a cable lock going through the magwell, or a trigger lock blocking the trigger and prohibiting anyone from using the firearm without having a combination or a key. When it comes to safes, there are many options depending on how big of a size safe is needed.

There are biometric safes, where you use your fingerprint to open up a safe, and most can store up to or more than 120 different fingerprints, allowing your spouse to have access to it as well. There are safes with RFID cards or bracelets, where all you need is a card/key fob or bracelet that you scan and the safe opens. This may work for most, but I wouldn’t recommend this option for those with older children who are curious and can easily snag the fob or bracelet from an adult and gain access to the firearms. Last but not least, there are your traditional key and combination safes, which, although not as tech savvy as the above mentioned ways to store your firearm, is a tried and true method, and a way to keep firearms out of the reach of the young and curious.

Another important aspect of responsible gun ownership as a parent having adequate legal protection. In the event of a self-defense related shooting legal fees can be hard-hitting and legal action can come quickly. While we all hope to avoid such an event, ensuring you know what to do in the aftermath is an important part of preparation.

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Firearms Legal Protection is a legal services company that specializes in providing protection and assistance to gun owners in the aftermath of a self-defense incident. For an affordable monthly membership ranging from $9.95 to $27.95 a month, any potential attorney fees are covered, and defense will be provided for both civil and criminal charges. The higher level memberships will cover your whole family, and include bail bond fee protection, lost wages protection, firearm confiscation payment, and more.

Being a responsible gun-owning parent is all about preparation and education. What else do you do to keep your family safe?

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    • Texas Law Shield (or just plain Law Shield outside of Texas) is under the sway of a bunch of annoying marketing pukes. Want to know what it’s like dealing with a used car salesman? Go to their seminars.

  1. I would personally suggest ACLDN. It’s not an insurance scheme that reimburses if you win your case, but rather a fund for paying defense costs up front. A huge part of that investment is the educational materials you get, which are specifically geared toward teaching you WHEN to draw your gun, and then defending yourself in court.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I’m pretty heavily involved with them, but I was a paying member even before that.

    • +1 on Armed Citizens Defense Network. Look at their board and what they provide, who provides legal help if your self defense shooting is valid but prosecuted anyways.

  2. ” This may work for most, but I wouldn’t recommend this option for those with older children who are curious and can easily snag the fob or bracelet from an adult and gain access to the firearms.”

    I am curious is this the politically correct way of saying your child has no respect for other peoples property or honor in the parents teachings. Some parents are not respectable by choice and thankfully children can still be taught.
    How about don’t be sperm or egg donor and be a parent, and teach your children respect of others and their property.

  3. Wow- ads on this site are now everywhere. Why don’t you rename the site too, and then sell off the space for sponsored ads.

    Thank god for AdBlocker! I wonder when they’ll figure out how to start blocking out this kind of crap too.

  4. When they figure out how to block every ad including this sort, that’s when you’ll start paying for content that used to be free. I like free.
    Hosting, bandwidth and content cost money. If advertising pays the bills, that means I don’t have to!

  5. I find the title misleading — it suggests it will be talking about the psychological, situational, and other aspects of having pointed a gun at someone or shot someone.

  6. Haw! Let’s “get real,” as teenagers like to utter. Unless the United States is taken over by authoritarian governance — totally unlikely — so-called “gun control” can never happen. (Cue the NRA for details.) The serial killings in the U.S. that we expect to hear about almost daily will never happen in China or Russia because the average citizen in those dictator-ruled nations is executed if found to possess a personal firearm. Rulers like Putin and Xi Jinping scoff and laugh (sub rosa) at our Constitution’s sacred Second Amendment. They know that guns in the unfettered hands of their millions of common subjects would mean the end of their grips on power.

    Anyway, like the inane notion of deporting 12 million or so illegal immigrants from the U.S., confiscation of guns from 200 million owners is not much more far-fetched.


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