Killer app? Kinda. reports that the Cupertino computer maker has filed a patent entitled “System and Method for Authentication Based on Particle Gun Emissions.” The patent app tells the tale: “Allowing initial information to be recovered from final information is a major flaw in cryptography systems since the objective of cryptographic systems is to protect the initial information. Many authentication systems exist. Accordingly, what is needed in the art is an improved way to perform authentication, such that it is impossible to extract initial information from final information.” Clear? We’re talking DRM. Sorry, Digital Rights Management. A system whereby an Apple computer could send a peripheral device (e.g. iPad) content—or vice versa—without taking money out of Apple’s wallet. Back to jargon . . .

The application describes the particle gun as a device with a pair of conductive plates that generate two separate, independent and uniform electromagnetic fields.

The physical properties of the particles generated would be calculated based on time, mass, initial velocity, electromagnetic field intensity, and the orientation of the particles when they leave the gun. These properties would allow both the sender and receiver to create an identical “secret” code that would be extremely difficult to crack, ensuring security.

Difficult is not impossible, leaving security unensured. Just sayin’  . . .


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