Mayhem, Misdeeds and Macs.

I’m a recent convert to All Things Mac. From the PR emanating out of Cupertino, you might think that Macficiandoes are all sunshine, sweetness and light, who all join hands for the morning groupthink and Shambala sing-along. Um…not so much. Perception, meet (a nasty dose of) reality, at least in San Diego. The NBC affiliate reports […]

Game Review: High Noon STARS & STRIPES for iPhone

Listen up, buckaroo…if yer the kinda desperado that has a hankerin’ to drill some other sidewinder fulla lead, you gotta call ’em out for a shoot-out. But this is 2010. Unless you’re a Crip or a Blood, callin’ somebody out in the middle of town for a little gunplay’s gonna get the attention of the […]

Apple Patents Gun [Not Shown]

Killer app? Kinda. reports that the Cupertino computer maker has filed a patent entitled “System and Method for Authentication Based on Particle Gun Emissions.” The patent app tells the tale: “Allowing initial information to be recovered from final information is a major flaw in cryptography systems since the objective of cryptographic systems is to […]