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No matter what you think about sport shooting pigeons collected for the purpose, you gotta admit that the protestor got all the good lines.

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  1. I’ve been aware of these SHARK videos for quite some time, especially those concerned with pigeon shoots.

    There is nothing sporting about shooting captive birds. This type of activity is killing for the sake of killing.

    Check out the SHARK video where the pigeon shooters are firing over a waterway traveled by boats. Rule #4, anyone?

  2. This argument is where the two were talking of different things.

    I have a problem with raising pigeons for the purpose of releasing and shooting. In that I agree with the photographer.

    Man on horse and I share a common dislike for the ‘flying rats”. Disgusting creatures.

    Shooting one is no different than laying a mouse trap in the basement.

    Man on horse seems to take his hatred to a different level, not unreasonable. To me piegon shooting is nothing to loose sleep over.

    • I think your analogy is a bit off.

      Shooting live pigeons isn’t like laying a mouse trap.

      Actually, in this case, its like breeding or capturing a group of mice, releasing them into your own basement and hunting them down with a shot gun.

    • I agree that pigeons are flying vermin. I also believe that feral housecats are stalking vermin that harm local bird populations, and need to be exterminated.

      • I totally agree on the feral cats. Any I come across cease to be a problem. In my younger days I worked hog farms and feral cats could come into the farrowing house and eat newborn piglets. In the morning I’d come in and find 4 legs and a head in the pen. I have a special dislike for feral cats. Years ago I came across a study that found that cats getting fed at home kill and average of 2.5 birds and small mammals per day, just to kill.

        • I hope you don’t take it upon yourself to “deal with” those cats fed at home. When I was I a teen, one of our cats disappeared. We put up “lost cat” posters all over the neighborhood. A couple days later, my mom got a call saying that we could stop looking because our cat wasn’t coming back, that they’d seen what he did to the birds and decided to get rid of him.

          Decades later, thinking about this still causes my blood to boil.

        • If I let my dog run free to harry local wildlife, I would expect him to be killed by a car, rancher, etc. Why should cat owners be exempt? I’m sorry you lost your pet but if you let the animal roam unsupervised, your family was irresponsible regarding its safety.

        • I’m sorry, but if you go out of your way to capture and kill what’s obviously a family pet (animal with a collar and everything), and then call the family to taunt them, I have no regard for you as a human being.

        • No one here killed your childhood pet. The one thing cat owners can do for their pets’ safety is not let them out unsupervised. If I enjoy birdwatching and have bird feeders on my property, why should I tolerate someone else’s negligence if their animals stray into my backyard?

        • So, if we’re neighbors, and I like looking at the squirrels, and your dog gets out and kills one, you’d have no problem with me killing it, and then calling it and letting you know I’ve taken care of the dog problem?

          You must win Neighbor of the Year every year. FYI, my cats are indoor only cats because of people’s casual attitudes towards the killing of other people’s pets.

  3. I’m a gun owner and avid enthusiast, but I’ve never been, nor will I ever go hunting – I don’t have any moral objections to it, nor to I mind digging into some venison whenever a buddy bags one, but I have zero desire to kill an animal myself… I’m glad to see that other such people here, who may well enjoy hunting, respond hence to this repugnant ‘sport’.

    • I fail to see the purpose of shooting captive pigeons. Deer hunting = venison. Waterfowl or upland bird hunting = delicious meat. Coyote hunting = pelts, dog food, pest control. Rabbit and squirrel hunting = stew meat. Captive pigeon shooting = ? Killing for sport just doesn’t sit well with me.

  4. Killing something and not eating it just feels wrong. Unless of course, it’s a beast that can fight back. Nothing wrong with slaying a mighty creature as a test of one’s manhood.

    On the flip side, that smarmy anti turns my stomach. Quite frankly killing a few pigeons to spite him wouldn’t be out of the question. Said pigeons would be fed to cat afterwards. Wasting an animal’s death is wrong.

  5. Killing for the sake of killing is shameful and more than a little barbaric.

    I dont hunt any animal that I dont plan on eating, which is why I dont hunt sea ducks (Everyone says they taste like oily fish mixed with turd), coyotes (dogmeat? really…no thanks) or bears (actually I hear they taste kind of like Pork, so I might be convinced, but its more trouble than I am willing to go to).

    If you are just blasting animals for the heck of it, you are jerk with a gun. I think those guys that were blasting pigeons should be made to gut-clean and eat every single one of them. That would probably cure them of the desire to shoot pigeons.

    Harsh, but true.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  6. I will be honest I am all for hunting of pest species population control of critters like racoons or other pests is necessary especially as urban and suburban developments encroach on what was wilderness. that being said if the pidgins were imported and trapped then its not appropriate or ethical.

  7. I was hoping the guy got off his horse and kicked this moron’s ass. I wouldn’t have shot the pigeons, but these people aren’t breaking any laws.

  8. I don’t get it. Why would anybody shoot a pidgeon instead of a documentary film maker? Okay, I know that documentary film makers don’t sh!t on your roof, but still . . . . there’s not much difference between a flying rat and one with a camera.

    sarcasm off/

  9. I’ve shot sporting clays at Wing Pointe many times. It’s right on route 663. Nice people, great facility. They raise their own pigeons there. They provide a service the public asks for and that is to train on pigeons for upland game bird hunts. I never took part in the activity but it’s not illegal and they do it on private land. So it’s not my business or my concern.
    Great place to go sporting clays, they have up to 50 positions.

    • They actually raise them, just to shoot them? I was a little more ambivalent about the whole thing when I was under the impression that they were sourced from urban trapping situations where they would be killed anyway. I’m kind of surprised people would breed disease carrying pests. Producing them for the purpose of shooting them seems pretty wrong, legal or not.

  10. A few decades ago I went pheasant hunting with an Uncle at his club. Turns out the birds were all cage raised, trucked in and if they refused to fly (most of the ones that day wouldn’t) they were grabbed by hand (the bird’s were docile and easily handled) and tossed up into the air to be shot.

    I reckon that since the “employees” doing the bird hurling were illegals no one thought much about shooting their way.

    Kinda put me off the whole hunting thing.

  11. I really hope anyone who is against killing for sport is a vegetarian. If not then do a quick google search on the poultry industry, see what happens to all the male chicks that hatch in a plant producing egg laying female chickens, they are either ground up right after birth/sorting in a giant shredder or they are just stuffed in a garbage can to be suffocated or crushed to death. This isn’t even killing for sport, just for convenience. I’m no vegetarian and I’m not going to act as if I’m morally superior to people who shoot released pigeons. The same goes for eating meat, it isn’t necessary for our survival anymore, we just do it because we enjoy it, I enjoy it. I love bacon, an I know that it’s sad that some pig had to die for my pleasure, too bad for the pig but that’s the way life is.

  12. I am just not much into pigeons, but I doubt if I would just shoot them coming out of a cage. People do actually hunt them in the wild and eat them.
    All in all, I probably would just as soon shoot the clay ones.
    Many years ago, rich people used to have real pigeons in a trap. This is why shooting clay pigeons and the sport of Trap came about.

  13. There trapped, pigeons that are trapped for pest reasons are supposed to be killed. So they are shot. From what we are told by SHARK 70% get away. Look at it this way they get another shot at life.
    You ban the pigeon shoot then they want hunting, of course gun ownership. But if you research these SHARK clowns there in the tit of Bob Barker they made a full time occupation of harassing law abiding citizens.

  14. When I see sites that show the photos of dead pigeons with “pretty jewelry” (banded racers that were stolen), and see that most of the birds have their wings clipped so they can’t really fly, I see what “Big men” these idiots are. And they even bring their small kids to see how “manly” they are….Someone needs to start hunting the hunters. Be nice to see an “accident” now and then…….. Whoops!


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