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I want to share a personal story about a recent attempt by the gun control industry to deceive automotive writers into sharing anti-gun propaganda.

Like most writers here, I only work part-time for The Truth About Guns. I also work as a firearms instructor, and I write for another website that focuses on things like solar power (great for preparedness) and electric vehicles (also great for emergencies…not to mention that low-end torque is a blast). I share this is to explain that in addition to what you see here, I’m also actively writing in the automotive world.

As you can probably imagine, not every day has blockbuster news for us to write about at car websites. If auto manufacturers revealed a cool new model every day, they’d all be bankrupt.

That means you often have to settle for things like sales numbers, supplier deals, and other more mundane industry stories and try to make them as interesting to readers as you can. Sometimes there are diamonds in the rough and you can dig out a compelling story, so that’s worth looking into.

We also regularly get e-mails from people trying to get their story out. This isn’t a bad thing, because there’s sometimes good and useful information for readers in emails from underdog automotive companies, publicists for up-and-coming experts in the field, and organizations that work with the industry.

But as you can probably imagine, we also have to sort through a lot of self-promotional junk that’s clearly just a company trying to get attention without offering anything that’s really compelling, or worse, trying to deceive people. It’s our job as writers to sift through all the noise to get to the signal.

This week, I got an e-mail that was clearly trying to deceive me, but in a way I don’t usually see in the automotive world. Instead of trying to get me to report some company’s message, it was from gun control activists trying to pull the wool over my eyes and get me to share their talking points and “data” from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety civilian disarmament operation.

I don’t want to name and shame the company the e-mail came from, because I don’t really know whether their management is aware that they’re being used by anti-gun activists, but you can read what they were trying to get me to share and write about here.

I don’t have time to verify everything the company’s “data journalist” put in that blog post, highlighting rage deaths and trying to tie it to the expansion of permitless carry. What they didn’t know when they sent it to me is that I used to work as a Texas handgun license instructor, so I know more than your average automotive writer about not only the present state of Texas gun laws, but the history of them.

They highlight Texas as the alleged capital of road rage deaths. The post draws a clear connection between constitutional carry in Texas (which passed in 2021), and the alleged number of road rage incidents in the state.

Texas had nearly triple the amount of second-ranked Florida and third-ranked California. Neither of the latter two states have permitless carry laws but they are two of the country’s three most populous states, which likely explains their rankings among the states with the highest number of fatal road rage shootings.

Actually, it doesn’t. As readers in Texas are probably aware, guns were allowed in cars without a handgun license long before constitutional carry became law. Going further back, there was the 2009 Motorist Protection Act, which explicitly allowed guns in cars without a CHL.

Going back even further, Texas has long had an exception for travelers in their gun laws. The definitions were murky on who “is traveling” (as mentioned in PC 46.15(b)(2)), but this was generally treated as covering anyone who had left their home county and traveled through another one on a long trip, or someone who could show that they were staying away from home overnight.

In those long-ago days, some people always kept a pillow, a sleeping bag, and toiletries in their car to prove they were a traveler, in order to carry without a permit. Whether that was legal or a good idea, I don’t know, but it’s a moot point now with Texas constitutional carry.

So, permitless carry in cars in Texas is actually nothing new at all. But that doesn’t mean the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex isn’t heavily invested in glossing over that in order to blame Governor Greg Abbott and permitless carry for every bad news story that comes out of the Lone Star State…mostly in an effort to boost Robert Francis O’Rourke’s lagging gubernatorial campaign.

Never mind that Texas’s permitless carry law has nothing to do with rifles. Or that it was illegal to shoot into cars with an AK before constitutional carry and it is still illegal now.  Gosh, it’s almost as if there’s a concerted effort by Bloomberg’s anti-gun operations to spread misinformation about gun laws and crime.

But Mike’s minions aren’t only messing with Texas.

Another state they tried to smear was New Mexico (which, to be fair, is an easy state to smear). The post fingers New Mexico as having the highest number of per capita road rage shootings. Once again, guns have long been allowed in vehicles in New Mexico without a permit, which is something I should know as a concealed carry instructor here in the Land of Enchantment and having grown up here.

I also know that New Mexico almost always places near the bottom (usually competing with Louisiana and Mississippi) on many measures of how well people are doing, so it’s no surprise that people tend to be more stressed out and violent.

The average car writer, though, isn’t going to be familiar with Texas or New Mexico gun laws, let alone the history behind those laws. They won’t know that New Mexico is and has been a political dumpster fire that’s been under the control of Democrats since the Teapot Dome scandal.

They’re also not going to be familiar with the way anti-gun groups, academia, and mainstream media love to peddle lies and misleading “data” about firearms and the laws that regulate them.

They wouldn’t know, for instance, that Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown (often mentioned in the article, or cited by articles it mentions) isn’t exactly a trustworthy source for firearm data. They also probably wouldn’t know that the author of the post that’s being pushed at them used to work for…wait for it…Bloomberg.

This “automotive” article is actually an anti-gun hit piece. Some of the writers they target will end up writing about it, inadvertently (or given the bent of most journalists, happily) spreading still more lies and misinformation about guns and firearm-related crime.

I would imagine that this is happening regularly with writers in other industries as well. When you need something to write about — the demand for content is never-ending — and you get something that’s only tangentially related to your normal area of expertise, it’s a lot easier to be deceived or persuaded to just run with it.

So there you have a little peek behind the curtain revealing one way the gun control industry works to spread its anti-gun narrative.

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  1. Basically, there have always been gunns present in cars, public places, shopping malls, grocery stores, hiking trails, movie theaters, et al, since before any of these complainers were even born. The only difference today is that they’re more aware of them.

    Example: I’ve been carrying at my place of work for years, but nobody has ever known. If my coworkers suddenly knew, the fact that they’ve been next to a (protective sheepdog) gunn would not have changed. Only their awareness of it.

    Gunns are everywhere, people. Always have been.

    • Gun Control has been sneaky and deceptive from day one. Gun Control zealots continue to get away with their lying because gullible milquetoast Americans fall for Gun Control trinket promises hook, line and sinker.

      Unfortunately those who are paid to defend the 2A stand in front of congress and present the same old, worn out, apologetic reasons why they need a firearm. They stand there shaking in their boots speakng to pompous idiots who do not know which end the projectile exits a firearm.

      Until the knee jerk stampedes to put the firearm and not criminals under the microscope ends and Defining Gun Control as a History Confirmed diabolical agenda rooted in Racism and Genocide begins expect the same old worn out tit for tat apologetic path to have firearms to never end.

    • “Basically, there have always been gunns present in cars“

      This article references academic studies regarding the effect of having guns present in cars.

      “Survey evidence linking guns to aggressive driving”

      “Survey research shows that drivers with guns in their vehicles are more aggressive drivers than drivers without guns in their vehicles. For example, a random-digit dialing survey of 2770 American drivers found that drivers who had a gun in their vehicle at least once in the past year were significantly more likely than drivers with no gun in their vehicle in the past year to make obscene gestures at other drivers (23% vs. 16%), tailgate (14% vs. 8%), or both (6.3% vs. 2.8%), even after con- trolling for many other factors related to aggressive driving, such as gender, age, urbanization, census region, and driving frequency (Hemenway, Vriniotis, & Miller, 2006). A random-digit dialing study of 790 Arizona drivers found similar results (Miller, Azrael, Hemenway, & Solop, 2002). However, causal inferences are difficult to make from these survey studies. Thus, we used an experimental design to test whether the mere presence of a gun increases aggressive driving.”

      • Counterfactual contrarianism is counterfactual contrarianism, no matter how “academic” that contrarianism is.

        Oh, almost forgot.
        Duck season!

      • Odd.
        Every person I’ve observed armed does the opposite. People I’ve known with a short fuse and know to road rage would tolerate far more irritation due the cognitive awareness of the higher stakes for any conflict when weapons are in the car.
        I guess these were all outliers.

        • I usually ride with 1 or 2 other people to the local range. I suppose if 1 armed in a vehicle is bad then 3 is 3 times as bad. Been doing this for several years and never any road rage. And, we all carry knives, yet stabbing someone has never been mentioned. Tools to change a tire may also be a problem!
          I had no idea we were all prone to violence.

      • That obviously explains, you lying Leftist/fascist f***wad, why our population of CCW holders has a lower average crime rate than the POLICE.

        Why do you insist on lying, and making a complete @$$ of yourself???? Do you enjoy being the butt of ridicule?? Or is it simply that you are incapable of truth-telling??

        Or, let’s just make it simple – go roger yourself, VIGOROUSLY, with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice, you lying fascist tw*t.

        • 👍LOD.

          The last time I saw statistics, LTC holding citizens were around TWELVE TIMES less likely to commit crimes then LE citizens.

          As usual, whiner is proven wrong.

      • Hey MajorLiar, do you have any RECENT statistics – you know, like something in the last couple of years since permitting and/ or constitutional carry has become more prevalent?

  2. You see it all the time. In the Roundel, the BMWCCA magazine, several writers always find ways to insert anti gun, pro gun control views into their pieces. Like sports writers, auto journalists seem to be overwhelmingly liberal, and just as willing to inject their politics into their articles.

  3. Growing up in rural Florida in the 70’s, everyone had a 30-30, 22, or 12ga, in the gun rack of our pickup. No one ever got shot, that was in south Florida. We believed in GOD, said yes sir/ma’am no sir/ma’am, and toted an ass whippin if we didn’t. Whatever could be different now a days? All you enlightened liberals and racists that don’t look like me can kiss my proud Florida Cracker Ass! Educate yourself about what a Florida Cracker is if your so damn smart!

  4. They’re masters at spreading their propaganda. They even insert it into math word problems. When you’re exposed to it that much, it seems like reality instead of someone’s opinion or theory. That’s the point.

    I’m a longtime automotive enthusiast. In the pre-internet days, we relied on magazine subscriptions. I had them all at one time or another. While going over my ASVAB score, my recruiter asked me if I was a shade tree mechanic. Nope. I just read Hot Rod Magazine. Remember Autoweek? Instead of once a month, you got it every week so you could keep up with the latest news lol. Those were the days. Even though I could get reviews on the net, I still preferred reading a magazine. I finally stopped getting subscriptions because there wasn’t as much content, and what was there wasn’t as well written. Then there was the issue of fewer exciting vehicles and bland styling. Most electric vehicles are atrociously styled. They learned from the failure of the Chevy Volt. Buyers preferred the Prius over the Volt because the styling made a statement. It’s a form of virtue signaling. There isn’t much to be excited about these days. Muscle cars are about to end again. It’s another reason to despise the Climate Cult.

  5. Anti-gun bigots LIE????? Say it ain’t so!

    And in other news, water is wet, Michael Bloomberg is a lying midget of a stupid troll, Shannon Watts is a lying, fugly propagandist, and dacian the demented dips*** has no brain (or education, or intellect, or knowledge). *yawn*

  6. We had a road rage incident on Long Island this week, but it’s hard to make much of an anti-2A story when the offending party is off-duty NYPD.

  7. The real problem is that people like Bloomberg (a Republican BTW) actually own most of the automotive magazines. Very few of these are independently published anymore.

  8. Dearie: If you actually believe the prog BS of “things like solar power (great for preparedness) and electric vehicles (also great for emergencies” then you are too stupid to pay any attention to. Get back in the kitchen. Out.

    • Solar panels CAN be handy in keeping electric costs down if you have enough square footage in the right direction and don’t have trees in the way and your purchase is either subsidized or you lease the panels to pay 1/4 what your local power company charges and have that agreement locked into the duration of the lease. Outside of that they are neat but rarely cost effective well for the North East may do better in Midwest to south.

      • They’re great here in SoCal. I have a small array hooked up directly to a small battery bank. It’s helped us through a handful of 24-hr power outages by keeping the freezer cool and some lights on. The outages nearly always happen because some drunkard or speedster ran into a power pole down the road, or a step-down transformer blew up during a heat wave. I’m strongly considering doubling my system’s capacity later this year.

        • Up here in the bay area we seem to get an awful lot of geese flying into transformers. Really spectacular if you’re nearby when that happens.

          I have a lot of trees around me. I don’t know if solar would be useable here. I have trouble with a garden because of the lack of sunshine.

        • A dozen years ago, I had the misfortune (or opportunity, I suppose) to unexpectedly witness a pole-mounted transformer blow, start to finish.

          I heard a loud crackling from 100+ yards away, and as I figured out the direction from which it was coming, my eyes settled on the power pole. At that instant, the sucker blew up. A massive BOOM! and incredibly bright flash…so bright that it hurt my eyes and had me seeing stars for the next few minutes, despite being in the middle of the day.

          Turned out to be a very unlucky corvid that chose to land directly onto the box instead of the horizontal wood “bird rail” mounted above it. Insta-fry.

        • Some 20 years ago one autumn evening after dusk, I heard a sizzle and saw a flash come from an electric pole in my back yard. I went out to check, and found a dead barred owl at the base of the pole, with the talons of one foot locked into a small trout that was burnt to a crisp. The owl had one wing joint blown out. It apparently caught the trout in one of the pools up the hollow, and then flew down to where the hollow opened up at my yard. It landed on the transformer to eat the fish, and shorted the terminals or wires by touching the trout to one, and the wing to the other.

    • While wholly inadequate for energizing any kind of large-scale grid, solar power does have niche uses in small-scale applications.

      Just like how electric vehicles have niche uses in short-range applications, which airports, supermarkets, and golf courses have taken advantage of for decades.

    • If I thought you were open to the idea of solar power as a personal and family preparedness tool, for camping, or just to save money for ammo, I’d try to explain the advantages to you. But, you probably wouldn’t care.

      Generators are cool, too. How long can yours run on the ethanol-free fuel you have properly stored? Have you done any maintenance on it lately? Spare parts for long emergencies?

      Politics won’t be there if things get bad, but reality always catches up eventually.

      • Hard core preppers will tell you get a diesel generator, grow canola or any oil seed, ferment any sugary / starchy stuff like corn or potato. Then mix alcohol and oil, heat in a pressure cooker and you get bio diesel. Or just run on the raw oil. Lots of work but no TV after the big mess.

  9. Quick Question to Jennifer Sensiba.
    Now that Braun decision has passed. I think you are in California.
    The permitting process is long arduous and expensive.
    I would love someone who is an instructor actually cover how much it actually costs the average consumer like myself to purchase two guns which is all you can have on your CA permit, and then the costs for the safety courses, and qualifying on both guns. It clearly is meant to stop your average person from getting a carry permit.

      • Edit California pistol permit holders instead you guys misread your post first go through. Time for coffee.

        • CA does not have pistol permits like the North Carolina or other such states have (e.g., Illinois’ FOID), meaning a permit is not required to purchase or transfer. We do, however, have conceal carry weapon (CCW) permits.

        • Disregard previous you answered it below and damn you are worse off as a state than NY unless that is only applying to certain counties.

      • There is no better state then California.
        Speaking of moving we’ve not heard much out of Hound Dog Dave since he moved to Missouri?

    • [Haz has enter the chat]

      CADOJ allows up to a maximum of three handguns to be associated with your CCW permit here. I’ll give you the breakdown of all the costs I’ve incurred in my own current quest to get a permit here in L.A. County:

      $650 Handgun purchase (you cannot apply for a permit without a gun registered in the CA ASF system). This includes all FFL, DROS, CADOJ, etc fees
      $ 30 Application fee
      $125 Livescan BGC
      $650 Training course from LASD-approved FFL instructor
      $120 Final permit fee, payable upon pickup
      $ 75 Gasoline for three trips down to the LASD Hdqrtrs. LASD does not mail anything.

      The total I’ve paid expressly for this permit pursuit is $1650.

      • In contrast, when I applied for a non-resident CCW from a neighboring “Free America” state, the total cost was $100 for the training class, and $58 for the application and BGC. Total of only $158, and applicable to the individual, not the gunn, so I can carry any handgun that’s federally legal, whether registered or not. And it’s good for five years. The CA permit is good for only two.


      • Oh, and I finally just got the permit.

        (breathes sincere sigh of relief, then a snort of disgust at the process)

        • Congrats. That fee for the class is outrageous. I know they will be going up soon, but they were running around $160 up here in the North State.(Not including your ammo cost.)

        • So when you got your permit, did it come with the renewal paperwork?

          Since it took so long to get it initially, I thought you might want to get a head start on renewal.

        • The window of renewal is 90 days before license expiration. That means in 1 yr 9 months I need to submit my application.

          The Deputy confirmed it’s the same app form and basically the same process, the difference being that I check off the “Renew” box instead of “New”. But it goes to the back of the line same as everyone else’s. No Fast Pass. Another BGC, another training class, another set of fees…

          Gawd I hope they have their process more streamlined by then…

        • “No Fast Pass. Another BGC, another training class, another set of fees…”

          Congrats you got it, but day-ammn! 2 lousy years?

          Is CalGuns launching a lawsuit against that bullsh!t?

          Literally over $400 a year to exercise a civil right is blatant poll tax territory. Drop that lawsuit in Clarence Thomas’s in-box and I’d bet he would *love* to write a decision to slap that BS down… 🙁

  10. Hard facts……
    Almost nobody makes it out of a reputable journalism college without being indoctrinated into the ‘woke’ agenda.

    Almost nobody gets to maintain a decent employment level in journalism with spreading the propaganda. The editors make sure of this.

  11. You wrote:
    I don’t want to name and shame the company the e-mail came from, because I don’t really know whether their management is aware that they’re being used by anti-gun activists, but you can read what they were trying to get me to share and write about here.

    Management should be aware of what goes on in their business. Springfield Armory tried to claim they didn’t know what was happening in Illinois when they got anti-gun laws passed. Naming and shaming will stop this kind of bovine excrement from continuing.

    • Just like Kimber attempting to distance itself from their ex-exec. Screw those fudds with a pile driver.

    • Yep…or why I view JS posts with a jaded and/or a skeptical eye. Geez name names! Meanwhile the Dims are moving forward with AWB.

  12. I’ve pretty much given up on the world of automotive “journalism” outside of a couple of websites (and on those I’m selective about who’s stuff I bother with) – mainstream auto and sports scribblers sold their souls long ago to the Fascist/statist/leftist. The motorcycle folks are, for the most part, lefty leaning but in order to stay relevant with us crusty old reactionary riders they keep it mostly to themselves. (And don’t even get me started on the numbskulls at Runner’s World/Trail Runner – they’ve swallowed the climate alarmist and “diversity” hysteria hook, line and sinker!) At least the TV guys on MotorTrend on Demand haven’t bent the knee yet – Long live Roadkill! Long live Dirt Every Day! Long live Engine Masters!

    • F1 with their ‘woke’ agenda finally pushed away the last few people I knew were watching it.

      MBenz allowing LHam to walking around the pits with BLM shirts was the final straw for many fans.

      BMW and MB putting regional rainbow flags on their homepages, but having no rainbow flags on their homepages in countries where gays are tossed off roofs. 🤔

      Corporate hypocrisies, the absolute WORST KIND!

  13. So, Georgia Gun Owners claim Sensiba went after Greene in an article here and she’s a raging leftist commie. Any truth to that?

  14. I get censored because of a question about Sensiba from another gun rights organization? That leads me to believe the questions Georgia Gun Owners raise about Sensiba have merit.

    • “Sensiba went after Greene in an article“

      That’s ridiculous, we all owe MTG a great debt of gratitude because she let us know about the Jewish space lasers now targeting America.

        • …or Guam tipping over.
          …or Russia collusion.
          …or passing the bill to find out what’s in it.

          Miner, you must have missed that kindergarten lesson about pointing your finger at other people. You end up pointing more fingers at yourself.

  15. Hey , I fixed my transmission linkage clip( what a bad design) with a piece of bailing wire. Great success.
    I dont read car magazines.
    I hate motorized vehicles.
    Bloomberg needs a “Tune Up” if you know what I mean.

  16. Just how is an electric vehicle great for emergencies? If you have to bug out, you’re limited to their (sometimes pathetic) driving range. Then what? Wait in line to charge with a hundred other people? That assumes there is power. Once you get past the low end torque, what is their real usefulness?

    • I was just out in Salt Lake City. From the bay area CA. Drive until your tank is at a quarter then hit a gas station. Fill up, hit the can and get a bottle of water and continue. 15-20 minutes tops for a pit stop.

      Name me an electric car that can comfortably go 400 plus miles and then be recharged in that time frame.

      • Just the time to recharge, not even taking into consideration how long you may have to wait to get a charging spot. Cars may be sitting there fully charged, but the driver may be off somewhere else, thereby tying up the charging spot when others are waiting.
        It is just utter folly that at the same time they want to drastically increase the load on the electrical grid with eventually millions of electric vehicles, they are doing their best to shut down numerous electrical generators just because of the type of fuel they use. Increasing the load while decreasing the supply. Nobody seems to have done the actual math. Liberal insanity.

    • I never made the claim that they’re the only answer to all emergencies. In the event gas becomes unavailable, I can make my own fuel at home. The car can also power my household for a few days.

  17. Som the opening comment is once again guilty of cherry picking. In fact the quoted article makes a FIRM connection between the number of firearmsm more specificallynb HANDGUNS in circulation and GUN CRIME iunn general and road rage in particular. It is also stated the CALIFORNIA on a percapita basis does not figure in the top dozen or the top 50 as far as I know or anything like it for either guncrime in general or road rage in particular so using bCalifornia as any kind of example is naive in the extreme. Neither can I see the connection between the AUTOMOBILE industry and gun contro measures only inn that vRoad Rage figures are given as an example that can d be easily understood, And the understanding is that they are doubling every 5 years or so.
    It’s convenient to try and blame this somehow on COVID but the connection is also made with the increase in the availability of firearms and once again withm particular emphasis on handguns.
    Here in the uK we have somewhat of a problem with KNIFE CRIME and you would be forgiven if you were American in thinking the UKM Streets were awash with blood and that gangs roamed the streets with elfin BOWIE knives. You would be wrong and compared with them USA the UK level of such crime is no more than an an irritation and control measaures are enacted overnight if nessessary for the Common Good.

  18. Let us face facts and and statistics. If carrying loaded guns in cars were illegal (as in many European Countries) the road rage deaths in Capitalvania would be at almost zero.

    In France where there are a plethora of crazy and angry drivers they do not have very many road rage deaths because they are not permitted to carry their weapons loaded and concealed in a car. That is fact and something the demented Far Right in Capitalvania cannot lie their way out of no matter how much they scream and rant from the Rooftops of their insane asylums.

    There are more guns now in Capitalvania then ever before in its sordid uncivilized history and more senseless deaths and mayhem. If more guns made us safer Capitalvania would be the safest country on earth not one of the most dangerous places on earth to live in. All this proves that more guns make the country less safe and around the world when guns were severely regulated or banned altogether the death rate went way down and more lives were saved then lost from a criminal attack.

    The Stats prove that if you were ever robbed your chances of survival actually go way down rather than up if you use a gun to try and shoot your way out of it because the criminal has the advantage of surprise and he does not hesitate to shoot you if you spook him or try and shoot him with your gun. Trying to outdraw a criminal who already has a gun pointed at you is just plain nuts but the Far Right are vicious, and also so cheap and stingy they would rather die with a penny still clutched in their greedy grasping hands than go on living by loosing even one penny in a robbery.

    There is an old but very true axiom: “The far right squeeze every penny so hard it screams for mercy once they have it in their greedy grasping hands.” This is a quote from John Hunter from his book “Hunter”. That classic book on Africana was written in 1952 and the Far Right have only become even more obscenely and outrageously immoral and greedy since then.

    The Far Right once hung a starving 8 year old boy for attempting to steal a loaf of bread.

    The Far Right blaspheme their own religion and their only real God is money, not respect for human life. If their prophet Jesus Christ were alive today they would label him as a Far Left Socialist and crucify him again and I am not being one bit factious.

    • Didn’t read. Didn’t have to. If it’s herr dacian the dumb it is all lies.

      Uneducated, fascist lies.

      • quote————-Didn’t read. Didn’t have to.——-quote

        Yes Jethro you are most happy staying ignorant, its less painful than knowing the truth.

        And even when you do read you cannot comprehend, such as understanding what a fascist really is.

        Fascism Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster › dictionary › fascism
        The meaning of FASCISM is a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual .

        Hardly the definition of a Socialist but it does describe the Far Right and you Jethro.

        • I know what a fascist is, dacian. Look in a mirror and you will too. Every word you’ve ever written here has been a lie. Of course you deny being a fascist. Lying is your thing.

          The only ‘truth’ I can learn from you is that you are consumed by hatred and a killing rage. You’re very mentally ill and would gladly massacre people to get your way.

        • “…a belief in natural social hierarchy and the rule of elites, and the desire to create a Volksgemeinschaft (German: “people’s community”), in which individual interests would be subordinated to the good of the nation.”

          That doesn’t sound like a conservative. Do conservatives place the collective above the individual? Was the Constitution for collective rights or individual rights?

          The reason everything lil d and Miner don’t like is a fascist or a naughtzi is because they’re the historical enemies of Marxists. One thing the F’s and N’s have in common is authoritarianism and silencing rival political speech. Who wants to pack the Supreme Court because they didn’t get the rulings they wanted? Who wanted the federal government to take over state run elections? Who’s been partnering with the big corporations to censor political speech and push their propaganda? It ain’t conservatives.

        • To Dud Brain
          quote—————— Who wanted the federal government to take over state run elections?————quote

          It was jack booted Republican run states that took away drop in mail boxes forcing people in Western States to drive a hundred miles or more to vote.

          It was jack booted Republican’s who claimed voter fraud and wasted millions in idiotic recounts, none of which were proven to have millions of fake votes or even hundreds for that matter.

          It was jack booted republicans that reduced the work force at post offices and moth balled sorting machines to slow down votes arriving on time in elections.

          It was jack booted Republicans that restricted voter registration to keep working people from being able vote.

          It was jack booted Republican’s that reduced voting hours to keep working people from being able to get to poling places in time to vote.

          It was jack booted Republican’s that closed poling places in working class districts to prevent as many working people as possible from voting.

          It was Jack booted state run Republicans that have restricted mail in balloting.

          It was Jackbooted state run Republican’s that attempted to send fake delicates to cast fake electoral votes to elect Herr Drumpf.

          It was Jackbooted Dud Brain and his Republican storm troopers that supported the hostile take over and destruction of a legally elected U.S. government when his lord god Der Fuhrer Trump marched in a beer hall 1923 style putsch to establish a one party far right Nazi dictatorship.

          Yes we damn well need Federal Supervision of the electoral process to preserve what little we have left of democracy in the U.S. so as to save us from what happened in Nazi Germany. We cannot let Far Right Republicans form a new 3rd Reich in America.

        • der fuhrer dacian. The only jack boots in America are you and your ss/antifa buddies. How many minority owned businesses did you guys loot and burn before real Americans like Rittenhouse made you shit yourselves and run?

        • The federal government can be trusted, but state governments can not. Got it. Who’s the wannabe authoritarian again?

        • dacian, Mother says it’s past time for your medications. You better get in the living room, before she gets the strap out again.

  19. People have changed. Guns and road rage are a problem that didn’t exist 40 years ago.

    So yes, there really is a correlation with Texas, guns, and road rage.

  20. Impulse control.
    Hollywood desensitization.
    People who go into blind rages have to ask if they should own cars and guns.
    At one time I had a bit of a rage issue. Went to psych. She explained how I was bringing long ago incidents into the present, distorting my behaviors. Just knowing cut the issue 90%.

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