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Yesterday was a banner day for the anti-gun left who despised NRATV and Dana Loesch in particular with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. The NRA’s announcement that they were euthanizing NRATV caused much dancing, rejoicing and spiking of footballs.

And yet NRATV reached a miniscule number of Americans, let alone gun owners. The only people the operation really seemed to affect or influence were the far-left advocates who were so incensed by its very existence.

So fine, let them revel in the downfall of an inconsequential (and apparently extremely expensive) operation that had little or no power to move the gun rights ball forward at all. In the mean time, the 100+ million gun owners in this country will continue to own, shoot, carry and enjoy our 400+ million firearms and our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. Really classy, some of those tweets. No wonder they have to look online for friends.

    • So tolerant and accepting of others not like themselves.

      So, I see jack-wad ‘Ladd Everitt’ hasn’t gotten cancer yet. My thoughts and prayers he dies in fiery car crash as soon as possible…

    • I mean up until I moved out of Albany so did I ……. granted I lived and worked with them and it’s downright unsettling how much glee they express in person for these sorts of things. Also contempt towards prayer in general. Thankfully Murrica exists even in NY.

    • What matters is they will declare victory for deeply hobbling the NRA which will then really embolden legislators to shred the Second Amendment.

      • Well I wouldn’t call NRA TV being shut down “hobbling the NRA.” It’s not like this was an operation reaching a massive audience.

        • Objectively you are absolutely correct, the problem is this is largely a war fought through symbols. Neither side is willing (well one side isn’t ready anyway) for the fight to be kinetic. So lawfare propaganda and popularity contest it is.

  2. NRA will ‘ compromise ‘ your rights away in a heartbeat, yet will fight tooth and nail to preserve its own internal swamp dwellers and the status-quo.

    G.O.A. all the way.

    • GOA is less transparent financially, spends a huge amount of its money on internal salaries and fundraising, and is extremely dishonest. it wastes virutally all donations chasing childish ‘sanctuary sate type legislation that everyone knows the entire judicial system will declare unconstitutional.

      And GOA dishonesty is manifest in that it claims two million members when its own filings show more like 50,000.

      GOA is worse than NRA in spades, it is just so inconsequential and small that it doesn’t matter. If Como and Trace cared they could destroy it in a second.

  3. Wow….. I thought the left was tolerant. That word. I do not think they know what it means.
    And Alyssa milano…. Jaime was not your daughter. She was someone else’s daughter whose death you tried to exploit to make yourself relevant again.

  4. Whenever the left says “We want a woman in office (president, senate, house), they don’t mean it. They only want a fellow leftist. They hate any other woman. They hated Sara Palin, Carly Fiorina, and more…….

  5. Okay I have to admit I never did like NRA TV. I just couldn’t get into any of the shows but still Lmao at some of these tweets. Especially the one about “this wouldn’t have happened except for the countless hours blah, blah, blah.” They shut it down because of act-mac separation. These people are going to have the look of a person who just seen a ghost if NRA new ad firm decides to launch a new tv base……or if everyone the NRA just fired decides that they can create/attach themself to a new gun rights group. Could you imagine the exploding heads if in year/year and half if there were two competing nra tv type platforms.

  6. Caused by ineffectual mismanagement by Wayne La Pee Pee and his sycophant Board of Directors,of which each and everyone needs to Go.

  7. “Anybody feeling bad for the 12 folks who were watching #NRATV? LMAO” –Ladd Everrit, at least the 14th liberal pundit weighing in on the demise of NRATV

    • I don’t feel bad for those 12. Any more than I feel bad for the 9 folks that watch cnn regular.

      Nobody felt sorry for me when Justified or Deadwood ended.

      • I did. Mainly because Deadwood ended in such an odd way. Obviously another season was meant to follow but didnt.

        The follow up movie is out later this year though.

        • The movie is already out now – HBO, watch it anytime.
          Deadwood was my fav TV show ever.

  8. NRATV was hot garbage and, IMO, often counterproductive for 2A support (just like the NRA itself). I don’t know anyone who watched it seriously besides antigunners. I sure won’t miss it or Dana. Let the antigunners think this is meaningful and have their snarky celebrations, because it really doesn’t matter much at all.

  9. You know, the NRA /could/ use the funds and bandwidth they just just freed up to, I dunno, set up a content-hosting service for the gun community that is beyond the tender mercies of the Alphabet Censorship Leviathan. Even with extremely stringent rules regarding profanity, illegal/unsafe behavior, and criticism of the NRA, it’d be a much safer place for the big Youtubers/etc. Maybe put a few ads here & there to help the program pay for itself & expand…eventually spin it off into a for-profit corporation so it can grow larger & make more money…maybe branch out beyond firearms content in order to absorb other undesirable sectors of Alphabet’s content base & expand further…construct a huge, diffused social network of gun owners outside the control of Alphabet to coordinate & implement strategies to educate & organize…

    If the NRA were actually interested in furthering the strategic interests of gun owners, we would have whipped the anti-gunners’ asses & had cash & carry MGs decades ago. Give the liberals credit; their backers are definitely interested in a strategic approach that gets results.

  10. The only real question is whether Dana Loesch will join up with a right-wing media outfit, or become a formal GOP mouthpiece. She sure as hell won’t be doing gun rights full-time (not that she was, anyway)

    I guess the other question, is whether Colion Noir will *gain* popularity now that he’s not weighed down by NRA baggage, lol. His prominence sure seemed to decline with his formal cooperation with the NRA, imo.

    • “The only real question is whether Dana Loesch will join up with a right-wing media outfit, or become a formal GOP mouthpiece.”

      She currently has a daily radio show on Glenn Beck’s ‘The Blaze’ media network…

  11. Well, obviously they’re unfamiliar with an organization cleaning up when it discovers a problem.

  12. Next time we score yet another 2A victory we’ll be sure to send our thoughts and prayers x10

    • Maybe someone could make a meme of a double-barrel shotgun with shot coming out of each barrel labelled “Thoughts” and “Prayers” with the shotgun itself labelled “Back Atya!” for when that day comes. That would be especially for fingers guy.

  13. Today — NRATV’s best day converting people to the cause, with a little help from their anti- friends. Mass movement progressives do no more about propaganda, after all.

  14. Meh. NRATV was an embarrassment, and created far more anti-gun than pro-gun sentiment.

    Remember, these people are unarmed and helpless. Being snarky on the internet is the only way they feel powerful, because an armed person in the real world can take everything they have and they can’t lift a finger to stop it.

  15. Anti-gun activists, cleverly turning a difference of opinion into a life or death struggle, with people they know are armed.

  16. As an atheist, this is my perspective on “thoughts and prayers.” If it’s coming from a devout believers, then I say thank you, because they are asking for intercession from the Almighty Creator of the Universe, and that’s a powerful gesture. It’s not a belief I share, so I don’t think it will work, but that’s not important. The person offering those thoughts and prayers believes they will and it’s a sincere offering of care.

    I find mockery of that expression pretty classless and unworthy.

    • It is quite demeaning of society to see people at that way.

      Then sitting and thinking that these are the same people who are telling you that you shouldn’t have personal protection rights.


    • ^^^This. Seconded.

      I feel the same way about the people who show up at my door trying to save my soul. I don’t happen to agree with them but I’m nice to them since they’re taking time out of their day to try to do me what they see as the biggest favor possible.

    • This is the kind of comment where I really wish TTAG had a Like system.

      What you described is simple respect, empathy, and understanding of fellow human beings. Those virtues have never been all that common around the world, but at least they used to be easy to find in this country. That they are disappearing indicates where things are headed.

  17. The only real, serious downside that I see here is that the antis will claim this as a victory and probably fundraise off of it fairly well.

  18. The digital echo chamber these twatters use is a sad form of communication. These people stroke each other’s egos with thousands of thumb presses every day. They hate gun owners and anyone who is not part of their group think.

  19. What will they do when the defenders of the Constitution become stronger and perhaps more virulent and aggressive?

    • I did, it was awesome. The best thing about the current NRA and now it’s gone. Fudds win again, with a close second for the antis – they’re nearly the same thing anyway. This is entirely bad news.

  20. I’m not going to complain because 1) some of those are actually clever if still disagreeable and 2) I would do the exact same thing if the tables were turned.

  21. Why would TTAG even acknowledge this gloating? You’re only legitimizing their effectiveness at getting your goat.

    The only reason I can see for picking at this scab is to see if you can make it bleed: Rile up the plebes in the comments section and get them clicks.

    But that would be irresponsible and borderline psychotic, so that can’t possibly be the reason, right?

      • Ummm…nope. Then again I’m on TTAG to hear about bs like this. The NRA needs to get rid of deadweight(old Wayne) and join the rest of us in 2019. He!! crappy YouTube channels got more views than NRA TV😫

  22. I have a feeling Dana’s “Mailbag of Hate” is going to be a riot this Friday. She always finds the best goobers to mock on air, and she’ll have lots to choose from this time.

  23. Everyone of those people wishing death to Dana deserve rope burns.

    Dana did a good job in her position as best as she could working for a corrupt organization although she did not push for no compromises on gun rights and true meaning of the 2nd amendment.

    To all u peeps who believe in compromise…. fudds etc…ur the problem. Since 1934 compromising has meant a 100% loss in gun rights and no gains.

    IS a little slavery ok? Surely we can compromise and both sides come out with something..right?

    Compromise means both parties get something equal……………..

    How bout compromise just a little on freedom,religion,speech ….that’s ok right. Just use these words,this religion and this much freedom like the Quran says convert or die…seems fair right?

    Each one of us has the power in our smart phone to reach out on social media to the middle and to people who will make change and educate the women and children on gun rights and the importance of having those rights.


    SO WHERE HAS THE NRA BEEN????????????????

    iTS UP TO US…EACH ONE OF US…..the in fighting is what causes us to be fractured.. that is why the other side is able to win with smaller numbers….cuz they are organized and committed to a AMERICA FREE OF ALL GUNS even that black powder gun….


    People who want to ban guns are saying please kill me and my family KILL EVERYBODY… WE DO NOT WANT TO LIVE…. PLEASE KILL US ALL….TO EVERY CRIMINAL OR BAD PERSON OUT THERE plus other creatures that may want to eat u.

    U have to be insane to want to be slaughtered like declawing a cat and throwing them into the wild or to a pack of wolves…

    Get active or turn ur guns in…. u don’t deserve them… or give them to someone who will fight and not be a lazy couch potato waiting for someone else to fight ur fight!

    Stand 4 something or u stand for nothing!

    • I have always believed that was our biggest downfall.

      Because we HAVE the freedom and guns makes most of us lazy about keeping them.

      The ones who want to take that away do not have their prize and therefore fight harder for it.

      Mankind is wired this way, think of the people who have things like good job, house, money, friends. Most don’t cherish it as much as the man who has none of those.

      Our gun freedom is the same, too many sit back and do little because they have so much, no reason to fight, only once its threatened to be taken away or is taken away do you see the outcry.

  24. Still think these fuckwits can be reasoned with? that they have your good intentions in mind when it comes to ‘common sense’ regulation?

    Get real.

  25. Ya,man You are right no one wants to do what is required TO put a stop to those that believe they are at burger king and can have it their way every time, the left’s need to look at the big picture, use some comming sense, And the rights need to band together an pass a law to forbid anti gunners from every bring it up again, it’s the people choice if they want to own a firearm or not that should not be up to the grovnment, it’s our rights for freedom, they need to remember this is supposed to be a free country that when elected into a office it’s for the people not for what they want, it’s to keep America free, strong and productive in all fields of the nation, .

  26. Ronald, how on Earth did you manage to get so many misspellings through spell check?😁
    I am saddened by NRA tv being closed, I will miss Cam Edwards, the man with the rubber face. ( Even though he ruined it with the beard) I didn’t think that they pushed the envelope very far, but when they had NRA news on sportsman channel it was appointment T.V. . Then they got into some kind of issue with sportsman and they gone. And for me , cable , it’s gone.

  27. I can’t even imagine how feebleminded and thin skinned these people must be to see so much ‘hate’ everywhere they look. They must need truckloads of meds just to leave the house…and they certainly should never be allowed to own firearms – way too mentally unstable.

  28. They are going to be thinking thoughts and prayers when the NRA sets up its own channel or even streaming service across multiple platforms.

    NRATV has some great talent and could be reaching a far wider audience. They will be the elephant in the guntube world if they play their cards right.

  29. I watched her vids! I may have though her extreme at times but, she was always entertaining and sure as hell knew how to pour salt on the gun grabber’s open sores! She would be great as counterpoint to media talking heads on network TV but, they’re not going to do that. I wish her well.

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