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Anti-Gun Anti-FUD? NYPD Says Crime Down 32% After Sandy

“New York City crime dropped by a third in the days after superstorm Sandy, but there was a slight increase in burglaries after at least 15 people were charged with looting empty businesses and homes blacked out since the disaster,” reports the entirely credulous news folk at “Between Monday – when the storm hit, killing 41 people in the city – and Friday, murder dropped by 86 percent, rape fell 44 percent, robbery decreased by 30 percent, assault by 31 percent, larceny by 48 percent and car thefts by 24 percent. Burglaries rose by 3 percent.” So . . . what does that tell you? Meanwhile, I wonder who’s keeping the looters at bay: New York’s Finest or New Yorkers. I’d also like to know how many of these average ordinary citizens are armed, both legally and illegally . . .


  1. avatar ST says:

    What a load of manure.Ill bet property crimes and homicides on September 11,2001 fell exponentially compared to September 11 2000.

  2. avatar Frank Williams says:

    I’ll bet the homicide rate didn’t drop. They just haven’t found the bodies yet, or the deaths have been blamed on the storm.

  3. avatar jwm says:

    Probably quite a few of the crimes and responses by the citizens to the crimes have gone unreported. If you lived in bloomie’s city which would you rather do, explain to the NYPD that you beat the tweaker that was trying to rob you to death with a baseball bat or simply add the body to a pile of hurricane rubble?

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    Of course crime is down. There can’t be any muggings when there’s nobody on the street. Car thefts are difficult when the autos are floating down the East River. With so many bars, liquor stores and clubs closed and no gasoline available, I’ll bet that drunk driving is down by a bazillion precent, too. What does it mean? Nothing.

    1. avatar Chris says:

      Fewer drivable roads means less potential for drunk driving. Ban roads. Isn’t that how it works under Herr Bloomberg?

    2. avatar Bill F says:

      Trick-or-Treating in the hardest hit areas was down as well. And reports reveal a very poor turnout at the cancelled marathon. It’s really odd how disasters put a damper on everything equally. Except looting.

  5. avatar Grasshopper says:

    Well, then, the solution to NYC’s crime problem is simple: obliterate the region with massive destruction.

    1. avatar SD3 says:

      Sweet Jesus. You read my mind.

    2. avatar Moonshine says:

      I say we take off; nuke the site from orbit…

      1. avatar jwm says:

        You’re only a corporal, you don’t have that authority.

        1. avatar Mike S says:

          Its the only way to be sure…..

  6. avatar Chris says:

    There is a difference between having fewer crimes, and having fewer properly reported crimes. Considering the massive infrastructure damage caused by the storm, I would bet that a great many crimes are going as-yet unreported or the reports are back-logged by blackouts and phone service outages in the area.

  7. avatar sanchanim says:

    Even if we say murders and such are down that is kind of a duh. Of course there has been lootings left right and center, but gosh we haven’t filed the reports yet!

  8. avatar NWGlocker says:

    I don’t know who should get the Innumeracy award– Reuters or the NYPD spokesperson. As others posted: Easy to say that crime has dropped– when you don’t have the electricity, cell towers, or working infrastructure to report them. Long and short, I’m pretty skeptical about the accuracy of these numbers.

    1. avatar 6 gunner says:


      Crime drops when you can’t charge your cellphone or get reception to report it.

  9. avatar Dale says:

    No power, no computers, no crime reports taken…duh.

  10. avatar barnslayer says:

    This is just semantics. Just like the looting that happened during the NE power grid blackout in 2003. There was rampant looting. It just wasn’t reported or made public. An NYPD cop I know was on the scene and they were all told to keep their mouths closed about it.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      So, is that the NYC version of, if a tree falls in the forest….if looters come banging down your door and NYPD doesn’t hear them…

      1. avatar barnslayer says:

        …. then it never happened.

  11. avatar Brooklyn in da house says:

    For the record that store was not looted. It is directly across the street less than 100 feet from the Bay in Sheepshead Bay and there was 5 feet of water there during the high tide. As for Marty the Monkey asking Blumberg for the National Guard to come to Brooklyn they were in Coney Island helping people 1 day before and not one of them had weapons in hand only food and water. At the same time there are crooks everywhere and people are getting robbed but mostly of any gas left in cars. Alot of you would be surprised how many people are packing in South Brooklyn. This is one place in the U.S. that Jews dont play around.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      How all Jew haven’t arranged access to guns (one way or another) after the NYC Crown Heights Riots is a mystery to me.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        Re-write that to “Why all Jews haven’t…”

  12. avatar Brooklyn in da house says:

    They are its just that no one knows about it. You think the Hasids that deal in jewls or real estate and have obscene amounts of cash on them arent strapped? Same thing goes for the Eastern European Jews that came here in the 70s. My father lost half his family during the Holocaust and when he came here in the mid 70s one of the first things he did was buy a gun and i still have his first one today.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      I think more Jews have guns than people assume. Yet, many still do not own guns. I also think too many Jews (Orthodox and Reform) are too supportive of anti-gun politicians. Traditional Jewish teachings call for having arms and using them pro-actively when threatened. I’m glad you were raised by a Jewish father who recognized the potential need for guns. My grandparents moved to the USA in the early 1900s from Russia, the Ukraine, and Poland. I can only assume the fate of many of our distant family members or ancestors who remained.

  13. avatar DerryM says:

    I thought it was pretty much “standard procedure” for Bloomberg’s Police to under report crime in order to “prove” how well his anti-crime methods were working. Must be great for His Highness and his Men-at-Arms to have Sandy’s destruction for a convenient excuse just now.

  14. avatar Gs650g says:

    Of course it dropped, when crimes are unreported or investigated.

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