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(courtesy Twitter)

I’m not a huge fan of the expression “broke the Internet.” For one thing, if the Internet breaks, I’m screwed. For another, really? Miranda’s anti-Clinton Tweet certainly generated millions of views; 100k on TTAG’s Facebook page alone. And why not? The Tweet puts the Democrat presidential hopeful’s misleading anti-gun industry animus into its proper perspective. Good for Miranda. Good for us. Good luck on election day.

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    • I don’t know much about twitter, but it seems like she plagiarized that response from a guy named Steve Maley who posted the exact same thing several days earlier.

      • Yeah, why is she getting all the attention and credit? And why didn’t she just re-tweet, instead of tweeting it as her own statement?

        • If a guy says it, it’s just sexism. If a girl says it, then it’s automagically more valid. Plus, she’s cute. It’s a double whammy.

        • Let’s be real, coming from a woman, the misogyny card is rendered moot.

          It’s better to start out on more stable ground whenever possible.

          That’s not to say the SJW won’t eat their own. But, when the feminist choose politics over gender, and attack opinionated women, it’s always a nice broad view behind the curtain. Good times!

        • You’ve obviously never heard of “internalized misogyny/sexism/racism”. It’s the new excuse for the “oppressed classes”.

        • And, more importantly, why do you care? “Hillary the hypocrite” is good for all of us in Hillary’s crosshairs. Who gives a toot who “said it”?

  1. I am one of a few that don’t tweet (I have a 60 year old airplane…low tech but reliable and a simple sidearm) but what she said is spot on!! Good for her. I hope and pray that neither Clinton or Sanders gets the job!

        • I once knew a professional structural engineer who did not. I asked him if he ever went skydiving or kept a parachute in his plane. He said to me “oh no – I don’t jump out of perfectly good planes” after a topic discussed with me, an electrical engineer, about preparedness for power outages and a need for a natural gas or propane genset.

          Unfortunately he died a few years ago, after flying for many decades, in a firey plane crash (his plane) after he lost control of the plane after inadvertently encountering hail. His plane took a nose dive and the forces ripped off one of the wings spraying fuel all over the place which ignited later on in its descent. He was an old timer, and I had worked with him several times on some projects and always enjoyed his company.

        • The ole smoking hole in the ground. Hard to recover from that. As for parachutist, don’t like them. They’re not suppose to jump through clouds; have two zoom past your plane while scud running and you tend to MF them.

        • I fly in 60 year old tankers for the US Air Force. They were built pretty tough. Oh, and they took the parachutes out 9 years ago to save on life support equipment maintenance.

        • Hippie says to priest ” dont worry father, the president just grabbed my back pack and jumped out of the plane.”

        • If you reach the point that a bail-out is necessary, the likely-hood of surviving a bail-out is rather low.

          Stated another way, if you can safely jump out, you don’t need to–keep flying the plane.

          This is why the ejection seat was implemented.

        • Sometimes a plane isn’t “perfectly good…”

          Second, he inadvertently encountered hail? Had the man never heard of a convective outlook? Sounds like he took a risk and lost. Sorry to hear.

        • Skeptical, I don’t know what the odds are of a successful bailout, but here is one example where two skydiving planes collided and one lost a wing, but everyone aboard survived because they had chutes on, including the pilots:

  2. I actually favor her standings on holding gun makers accountable…. It makes her look absolutely incompetent as well as all her followers. Keep up the good work Stinky Liar 🙂

  3. that’s like holding YouTube responsible for Benghazi… oh wait they tried that. So based on that “logic” I should be able to sue the car manufacturer, car dealership, auto insurance company, even the state for giving them a DL if I ever get hit by a drunk driver because they should have known because…CARS.

  4. Sing it Miranda!!! This is a good warm up to the Miranda Rights Shrillary should be given soon…

    Hillary for Prison 2016!!!

  5. Let’s sue pharmaceutical companies for the damages their vaccines can and do cause….oh wait, you can’t, they’re legally shielded from any liability. Only product sold in the US that the manufacturer carries no liability for faulty products. Had to say it.

  6. So Ms Clinton. If a drunk driver runs down a group of pedestrians on a crossing, who do we blame and punish?

    According to your “precedent”, we should blame and punish the following:

    * the maker of the car.
    * the dealer who first sold the car.
    * any previous owners of the car (including other car dealers).
    * and the gas station that provided the fuel.

    And which other manufacturers and service providers will be subject to this precedent? The aerospace industry. The IT industry. The publishing industry. The pharmaceutical industry. The only winners will be the lawyers.

  7. Today at work, a buddy said, and I’m sure he heard it elsewhere, Nixon was impeached for 7seconds of erased tape. How many illegal emails did Hilldabeast have scrubbed again? Why, is this traitor not in prison!!!

  8. I’d pay good money to never read the words “breaks the internet” again. It’s teenage level stupidity.


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