Anti-Anti-Gun Agitprop Contest Winner Revealed

Choosing a winner in our little contest was particularly tough given the impressive amount of creativity and talent put forth by TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. A brick of .22LR is apparently a mighty powerful incentive. But choose we must and the winner of our little competition was Don N. for this gem that was at the same time apt and hilarious. Have fun with the ammo, Don. We know you’ll put it to good use.


  1. avatar Wendy says:

    Congrats Don! “Look at this baby.” is never not funny.

  2. avatar ErrantVenture11 says:

    “Look at this baby” made it. Reminiscent of the Old Spice adverts 🙂

    Snarky and serious all in one. I approve of your choice!

  3. avatar Defens says:

    Excellent choice – my fav, too!

  4. avatar launchpadmech says:

    Love it!

  5. avatar Jim R says:

    Yeah, that’s the best of the lot for sure.

  6. avatar GWHNick says:

    I think this one is a good pick for the winner.

  7. avatar Don says:


    I’m going to use this brick to fuel my ongoing 2A mission to take as many new-shooter/non-gun people to the plate range as I can!

    Convert! Convert!

    1. avatar SpeleoFool says:

      Well played. That would have been my move, too, if they’d picked mine. You deserved this one, though. Congrats & thanks for the laughs. 🙂

    2. avatar Mr. Pierogie says:


      Look at this comment.

  8. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Look at this baby. And It’s a lamp. Are my two favorite TTAG memes!

  9. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    I approve.

  10. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Congrats Don.

    Look at this baby. Oh geez

  11. avatar Matt in FL says:

    There were a lot of really, really good entries. Thanks to all who contributed.

  12. avatar One If By Land says:

    Congrats Don! Nice work… I have to go buy my own .22 – if I can find it that is….

  13. avatar Alpo says:

    My favorite as well. Congrats, Don.

  14. avatar bontai Joe says:

    This was my choice as the best also. Congratulations Don. It’s wonderful to hear that you’ll be using the ammo to help introduce new folks to the fun of shooting.

  15. avatar peterK says:

    Awesome. Well deserved.

  16. avatar BDub says:

    Awesome! Nice work Don. Congratz.

  17. avatar Model 31 says:

    All of these anti-anti gun submissions should be put into a single article for future reference. These “posters” have a cumulative educational value that is greater than the sum of the submissions individually. For example, “Look at this baby” is sharp satire which goes well beyond sarcasm but its meaning really jumps out after the reader becomes familiar with the “for the children” meme. Each one adds context and together, they could make a good “slide-show’ shining light on current culture while adding some historical perspective.

    1. avatar mirgc says:

      I agree. While not an entry by the readers, this is still one of my favorites.

  18. avatar the ruester says:

    Don, can you repost the edited one with the red lettering?

  19. avatar Rokurota says:

    Good show, Don!

  20. avatar JR says:

    Congrats, Don.

    “Look at this baby” still brings a smile.

  21. avatar Taylor TX says:

    Grats, its for the children. Enjoy your solid gold .22 lr.

  22. avatar Jürgen says:

    “Look at this baby.” Moneyshot.

  23. avatar Jus Bill says:


  24. avatar Nathan says:

    Does this come as a T-shirt?

  25. avatar Dean says:

    Congrats Don.

    TTAG: How about a calender for next year with this years entries?
    The proceeds to be given to TTAG?

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      How’s about to the Second Amendment Foundation?

      1. avatar Don says:

        that’s a cool idea

  26. avatar Morgan Gatorsee says:

    This one was my favorite as well, congrats to the winner!

  27. avatar William Burke says:

    Hurrah! This one deserved to win, IMO.

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