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A lot of big companies don’t get the Internet. They fail to understand that the net’s not a newspaper. Information isn’t fixed in time. It’s continually processed; subjected to debate, interpretation and revision. It has its own pace as well. Info outbreaks tend to start small, build quickly and then fade rapidly. If a company wants to enter the data-stream to correct information or help guide discussion, it needs to go online early and often. Expecting the net to come to Muhammed for clarification is so 2000 and late. Treating its low or no-paid denizens with disdain is brand suicide. Jochen Anschutz’s delayed response to’s criticism of the gunmaker’s [now alleged] plans to use an electronic safety—Anschutz Sells Out—is a textbook example of how not to do it. [Full text after the jump.] Incredible . . .

armatix/ANSCHÜTZ Hunting Control System

Obviously there are a lot of questions, but also many many misunderstandings and ignorance in serveral internet forums regarding an electronic safety for the ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifles. Therefore ANSCHÜTZ wanted to point out several points.

By the way: Not one of these writers of those internet forums who very often remain anonymous expressing their opinion, has ever spoken to a responsible person from ANSCHÜTZ. None of them knows the aims and the intention of ANSCHÜTZ from firsthand or has informed himself directly.

If you search through all these forums you will not find one single author who can say 1. I have seen it 2. I have spoken to a responsible person from ANSCHÜTZ 3. I know their aims and intention

It is a pity that through a snowball system there are so many wrong entries in different internet forums now because of the ignorance of some individuals.

Correct is: The electronic safety for the ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifles is just an idea!

ANSCHÜTZ have not yet received a specific inquiry, neither from the arms trade nor the end users.

You may be assured that ANSCHTÜZ is only producing products which are demanded by the market. All other rumours are just propaganda. There is no officially published pdf-flyer and you will not find one on the ANSCHÜTZ website. The often quoted, printed flyer just served as discussion material during the ISSF World Championships 2010 in Munich. The pdf-flyer had been sent to one German gun magazine only, to serve as basis for discussion only. It was published in the internet without approval from ANSCHÜTZ.

Ideas, thoughts and discussions should be allowed also in the future!

In addition we like to remark that we do know what such an electronic control system for hunting should be capable to perform, and above all how enormously high the development costs would be. Even if such a system would be developed, there will never be a 100 % safety. Every hunter will be responsible for his shooting also in the future. No safety will protect from ricochets or other danger. An electronic safety could be an additional protection, such as more and more hunters are wearing signal vests.

At the same time, we can assure that the market and the demand determine the products of a company. And ANSCHUTZ has an inquiry from the Biathlon federation to have a look in that topic. In Germany and Europe we have complete different gun laws than in the US. Please keep that in mind.

For me it is important to give you these informations for a better overview.

Jochen Anschutz

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