NRA Can’t Say “Remington Model 700 is Safe” Either

The National Rifle Association has plenty of good reasons to support Remington in its defense of the Model 700, recently vilified by CNBC. For example, Remington and the NRA cut a deal just last month; or every special edition Remington 870 sold, the  gunmaker made a contribution to the NRA’s Law Enforcement Activities Division. So it’s a bit odd that the NRA’s statement re: their BFF’s CNBC SHTF problem is weak beer. To wit . . .

The NRA is second to no one in supporting and promoting firearm safety, and NRA publications have regularly published announcements of voluntary recalls by gun and ammunition manufacturers. Yet since long before“Dateline NBC” used rocket motors to blow up pickup trucks in staged collisions, gun owners have rightly been skeptical of the mainstream media’s ability to report fairly and accurately on firearms issues.

These attacks on Remington are far from over, and NRA members who want to hear the company’s side of the story can visit Remington’s new website on the issue at

Jesus. Tell the lawyers to have a seat and grow a pair guys. If no one else will say it, we will: the Remington 700 is a safe gun. Well, as safe as any. And a lot safer than some. Unless you’re a bear . . .


  1. avatar Dewayne says:

    All the reorted accidents can be faulted to HUMAN ERROR. Simple fix to problem: POINT GUN IN SAFE DIRECTION AND BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!

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