FedEx Shooting Indianapolis
Authorities confer at the scene where multiple people were shot at the FedEx Ground facility early Friday morning, April 16, 2021, in Indianapolis. A gunman killed several people and wounded others before taking his own life in a late-night attack at a FedEx facility near the Indianapolis airport, police said. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
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It’s getting hard to keep track of the number of high profile killers that, it’s later revealed, law enforcement authorities were aware of before they committed their crimes. Indianapolis FedEx shooter Brandon Scott Hole was yet another of these.

Hole murdered eight people last night and wounded at least another nine (reports are still sketchy there). According to the New York Post, Hole had been on the radar of both local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, investigators are looking for a motive.

From the Associated Press . . .

Police scoured a Fedex facility in Indianapolis and searched the suspected gunman’s home Friday looking for a motive for the latest mass shooting to rock the U.S., as family members of the eight victims spent agonizing hours awaiting word on their loved ones.

The shooter was identified as 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole of Indiana, two law enforcement officials briefed on the matter told The Associated Press. The investigators searched a home in Indianapolis associated with Hole and seized evidence, including desktop computers and other electronic media, the officials said. The officials could not discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Indianapolis police said earlier that they had not yet discovered the gunman’s motive for opening fire with a rifle late Thursday night at a FedEx processing center near the Indianapolis airport.

indianapolis police chief fedex shooting mccartt
Deputy Chief Craig McCartt of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department  (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Indianapolis Deputy Police Chief Craig McCartt said the gunman started randomly shooting at people in the parking lot and then went into the building and continued firing. He said the shooter apparently died by suicide shortly before police entered the building.

“There was no confrontation with anyone that was there,” he said. “There was no disturbance, there was no argument. He just appeared to randomly start shooting.”

McCartt said four people were killed outside the building and another four inside. Several people were also wounded, including five who were taken to the hospital.

The carnage took just a couple of minutes. “It did not last very long,” he said.

Officials with the coroner’s office began the process of identifying victims Friday afternoon, a process they said would take several hours.

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      • Chances are good the victims had one thing in common. They were most probably all unarmed soft targets. And thanks to laws and workplace policies that force you to leave your firearm in a vehicle or at home you are left defenseless and at the mercy of a 19 year old deranged a Hole. Of course despicable knee jerk Gun Control Scumbags will display the number of deceased to get more Gun Control which is exactly what prevented the victims from being able to at least go down fighting.

        Too bad you cannot pole the deceased and ask them about being forced to be helpless, unarmed victims of Gun Control. Make no mistake about it, Gun Control kills whether you are being chased by the Jim Crow KKK or the Nazi SS or a 19 year old a Hole.

        • Shooter – 19 yr old with no desire to live. Why not go out with some noriety, and let share his pain with others on his way out?

          Target – gun free zone. Airports are probably some of the fun freest zones in America. Good place for maximum body counts…

        • The focus is always on firearms. Let’s not forget about other more devastating weapons ranging from pressure cookers to motor vehicles, etc. You know, the things that all Gun Control Zealots own.

  1. All part of the plan…ignore these psychos, let them do their thing to further enforce the lefts gun grab agenda.

  2. “Indianapolis police said earlier that they had not yet discovered the gunman’s motive…..”
    Wow, really hanging on the edge of my chair for that.
    Authorities are also working on the reason for 2018 Las Vegas shooting. Should be out any day.

    • Other news reports say there were a large number of Sikhs working at the site.
      Might be why or maybe he just went where he could rack up a high body count.

      Wish we could hold the authorities who knew and failed to react liable. Maybe a few of them in jail or penniless when the lawyers get done stripping the carcass might push them to do something when a nut bag is bouncing around. Otherwise it almost would seem they keep them around to release when they need a reason to scream for gun control.

      • “Wish we could hold the authorities who knew and failed to react liable.”

        Venerated TTAG legal folks –

        Would removing qualified immunity to those who knew he was a ticking bomb accomplish this?

        • Not a qualified immunity; discretionary immunity is a total immunity. Government cannot be sued for exercising or failing to exercise its discretionary authority, i.e., as in issuing a license or permit, or refusing to do so, or taking someone into custody for a mental health exam or failing and refusing to do so.

      • Wish we could hold the authorities who knew and failed to react liable.

        They took a gun from him last year… So some persons want to blame the gun, others want to blame the cops… Where are Mom and Pop in all this, they knew the kid was fucked up, mother called the cops said she was worried that he might try suicide by cop, cops came, talked to the kid, found no crime but took his gun… Now what? Cops say no crime so Mom says no problem? Why did the family not get him help, no shrinks in Indy? Or just no FREE shit… Cops can’t lock you up for a non-crime, and they can’t baby sit every nutbag they investigate… Either you have rights or you don’t, if they locked the kid up everybody starts yelling about civil rights, don’t lock him up and he cooks off? Why didn’t they lock him up?… How about blaming those who were actually responsible for allowing this kid to go off on his own without getting the help he needed… Cops are not psychiatrists, they are cops bound by laws… Bitch about red flag laws but when the law doesn’t stop a mass killing or two or three blame the cops… I’m not a fan of the cops, I’ve been harassed for all kinds of shit, being a long haul trucker (a favorite source of revenue in states like CA and IL), a “typical” appearing “Biker”, riding the wrong “too loud” motorcycle, driving jacked up “hot rods” with fat tires and loud exhaust (and that was just this week) and just in general doing shit that seems to attract the unwanted attention of law enforcement, but the cops did their job with this kid and then the family dropped the ball…

        • Indiana actually *has* a red flag law on the books, ostensibly to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

          Obviously, it didn’t accomplish that.

          I’m sure the legislature will be repealing it any day now. Or are red flag laws intended to accomplish something else, instead?

      • But they won’t act because it will violate their rights and stigmatize them. /sarc

        How many more are out there?

  3. Most of these people are not wearing face masks, and these pics were obviously taken long after the shooter had been neutralized since “civilians” (crime scene unit) are on scene. I am fascinated by the fact we had no mass shootings during the pandemic and Trump final year as a POTUS, as if priorities were elsewhere, go figure. Now that “president” Bidenharris is in charge (kind of) and “gun control” is back on the menu du jour, mass shootings are occurring on a weekly basis, what an incredible coincidence!

  4. The New Zealand mosque Mass shooter publicly wrote he wanted to force gun control onto New Zealand. I think these current Mass shooters want the same thing. For the United States. Just wait and you will see the families of the shooters say that they support gun control.

    • Chris T in KY,

      Your comment is a distinct possibility.

      On a somewhat similar vein, we would be foolish to dismiss the more sinister possibility that the Ruling Class is putting these attackers up to the task. It could be as simple as someone paying these attackers huge sums of money to do the deed. Or it could be a little bit more nuanced: a skilled person identifies a suggestible stooge and then “winds him/her up”.

      • Don’t forget the courts have already said you have no right to police protection. And that can come in many different forms. Including not enforcing protection orders. But oh wait, that case has already been decided. The cops don’t have to enforce a court order of protection.

        So yes a known violent criminal to the police, does not require their prior intervention. That would be a violation of the criminals civil rights. Many people may not like it. But back in the old days the police would have pulled a known violent criminal aside. And used their nightsticks on him. And he would still be alive. You may not like it. But this type of street Justice was quite normal in the United States for over a hundred and fifty of years. And cities were safer because of it. The problem is the ACLU is not only against this type of street Justice. But they are also against you having guns to protect yourself. The ACLU has never been your friend. They have never supported the First Amendment. And they have never supported the Second Amendment either.

      • I think that’s a bit overly conspiratorial. However, we do know that certain federal agencies have encouraged such behaviors, ostensibly to push people past the “they might be dangerous” point and into territory where they could be arrested.

        That said, I think mostly this is a mental health issue where real crazies can’t be dealt with properly. James Holmes is an obvious example where the University knew he was dangerous but also knew that the intersection of federal and Colorado law meant that really, if they did something about him, there was a 95% or better chance that all they were doing was painting a target on their backs.

        Now you take a year of stressing people out, denying them any access to mental health in many cases and now with things reopening there’s an opportunity for people to let all that rage out on others.

        And you end up with something akin to the Joker.

        • “I think that’s a bit overly conspiratorial.”

          It has at least a slight whiff of plausibility.

          A deranged (and-or suicidal) person could decide or be persuaded, all on their own, that if they ‘Took one for the team’, it could help a political cause they believed in.

          Especially how we have seen over the last year that wealthy Leftists have let it be publicly-known that they were willing to supply bail money and free legal representation for anyone on their ‘team’ who gets arrested while looting, burning, and other general anarchistic behaviors while *cough*, ‘protesting’, *cough*.

          You can’t simply dismiss the possibility out-of-hand…

        • strych9,

          See my comment below in response to Chris T in KY’s mention of the known dynamic of strong-minded people manipulating weak-minded people.

      • It has at least a slight whiff of plausibility.

        Most conspiracy theories do, at least to some people. That’s what makes them attractive. See the “Russian Bounties” story for Leftists, lapping that shit up like kittens at a saucer of whole milk.

        You’ll note that I didn’t dismiss the possibility out of hand. However, let’s ask a pretty basic question: “Assuming for a moment that it’s completely true, sans evidence, what difference does that make in the political realm?”.

        The answer is “None”. Unless you can offer evidence you’ve entered into a a “Tails, they win. Heads, I lose” game in the political sphere and, rightly or wrongly, damaged your own credibility going forward.

        Like a court room, it’s not what you think or even what you know. It’s what you can prove. Just ask the people who’ve talked about UFOs for years and years and been derided for it.

    • Your comment is utter nonsense.

      Ignore crazy people and their mental illness escalates. Most aren’t even politically minded, they are demented and find themselves attacking over imaginary threats. Or reacting against people in massively exaggerated degree.

      We have been ignoring the violent crazies in our population for 30 years. That is the problem.

      And it is hardly surprising that some family members of mass murder victims come up with stupid ideas, Grief is not conducive to clear headed reasoning.

      • The weak-minded are used to commit crimes all the time by strong-minded people. Crimes that the strong-minded would never commit themselves.

        • “The weak-minded are used to commit crimes all the time by strong-minded people.”

          That is a known Leftist tactic, known by them as “Useful idiots”…

        • Chris T in KY,

          You make my point for me.

          We KNOW for a fact that strong-minded people convince/manipulate weak-minded people into doing all manner of unpalatable deeds.

          Consider cult leaders who convince/manipulate their followers into handing over all their money and even their wives and children for sexual exploitation — and in some cases even committing mass suicide.

          Consider “revolutionaries” who convince/manipulate their followers into committing atrocities “for the cause”.

          Consider violent gangs who convince/manipulate their “foot soldiers” to do awful things.

          If cult leaders, “revolutionaries”, and gang leaders actively recruit and use/abuse their minions, why wouldn’t some members of the Ruling Class do the same? After all, the Ruling Class clearly has no qualms sacrificing innocent victims for the cause — employing the classic “ends justifies the means” rationale.

        • Chris T in KY,

          And to add an exclamation point to your and my comments about strong-minded people convincing/manipulating weak-minded people into doing awful deeds: Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

          Either strong-minded Nazi leaders convinced/manipulated weak-minded Germans to murder millions of Jews. Or strong-minded Nazi leaders recruited and directed psychopath Germans to murder millions of Jews. Either way you look at it, the Ruling Class in Nazi Germany managed to facilitate the Holocaust. If the Ruling Class in Nazi Germany was able to do that, the Ruling Class in the U.S.A. is more than capable of recruiting a few weak-minded people and sending them out on murder-sprees.

        • “Consider “revolutionaries” who convince/manipulate their followers into committing atrocities “for the cause”.

          Consider violent gangs who convince/manipulate their “foot soldiers” to do awful things.”

          I’d point to something known as “anticipatory obedience”.

          “Most of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. In times like these, individuals think about what a more repressive government will want, and then offer themselves without being asked… The anticipatory obedience of the Austrians in March 1938 taught the high Nazi leadership what was possible. It was in Vienna that August that Adolf Eichmann established the Central Office for Jewish Emigrations. In November 1938, following the Austrian example of March, German Nazis organized the national pogrom known as Kristallnacht.

          In 1941, when Germany invaded the Soveit Union, the SS took the initiative to device the methods of mass killing without orders to do so. They guess what their superiors wanted and demonstrated what was possible. It was far more than Hitler had thought.

        • *they guessed what their superiors wanted.

          My typo. Also, that’s from On Tyranny by Tim Snyder.

      • Consider “revolutionaries” who convince/manipulate their followers into committing atrocities “for the cause”.

        A.O.C. is a perfect example…

      • so where were all those “violent crazies” in the past?…society has changed…and now people seem to think it’s ok to make others pay for their inner torments…perhaps it’s morality that now appears to be lacking and right and wrong now take a back seat to narcissism?….

        • ….and the diminished role of religion in people’s lives may factor into this…people used to care about one another more in the past…it now seems to have been replaced by a large degree of indifference

      • “we” have been ignoring them?

        Wrong. I just refuse to pay for shit that families are failing at.

        Just because the left wants to “feel safe”, nothing will help it. Self defense above all else.

    • I commented in another article, Democrats are killing for gun control. A measured tempo has to be maintained. Too fast and people will get suspicious. Too slow and people will forget.

  5. Let this be a lesson (yet another of thousands of examples): government will almost NEVER be there to take care of you. Taking care of you is up to you and/or your most trusted inner-circle.

    When the balloon goes up, government may (or may not) bring reinforcements long after “festivities” begin. Plan accordingly.

  6. Over and over again this happens. The crazy person on an increasing spiral into violent actions is ignored or downplayed even with family members alerting police.

    We need to rebuild the mental health system this country tore down in the three decades from the 1950’s into the 1980’s. We need laws and the money to staff those facilities, train cops, prosecutors and judges to deal with them.

    Or we could just keep on arguing about guns instead the people that kill.

    • “We need to rebuild the mental health system this country tore down in the three decades from the 1950’s into the 1980’s.”

      How can we do that, when it was the Leftists who dismantled that system in the first place by claiming civil rights violations and how cruel they were?

      They literally *cheered* when the mental hospitals were shut down, al the while loudly proclaiming that the mentally-ill were no more dangerous than anyone else.

      Guess what? They were wrong, we were right, and the only reply they have is “But we meant well!”

      Because for a Leftist, good intentions are more important than results…

      • Repub hands aren’t clean on the psych ward shutdowns. The Repubs joined in on the idea since it saved money.

      • Both sides tore it all down. Both sides found reasons to be more “Humanitarian” while also being more “Fiscally Responsible”.

        This Left versus Right crap is just noise preventing anything from getting done.

        • Courts ruled that you can’t commit someone against their will. There’s no going back to that. I agree this isn’t a Left vs. Right issue, but people might be worried about seeking help for depression or addiction because they’ll be labelled as mentally ill and have their firearms taken from them, which the Left supports.

        • Reagan and the Republicans in Congress are the parties who tore down our mental health system, the facts of history don’t change:

          “The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 (MHSA) was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health centers. In 1981 President Ronald Reagan and the U.S. Congress repealed most of the law. The MHSA was considered landmark legislation in mental health care policy.”

          “One month prior to the election, President Carter had signed the Mental Health Systems Act, which had proposed to continue the federal community mental health centers program, although with some additional state involvement. Consistent with the report of the Carter Commission, the act also included a provision for federal grants “for projects for the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of positive mental health,” an indication of how little learning had taken place among the Carter Commission members and professionals at NIMH. With President Reagan and the Republicans taking over, the Mental Health Systems Act was discarded before the ink had dried and the CMHC funds were simply block granted to the states. The CMHC program had not only died but been buried as well. An autopsy could have listed the cause of death as naiveté complicated by grandiosity.”

    • Approaching the right age for schizophrenia to appear. While most of them are passive and just in their own little world there are some who can explode usually with lots of warning.

    • They haven’t posted a picture of him, nor mentioned his race in any article that I’ve seen. The workers there appear to be mostly black (Indy has a large black population). If it was a white guy shooting a business that had even one black person in it, I suspect that would be in all the headlines.
      Given all of that, I’d guess he was black. And the story will go away quickly, because of that. But that’s all conjecture on my part. And he could be the white guy with swastika tattoos on his face that the media has been hoping for with every mass shooting.

      • Actually, it was a lily white individual, and reports indicate that four of the eight killed were Sikhs.

        It would not be the first time that a delusional white person had killed Sikhs because “they wear turbans so they must be Muslims!”.

    • Could be. I’m on the fence as to whether there’s no pictures out there of this kid yet, usually that means one thing. Can’t be because he’s a minor at 19, and I am most certainly sure the media didn’t start suddenly becoming noble en-mass and decide to stop publishing names and photos to stop making killers (in)famous.

      • “there’s no pictures out there of this kid yet, usually that means one thing.“

        Yes, you may be right, it appears they withheld his picture because he was a white mass shooter and it didn’t fit the narrative of the black thug gang violence the right finds so appealing.

        • “Yeah I, for the longest while, the story was like, people were lapping up that it was like, you know, white guys for like so long. I don’t, I haven’t seen anything about focusing on the color of people’s skin that aren’t white. They just aren’t saying anything. You know what I mean? They’re just not, all of a sudden that story loses a little steam from it. They just like leave it be.”

          -CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester

          try again retard.

  7. So, where’s Miner DEMANDING your evidence that so many shooters are “KNOWN” to the FBI/authorities before they cook off?

        • Hilarious, a mass shooting in West Virginia?

          Not likely, far too many people are too busy trying to get food and shelter here in the capitalist’s resource extraction zone.

        • too many people are too busy trying to get food and shelter

          And Oxycodone, don’t forget the Oxy…

        • Don’t let miner fool you. He only LARPs as some retired WV laborer. He’s a commie/dem-socialist idiot who’s probably in the city or suburbs working in an air-conditioned office and taking weekends hating on “the system mannnn” or doing some BLM shit.

        • Oh yes I know that and called him on it a very long time ago. He’s a sandal and socks kinda guy.

  8. People subject to a false red flag nonsense would also be “known to authorities”. Let’s stop pretending already.

  9. I don’t think this is a conspiracy. Bureaucratic organizations operate for their benefit, not yours. Name one that is pure, hell I’m a Roman Catholic, Christ would destroy the Roman Catholic Church today.

    The kid that shot up that high school in Florida had 39 visits by the police to his foster home, his foster parents let him have a rifle. You don’t think that at least on one visit the police became aware of the fact he had a rifle? The County Deputy protecting the kids waited outside the school listening to gunfire as kids bled out and died. The school was then surrounded by Broward County officers but an adjoining county’s officers arrived and THEY went right in. The Broward County Deputies were setting up a perimeter. He used 10 round magazines. Broward County did nothing because they got $ from the Federal Govt to not channel him to jail. A noble effort by Obama that failed miserably….more than once.

    The Pulse shooter in Florida held the SWAT team off by saying he had a bomb….they waited as people bled out.

    The Columbine shooters were seen by the Resource Officer in the school….he booked it. People bled out as SWAT “set up”.

    The theater shooter in Colorado went past two movie houses that allowed firearms to the AMC theater that had the dreaded no firearms signs. His counselor had previously notified campus police that he was a danger…..they went for donuts.

    In Charlotte, NC in 2019 there were 15 young men who had been arrested for illegally carrying a pistol and then murdered someone while they were “out on bail”. With a clearance rate of 40-50 % that means in 2019 there were at least 15 murderers free and un-caught. This was in the Charlotte Observer newspaper. Multiply that by 10 years.

    The Charleston, SC church shooter passed the NICS check because the FBI went to the wrong county. A large part of NICS is a contracted operation with FBI supervision (having worked for the Federal Govt I believe contractors do a better job than Federal employees). The FBI is now a bunch of political hacks who can’t shoot straight and have no allegiance to the Constitution and the United States of America. So is the Secret Service, look at what Biden’s kid did with the gun, would you be treated that way?

    The people who work for the ATF are good people let by corrupt political hacks.

    Read the reports of Ruby Ridge and Waco. We are no better than China and/or Russia.

    I could go on. We are an Empire in decline. The NSA probably knows about everyone who posts here, Dan Z is in big trouble.

    But it’s the guns fault.

    • so there is a place for social workers, after all?…sending someone out to talk to these people…perhaps on a regular basis…might not be a bad idea…..

  10. I am unsure to find a photograph of Brandon Scott Hole. I therefore conclude that he looks as if he might be one of President Obama’s numerous bastard sons.

    • In the NY Post, it says that he was first arrested in 2013; if he is 19 yrs. old now, that would have made him 12- 13 when first run in with the law occurred. A photo has got to surface within the next few hours

      • I think you meant to say yellow. One of my friends back in Homestead was even more mutt than me. His was French, Black, Native American and ??? Light olive skin, piercing blue eyes and facile features and hair were black.
        Back in the 60’s in S. Florida neither of us were the right race but he had it far worse.

        I’m 1/4 Cherokee and 100% Jew.

        And now the joke I’ve heard many times,

        After he had sat down in his seat and settled in, he glanced Up and saw the most beautiful woman boarding the plane. He soon realized She was heading straight towards his seat. As fate would have it, she took The seat right beside his. Eager to strike up a conversation he blurted out, “Business trip or pleasure?” She turned, smiled and said, “Business. I’m going to the Annual Nymphomaniacs of America Convention in Boston.” He swallowed hard. Here was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen Sitting next to him, and she was going to a meeting of nymphomaniacs! Struggling to maintain his composure, he calmly asked, “What’s your Business at this convention?” “Lecturer,” she responded. “I use information that I have learned from my Personal experiences to debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality.” “Really?” he said. “And what kind of myths are there?” “Well,” she explained, “one popular myth is that African-American men are The most well-endowed of all men, when in fact it is the Native American Indian who is most likely to possess that trait. Another popular myth is That Frenchmen are the best lovers, when actually it is men of the Jewish faith who are the best. Suddenly the woman became a little uncomfortable and blushed.. “I’m Sorry,” she said, “I shouldn’t really be discussing all of this with you. I don’t Even know your name.” “Tonto,” the man said, “Tonto Horowitz”

        I’ll leave now……

  11. I hate when my predictions come through. Two things never fail in mass shootings for the last 20 years: the shooter was know to authorities or FBI and the shootings happen in a gun free zone.



      There was a guy that grabbed his rifle from his car, too late, he was one of the four dead n thee parking lot…

      • Darn, so a good guy with a gun gets terminated rather than solving the problem.

        Well, that doesn’t fit the narrative…

        • Sure it does.

          More armed people, the easier it would have been. Obviously the “first responder” did more than those without guns. Right? “Narrative”.

  13. Families should immediately so FedEx For not having armed security guards…The gazillions of dollars FedEx has and they are on the cheap, when it comes to security of their employees..


    From Psychology Today:

    Every breath you take and every move you make
    Every bond you break, every step you take, I’ll be watching you.

    —”Every Breath You Take,” The Police

    Note: This is Part 1 of a three-part series on “gang stalking.”

    What Is Gang Stalking?
    Reports of “gang stalking” (a.k.a. “gang-stalking” or “gangstalking”) began emerging at least 15 years ago by self-described “targeted individuals” (“T.I.s”) claiming to be followed, surveilled, harassed, and otherwise victimized by unknown forces wielding high-tech weapons of “mind control.” Since then, much more has been written about this phenomenon, especially over the past few years, with national attention devoted to a few notable cases of violence and mass shootings perpetrated by people identifying as T.I.s.

    • Just a variation on the typical paranoid schizophrenic suffer, vague ‘conspiracies’ attempting to spy on them and harm them.

  15. The Feckless Bumbling Idiots strike again!

    Indiana was one of the first states to get a “Red Flag” law. Guess it didn’t work.

    • Doesn’t Indiana have both a Republican governor and Republican majority in their state legislature?

      And they were one of the first states to pass a red flag law?

      Well, Donald Trump, patron saint of the conservative Republicans, did say we should take the guns first and worry about due process later so there you go.

  16. theyre going to say “we couldnt do anything about it…THE LAW wouldnt let us” as a way to get red flag laws passed

    • Really though, what can the S Ortiz do?

      If the individual has not been adjudicated mentally ill and has committed no crime, do you think the authorities should step in and take their guns and or incarcerate them?

      It was my impression of POTG were against any sort of red flag law but that seems to be what most are advocating here.

  17. So another one the feds didn’t do nothing about and at the same time red flag laws are bad? Make up my mind.
    We can’t have it both ways.

    • It is important to understand that no law will prevent shootings because criminals do not obey the law. But there are already laws on the books which if enforced could have prevented this shooting, but they were not used. That is the crux of all “gun control laws”. How often have you heard the FBI NICS has prevented a million prohibited persons from getting guns? And exactly how many of those prohibited persons went to jail for their multiple crimes of trying to get a gun? The number is in the hundreds. That is a failure not of the law but of the system to prosecute those who break it.

    • I wouldn’t say they did nothing. The feds have a long history of pushing buttons and egging on crazies once identified. A tried and true method of justifying ones budget. Essentially job number one for government employees.

    • acting on a red flag law on the word of a single individual would appear to be a bad thing…but when there’s a consensus, perhaps not…much depends on how it is employed….

  18. Wonder if anyone has ever considered a:
    “We will shoot back!”
    tactic to limit the damage if not dissuade such attacks.

  19. ‘Known to authorities’ automatically places responsibility almost solely on the .gov in my eyes.

    Its silly to think they don’t want these incidents to happen. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain from these murders.

    • Yes, he was known to the authorities, but he had committed no crimes.

      So you would hold the government responsible?

      You realize of course, in order to “do something” they need to strengthen the red flag laws and follow Donald Trump‘s advice to “take the guns first and worry about due process later”.

      • follow Donald Trump‘s advice to “take the guns first and worry about due process later”.

        You REALLY like to rag on Trumps statement yet you say NOTHING about YOUR boy “Creepy Beijing Biden” and his plans for a “new and improved” Red Flag Law or HIS desire for national ban/registration/confiscation of ALL “assault rifles” and standard capacity magazines or his support for Feinstein’s (just take em all) bill and taking control of voter laws away from the states OR his 2.2 TRILLION dollar “infrastructure” proposal that sends more money to China and Illegals than it does to roads and bridges… and then YOU have the balls to call anyone in opposition to the “Supreme Leader” BIASED?… You’re a “one horse pony show” (to quote your HERO)… OBTW, where did you get your psychology degree, the way you diagnosed that kid as (“Just a variation on the TYPICAL paranoid schizophrenic suffer, vague ‘conspiracies’ attempting to spy on them and harm them.”) was pretty amazing… But don’t you think he could possibly have just been a delusional little freak with Bipolar Disorder? (they can be very violent)… Maybe he was a Ritalin Kid “off his meds”… There is a list of disorders that could have brought this kid to the verge of suicide but only a few that puts him on the OTHER side of eight dead people before he does it and paranoid schizophrenia isn’t one of them, as they are MORE of a danger to themselves and to their family than to the outside world…

        • Do not argue. Do not debate.

          Shun this one and all others who disrespect your rights and do not extend your principles to them. Shun them, ignore them, cast them out of your life, and do not listen to their rambling.

          Assume they’re a fed or some joun- activist looking for ammunition and don’t reply.

  20. How many of these freaks twist off because they have extreme anxiety and depression anxiety from impending gun control legislation?

    • Nothing about that.

      You are suggesting that gun owners would get their panties in such a wad that they would react to gun control effort by killing 10 or 15 innocent people?

      Based on that, any reasonable person would agree with Donald Trump and say “take the guns first and worry about due process later”.

      Do you think that all POTG share this homicidal anxiety reaction?

      • agree with Donald Trump and say “take the guns first and worry about due process later

        How much do you charge Trump for living in your head… I’ve seen you repeat that statement at least five or six times already today and I’m only about half way through my morning email… Beijing Biden aka “Creepy Uncle Joe” aka “The Big Guy” is about to put Red Flag bullshit on STEROIDS, he’s making Trump look like the Head Cheerleader for gun rights yet YOU are still obsessed with one sentence from Trump… IF you really gave a shit about suppression of the peoples rights you would be RAILING about the “Supreme Leaders” plans for YOU and your family…

  21. This will be used by the anti’s to as great example of why “BAN ALL THE GUNZ!!!!”, because you just can’t keep ahead of all the pre-crime work that’s necessary in the society they envision.

  22. Have a friend whose family owns a funeral business in of of them gun free cities. Told me that it can get really hairy when they have gang funerals. Ended up hiring off duty cops as guards. They are there in plainclothes 24/7/365.

    The cost? 1K A DAY! $365,OOO A YEAR! He wishes all the patrons were armed. It would save his family and their patrons a TON of money. Of course they have to pass the cost to their customers….

  23. It is gratifying to see so many POTG advocate for red flag laws to stop these homicidal maniacs from killing more innocent citizens.

    It seems many on this list hope President Biden follows Donald Trump’s advice regarding this serious issue:

    “Trump: “We’re going to take the firearms first and then go to court, because that’s another system. Because a lot of times by the time you go to court … it takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures. I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida; he had a lot of fires [and] they saw everything. To go to court would have taken a long time, so you could do exactly what you’re saying but take the guns first, go through due process second.”

    • The difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is that what the President proposed would work, and what Biden proposes won’t work.

  24. This is a typical all to often example of our failure as a nation to adequately fund health care especially mental health care. All other advanced industrialized nations have funded such programs for decades and they are often far smaller a far less rich than we are. Thank the Republicans for blocking bills for the last 50 years that would have funded programs that would have helped mentally ill people before they committed mass murder. Over 100 people alone were murdered in Orlando Florida and Los Vegas by mentally deraigned men.

    • “One month prior to the election, President Carter had signed the Mental Health Systems Act, which had proposed to continue the federal community mental health centers program, although with some additional state involvement. Consistent with the report of the Carter Commission, the act also included a provision for federal grants “for projects for the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of positive mental health,” an indication of how little learning had taken place among the Carter Commission members and professionals at NIMH. With President Reagan and the Republicans taking over, the Mental Health Systems Act was discarded before the ink had dried and the CMHC funds were simply block granted to the states. The CMHC program had not only died but been buried as well. An autopsy could have listed the cause of death as naiveté complicated by grandiosity.”

      • The 1981 the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act was sponsored by Rep. James Jones (D-OK). Jones had three Democratic and seven Republican co-sponsors. To say it was Reagan who dismantled Cater’s legislation is ridiculous. It was a bipartisan effort.

  25. Regrettably, this incident can be interpreted two ways.

    First, the anti-gun Left would say it’s a classic example of how desperately we need to eliminate all guns.

    Secondly, the pro-gun right would say “I told you so…law enforcement cannot protect you and a bad guy can get a gun any day he wants even when his previous firearms have been confiscated, he can no longer legally obtain a gun, and, he’s actually on the radar of multiple law enforcement agencies”.

    • There are many ways to obtain a firearm besides through an FFL dealer, he could’ve easily purchased it in a private transaction searches at a gun show parking lot.

      If he did purchase it in a private transaction, that would be evidence to support universal background checks to prevent prohibited persons from obtaining access to lethal weapons.

    • Can’t be white.

      Wrong… This one is THE poster child for the gun grabbers… White, middle class, used an AR, killed several non-whites… No this one finally set up their perfect storm… The “outrage” will be party wide and the MSM coverage will be non-stop (unless they can get an actual white supremacist to do something similar)… Anyway buckle your seatbelt and hang on, it COULD get a bit bumpy from here…

      • “White, middle class, used an AR, killed several non-whites… No this one finally set up their perfect storm… “

        How soon they forget…

        Robert Long in Atlanta was also white, middle-class, killed several non-whites…

        • Robert Long in Atlanta was also white, middle-class, killed several non-whites… How soon they forget…

          The one thing YOU forgot was your lack of reading comprehension…Long did NOT use the dreaded, “SCARY BLACK RIFLE with LARGE CAPACITY MAGAZINES (20 rounds or more)”… So tell me do you subscribe to “Trevors Axiom”? Or do you really just think you are actually THAT much smarter than everyone else? Again, to be clear, NO AR15 in Atlanta…. The AR15 is an IMPORTANT ingredient to gun grabbers argument…

  26. “The former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis legally purchased the two assault rifles used in the attack despite red flag laws designed to prevent that, police said.

    A trace of the two guns found by investigators at the scene revealed that suspect Brandon Scott Hole, 19, of Indianapolis, legally bought the rifles in July and September of last year, officials with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Saturday.”


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