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As we pointed out earlier, the Empire State gun grab is a go. Make the jump for images of the rifles listed above . . . [h/t Don]

Rifles slated for confiscation by the NYPD

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    • NYC made the laws to severely limit what people can own. And they have a permit and registration system to identify where all registered guns are and which ones don’t comply with the law. That is all for a reason. I don’t know why anyone would have ever thought these letters were a hoax. Generic letters went out to all gun owners early in the year. Now the letters are going out to the known (registered) owners of specific prohibited guns. Criminals who don’t register are exempt. The law abiding who do will be punished.

    • Well, the readership of TTAG consists of the armed intelligentsia and…other people. The truth is out there for those who care to listen. It is clear that anti-gunners also post in the comments section, and I welcome their dissent.

    • unfortunately this letter is just another example of the first… sooner or later if these are real we’ll see a person who is willing to make a statement without being anonymous.

      • I know you really, really don’t want to believe this. But go to
        Then scroll down to firearms-licensing-permits. A short way down you’ll see “click here for letter sent to gun owners” or something similar. You’ll see the letter sent out to permit holders explaining the law, what you cannot have in NYC and what to do if you have something that doesn’t comply.
        They wrote restrictive laws and put a registration system in place. They know who owns guns that no longer comply with new laws–at least those who registered. Why would you think they’re not going to use that info?

    • Not sure what to make of this. Check the date on this ‘letter’.
      The only other ‘letter’ we’ve seen is the one from the previous post. That one is widely circulated and talked about on the net. But it’s the same letter, each time.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I would hazard a guess that if this were true, (keeping an open mind here), we would see a few thousand letters like this posted everywhere.

      Anybody else hearing a little alarm bell?

  1. The 5 year old almost died just looking at the photos of those guns on the internet, imagine what would have happened if she saw one out in the wild? I dare say she would have vaporized instantaneously. Clearly these weapons of war have no place in the hands of the lowly serfs.

    • I almost died when I saw the Marlin Model 39 & remembered what one used to cost. That 9422 with the pistol grip stock looks pretty neat, though.

      Anyway, even if this letter is NYC-specific, it is in fact based on the new NY state law, correct?

      So glad I live south of the Smith & Wesson line.

  2. BTW, has anyone contemplated opening a secure facility outside the city so that people have time to figure out what to do?
    Is storing them upstate at your uncles house a transfer?

    Man o man this just plain ugly.

  3. I think it’s incorrect to say that registration = confiscation, because turning them in is not the only option. You can have them modified or sell them or whatever. However, it is absolutely correct to say that registration = loss.

    It’s sorta true when they say that “No one is coming to take your guns,” but only in the strictest sense. An accurate statement would be that people are coming to deny you your guns.

    • If your lawfully purchased property is mandated to be changed from it’s original spec without compensation, you can no longer have domain over your property, you must sell it, or you must turn it in, that is not only a denial it is also a loss. The confiscation is part of the noncompliance. The other part of noncompliance is being arrested and charged.

    • I’m sure people will show up at the door if they don’t turn these in. Look at the SWAT raid on the guy who had a shotgun shell and one brass in DC.

    • I would have to agree, just like “you can keep your health insurance and keep visiting your same doctor” only if your plan does not change in any way at any time and meets the requirements of Obamacare. Never mind Obamacare requirements were written to invalidate most plans and that most plans have some change every year.

      “We’re not taking your guns” is true as long as your guns fit the requirements set. Never mind the requirements were set to deny most people most guns, but you can keep that single-shot .22, well, not all single shot .22s, but you get the idea. And don’t mind that they are continuously adding to the list of “illegal” guns.

      It’s the same message pretty much every time. “We’re not trying to take away your rights”, you can exercise them as we see fit in the places, times, and ways they see fit. “We’re not restricting your rights”, they’re regulating them. I’m not as young as I used to be so I would applaud their mental gymnastics if it weren’t so disgusting.

      • “You don’t need 2 rounds to kill a deer! Stop the madness!” High capacity military grade bolt action assault sniper rifles are next.

      • Making you get rid of them isn’t taking them. Taking them is for the folks that did not willingly give them up. That will happen next.

      • you don’t need a four wheel drive truck in the city limits either, so turn it in. do you like to ski? well, you cant ski in the city limits, so turn those in also. need i go on? all hunters don’t live in the country.

    • After all, these are the big movers on the gang-banger wish-list…

      taking kid’s first hunting guns, and some old collectible lever guns- pathetic…

  4. So a bunch of highly collectable lever guns are high capacity now? Oh, but nobody is coming for our guns so this must be a hoax.

  5. They will come for them and people will turn them in and that will be the end of it. Mark my words they will hand them over, mark my words.

  6. Hey FUDDs still believe the government doesn’t want your gran-daddy’s Winchester or your 30-30??????????? Just my “evil” rifle that no one should own??????????

  7. Again folks if you don’t like a law of the given land and cant change it.
    Im sounding like a broken record here.
    I left NYC in 1989 when they started in with rifle registration.
    I moved out of NYC it wasn’t a hard or difficult choice.
    I left NY altogether when I had enough of handgun registration and a 30 day wait to purchase said same.

    Those still stuck there can do the same or organize a bit of civil disobedience.
    If I were still there my response would be try to take my guns……
    Ill take someone else with me at the least and that maybe what it will come down to.
    Cops take an oath just as the military does.
    If they are willing to blindly enforce an unjust law.
    They have no right to do it to me anymore then I do to them.
    A dead body on one side or another might be whats needed to get the ball rolling.
    You believe in whats right………or don’t.

    • Fighting the Police directly won’t force change, they still have to live in your community and there are other ways to force them to refuse to carry out un-constitutional orders other than engaging in firefights when they come to your door to take your constitutional protected property. Now going after the law makers and punishing them for their Treason, that would be very interesting to see the response.

      • Whether the letter is real or not isn’t important.
        My point is nobody is forced to live anywhere(yet).
        They will in NYC turn them in willingly.
        But in other parts of the state???
        NY, Conn etc the east coast in general and Pennsylvania may not be for behind.
        Let it become a gunfree zone for all I care.
        Let those who chose to stay there be defenseless victims of criminal activity.
        Its gotten to the point where Im not even interested in reading anything about the North East or the gun laws up there anymore.
        Not even here on this blog.
        Let them live in their stupidly blind Liberal bliss.
        I chose not to live in NY any longer.
        I left NY and took all my guns with me.
        Any resident of a slave state is still free to do the same.
        Just don’t stop in NJ on your trip overnight…………………………..

        • “Its gotten to the point where Im not even interested in reading anything about the North East or the gun laws up there anymore.”
          Not even here on this blog.”

          So you didn’t read what you just replied to? I’m so confused…

  8. Wait, but I thought they only wanted those military-heavy-weapons-of-war-with-the-thing-that-goes-up-black guns that the Fudds don’t have any use for.

  9. What’s interesting is that so far, this has been primarily a bureaucratic exercise. No one’s life is in danger sending out these letters. I think that the police in NYC actually think that the vast majority of gun owners will quietly comply with the directives. What would be highly unexpected is if large numbers of gun owners tell 5-O to FO. My guess is that more notices will be sent and lawmakers will be confounded over the disobedience. I’m guessing here that NYPD is not prepared for large scale defiance. SWAT team no-knocks are a definite possibility, but I would think the police would be reluctant to do that on a large scale.

    If I were a gun owner in NYC and had the ability to do it, I would temporarily (and quietly) move my guns out of my house to a secure location the police did not know about. Then I would patiently wait for the thugs. If they kicked down the door, searched the place and found nothing, then things could get interesting. There is always a reporter to be found who has an axe to grind with NYPD. If more than one or two no-knocks resulted in nothing to be found and the press reported the story, things could get mighty uncomfortable for the lawmakers and police. After all, NY residents might not like gun owners, but seeing someone on TV – possibly with kids who has been the victim of a no-knock that turned nothing up could start to sway public opinion. Even in NYC.

    • NYC police — all 35,000 of them — have no qualms about killing anybody and everybody. I can’t imagine a more murderous band of thugs than the NYPD, so I would not advise active resistance in the City of New York.

      • He’s advocating PASSIVE resistance. And there aren’t a heck of a lot of single family houses in NYC – they’re FAR outnumbered by apartment dwellers. Just imagine the reaction of a few people hearing a no-knock raid through the wall. And there are a million gun-sized hidey-holes in an apartment building. Just ask a gang banger.

    • Interesting advice, Jim. You do realize that if they have come to your door looking for your REGISTERED guns (why else would SWAT be there?) and you do not have the required disposition paperwork (read the paragraph in the letter under PLEASE NOTE:), you are now in violation of their stupid firearms laws. Lost them in a burglary or boating accident? Where are the police reports or Coast Guard reports? If you have filed false reports Dog help you if they are found in your or your relatives/friends possession. Even if you manage this subterfuge, they have effectively separated you from from your firearms and their use.

      If you have registered your firearms you are screwed.

      • I’m not up to speed on NYC laws, but in most jurisdictions you are not currently required to notify anyone of lost or stolen weapons. NYC may be different. What complicates matters in NY, MA, CA, and some other states is that they already have defacto registration in that all firearm purchases from FFLs are reported to the state.

        An interesting loophole – at least in MA is that if you move into the state with your guns, I don’t believe that you have to register them with the authorities. You technically can’t be in possession of any restricted guns, but I don’t believe that you have to notify authorities of any “legal” guns you come into the state with. Maybe Ralph or someone else who is more familiar with MA laws can comment and set me straight if I’m wrong.

  10. Sort of related story. I apologize if it’s overly long. I used to live in Nassau County, Long Island. It was possible to get a NYS pistol permit, but the number of hoops to go thru was extreme. My only gun then was a Glenfield Model 60 .22LR. A friend had a permit, and I went one day to a gun store with him. He was looking in the showcase, and spotted a polished Ruger revolver. He asked the ‘clerk’ if he could see it. (the clerk was an older woman; resembling ‘large Marge’ from a Pee-Wee Herman movie) In the gruffest voice I ever heard from a woman, she barked ‘Can I see your permit?’. Fast forward to late 80’s and moving to Florida. I decided to buy a pistol, and went to my local gun shop. A few folks were browsing and being helped by the staff. I was politely asked if I needed help. I said I was shopping for a 9mm, but was on a budget, and it needed to fit my hand. Based on my last experience, I about passed out when he pulled a half-dozen pistols out onto the counter, and said, ‘try these, I’ve got to help that fella over there’. New York State sucks, New York City sucks even worse. Move out if you can. They will disarm everybody but the vermin.

  11. The other interesting thing is that owners of “assault weapons” in New York State are going to be watching this whole thing with great interest. This makes clear as crystal that if the NY Po-Po have the details on your gun, its awfully easy for registration to become confiscation.

    Gov Cuomo wants “assault weapons” registered under the SAFE act. My guess is that this confiscation exercise is going to complicate his plans for the little banana republic that NY is becomming.

    • And I suspect that a lot of “assault weapons” are going to evaporate in Upstate NY as a result of this little exercise.

  12. That is just plain scary. If that’s not enough to make you move, I don’t know what is. The fact that the City has the right to summarily confiscate your legally purchased assets (?) – and collectible lever guns at that – and/or instantly deem you a criminal retroactively – sure is one heck of a scary dose of communism. I don’t know what else you can call that.

  13. Knowing supercilious, condescending and smug New Yorkers as well as I do, I’m sure they will line up like lemmings to surrender their rights guns. And the sheeple will cheer.

    • NYC gun owners (both of them) will probably do as you suggest. I would however not expect upstate New Yorkers to exhibit that same lemming behavior. I’ve bumped into more than a few NY state folks who don’t live in or near NYC who have no intention of complying with any of the SAFE act’s requirements.

  14. Is there a source for the letter? I’d really like to post this on Facebook with a big, “I told ya’ so,” but I don’t want to put it there unless I have adequate proof that this is a thing.

  15. Wait a minute. I thought hunting rifles were ok. Everyone of those guns shown as an example are primarily used for hunting or plinking. If you like your gun, you can keep your gun.

    • As long as it holds five rounds or fewer (this week). Next week a new ordinance will reduce that to three rounds or less. A few weeks later, single shot weapons, and a few weeks after that, well, the police are here to take care of you. You don’t really need any of those dangerous items in your possession.

  16. NYC must be where evil cowboy action shooters go when they die. I’d like to see the statistics on how often any one of those rifles has been used in crime. I’m guessing close to zero for all of them. What a joke.

  17. This is why you never, ever comply with registration. Period.

    “Oh, uh, yes. I seem to have lost all of those guns recently to [insert plausible scenario here].”

    Hell, report them all stolen and bury them somewhere for later retrieval if you have to. But this is absolutely proof-fucking-positive that the anti-Humanist, anti-rights, regressive, fascist, obstructionist gun control lobby DOES as a matter of INARGUABLE FACT want to BAN ALL GUNS. I’m not going to hear anything different from those Bolshevik piss-ants. I simply won’t listen to it, and instead I’m going to rub their faces in this and dictate to them to eat their words — and they’re going to do it and they’re going to like it.

    “We’re not going to take your rifle away.”


    “We’re not going to take your shotgun away.”


    “We’re not going to take your handgun away.”

    Kiss my bleach-white Irish ass. We know how you think, motherfucker, and if your mouth is moving you are lying, SIR.

  18. I wonder if any will turn theirs in at the station… after emptying it out inside?

    “…but it would be wrong” – R.M. Nixon, Watergate Tapes.

  19. Yep – and we are going to devalue those collectibles by taking them to a gunsmith so he can saw down the tube magazines. That 1780’s technology is not acceptable to the ruling class in NYC.

  20. Yeah right! They said they (you know who they are) didn’t want to take your guns. Well now you know THEY ABSOLUTELY WANT TO TAKE YOUR LEGALLY OWNED PROPERTY !!!!!

  21. If this letter isn’t real it doesn’t matter, this is their end game anyway sooner or later. The best alternative is to move your guns to a pro gun state along with yourself.

  22. Well color me surprised!

    Gun Registration leads to Gun Confiscation. Period.

    Just so you know, when the smarmy tyrant in the big white house says “No one is coming to take away your guns. Period”, he’s definitely lying … just like he said you could keep your health insurance.


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