Bear Creek Arsenal ICE raid
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Bear Creek Arsenal ICE raid
courtesy Bear Creek Arsenal

Popular Sanford, North Carolina-based Bear Creek Arsenal, makers of AR-15 platform rifles, pistols and component parts, was raided by ICE agents earlier today.


About 30 people were taken into custody in Sanford on Tuesday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said.

The operation was conducted at Bear Creek Arsenal, a gun manufacturing company in Sanford, and was the result of an ongoing investigation that dealt with identity theft and fraud, authorities said.

Bear Creek issued this statement:

Today there were several employees who were detained by law enforcement. This is the result of an investigation conducted by Homeland Security into employment that was obtained by either ID theft or fraudulent information.

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    • Low cost barrels and other parts. Surprising quality though. I have two of their barrels and a side charge receiver. The upper is pretty basic, but the barrels are top notch.

      • It’s a disgrace. These companies must be held accountable. How many citizens are on unemployment and out taxes are higher because of companies behaving in this manner. I Don’t blame the illegal alien I blame the companies.

        • Did you not see the part where it was related to ID fraud and Identity theft. It was the individual employees defrauded the company to get hired.

        • From the article:
          “Bear Creek issued this statement:

          Today there were several employees who were detained by law enforcement. This is the result of an investigation conducted by Homeland Security into employment that was obtained by either ID theft or fraudulent information.”

          Has anyone actually been charged yet? Are we supposed to convict and sentence people without a proper trial and revue of the evidence? So far, I see none, at least not here. Some of you guys should sign up with Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and Blasey-Ford in the next SCOTUS go-around.

          Full disclosure, I actively and vocally agree with DJT on a border wall and absolutely do not condone illegal immigration or any other activity that is against US, state or local jurisdiction. But all this vitriol when few facts are known? Leave me out.

        • If the illegals presented fraudulent papers, what more could they do? If the owners knew that they were fraudulent then hang ’em high, they’re the reason we have so many illegals here.

        • I blame them both. Obviously I get the human desire to have more for themselves and their kids- but that doesn’t mean they can break the law. F*@K the illegals. Build the wall to keep them out, deport all the ones here and confiscate all their property and money to pay for the incredible toll their invasion has taken on the US.

        • All the arrested employees had PASSED eVerify for I9 verification as well as other employment verification using stolen identity information. BCA had been and continues to work with ICE per the lady I spoke with yesterday at BCA.

    • What major group do you think steal identities? It also appears Bear Creek doesn’t use E Verify.

      • Actually, eVerify would be the reason for illegals to use stolen identities. All eVerify does is match up a social security number with the name and date of birth. It doesn’t do anything to verify who the applicant really is, just that they have a real person’s identity information. The government could have a better system, but eVerify is a compromise for political and budget reasons.

        Many companies use eVerify and still have lots of illegals on the payroll. All eVerify does is create a bigger market for good fake identities.

        • The most common source of illegal aliens stealing IDs is children since they don’t get credit checks that would show the theft: The earliest the victim will get a check is as part of a secured card in mid teens, meaning roughly a decade or more of use for the illegal. Matching birth dates cuts off this poll of stolen IDs entirely. Remember minors are 20-25% of the US population so that alone is a huge improvement for something so minor.

        • The DANGER of eVerify is that is attempts to collect bio-markers for those in the system for ‘positive’ ID.

          The Globalist Elites have been seeking a way to get a REQUIRED database of everyone for some time now.

          eVerify is just as useless as the SS system for stopping illegal employment.

        • the use of E-VERIFY is just to double the price of the identity card. dosen’t mean the id is good just that it is a valid identity fore someone of that name..

      • Little known – but E-verify is not required. It’s out there if you want to use it. Those who want cheap labor and don’t care about undermining the American labor force are going to use it.

      • We need a version of e verify that also uses photos and biometrics. And heavy punishments for employers that hire illegals.

        • ain’t no way I want my biometrics in some government data base. the less they know about me, the better. I don’t want them coming after me when the one world government takes over.

        • My understanding is that if someone is caught knowingly employing illegal aliens it is a whopping $ 750 fine. I have been expousing changing it to a felony to employ, or harbor illegal aliens and for the penalty to be $ 10,000 fine and 10 yrs in prison ( serve all the time ) . Harboring would include signing and or enforcing sanctuary laws, this would include law enforcement, politicians such as city council and mayors. Govenors and state attorney generals would also be included. I think this would dry up the market.

        • “ain’t no way I want my biometrics in some government data base. the less they know about me, the better. I don’t want them coming after me when the one world government takes over.”

          Yeah, good luck with that. Hope you don’t have a driver’s license.

          They already have all your biometrics. To even board a plane for domestic flights within the USA you have to provide your biometrics, address, citizenship status and be in the system before hand.

          All driver’s licenses now a days are required to collect all that info and it’s all sent to the feds.

          (You know the same bullsh*t y’all complain about, illegals getting driver’s licenses. So thanks to y’all we know have defacto federal ID cards, complete with biometrics, citizenship status and all it’s all in some federal database.)

          • unless it has changed since 2014, there is no Federal requirement to provide biometrics in order to fly.

        • Draven-

          Most “enhanced” driver’s licenses and passports use biometrics for your picture. (Not to mention, since it’s all digital it’s easy to pull biometrics out of a digital photo.)

          As we already know we have to provide an enhanced license or passport to get through security at an airport and fly domestically. So yes, we need to “provide” biometrics before we can fly as it’s baked into and part of whatever approved form of ID we use. So to fly or drive within the USA, your biometrics are already in the system.

          (Just doing some Googling on Real ID. They state there will be no federal database, so that’s good. Except there is a system that will allow states to share all their information from a centralized database. Yeah…read between the lines on that one…)

          • Not all stated are issuing RealID-compliant drivers licenses. RealID also doesn’t require any biometric data.

            Besides, doesn’t matter, if you were ever in the military, the government has all of those biometrics anyway, especially if you had a security clearance. Or if you were a civilian issued a clearance by the DoD.

      • E Verify only checks for legal status. If an individual has a stolen or purchased ID from a legal alien, E Verify has no way of knowing. E Verify is a JOKE at present. Most contractors are hiring illegal aliens who cannot speak a word of English and using stolen/bought documents to clear E Verify.

        We need national ID cards for all citizens and legal aliens. No Card = Next Plane out of the US. We also need penalties of $25,000 per day per illegal alien on the payroll for businesses, $10,000 per day per illegal for private citizens caught employing them.

        • Bob, you are 100% correct. I would only add, upon 2nd offense of the business, they get put out of business, period.

        • America is not a “papers, please” nation. The federal government has no right to require the carrying of identification, much less to deport those who fail to do so.

        • Marcus,

          Some form of good ID is needed to get employment. Without it this type of thing will continue to happen.

  1. Stupid is as stupid does.

    The big question here will be if the left will hate the gun company for making ARs or love them for supporting illegals.

    • Wait.. I read the story and it doesn’t mention illegals being taken in to custody.

      Following this one.

      • Did you miss the part about this being an ICE raid?
        When Immigration and Customs enforcement is arresting people at non-importation businesses, it’s about illegals.
        The media isn’t required to use the exact wordage you seem to require.
        The entirety of the information given is that 30 illegal aliens, using stolen/fake IDs, were busted by ICE.

      • Did you not see the headline to the article stating “30 Illegals Taken Into Custody”, JOEL IV?

        “Bear Creek Arsenal Raided by ICE, 30 Illegals Taken Into Custody”

        Part of article:
        “About 30 people were taken into custody in Sanford on Tuesday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said.”

        • The blog repost by Dan states illegals were arrested, the actual article headline states: “30 people detained by ICE at gun manufacturer in Sanford.”

          Not disagreeing with the possibility that illegals may have been arrested, just wondering from where that leap came.

          ICE does more than immigration. The C stands for customs and part of their jurisdiction is trade fraud and intellectual / property rights enforcement like when someone is receiving fraudulent goods.

          But thanks, everyone, for showing your true colors with the insults and name calling. Stay classy.

          • Joel, you’re really stretching it here. Intellectual property rights, yea maybe about 1/10th of 1@ of ICE’s workforce. ICE’s main job is interior illegal alien enforcement. Last I heard S Carolina is in the interior of the US. That’s why I laugh at the idiots yelling to disband ICE because they take away children from their parents at the border. Border Patrol. not ICE is responsible for border enforcement.

      • If it wasn’t illegals Bear Creek might have been tagged for export law violations, but generally if you have one of those you have maybe four or five people getting arrested, not essentially the whole staff. Keep some perspective here, folks: 30 people is a LOT for a small business.

        • Thank you Dave! not sure how many people are employed there can’t seem to find any info on that one. But 30 is a chunk of that work force.

    • When an individual steals another identity by using their Social Security number or other government identification this is known as identity theft.

      It is a federal felony even when the perpetrator is a right wing supporter of Trump, there is no free pass on federal felony.

      Let me share with you the leftist viewpoint, when the owners of bear creek arms are arrested and placed in jail then we will have real progress on stopping the flow of illegal immigrants. As long as business owners, CEOs, and managers receive a free pass for hiring illegal aliens they will continue to come to America whether or not there is a wall.

      To believe that any leftist wants open borders is silly disinformation. We all want reasonable border security and a big wall like they had in Berlin is not the answer, new tech at the point of entry will stop the flow of illegal drugs much more effectively than the great wall of Trump.

      • I must agree to a point. Instead of a wall. Let’s use all the AP mines and claymores that are being stored in warehouses all over the country. A 100 yard wide strip along the border in high traffic areas. Then leave the bodies as a message to other illegals besides the buzzards gotta eat same as the worms.

        • Claymores are typically command-detonated. I would recommend a 3 mile wide DMZ between the US and Mexico.

        • If you’re taking the gloves off, offer dead-or-alive bounties on boarder crossers. At $1 per, it’s practically free for the government, and only a handful of people need actually do it for it to be effective.

        • I was knd thinking about .mil taking over an 8 mile wide strip above the border from San Diego to Brownsville and make it a continuous, random location unscheduled aerial bombardment target zone. Any movement observed in zone gets first hots of course. Oh, and on the North side of the zone, have ground artillery do the same thing but targeting East, South & West. Get creative with GOM & Pacific ocean border extensions.

        • So you have decided the border crossing seeking asylum is a crime worthy of the instantaneous death penalty, without the due process guaranteed in the constitution. Very interesting, are there other parts of the constitution you wish to ignore and slaughter people for your feelings?

        • Silly boomer, invaders don’t have constitutional rights. By your logic, we should have arrested the Japanese troops that landed on US soil during WWII instead of shooting them.

        • Actually the people illegally crossing a border protected by mines will be the ones to decide if the death penalty would be worth it or not. And that’s actually a lot more Pro Choice than all the leftists want to give the tens of thousands of babies aborted every year.

        • They can apply for asylum at any US embassy in any country neighboring the one they’re from.

          The ‘asylum’ scam gets used because if they try to claim it when they’re in the US, they get a court date and then they’re released on their own recognizance until that date, which can be months to years because of the backlog.

          It’s a straight-up scam.

        • But, but. but, that would be against their so called constitutional rights. Liberal POS judges are the ones who have given these non citizen invaders those rights. It’s about time we deported these liberal judges right along side the illegals they’ve been protecting.

        • Let’s see, 8mile DMZ would require eminent domain to be enacted on nearly 8 million privately owned acres. At $10k an acre, that’s $80 BILLION dollars.

          An emergency isn’t solved by a 25-year construction project. The “Wall” was always an idiotic solution to a specific problem, but it does shine a bright light on some really dumb people spouting off like they actually know things.

          • B RAD, after seeing how the walls work in San Diego and El Paso, no reasonable person can possibly say that walls don’t work. That tells me you are not being responsible. What is your motivation for such a stupid statement?

        • Walls work fine, but if your problem is immediate, a wall a decade from now doesn’t help.

          Plus, the places that walls do the most good, have walls now.

        • Fake news, multiple investigations of the Clintons by FBI and the Department of Justice as well as congressional Republicans have found zero evidence to file charges or indictments.

          Alex Jones it’s not a credible source of information, it seems obvious to most but you must pointed out to others.

          • Except for thew whole part where the director of the FBI outlined her mishandling of classified documents and said if it was anyone else she would have been charged….

        • Except the part where the director of the FBI announced on NATIONAL TELEVISION that they found classified materials somewhere they were not supposed to be. FYI, that’s a felony.

        • “Fake news, multiple investigations of the Clintons by FBI and the Department of Justice as well as congressional Republicans have found zero evidence to file charges or indictments.”

          This statement is proof that liberalism is a mental illness.

        • An essential element of any criminal prosecution is proof that the defendant had criminal intent to commit a crime. Mishandling compartmented information is not a crime if there is no intent to break the law.

          And I don’t recall the outrage when Secretary of State Colin Powell or the Secretary of State Condie Rice used private servers for their emails, did I miss something? Or is it two different standards to judge these individuals?

          And what about George W. Bush deleting millions of emails in direct violation of the presidential records act, where was his criminal prosecution? Again different standards for Republicans who seem to get away with even treason these days.

          Fear not America, a real American hero, a decorated Marine officer of Vietnam who did not shirk his duty with paid doctors claims of bone spurs, but rather acquitted himself with honor on the battlefield is on the job.

          Godspeed Bob Mueller, Godspeed to you and your team.

        • Ok Boomer…

          Allow me to simple it up for you…

          Intent is irrelevant. There are plenty of crimes you can commit where intent is not a part of the crime. This statute is one of them.

          None of your “whataboutisms” have been shown to have classified materials on those servers.

        • Miner49er- I was involved in military communications for over twelve years on submarines, aircraft carriers and with an Air Force A-10 squadron. My military career required me to have the highest security clearances and additionally be cleared for crypto and SCI. You said “Mishandling compartmented information is not a crime if there is no intent to break the law. YOU SIR, ARE A LIAR.

        • In reply to Jagermeister, thanks for your service! Sounds like you spend a little time in the Navy, and then maybe a stint in the air National Guard later?

          Either way, I imagine they told you the right way to spell liar is LIAR.

          And in your experience, what would be the consequence for a service member who had secret meetings with Russian government agents and then lied about it under oath?

          And for those who don’t understand the criminal justice system, here’s some info about guilt:

          “Mens rea, or criminal intent, is the essential mental element considered in court proceedings to determine whether criminal guilt is present, while actus reus functions as the essential physical element. In all conventional criminal trials in the United States, these two elements, Latin terms for “culpable mind” and “culpable action” respectively, are required to establish the guilt of a defendant.”

          Again, why the double standards regarding SCI breaches, they are very similar cases and we can easily compare the specifics.

        • So… Boomer, according to you, Cody Wilson did nothing wrong? Like it or not, there are entire categories of offenses that do not require intent. This has been settled law for decades, deal with it.

          Oh, and as for “secret meetings with foreign agents…” as part of Trump’s transition team… THAT WAS HIS JOB . Like it or not, every president-elect puts out feelers prior to inauguration to foreign diplomats so that their policies don’t blindside them. This has been the case for decades. The FBI interrogating him about privileged meetings without the assistance of counsel makes their charges complete and total bullshit that would get laughed out of court if they hadn’t handed him a hilarious plea deal. (Pro tip: prosecutors don’t hand out plea deals on procedural charges if they have a case that can win in court.)

        • AS government employees or military personnel you receive training on the handling of classified material. Following that training you then sign documents, frequently more than one, swearing to the fact that you have been trained in and understand the procedures for the handling and safeguarding of classified material. Those procedures constitute the laws that apply to the handling of classified material. Since one has agreed to be trained, received the training, and attested in writing to the fact that they both received and understood that training and subsequently agreed to follow the procedures, not following them is considered the violation. Mens rea just doesn’t apply. Don’t try to pull that Wikipedia Lawyer crap on me.

      • Problem is there are many ‘ports of entry’ used by illegals and will continue as long as the Democrats lure them with free benefits: money, housing, healthcare, etc. If they would make Realid mandatory and levy heavy fines on those who hire them, perhaps it would stem the flow. Fat chance of Democrats supporting that.

        • There are no free benefits for illegal aliens, they cannot successfully apply for housing assistance, food stamps, or welfare.

          Please share specific instances with details about free benefits received by illegal aliens, thank you.

        • Every kid of an illegal that gets a free school lunch. No immigration status verification required.

        • You’re a piss poor excuse for a troll, miner. I retired from a CA school district and at some of our schools fully half the student body were illegals.

          Those of us that have real world experience and/or are honest know this. People like you are woefully ignorant or deliberately dishonest. Which are you?

        • Fat chance of any employer fighting that. Employers(whether they claim to be Democrat or Republican) want cheap labor. Many will break the law and hire illegals in order to save money on wages. many never pay into Social Security, workers comp or unemployment insurance.
          The people caught hiring like this need to have fines large enough(earmarked for job training for American citizens) that they won’t do it again.

          • Any employer who knowingly hires illegals just so they don’t have to pay benefits, SS and Workers Comp should be closed down permanently. I don’t care what kind of business it is. It is horribly anti American worker.

        • I cannot support RealID either. To work, it has to be a way for the government to track all the citizens, not just aliens (legal or illegal). Better to prevent illegal aliens from entering at all. And for those claiming asylum from American countries south – the answer should be just NO. Asylum is for minority groups under threat of death in their home country, and I don’t think we have that situation in central/south America so they don’t qualify.

        • Wait a minute first you say “money, housing, healthcare, etc.” then when pressed for an example its all about free lunches for kids.

          Winston Churchill said the best investment any community can make is to put milk in babies.

          But hey, if your idea of Christian charity is to deny the children food, well, thats your own soul’s lookout in the hereafter I reckon.

          • That’s the whole point. Put up the wall and the tax payers won’t have to feed all these folks. We spend more than 100 BILLION a year on illegal immigrants. That’s just 25% of that for the wall, and pretty much it’s a one time payment. Sure there will always be routine maintenance, but that’s in all things. High Tech, more agents and drones will never solve the border problem with the wall.

        • It’s not charity if it’s taken from my pocket at government gunpoint. Go home Demokkkomie, you’re drunk. You asked for an example, I gave you one. Here’s another. Hospitals are required to treat illegals if they show up in the ER (even if all they have is a cold) and they don’t get paid for it.

          • And that is exactly why hospitals charge us paying patients so friggin much money when we need them. I can’t tell you how great it was to leave Kalifornis. There in So Cal, the average wait in an emergency room was usually 4 hours! Where we are now, I’ve never had to wait more than 15 minutes. You guessed it, no illegalls.

        • pwrserge-

          “Every kid of an illegal that gets a free school lunch.”

          Miner49er asked for specifics…

          Your specifics are to talk about a USA citizen? The kid being a USA citizen has all the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as the rest of us who are USA citizens.

          Still waiting.

      • All the illegals came in through ports of entry? They obviously aren’t innocent if here illegally, AND committing fraud. But drugs are now all we care about?

        Berlin wall wasn’t effective?

        Why would the owners of Bear Creek be in jail? They were misled by illegals.

        • So folks think 30 illegal aliens just wandered in off the street in North Carolina and offered to assemble A.R. 15s at ridiculously low wages? No, it’s much more likely that these illegals were intentionally imported into America to work at this factory, with the full knowledge consent and assistance of owners and management of Bear Creek. That’s a much more likely scenario then random Hispanics just happening to show up at bear Creek for a job.

        • Oh but marty why would they do that since there’s no benefit to coming to America? Just higher wages, free public secondary schooling, low crime, free lunches, free ER visits, free ambulance rides, free TA for their kids college.

          Christian charity. Hah, go to their country and give them charity there so they wont leave if you’re that concerned hypocrite

          • I’ve seen way too many of these cases in the border city I worked in. I’ve seen the contractors picking up illegals in front of the home depots. I’ve also seen cabinet shops where the workers were almost all Mexicans and were all legal. They all spoke English when they needed to as workers in the business. IMHO, the business owners know whether the employee is legal or illegal, paper work or not. I worked law enforcement for 31 years in this border city. I’m not saying I’m an expert in the matter, just that I know what I know.

      • Back ground checks on all employees should have been a little more stocked do to building guns. E Verify isnt the best system. Stealing identities to get away with this is one more reason to close our borders. And to the leftist who has to try to make some political statement in this..BUILD THE WALL..

      • “To believe that any leftist wants open borders is silly disinformation. ”

        Im left on the social scale, so I follow similar circles quite closely and am able to gauge the left zietgeist far better than many here on the right can, and you’re FOS.

        The ‘left’ is split into differing factions on this matter.

        You have one group who vehemently supports organized labor, but recognizes that excessive legal *and* illegal immigration labor harms the interests of american workers and the price of labor.

        Then you have the current class that controls the democrat party’s pocketbook: the open borders types. These are the tech giants that use humanitarian virtue signalling and other such circle jerking to pull to your heartstrings, while they want to depress the cost of labor with more h1b1 visas, turning a blind eye to the fuckery going on our southern border (more janitors and landscapers for their vacation homes), and turning this country into a miserable slave labor barrio they can just fly over with their private helicopters.

        like Brazil. Like certain urban areas of California.

        So you may think others are not well informed, but you would be wrong. The modern left will have to decide between their circle jerking virtue signalling pandering to diversity and immigration, or, the rights of the domestic work force. They haven’t answered that question because they’re still wondering why DJT got elected in 2016 and I doubt they’ll figure it out in 2020.

      • Yes, you are a leftist – not a liberal. In your position, you want to throw billions at non-effective border security so you can say you are in favor of border security while actually not doing a thing to secure the border.

        You are in favor of female immigrants being raped and assaulted on a tortuous journey that you would never undertake.

        You are in favor of an underclass to do your bidding while also voting for your Marxist ideals.

        You are doomed to defeat.

      • Miner, did I read this correctly? The left doesn’t want open borders? They have proven over and over again, they WANT open borders. It’s not difficult to understand why. Whatever the census lists includes all illegals, the more house seats for that state. Kalifornia has millions of illegals which gives liberals that many more seats. And yes, those seats take whatever few conservative districts there are and gives them to the liberals. You can bet the districts which include illegals like once conservative districts like San Diego and Orange County, now all those illegals living there will automatically be voting demonrat. Just look at the election results last year, and yes thanks to the demonrats and motor voter, the illegals are in fact voting.

      • Then if they don’t, they better start saying as much. Because for all the videos, interviews and documentation, it shows they don’t want any more border security. Put your political ideology away for once and think of what’s best for the people of this country. It’s proven that walls work, in different countries, and here at the border where the wall has been erected in limited spots along the southern border. And the elitists mansions in this country. Border patrol, ICE, and Homeland Security say we need a wall or similar barrier down there, and states that it is a crisis. Yes we will believe them before a big mouthed politician like Pelosi who knows nothing about the true nature of what’s happening down there, while hiding behind her wall at her mansion. All the dems want to do is gaslight their base, and score political points, all while wasting billions on pet projects that will lead to absolutely nothing productive. A wall will slow them down enough to give border patrol enough time to show up to detain them. We don’t have a million C.P.B. agents, so slowing down the unfettered entrance into our country will help immensely. Stop being so damned disingenuous. E-verify will help, so will better and more surveillance, and more border patrol, on the ground as well as in the air. As well as a quicker streamlined process to deport. As far as your Hillary comment goes that doesn’t have a reply icon, you damn well know of the coverups the MSM, and political gymnastics that were done on her behalf. The proof was there, and thrown out for all to see, but powerful political allies including Obama covering up and obfuscating on her behalf have kept her ass out of the can. Bear Creek arsenal needs to be taken to task if it is proven the knew about those illegals working for them. E-Verify works where it’s been implemented, it’s just that you demos don’t want your illegal votes taken. Suprised you didn’t add a little gun control comment in there as well, since you’re on a gun website.

        • We need more boots on the ground, like 30x as many. The drug smugglers use the illegals as mules and to run interference while they smuggle them in at a different location. There are places on the border where a herd of horses, cattle, or even elephants could cross. All that can be done in many cases is to watch them come in from above or on sensors. Just Google Arizona border ranches.

          • We wouldn’t need 30times more agents if we had a real wall. All the agents and high tech stuff simply will never work without the wall.

        • “As well as a quicker streamlined process to deport.” – Yes, that is half of what we need. Nobody from any American country should receive asylum because they are not a minority group subject to death in their home country, just citizens of really bad countries, and the only thing that makes those countries bad is the people who live there. They should be sent back to Mexico (regardless where they came from) the same day they are caught, let the Mexican mafia/government decide what to do with them.

      • Did you get banned from the files Eric? Decided to come be a libtard on ttag? Go back to your huffpo and talk about gender theory or group scream “orange man bad!”.

      • Dartman,Pwrsurge,AQnymouse,SteveO and JeraldLoub.
        Most stupid ass remarks ever heard. Can’t believe it. Sounds like something the Dumpster would approve of, since he thinks he knows more than HIS generals. What a laugh.

        • Given the sorts of “generals” that were promoted under Obunghole, I’d be shocked if there weren’t toddlers that knew more than they do.

      • Wow, did we pick up a Marxist or Global-Socialist trolling this site that actually wants to debate? Usually, they just call everyone a racist or capitalist or whatever is the Saul Alinsky inspires tactic of choice of the day. Fascinating. Hopefully, we are educating him/her about the difference between fact and leftist propaganda.

      • I believe we could stop illegal immigration by making and enforcing laws on employment. We won’t though because the Democrats continue to allow them into their safe havens. You see lying, cheating, stealing and subverting the law is okay so long as it furthers the progressives.

    • You know their hate (no matter of what) will always outweigh any love they have. It’s heartbreaking and unfortunate.

    • I ordered last Tuesday, it arrived Friday. Very nice fit and finish, and yes, it was very reasonably priced.

  2. Never heard of them,that said don’t want no guns assembled by Illegals and that brings up why are they woking in the US taking jobs of Americans. Build The Effin Wall !

    • But Americans want cheap AR-15s. The average AR consumer doesn’t want an AR above $1,000. How else are AR-15s going to be American made and sold for cheaper prices than newly made foreign AK-47s?

      You can’t have a cheap cost of living in America without illegal immigrants and communist Chinese slave labor. Prices and taxes would be like Switzerland and Sweden if Americans didn’t exploit others. Apple had to move some of their factories to India — because of Trump’s attack on China — in an effort to keep the prices where Americans want.

      Look at the price differential of good 1911s made in America and “handmade” 1911s in foreign nations. Most people do not want to spend over $1,200 on a 1911, they rather buy 2-3 Glocks.

      • [“You can’t have a cheap cost of living in America without illegal immigrants and communist Chinese slave labor.”] You obviously don’t understand economics. It isn’t about cheap labor, it is about government creating a wage based on what THEY think is fair instead of based on the productivity of the employee. Minimum wage was the worst thing government ever did in relation to labor!

        • Cost of living in America is high because of social programs that government setups and requires the citizens to fund. There are fees/taxes on simply living a normal life, even for working. This level of taxation and inflation to fund these socialist programs takes a lot of money from the paycheck of many Americans, consequently the average worker can’t live on a low wage and have a family, thus they call for minimum wage laws to force employers to pay more. Minimum wage laws then cut down work hours and total number of workers as companies offset the costs of labor and government required expenditures. Then the worker who couldn’t live on the wage they were getting before now has to work part time without benefits or is simply pushed onto government socialist programs for the rest of their life. Some companies then try to move their businesses out of America or hire the lowest wage workers [uneducated, new or illegal immigrants]. Ultimately, this leads to creating more communist youth in the country and more socialist politicians being elected, thereby destroying America from within… Small American businesses go bankrupt and international corporations get tax cuts regardless most of their manufacturing is located outside of America. End result is a two class system of poor and elitists.

          The concept of “minimum wage” or a “living wage” only exists because of government control on the economy and wages. We don’t live in a true free market economy. America is heavily socialist. Hence why fascist/socialist/communist ideas like “minimum wage” even forms in the minds of Americans and why they say there are jobs that Americans just won’t do.

          • And the only president in decades trying to change this is Trump. That’s exactly why the deep state (all socialists and communists) are fighting so hard to remove him. So far, Trump is still here, but look at how many of the deep state (FBI, DOJ) have been fired, resigned or re-assigned. So far, looks like Trump is winning.

    • They make nice parts too. I bought a .308 barrel and a gas block from them recently. The barrel is pre-dimpled for accurately locating the block. The block fits perfectly, and screws down with five hex screws instead of the common two. I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

    • Unlikely. Identity theft is effective for a reason. Until we implement a biometric federal ID system, electoral fraud and identity theft will continue to be a problem.

      • I think if the consequences of identity theft were such that no sane person would contemplate such a thing, it would rapidly disappear. Or we could just hand the thief over to the victims.

      • “Until we implement a biometric federal ID system”

        You can take a commie out of communism but you can’t take the communism out of a commie.

        No, comrade.

    • That’s a part of the problem. E-verify does work, unless the employer fails to detect identity theft. And detecting identity theft is NOT the employer’s job. Any individual can obtain documentation adequate to get thru a cursory screening by an employer, a simple criminal background check, and E-Verify.

      For just a few hundred dollars, an illegal alien can get a California DL, SSN, and background info on the identity. Since the Social Security Administration does not verify SSNs, or (without a warrant) identify to anyone outside the IRS, SSNs belonging to dead people, it is very hard to track someone using an infant’s number or someone who died in a car wreck 5 years ago.

      The solution is a better database of stolen identities that is updated more quickly and available not just to the NSA. Currently, NSA does have a mountain of usable info, but not legal means to make it available. And a number of states – intentionally – refuse to provide information that E-Verify needs.

      Fortunately, ICE does have authority to obtain information adequate to prove identity theft and can round up illegal aliens working at an AR-15 plant in NC! Unfortunately, that info is much harder to obtain than it should be. It is nearly impossible to get enough info for a worksite raid in CA or NY – the state government refuses to help! But fortunately, “nearly” is not “totally.” In both states, citizens (sometimes the employers) have provided info to ICE that has led to raids and deportation actions.

      But it still represents a tightrope walk between government intrusion and national security.

    • 👆 Good use of the internet.
      Explained here:
      Made in the USA – sort of
      Of the people we saw operating the machines, visually inspecting and assembling parts an unsettlingly high percentage spoke Spanish. We were prohibited from taking any of their pictures or interacting with them at all. It appeared that in their quest to push down prices BCA was using labor that may not qualify as American. Please keep in mind that Gear Report’s Managing Editor for Firearms is a native Spanish speaker from Guatemala. I have nothing against people who immigrate to the US legally, as Josejuan did. But I have a big problem with brands that advertise “Made in the USA”, but use shady labor that appears to be of the not-so-legal variety. This was a few years ago. So, I can’t speak to whether anything has changed since our tour.

      • It’s obvious management was turning a blind eye to the use of stolen Social Security numbers. It is situation like this the owners managers CEOs and other responsible parties should do some prison time, this would have a chilling effect on the hiring of illegal aliens.

        Given the fact that North Carolina is a long way from the southern border I suspect the management of Bearcreek brought these workers in specifically through some sort of back channel. These illegals did not just wander in off the street looking for a job assembling precision weapons.

        • My son is a firefighter in Raleigh, NC. He tells me the immigrant population there is huge, and that they are always burning their houses down because they cook with charcoal and wood indoor like they used to in their home countries.

    • That was a follow up, and a total load of BS. And it was clearly anger at not getting free stuff fast enough.

      At most the update should of mentioned a large immigrant workforce, which could be a result of poor management choosing a workforce less likely to complain about poor treatment and low pay with zero raises. … Think an Apple warranty contractor in Texas using mostly Vietnamese immigrants for the same reasons.

      The totality of the article, with the updates, was BCA makes some great items, but customer service/interaction is lacking.
      We also now know, e-verify isn’t the perfect background check system people think it is… If only this fact could be applied to some other background check system firearm owners might be familiar with.

  3. Don’t know the whole story but seems to be illegals and identity theft, so are we deporting them immediately? Or is the taxpayer fronting the room and board bill again?

    • Not for 50 pesos per hour running 12 hour shifts six days per week with no overtime or basic employee benefits.

  4. Bueno er Bear Creek Arsenal seems to be getting a pass from some of you guy’s. Due diligence is required unless of course you intended to sell yer AR’s cheaper than everyone else…my nearby Mexican restaurant/market is loaded with worker’s who speak little or no English. Ditto my neighbors. I like them and have no intention of dropping a dime on
    them . Unlike what SOMEONE did at Bear Creek…

    • Due diligence is to use eVarify, which they did. And the article had this little bit…
      “The company said that Homeland Security confirmed Bear Creek’s Human Resource Department “complied with all laws, rules and regulations” in their hiring practices.”
      You can feel free to think they should hire less immigrants, but it seems they did use the systems the politicians put in place to check eligibility status.

      That’s all the actual due diligence any company should need. It seems ICE spent longer just sitting on this investigation than required, so just a silly number of illegals could get hired (all okayed by the US Federal government as being legal)

      Since ICE was NOT crowing about taking in BCA management, my guess would be ICE was hoping they would find some culpability, but management always used the correct system.

      Now, having an issue with a management who mainly hire immigrants… Sounds like an Apple warranty repair contractor hiring Vietnamese immigrants, and for the same reasons. And none of those are about purposely hiring illegals.

      • NO ONE will probably read this Cory but you’re full of guano. Bear Creek bears full responsibility. They hired a bunch of sketchy south of the border boy’s just to save a buck. Pass E Verify?!? Try harder…FIX TTAG! I tried several times to respond and it failed.

    • if I know of anyone illegally I will turn them in in a heartbeat because they are taking a job a legal person could have and you know those workers at Bear were making good money that a citizen could of had

  5. Seemsasif there are some details missing in this story. Readers may ofcourse draw their own conclusions, however that is all we then have, the conclusions, right or wrong, of others

  6. I have one of their uppers in 7.62 I think or maybe a BCG.

    They make side-charging components. Have considered buying one from time to time.

  7. Deport all these illegals. Fine and lock up the business owners. E-verify is available, to those who wish to use it. The message must be clear: Illegal means illegal. No jobs for you; hard time for owners who flaunt our laws.

    • They used e-verify, so the owners/management is in the clear.

      that’s the whole point of the illegals using stolen ID and identity theft.

      Maybe you shouldn’t assume the back ground check system is somehow even better than some other background check system we all might, maybe, be familiar with.

      • Companies in Ca have a fixer, someone on the inside where the prospective employees go to to get the paperwork. It is done in-house(with a wink and a nod at plausible deny-ability). There are many companies here where they can’t find enough on-site manufacturing engineers that speak Spanish. You can bet that non Spanish speakers are not welcome.

  8. Can’t say much for a company that makes guns who would hire illegals, or fail to use E Verify to check their identity documents. I’d be very curious to know where the arrested persons were from. I can’t see the average Mexican/Central American border jumper being a good fit in a plant that manufacturers precision machines like guns.

  9. If they were hiring illegals, then screw them. Let em deal with the consequences.

    If we want to get serious on illegal immigration like so many on the right say we need to, then employers need to be held accountable. Frankly, many republican and conservatives just talk a whole lot of bullshit when it comes to this matter, talking through one side of their mouth, while doing the complete opposite.

    At least the pro-corporatocracy libs make it apparent and obvious they are for de facto slave labor. And then there’s the open borders libertardian types. Fuck them with a husty chainsaw.

    That would explain why their rifles are soooo dirt cheap too.

    • Not all Conservatives talk out of one side of their mouth and or do nothing about this. There are more that fight against this then you realize. If everyone, Dems, Republicans and others would quit the bickering and work together we could solve alot of issues. One problem. Quit always disagreeing with our President because they personally have issues with him. Work together and get it done. III%er..

  10. Oh shit! I just received my 6.5 Grendel upper from them last Friday. Great quality upper, but not worth getting my identity stolen…

    • Bear Creek was not stealing identities, its employees were using stolen identities to land a job that they were not qualified for because they were illegal aliens.

    • Maybe if you were willing to pay twice the cost for that upper an American could have made it for you. Que no?

  11. Well done. Now shut the doors until it’s all sorted out.

    If we did that each time it would break that dog of sucking eggs.

  12. Why is Lee County Sheriffs Office commenting on what is going on on the opposite coast of Florida? Sanford is on east coast in Seminole County and Lee County is on the Southwest Coast. I believe somebody needs to review their resources, I would think this info should come from Seminole County Sheriffs Office not lee County.

    • RON… Ummm…

      Dear RON, sometimes, one State will have county names that might match the names of another State’s county names.

      This also applies to things like City/Town names…

      So I don’t know why the Lee County Sheriff in North Carolina wouldn’t comment on something that happens in Sanford? Just because Sanford North Carolina happens to be the county seat of Lee County…

      This is in Sanford, Lee County, North Carolina; not Sanford, Florida, nor Sanford, Maine

      • What is the problem with you idiots? Can you NOT read? The first sentence in this article tells you where it is! “Popular Sanford, North Carolina-based Bear Creek Arsenal, makers of AR-15 platform rifles, pistols and component parts, was raided by ICE agents earlier today.”

  13. Rats! I love Bear Creek! They make left-handed ARs at a good price.
    (Maybe because of the cheap labor)


    • With the deep state investigating everything Trump, you don’t think they haven’t already done that, and since lamestream media hasn’t leaked anything about it, no there, there.

    • You seriously think that any of Trump’s businesses haven’t been investigated already for anything and everything? You’re a fool! If there was any impropriety at all the left would have already pasted it on every network!

  15. I’ve dealt professionally with this company, completely unprofessional, and quite literally the worst experience of my career. Given some of the things I’ve seen there I’m flabbergasted that this an ICE story instead of an ATF story.

  16. here you go My old copy paste on this

    I am posting this for those who post that think that California has given up on ever getting the illegals out of California

    — well we tried to end this crud, all the WAY BACK IN 1994 with California proposition 187 it passed by 60%. a big number to pass by in a non-presidential election year and by that size of a number allot of Latino/ Americans voted for it. look it up —( by the way 187 is the murder# in the police code book here)

    it basically stated once passed. No one who was not legally here could get a state service– any at ALLL!!!!!!! that even included education –no green card kiddy don’t go to school –(keep your dumb kid at home we don’t need to educate him/her on our dollar)

    ——-BUT—then the fed’s stepped in and said the whole law was unconstitutional and WE had to educate some other countries kids on our dollar

    Blame the OTHER 49 states, NEVER US
    WE did our part and YOU ALL DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yup, I was there then and voted for them. But try and get another prop 187 passed today. Ain’t gonna happen. That’s exactly why I voted with my feet and left that communist state, good riddance.

  17. No intent needed, see capitilized portion. (GROSS NEGLIGENCE)
    Comey’s statements that he didn’t think Hillary had any “intent” are irrelevant

    Section 793 of federal law:
    “Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through GROSS NEGLIGENCE permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer — shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

  18. test so I can finally join the conversation. Long time reader but eventually you have to chime in.

  19. Lock them up for six months, then deport them. If they are repeat offenders, make it two years. At least they might think twice before illegally jumping our border again.

  20. here is a problem i have. these people come here illegally and get jobs. because they are illegal there employer does not pay the income tax, ss and medicare, or workers comp. their pay stubs will show these deductions. did the company pocket these funds? if the company did pay these taxes to a stolen social security number the irs should have know problem when a ss# shows incomes from 2 or more areas at once or multiple people on the same # at the same company. these illegals are not filing for a return or collecting ssi when they retire. where does that money go. they also pay into sales tax ,personal property tax,ect. finally if these people are paying in to the system but cant benefit from them how can you begrudge their kids an education and a free school lunch. they are in fact being productive. my biggest complaint is they are here illegally but i also have a problem with companies and the government exploiting them.

  21. I did a word search and only found one reference to “possession” and that was in relation to possession of false ID. This is a gun forum. Who thought about the 30 illegals being in possession of a firearm. All they had to do is hold the completed firearm or even a stripped lower at some point and they committed a firearms related felony. I hate to say, but maybe ATF needs to look at the illegals and what their job function was and tack on another 10 years to force them to self deport.

  22. There is NO WAY they had 30 Illegals working for them and didn’t know they were not legit. To me that is the same as being a Leftist Liberal TOOL by enabling these Illegal Invaders to take a job from American Citizens because you know they paid them less money.

    • Aleric,

      I couldn’t agree more…there products were to inexpensive and this company was out to make money and this is what it’s all about. ( I have nothing against making money, I just think that if Bear Creek is found guilty of these charges they are acting unethical) this type of action also hurts all in the long run…I guess this isn’t in the news that much because of ICE..and this is what the conservatives have been talking about, the hiring of illegal aliens to take the jobs of Americans for what? I think we know the answer to that.

  23. So Puking Bear Creek is firing Americans and Hiring Illegals with fake papers (you can smell illegals because they can’t afford proper housing).
    Screw them. Spread the words. Tell others to never buy from them ever again.
    Don’t just make them pay small fines to ICE, make them sink.
    Let them be a warning to all others who screw over American citizens and legit businesses that hire Americans.

  24. It is very obvious that this business knew that most of their workers were illegal aliens and turned a blind eye to obvious identity theft to circumvent E-Verify. If they built redeivers, I would not be surprised if they also turned a blind eye to a certain percentage of production being diverted to the black market as part of the workers’ compensation.

    Shut this company down.

  25. my bear creek 18″ mid length gas upper was $400 shipped with a plain jane 1st gen rail and a real nice nitrided bcg and a fluted barrel with .223 chamber and 1/8 twist
    its the basis for my $1000 mk 12 spr clone build
    its got a vortex scope and a rock river arms 2 stage match trigger and last time out it shot less than 1 moa out to 300 yards with factory match ammo and i dont consider myself a real good shooter no classes no training no military no law enforcement
    im still happy with it even if illegals made the upper

  26. All of you Non business owners, who keep chiming in. It can take from 6 months to a year for E-verify to catch identity theft if at all. So don’t be to critical of the business just yet.


  28. Ummmm, like it or not, there is a easy way to stop this, Cold in it’s tracks.
    It ain’t rocket science.
    And my employer and i put it to practice.

  29. I love there produces they make great uppers that anyone can afford. Ill keep buying there produces.

  30. What’s more believable, that the company knew most of them were illegal but didn’t care or illegals just knew that this company was easy to get hired by with “fake” paperwork…

    Please!! They knew

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