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To paraphrase Stevie Wonder, I am amazed but not amused by all the things Obama do. But I admit it: I didn’t see this gun grab coming. Why would All the President’s Men want to take on American gun owners? I know: never let a crisis go to waste. But surely there’s a sub-clause about not creating a crisis by exploiting a crisis. I mean, if ever there was a group of small “c” conservatives ready, willing and able to confront large “p” Progressives’ desire to expand the power of the state (at the expense of individual liberty), gun owners are it. And we’re armed. At the risk of  pulling a Yeager, does the Administration think the greatest gun sales surge in modern history, perhaps ever, is a byproduct of Americans’ desire to hunt deer? Plink at the range? Mr. Obama could have hiked federal taxes on everyone’s income up to 50 percent with nary a peep from the populace. Threaten to take guns? The man’s meshuggah. And it’s our job to point that out. Repeatedly. Anonymously? Whatever.

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      • I’m not seeing much either way in some hacktivist channels/groups. This video has propagated far and wide among gun rights groups today, but discussion among hackers seems almost nil.

    • Regardless, it’s just goes to show that it’s not just a bunch of OFWG wanting to keep our guns and preserve our rights as ensured by the Constitution. It rings with all facets of America–young and old; outward and anonymous.

  1. We were targeted by 3chan once, a subset of Anonymous. It sucked.
    To that end, I was looking on the official outlet points for Anonymous media and didn’t see anything. To that end it doesn’t mean it isn’t legit.
    For those of us geeks, like Nick and myself we understand that Anonymous is just that. There is no defined leadership. The morph and change. If this was not the collective opinion Anonymous would publish a counter through more official channels calling it out as a scam. Since they have not, well, then we will call it legit.. Until it isn’t..

    • 4chan isn’t a subset of Anonymous. 4chan is like a giant room where many many many different people do many many many different things. A lot of it 100% okay, a lot of it kinda okay, a lot of it horribly disgusting, and a lot of it possibly illegal, just like the rest of the internet. 4chan is like internet concentrate.

      Anonymous just meets there. Though I think they probably have a little bit of control over the people who have skills there. AKA the hackers and the like. If enough of Anonymous is for the 2nd amendment, and can get enough of Anonymous members themselves to be apart of it, and can corral the hackers and such of 4chan, then that by itself is a powerful force to have on our side.

      In a lot of cases, Anonymous is basically libertarian, which gives me hope. They are fighting Mexican cartels by publishing which government officials are cartel members, they fight tyrant governments too, but sometimes with all that power at their disposal they go of on weird or bad tangents.

      I kind of remember when TTAG went down through a DDoS, it wasn’t Anonymous as a whole, just one or two people attacking GoDaddy, but I’m not 100% sure.

      I won’t ever say anything bad about Anonymous. They scare me more than Obama and the entire US government.

      • They did a DDOS on the DNS servers of GoDaddy. It was an interesting type of attack, because it was a single TCP port and essentially caused the web site to be offline, even though the servers themselves were fine.

      • 4chan is a giant building and /b/is the room I think you are referring to. /b/ is not the totality of 4chan. There’s a My Little Pony channel for godsakes.

        /b/ used to be one of the last remaining ‘wild wests’ the way the ‘net was in the beginning. Sadly, all things morph and even /b/ is rather sanitary compared to what it was.

  2. “But I admit it: I didn’t see this gun grab coming.”

    I honestly don’t get that. Truly.

  3. Until Annon attacks the non-existant US .Guv files it maintains on legitimate US citizens, destroys Obama’s Murder List and IRS Obama Care OS this is “just words”

  4. I think that another aspect is that we are vocal. Very vocal and the gun owning public is waking up and growing. One weakness of the elites is that they are too arrogant and can’t relate to the common people. The elites can often manipulate the public when it comes to issues the public does not understand or experiences second hand. However, violence and morally corrupt politicians are something they do understand. People living on Main Street America understand employment ie jobs, being able to find and afford food for their families, crime on the streets, high taxation, etc. it is often these same people who have served in the military and seen first hand what dictators and oppression are like to live under. I think Obama and the gun-grabbers have underestimated the will of the people who cling to their Bibles and guns.

  5. Mind you, there is no “Them”. Anon as a collective have in the past steered clear of the second amendment, because as a collective many feel this way or the other, this Anon has just as much a right as any other to drop an idea but it’s unlikely anyone will challenge it, it’s just an idea, if some jump on it, fine, if not, just the same.

    You see?

    But the Collective is always defending our rights in some capacity, so the collective as ardent defender of the First amendment would obviously see that there is no first without the second. Also personal responsibility has always been at the forefront of any #op.

    so blaming the tool, the gun, the computer, the network, the game, no, the collective blames the person.

  6. Anon, keep fighting the good fight! i have absolutely nothing against their tactics or what they do.

    unfortunately, countered by my real life computer illiteracy, my dreams of becoming a hacktavist will be unrealized 😉

  7. …I am amazed but not amused by all the things Obama do. But I admit it: I didn’t see this gun grab coming.

    I know. You didn’t hear a thing Obama ever said on the subject since he learned how to speak. I can see how that could happen, especially if you also think those Occupy cretins are actually 2nd Amendment constitutionalists. Besides, he seems like such a fun guy to hang out with. Not like that square Wayne LaPierre.

    “Credulous” is a word that comes to mind in these cases.

    One other thing: Obama is just a mouthpiece. Everything he says or does comes directly from Valerie Jarrett. Does that help?

    One other other thing: The first people who where put up against the wall and shot after the Bolshevik revolution where the intelligentsia who where the communists’ biggest, or at least most vocal, supporters. They didn’t see it coming either.

  8. You didn’t see this coming?

    Should have vetted Obama a tad closer, then, starting with the money he used to pull down for being on the board of the Joyce Foundation.

    Oh, what’s that? You don’t know who the Joyce Foundation is?

    Oh, you didn’t know Obama was on the board? Well, here ya go, from 2010:

    Thought Obama was neutral on guns and gun use? That’s not what his voting record told us from his time in Chicago, the Illinois legislature and then the US Senate.

    People who thought Obama would be a indifferent towards guns were deluding themselves. I got into arguments with plenty of gun owners about this in 2008 and again last year. I have to say one thing for Democrats I know who own guns: Once they have their minds made up, there’s no confusing them with the facts. They had decided that Obama was a moderate. They had decided that Obama wasn’t a gun grabber, no matter what his actions and affiliations in the past were. Like, oh, his support for the assault weapon ban prior to Sandy Hook:

    The only way someone didn’t see Obama’s support for this position prior to election day, 2012 was by exercising deliberate and willful ignorance.

  9. Perhaps (but unlikely) that his master plan was to piss off/scare gun owners to the point where they purchased in droves all the weapons and ammunition they could thus stimulating the economy… (?) 🙂 Next, he’s going to outlaw mortgages and the purchase of brand new cars ………………………………….

  10. Up to the Armed Forces to remove the President, Congress and the Supreme Court, says Anonymous? They’ve lost their minds.

    Goes to show, when a movement is “Anonymous”, any nutjob can post anything he wants and pass it off as them. Kind of the bad thing about being anonymous, isn’t it?!

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