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First it was the imperious Colorado Senate President, John Morse, who discovered that people in his district were lining up to get another crack at him, electorally speaking. Now, in the wake of her ardent Centennial State civilian disarmament efforts, Pueblo Rep. Angela Giron will be next on the list to go before her constituents and try to justify her anti-2A votes. Pueblo Freedom and Rights will be submitting about 2,300 more signatures than required to the Secretary of State in order to start the clock on Giron’s recall vote. Here’s the group’s press release . . .

Pueblo, CO,  June 10, 2013– Pueblo Freedom and Rights, is a 501(C) (4) Colorado grassroots group heading the recall of anti-2nd Amendment Colorado state senator Angela Giron (D – Pueblo Colorado). The group submitted over 13,570 District 3 voter recall petition signatures to the Colorado Secretary of States’ Office exceeding the 11,285 signatures necessary. Additionally these are known to be carefully gathered highly-reliable signatures.

The submitted petition signatures and addresses will be submitted to and verified by the Secretary of State.  It is expected that Democrats will further challenge the petitions and signatures to include court challenges to draw out the process. If the count still exceeds 11,285 Giron will be given five working days from that time to decide whether or not to resign her office.

If Giron resigns within the five-day period, state Democrats can appoint a replacement from their ranks.  If she does not resign, a date for the special election is set.  It is expected that that the Governor and Democrat Party including Bloomberg money may try to extend any election so as to prepare a campaign to try to save Giron should she try to run to stay in office.

“Giron’s disregard for the majority of her constituents to vote no on anti-2nd Amendment issues and her general disregard of our Constitution and the rights of the citizens of Colorado demonstrates she must be removed from the senate.”  — Victor Head, President of Pueblo Freedom and Rights (PFR).

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  1. Bill Clinton warned the dems to avoid gun control. Now we got 2 recalls underway in Colorado and a seperatist movement afoot in Colorado thanks to this batch of dems ignoring his advice. 2014 beyotches!

    • Yes, I’m pleased to see the recall momentum; but beware Bloomberg and his money. That alters the political equation though it is not clear yet exactly how it will play out in the current gun control fray. How he uses it can both help the grabbers, and hurt them.

      Long term, his money will be damaging to our Second Amendment protections as it is being used to “educate” the uninformed and mostly apathetic public with misinformation and promotion of “gun control” efforts as a “progressive” solution that will always be ultimately confiscatory.

    • Dang jwm, that’s some enthusiasm! I wish we had recall efforts for Feinstein, Boxer and Yee. Alas, our state has an abundence of statist.

      • A81, we may not be able to recall them. But nationwide gun owners can hurt their party bad enough that the powers to be in their party will isolate them and control them, at least as far as guns go. That may be the best we Californians can hope for until some court cases break our way the way they did for Illinois.

  2. “I fear all we have done is to awoken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

    • – Japanese supreme military commander, General Yamamoto, soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

      A very appropriate quote.

  3. So she can alternately resign and the district will simply appoint another dem. Then they’d have to wait until the next election to get the dem out and an “R” in there.

    Seems like strategically they’d be best to just resign. No guarantee a special election would even happen.

    Same goes for Morse.

    • Pretty sure the procedure is they would have to resign before the recall is effective, and they arent going to do that!

    • Only problem (for them) is her narcissistic ego strictly prohibits such a course of action, i.e. resignation. She’s doing the People’s (Republic) work! Same goes for Morse.

  4. All these politicians taking anti 2a stances brought this upon themselves. When you were sworn in to office, you swore to UPHOLD and DEFEND the Contitution of the United States.

  5. She’s from Pueblo. Odds are against an R being elected there. Maybe a more 2A favorable Dem, though.

  6. Right on, vote them the hell out. Leftists have been very well organized. Time for organized opposition. They fear this, which is why they sicked the IRS on grassroots organizations. 2014!

  7. Most of these politicians have committed career suicide by attacking rights, I’m waiting for the back lash on gas prices. Everyone was blaming Bush but a democrat is in the oval office and I’m paying more??? The political adds for the next two elections are going to be horrible, especially all the DC scandals going that are coming to light.

    • Pelosi already blamed the IRS scandal on Bush. No sh1t. I’m sure that if someone found compromising pictures of Obama with a goat, POTUS’ defense would somehow involve George Bush.

  8. I think Colorado’s procedure is reprehensible: the recalled person resigns and the Democrats appoint a replacement. (I object just as vehemently if the Representative/Senator were a Republican and the Republicans appoint a replacement.) How can a recall not trigger an almost immediate election? Even worse, the Democrats could simply appoint Morse (the Colorado Senator who will be recalled) to Giron’s spot and vice versa.

    Why will there not be an election?

    • TO: uncommon
      RE: Heh

      …the Democrats could simply appoint Morse (the Colorado Senator who will be recalled) to Giron’s spot and vice versa. — uncommon

      Not going to happen. El Paso and Pueblo counties are two different state senate districts. Each has to have its own election. And in those elections there has to be a counter-candidate, i.e., one to replace the senator up for re-call.

      Hope that helps….but I have some doubts.


      [The Truth will out….uncommon is uncommonly ignorant.]

  9. TO: All
    RE: I Signed It

    I live a block and a half from this ‘evil’ Democrat.

    When I get the large-format printer repaired, I’m putting up a major political sign, i.e., 4’x8′, on the corner of my property….on a very busy ‘boulevard’….declaring my support that we do not need ‘evil’ people—people who hate the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution—in our legislature.


    [Liberals aren’t. Progressives won’t.]

  10. Morse is term-limited. Giron is not. Even if the recall doesn’t succeed against Morse, he’s done in 2014. Giron will continue to be a pox on CO if she isn’t recalled.

    Go get her! And don’t think for a second that SCOTUS and the rest of the courts aren’t watching.

      • Yes it does, but it sends an even clearer message to the courts.

        Elections matter. Chief Justice Roberts said so, and he’s right.

  11. Is she the idiot that thought magazines are used up like disposable ammo dispensers? I’d like to see that one recalled too.

    • No, that was Diana DeGette, who’s in the US House representing Denver. She’s not going anywhere.

  12. This is not a done deal. The Secretary of State’s office will check the signatures to ensure that there are a sufficient number of “valid” signatures from residents of her district. Typically you want to get about 25% more signatures than necessary just in case. In Morse’s case they got twice what was necessary. 2,500 is not a huge margin.

    Already Bloomberg and the Democrats in Colorado Springs are preparing to go out and get affadavits from Democrats who signed the petition saying that they didn’t mean to. They’re going to lawyer the number of valid signatures down, but I think there are enough in the Morse recall to survive. I’m not so sure in Giron, her district is 2/3 democrat and it wouldn’t take a huge number of affadavits to kill it off.

    • Democrat: “But wait! Yes, I signed the petition, but I didn’t mean to!”
      Judge: “Did you mean it when you signed this affidavit saying you didn’t mean to sign the petition?”
      Democrat: “Yes, that signature I meant! The other one, no.”
      Judge: “Bailiff, sign that man up for a job in the White House.”

      • I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, Im just not sure that what you believe you heard, is not what I meant.

    • TO: C.T.
      RE: Heh

      This is not a done deal. The Secretary of State’s office will check the signatures to ensure that there are a sufficient number of “valid” signatures from residents of her district. — C.T.

      The petitioners were using iPads to link to the Colorado SecState’s on-line registry and had the individuals signing the petitions for recall to specify their names as listed with the Colorado SecState as registered voters in the Colorado Senate 3d District, the district of Angela Giron.

      The only way for it to have been ‘disavowed’ by—in my honestly held opinion, the corrupt county clerk—would have been outright evidence of the depth of his corruption.

      Guess again, buckie…..


      [The Truth will out…Godless Democrats are ‘evil’…..]

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