Des Moines police report that there are more guns on the streets than ever before. According to the Des Moines Police Department, guns were the most-used weapon in the city's 25 homicides of 2017. Advertisement Des Moines police Sgt. Paul Parizek said he is worried that the trend could continue in 2018. “We live in a society now where people just shoot people for no reason,” Parizek said. Parizek said the majority of guns used in crimes are stolen. More than 30 guns were taken from gun stores in Urbandale and Clive in November.
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This is how a media report intended to “raise the alarm” on guns in the community is done . . . Weapon of choice: Police report more guns on streets than ever before

Des Moines police report that there are more guns on the streets than ever before.

According to the Des Moines Police Department, guns were the most-used weapon in the city’s 25 homicides of 2017.

OMG! Of the homicides that were committed, most of them were accomplished using a firearm! It’s unprecedented!

Or is it? The report provides zero support for the claim that there are “more guns on the streets than ever before.” As for murders, after peaking at 19 in 2015, the number of murders in Des Moines actually dropped to 13 in 2016, a 32% decline. And name one city of any size in America in which the majority of homicides weren’t the result of gunfire.

“For years, if I caught a gang member thug and he had a gun, I could pretty much bet my paycheck that gun was going to be stolen,” (Des Moines police Sgt. Paul) Parizek said.

In a growing trend, Parizek said police have been confiscating an increasing number of guns that are legally purchased but end up in the wrong hands.

“This is something we haven’t seen in years prior,” Parizek said.

So that apparently means that more of the guns Parizek and his fellow boys in blue are finding “in the wrong hands” now were either stolen from a legal gun owner or obtained through a straw purchase. We’re just speculating, but that could be due to the fact that groups like the NSSF are working harder with retails to prevent smash-and-grab gun store burglaries. So Des Moines’ criminal class is having to use other avenues to get their guns.

And no mainstream media report would be complete without some non sequiturs designed to associate enhanced gun rights with criminal activity.

Authorities say legislation could be to blame.

In 2010, Iowa became a conceal and carry state. This past July, stand your ground became law and suppressors became legal.

Iowans have the right to carry guns, but Parizek said that can create a gray area for authorities.

“I don’t know what your license is to carry that gun,” Parizek said. “I don’t know what your intentions are.”

Just a guess, but their intentions are probably to protect themselves from death or grievous bodily harm before the police can arrive. And what, precisely, do stand your ground laws and legal suppressors have to do with the (unsupported) assertion that there are more illegal guns on the mean streets of Des Moines?

So this is a poorly sourced non-story thrown together by a young reporter that’s designed to lead her readers to conclude that civilian gun ownership is a threat to both police and the general welfare of Iowans. Same as it ever was.



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  1. This is not simply “a poorly sourced non-story thrown together by a young reporter that’s designed to lead her readers to conclude that civilian gun ownership is a threat to both police and the general welfare of Iowans.”.

    It is another gear or cog in a piece of machinery being slowly, methodically, and deliberately built by the gun-grabber Leftists.

    Just like all those strange, supposedly ‘scholarly’ books and articles over the past few years being written claiming that there never was a long-standing “American gun culture” from the revolutionary-frontier eras, that it was all wholly fabricated from thin air by the ‘gun companies’ to sell their guns to the American public.

    They are slowly and methodically building their case so that in the future a Progressive-biased Supreme Court can strike down the Heller, McDonald, and any other future pro-gun rights decisions.

    They are playing the long game, people. If we don’t wake the fuck up and get our side in the media countering their bullshit claims, gun rights (and self-defense in general) will be erased in the future…

    • This is never going to be settled by a court. It will never be settled with legislation or with another Constitutional amendment. To be perfectly honest it will never be settled. The very idea of people with arms will always be challenged by those with governmental power. From time to time the tree must be watered.

      • Exactly. Just like cleaning up a house, it’s an ongoing process that needs to done continually. Even when things look good, we need to ensure that we remain vigilant and try to keep them that way rather than getting complacent.

    • Quote——————–They are slowly and methodically building their case so that in the future a Progressive-biased Supreme Court can strike down the Heller, McDonald, and any other future pro-gun rights decisions.——————-Quote

      Currently there is an even spit between the Right and the Left but they still voted in 2017 to trash the Scalia pro gun ruling by refusing to hear the Maryland Assault Rifle case giving the green light to California to start to confiscate all semi-auto rifles under their newly passed law. Other anti-gun assault rifle laws will now also have no chance of repeal either with many more restrictive laws now being formulated to take away all modern handguns and long arms. So much for your idea that the Conservatives are not power mad as much as the Liberals. Absolute power Absolutely corrupts and the power mad never miss an opportunity to enslave the troglodyte worker slaves. As of right now the Second Amendment is complete trash because of this decision and you can bet the Supreme Court would not dare lose face anytime soon by reversing their decision to bow to public hysteria over the almost weekly mass murders by maniacs with assault rifles.

      And remember is was the “God to Conservatives” Ronald McDonald that passed the ban on full auto weapons and it was Bush who tore up his NRA card and supported laws banning modern semi-auto rifles. And the silencer bill was trashed by the two faced Paul Ryan. So much for the idea that the Republicans are any more pro gun than the Democrats. When the public panics the Congressmen bow to public pressure and you can take the Second Amendment and wipe your ass with it as history has proven including most recently in the trashing of the Saclia decision.

      • Then why didn’t Obama’s post-Sandy Hook gun grab attempt succeed? Who blocked that?

        • It didn’t succeed because Obama rolled the dice and and made ‘health care’ his #1 legacy legislative priority. He thought he could get around to guns later.

          What he failed to realize was the extent of the backlash would make on Congress. With control of Congress *gone* in 2010, he never had a chance to ram gun control down our throats like he did with ‘health care’.

          And thank God he went the way he did…

      • Republicans may not be very pro-gun, but at least they are not anti-gun. Only one party has gun grabbing program in its platform. Guess which one.

        Again you lie about SC’s refusal to hear a case to mean trashing of Heller or even of 2A. It doesn’t work that way. And you know that.

        “…almost weekly mass murders by maniacs with assault rifles.” My ass. As far as I know, the only assault rifle (illegal) was used by that muslim couple in California.

    • I was reading some “Constitutional law” books I found at the library that were about 25 years out of date, and they kept using political-machine-made laws from 100 years ago to prove that any restrictions on guns were totally reasonable, so they’ve done what you’re describing before. Apparently that’s how they thought they’d get away with the AWB and keep making their cities into open-air prisons.

    • “It is another gear or cog in a piece of machinery being slowly, methodically, and deliberately built by the gun-grabber Leftists.”

      Yes, but we are also methodically building our machine too, one cog at a time. And when our machines finally clash in the Mecha Godzilla vs Power Ranger Zordbot throwdown, our machine is going to have guns and there’s will whine about it.

  2. It’s important to highlight the issues with news stories like this, and it’s also important that as many comments as possible are made to correct them. Having said that, does anyone contact the writers of these articles, and if so, are there examples of them accepting and modifying their stances based on the criticisms made?

    • *looks at article*
      Mmm… nope. No Comments Section. Clicked on the writer’s byline and you can email her if you’d like to get banished to her “spam” file…

      I’ll wager she could tear apart her home, vehicle, parents home and dig up the entire backyard and still not find a single fvck to give over what any disgusting Gun Owner thinks…

      • I’m not really surprised. Up in Canada there’s a big push in the news about stolen guns. Basically, the majority of handguns used in crime here are smuggled in. The news stories are trying to push an opposing view that the real problem is handguns being stolen from legal owners (and therefore, the real problem being legal owners owning handguns). It’s repeated across multiple news sources (including the government-owned CBC), and they might as well be using a template given how closely they correspond.

        It’s frustrating to me, however, to see how hard the various journalists make it to contact them. I hear a lot in the news about the need for “a conversation on x/y/z”, but I seldom see them give the reader the opportunity- or when they do, it’s just in some comment area that is never read by the journalist. Apparently “a conversation” means we listen when they talk.

        • Close, what the actually mean by conversation is that we sit down, shut up, and do as we are told. Not gonna happen, since as a group we are far more outspoken and active.

        • This is the same claim the anti-gun groups in Australia make. That criminals are armed purely from theft from legal firearm owners. Their claims are refuted by the local state police, the federal police, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Crime Statistics.

          The anti-gun groups, and the Greens Party in particular, claim there is too much emphasis on firearms being illegally imported. Probably because this is how they actually are getting into the country.

  3. I visited Des Moines. Once. I swore I’d never return…. I drove over so many “guns on the streets” that my truck needed four new tires and an alignment. My wife needed to have a filling replaced and I dislocated my back. /

  4. So a city with over 200000 has 13 murders and it’s a “crisis”?!? Maybe they should export a little Des Moines to BALTIMORE or Chiraq…

  5. “And name one city of any size in America in which the majority of homicides weren’t the result of gunfire.”
    i cant believe you let that slip out like that. that really bolsters the anti-gunners argument because they would immediately blame the 2A for there being so many guns. they would instantly compare us to U.K. or Canada, which would not be good. do we really consider ourselves THAT much free-er than Canada? i don’t know much about Canada so im actually kinda really asking here.

    • *slowly rubs temples*
      Well, yes.
      The main advantage of a gun in the hands of a woman, the physically impaired, the elderly – they make defending themselves easy because they are powerful tools. (Good thing)
      The main disadvantage of a gun in the hands of a criminal, the mentally impaired, the incompetent and stupid – they make hurting/killing people easy because they are powerful tools. (Bad thing)
      Just for perspective: take “deaths off the table for a moment – how many Assaults (fatal or otherwise) are committed with guns versus (knives, baseball bats, hammers, pieces of lumber, hands and feet, etc.). Do that, and we start to get a look at the bigger picture rather than just the small part if the painting we want to focus on.

      • My anti-gun friends are constantly talking about the “number of gun deaths” and pointing out that nations without guns have fewer “gun deaths” (which includes suicides, homicides, and justifiable self-defense shootings). I keep trying to tell them that “gun deaths” is a meaningless figure, and the figure they should be tracking is murders and suicides, not “gun deaths”, because if a country gets rid of guns, but still has a high murder and suicide rate, and murderers switch from guns to axes and become axe-murderers, I would not call that an improvement at all!
        I keep trying to tell them that dead is dead, whether it’s a “gun death” or a “knife death”, but they refuse to stop using the meaningless term “gun death,” as if they think gun deaths aren’t just dead but extra-super-plus-ultra-dead! It’s useless to argue with an anti-gunner who’s mind is already made up.

        • I just ask them, “So, your good with someone dying as long as the killer doesn’t use a gun?” It usually causes smoke to come out of their ears and they run away muttering to themselves…..

    • In some ways, the Canadian experience is useful. The first thing we can see is that the criminal element- the average criminal- is remarkably similar in his manners and actions whether in Canada or in the US.

      The second, and perhaps more important thing that we see is that the average licensed gun owner in Canada is law-abiding. Among demographics, they commit the fewest violent crimes, for example. Their profile, again, is remarkably similar to the average US gun owner. The only point is that with licensing we end up clearly seeing what can be murky in the US- the peaceable nature of the average gun owner. The US gun owner doesn’t need that licensing to be peaceable in this manner. They aren’t out looking for trouble.

      After that, the only real difference becomes the conception of individual rights versus governance of a population.

      • So you could almost say that Canada could do without a licensing system…something to push for, eh?

  6. If she can’t even get basic facts right, of course she’s going to make others up. Silencers were legalized in the Spring of 2016 (can’t remember if it was March or April). Stand your ground and SBRs became legal in 2017.

    I’m sure that those “authorities” are the same jack boot thugs that oppose new 2A legislation every time it comes up at the State legislature.

  7. I wouldn’t worry too much. Nobody reads the Des Moines Register anymore anyways. It’s owned by some large out of state news corp now and it’s articles are usually out of touch with most Iowans these days.

  8. My only question is why is Sgt. Parizek talking to the press and not out on 235 with his little radar g un?

  9. It is factually incorrect to say that Iowa became a “conceal and carry state” in 2010. All that changed was that the state went from may issue to shall issue.

    Iowa has permitted the carrying of handguns in public for decades. It is simply a carry permit. No distinction is made between open and concealed carry. Prior to January 1, 2011, Iowa was may issue. Permits were issued at the discretion of county sheriffs. From county to county, policies varied from effectively shall issue to rarely or never issue. Permits were valid everywhere in the state including counties whose sheriffs refused to grant permits to their own residents. When looking for a place to live, it was wise to check the sheriff’s policy. Whether you could get a permit often depended on which side of a county line you lived.

  10. Hmmm…perhaps if the owners of these “wrong hands” were either incarcerated or were relieved of their “wrong hands” we could really make some progress.

  11. We really should do something to get all these guns off the streets. I’d hate for one to be run over by a car and get damaged.

  12. Quote—————————-So that apparently means that more of the guns Parizek and his fellow boys in blue are finding “in the wrong hands” now were either stolen from a legal gun owner or obtained through a straw purchase. —————————Quote

    Wrong, Wrong,Wrong. We do not vet second hand gun purchases so there is now a complete underground system of buying up second hand guns from gun shows that do not vet purchases and then trucking them straight to our major high crime cities. No other civilized nation on the planet allows such insanity. It was the Gangster Criminals of the NRA that prevented the original Brady Bill form vetting all gun purchases which castrated the law from the very beginning.

    We now have had at least 4 generations of people living in our big cities that have never had the opportunity too secure a decent paying job or even any job at all due to the greed monger industrialists shipping all the high paying manufacturing jobs overseas. It has resulted in a situation where unemployed people with no hope simply result to crime to stay alive due to our lack of civilized social programs and lack of technical training programs.

    Germany has spent as much as 35 billion on retraining and their industries another 90 billion in technical retraining while in the land of Capitalvania U.S.A. Government retraining programs are practically non existent and industry training has only recently started to be re-introduced but at a pathetically low level. All this has led to more crime due to lack of high paying jobs and the U.S. falling farther and farther behind in the economic race compared to other nations. Even Vietnam is now in the middle of an economic boom and they were at one time one of the poorest of Asian countries. Germany is not the richest European Nation and their Socialistic re-training programs are one of the primary reasons for this. Finland has went from one of the poorest of European Countries to now an economic miracle of success and its Socialistic to the core and it all had to do with Socialistic re-training programs sponsored and paid for with tax payers dollars spent on their people not on jack booted wars of rape, pillage and conquest.

    No other civilized nation allows gun stores or individuals to let deadly weapons lay around unsecure which results in criminals and lunatics simply breaking a glass window and scooping up all the guns and ammo they want.

    10,000 children a year are maimed or killed due to guns not being under safe storage which is again something other civilized counties do not tolerate. Safe storage cuts way down on theft of guns and guns killing children as well. Stats on the history of this prove the advantages of safe storage beyond all doubt or all Right Wing Ignorance and maniacal raving to the contrary.

    • Correction I meant to say Germany is now the richest country in Europe due to its socialistic retraining programs. I originally said “not” a typo.

    • Really? All this time on TTAG and you still believe in the “gun show loophole”? There’s no help for you, kid.

      • Ignorance is bliss in your case. Anyone who would deny that a criminal cannot get all the firepower he wants at some gun shows is either a Moron or a Nut Case.

        • You are the moron, I’d be willing to bet that you have never been to a gun show! I hope that you are present at the next gun show I’m attending, so I can give you a dose of southern discomfort!

        • Educating you dumbass liberals just never ends, and you call us ignorant! The FFL is a very strict vetting system, and you cannot take a gun home until it is accepted! Some states have rule to where if the FFL FBI’s response hasn’t been answered in a certain amount of time, you can then pick it up! However, they have your DL# your address, phone number, social security number, your fingerprints, your description, your parents names, your family history, your high school and or university, your blood, your doctors office, and every damn thing else! They can be in your house when you get back with the gun! That’s how legal gun owners roll, it is unconstitutional but it’s a reasonable responsibility accepted by legal citizens!

    • There’s always a way to get what you want even if it’s illegal, we’ve all smoked some dope, crossed state lines to buy booze, and traded up or down for a firearm! I don’t reside in a big city, but my kind have always traded guns for something, or something for a gun! So what’s your point?

    • How many are murdered by Abortion each year? You are for that, so don’t try to lecture us on anything!

  13. I like how you can see part of the iowa motto in the background of that picture: “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.”

    Those recently passed laws mentioned in the article show that the majority of our politicians are actually living up to that.

  14. The nice solid KCCI news team that I grew up watching is dead, and it really makes me sad. They used to be a top notch news crew. Some of the people that I watched when I was growing up are still there, but over the last few years it seems like the station owner is more concerned with pushing bullshit like this then they are with reporting actual news.

  15. “Authorities say…”

    One of the oldest tricks in the book. Who are these “authorities” of yours? Authority does not make anyone more knowledgeable or correct — it does, however, make them more dangerous when they’re wrong.

    • You can say anything on paper, doesn’t mean it’s true, we must challenge these self described authorities and remind them that attempting to change or rewrite the Constitution is a crime! Get rid of liberal evil hateful federal judges that Soros puppet, Obama appointed in the dark of night and stay diligent!

  16. First thing we the people need to do…Is get the law enforcement community under control. They are fast becoming paramilitized political establishments–STASI … 1st, NCRBs, Nationwide full Civilian Review Boards, to protect the public welfare, a citizens constitutional rights, & hold police accountability of ALL RANK AND FILE MEMBERS. Including Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, Superintendents, administration,etc…2nd, A Nationwide Ban on ALL Police Unions…(No Guilds, Brotherhoods, Fraternities, etc…) 3rd, Make it a “Captial Crime” to infringe upon any lawful US citizen exercising any of their protected US Constitutional-Bill of Rights…Including the 2nd Amendment…With 250k in compensatory dispensation for each event…Including addition fines, government defunding, up to including imprisonment…This will also extend to Businesses , employers, private organizations, landlords, etc…That poorly use property rights–“false soveign immunity” to take away the rights of other fellow US citizens engaged in Lawfully protected acts…4th, Law Enforcement community may not discuss political issues with the Corporate News media…In know doing, that it causes ,or leads to a cause of “Constitutional Infringements…” (Re: Law Enforcement Community Gag order–Politics..) 5th, All “Soveign Immunity, Law Enforcement P/O Bill of Rights, Special Privileges and Political issued special rights” are Hear-by rescinded by WE THE PEOPLE protection act…Nationwide legislation designed to bring these issues back in check under the 14th Amendment….This is just a small start….To dismantle community, and public services that have become to trigger-happy, political, anti-freedom, militarized, and behaves like a standing army…NOT proper community policing……

    • No offense to my brothers and sisters up north, but keep your left-wing, communist aspiring nut job Yankees up yonder! We like our lives simple, and yankee free! Our neighbors are fully armed and very dangerous! Thank you!

  17. Des Moines PD has been generally pretty pro 2A in all the interactions and conversations that I have had. Never heard of this Parizek, he isn’t one of the usual DSM PD talking heads.

    • Well, my brother, that is a simple matter, send a news crew over to the police department to interview this left-wing imbecile! We cannot be passive! The snakes are slivering around the clock, we must fight them on every issue, and be diligent!

  18. The next left-wing, Socialist, snake that slivers into the “People’s-House” will join Bloomberg, and Soros, and make it very difficult for legal, gun owners and gun manufacturers, as well as stores that sell guns to make it! President Trump needs to do all he can to strengthen the law abiding gun owners right to keep and bear arms! Get rid of regulations sneaked in by the criminal organization known as the DNC! The hypocrites on the left who are fighting to strip us of our Constitutional rights have armed guards to protect them, and they live inside of walls! There is no way that intelligent people can’t understand that armed citizens is a deterrent to crime! Taxpayers born in the United States of America should never be threatened by other American born taxpayers to lose any Constitutional rights! That is treasonous and “We The People” run this show! The double standards by liberals are their only standards! Our right to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed! So, everytime someone comes to your home to attempt to search your home to find guns, shoot them in the head, drag them to the curb for the garbage collectors, that will deter the unConstitutional left wing radical immediately!

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