An HR Guy’s ‘This Week’ Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

You remember when Dan published that story about not changing up one’s carry gun every day or every week?  That story provided some great advice and information about keeping things consistent.

Mark, the HR guy, sends what he calls “This week’s EDC.”  Courtesy Everyday Carry.

This week, his carry gear is built around a GLOCK 43X in an unnamed outside the waistband holster.  He also has a Boker Strike Automatic knife.  Following Everyday Carry’s link, I see Boker blades are a lot more affordable than I thought they were.

Throw in a Coach Wallet and a AAA-powered Streamlight Microstream and that about rounds out his ensemble.


  1. avatar strych9 says:

    Boker makes some good knives but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re all the same.

    If you don’t see their tree logo stamped on the blade, indicating the knife was made in Solingen, Germany then you need to start being careful. Their “Arbolito” (little tree) knives are alright and made in Argentina. The “Cinch” line of Western style knives is made in Solingen too.

    Boker+ (knife in this EDC for example) and Magnum are both Chinese or Taiwanese in origin. The Taiwanese knives are alright, the Chinese ones tend to be not so great.

    1. avatar possum, destroyer of arachnids says:

      Hey Thanx, that’s good to know

    2. avatar George Washington says:

      All very true…I have one of the Strike Autos and a couple KALISHNIKOV AK auto knives… They are a great value!!!! And decent quality…
      But I’m currently in love with my new Gerber 06 auto 10th anniversary edition with S30V Steel blade…. FKN AWESOME!!!!

      1. avatar WI Patriot says:

        I have a cpl of AK’s as well, been carrying one for about 5yrs now, great knife, great value…

    3. avatar Johannes Paulsen says:

      I really respect how you threw shade on the PRC by suggesting that Taiwan was not, in fact, China.

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        Yeah, that kinda slid by quietly. Good seeing you again, Johannes, don’t be a stranger in the comment section, or the article section, for that matter…

  2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Thank you sir. May I have a spare magazine please?

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      You can have his….he’s not using it.

  3. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Wow the streamlight has some finish wear like it was actually used.

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      Right… because you can’t share new things.

      1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

        More like the idea that stuff under the banner of “every day carry” seems to be carried at an interval somewhat lower than “every day.”

        1. avatar B.D. says:

          Sometimes I carry a water bottle.

  4. avatar Nickel Plated says:

    Pardon the ignorance but I was under the impression that auto knives were generally illegal, atleast to carry. I’ve never been much interested in knives. But recently got a desire to get a nice one for general EDC and work.

    Kinda looking at various butterfly knives (from that EDC article here not too long ago). As practical as any other knife and pretty cool to learn some tricks with.

    Knife laws are just as arbitrary and confusing as gun laws.

  5. avatar Richard says:

    Looking for information on cancelled Cary license that I have in Florida. Plan on taking trip west to the National parks this summer and return by way of New Hampshire in oct. will I have a problem in any of those western states and many others along the way?

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