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Press release [via]:

AmmoPal is a unique shotgun shell dispenser that offers a viable solution for all shotgun owners, making it convenient and easy for shotgun owners to access 10 extra rounds via the durable dispenser. The patent-pending dispenser is comprised of a . . .

rugged 9 1/4” x 3” x 11/2” polymer case that holds ten 2 3/4” 12-guage shotgun shells. With built-in retention fingers, shotgun owners can rest assured that their shells are secure even when upside-down. A wide thumb sweep area accommodates gloved use, and the AmmoPal shotgun shell dispenser is designed for either right or left-handed operation.

The made-in-the-USA dispenser also features the same double spring found in USGI rifle magazines, a removable base plate with drain slot for easier cleaning and maintenance, and a Molle friendly mounting system with one long and one short mounting clip for versatile adjustment.

AmmoPal is a versatile shell carry solution that can be used by hunters, sport shooters, and tactical shooters, as well as by those who need a self-defense solution for easy, fast access to ammunition. With numerous mounting options, shotgun owners can use AmmoPal with confidence in virtually in position.

“It works right-side up, upside down, and even sideways,” said the AmmoPal team.

Whether shotgun owners want a way to carry their shells under their truck seat or inside their tactical vest, AmmoPal offers a simple solution. A recently released video illustrates how AmmoPal can be used.

The AmmoPal team is excited to announce that their shotgun shell carry solution is in production and ready for the shooting community. AmmoPal has worked diligently to create a top-notch product backed by first-rate customer care and stands behind their products with a 60 days money back guarantee and world-class customer service.

AmmoPal is a veteran owned company. More information about AmmoPal, including details on how to order the all-new shell carry solution, can be found at

About AmmoPal:

AmmoPal is the world’s most versatile shotgun shell dispenser, offering easy-access to 10 extra shells for hunters, target shooters, self-defense, and tactical use. For more information, visit:

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  1. I’m diggin’ it.
    Totally expected the price to be stupid as so often is the case but $40 + free shipping mean one is headed my way. Maybe two.

  2. 40 bucks huh…another overpriced “solution” to a nonexistent (or otherwise already solved) problem… Tag seems to specialize in advertising err “reviewing” these doodads…

  3. Meh… I don’t see anything here offering better functionality than a MOLLE shotgun shell carrier. The biggest problem is the sheer bulk of the thing. I looks to me like you’re carrying an oversized SAIGA magazine on your hip.

    • It does seem a bit oversized for just ten shotgun shells. Not the worst idea I’ve seen by a long shot, but definitely won’t separate me from my money, either.

  4. Honestly, I don’t see the utility, compared to the other options out there. It’s not too hard to put a 5-shell holder on your stock and another one on your receiver if you want that much firepower at your disposal.

    For those who participate in the clay target sports, anything that doesn’t hold 25 shells is useless. And there are plenty of shell carriers out there designed to hold a box of shells.

  5. I backed this Indiegogo campaign two years ago. I never planned to use them, but I thought it was a good idea that deserved to be funded. Now, after working their way through the design and legal issues…including a name-change after a (IMO) bogus C&D…I have three shiny Ammo-Pals sitting on my safe (along with a challenge coin under their original name and a damned fine looking patch). I’d be happy to send one in to TTAG if they’d like to give it a spin.

  6. Not seeing the “cool” of this. For $40, you can grab some Velcro 5 shot holders and have 3x the rounds and probably be a lot faster on the load.

  7. OMG! This should be ILLEGAL! Think about the kids! There will be blood in the school hallways! The only purpose for this device is to kill people faster! *breath* This is not a military item. They didn’t have these with the musket rifles. You will shoot your eye out! *collapse*

    • Yes, it’s a magazine, therefore in NYS, thanks to the SAFE Act, you can only load magazines with 7-rounds unless at a range, or sanctioned shooting event. Good thing it is limited to 10-rounds, otherwise it would be banned entirely in NY.

  8. needs a PEZ style cartoon head on top.

    Just carry a Saiga or MKA1919 and reload all 10 at once.

    Joking aside, the backpack setup kind of makes sense for that application. Shame about the single load, though it makes sense to appeal to a broader base of customers. I load shotguns with either dueces or quads anymore. I don’t play a game where loading singles makes any kind of sense.

    • PEZ is correct, maybe if it had Shannon Watts head atop it I’d consider buying it. That reminds me, I’m out of PEZ refills, oh well there’s an extra pack of smokes in my glove compartment, problem solved.

  9. I fully realize TTAG needs to generate revenue with TTAG.

    That said, I was a bit puzzled by the red-highlighted “durable dispenser” in the announcement, and stupidly thought it might actually have something actually to do “about guns”.

    Eh, *no*.

    It led to an Amazon link advertising a “Polar Tech 1332 PDL Series Bench Top Durable Metal Label Dispenser”.

    It may very well be a nice product, but it is totally irrelevant to guns in general or the post it is in.

    An awful lot of folks pop into TTAG when they have a spare moment.

    The problem is, you’re training them to ignore the red-highlighted links, those very same links TTAG uses to reference manufactures, previous TTAG articles and the like.

    *YES*, TTAG must be economically viable to survive and to keep on telling ‘The Truth About Guns’.

    Those viglinks to nowhere are severely negatively impacting the TTAG experience for those readers who’s time is valuable. Those very same TTAG readers who have no time because they’re busy trying to generate an income, an income they use to finance their love of guns and ‘The Truth About Guns’.

    (My .02 and worth less that half that much)

    • You have a couple of options: block Viglink or use an addon like Ghostery to block all of the 100+ tracking scripts and addons on this page. The later will drop the page load from 15 seconds to 3 and take the total data transferred from 538kb down to 100kb.

      • You’re missing the point.

        I use blockers like No Script and the like.

        What you suggest does *nothing* to the red highlighted link ITSELF.

        You can neuter where it leads, but it still looks like a legitimate link TTAG uses.

        If the rat in the test box gets a shock on its feet when it pushes the lever, it learns real fast NOT TO PUSH THE LEVER.

        • I had to disable Ghostery and reload the page to even see the link you were talking about, so it appears it works much better than No Script. Ad networks like Viglink inject the hyperlink into the page via a script. Block their script from loading and you’ll never see the hyperlink.

  10. WTF? A friggin’ $40 dispenser? No thanks, I’ll spend that money on a few boxes of shells instead.

    What are we women, do we really need what amounts to a damn tampon dispenser? Just use a G-damn bag attached to your belt or the lower pocket on a M-65 field jacket or hunting/tactical vest.

  11. Essentially this is a magazine with some minor modifications that make it a shell dispenser. Well, cool. That’s useful, but I guess I’ll stick to my other shell holder options. But still, pretty cool and fun.

  12. So I ordered one and it arrived two days ago. I’ve spent some time with it and it’s not ready for prime time or any sort of harder than casual use.

    First gripe is you can’t load all shells facing the same direction. They need to stagger or the device will size up. So much for blind loading.

    Second and perhaps most important issue is the clamshell construction. After a dozen loadings and unloadings the seams started splitting. To the point where the only thing holding together was the belt clip.

    On the plus side when the shells are loaded staggered it works as advertised, feeds 100% and won’t let the shells pop out if smacked or dropped. If you want to load the shells all facing the same direction your limited to 7 or 8 before the pressure starts to split the body apart.

    Wish it was of sturdier construction and wish it accepted all shells facing one way.


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