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You can see most of the episode at It’s a bit like watching a train wreck sponsored by AMTRAK.

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  1. This must be stopped. Can’t we commission a team of Navy SEALs to fast-rope down in there and terminate this action? That beautiful old J-head Bridgeport (just behind Hayden) must be rescued. Obviously it is being held against its will, forced to perform deviant and unnatural acts.

  2. I’d be surprised if most of the American Chopper cast weren’t already prohibited from possessing firearms.

  3. I saw a bit of this episode in my hotel in Pittsburgh on Monday night, and having never seen Sons of Guns before I was…well to be honest I was bored completely out of my skull.

  4. Both of these shows are just terrible to begin with. Red Jacket at least makes decent firearms from what I hear, Orange County bikes look like something a not-too-bright 8 year old would dream up.

  5. If I was selling a product or service to someone, I probably would not 1) wear a tee shirt and baseball cap to meet with every prospective client and 2) drag my dressed-like-a-whore wife with me everywhere I go.

    But I guess Paul Jr. is a lot smarter about that stuff than I am. He’s got a TV show.

    • “But I guess Paul Jr. is a lot smarter about that stuff than I am. He’s got a TV show.”

      So do the Kardashians, and I’m willing to bet that none of them are in Mensa.

  6. I haven’t watched Orange County Choppers, American Choppers (or whatevuh) in years. Do they still build choppers? All I remember is them just yelling at each other a lot.

    Sons of Guns is just as bad. But it’s about guns, so I can’t not watch.

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