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Yesterday, I mooted the possibility that Amazon would buy GunBroker. TTAG commentator David asked why Amazon would do that. Wouldn’t “just allowing [firearms] sales pretty much take over the market share without spending any extra money?” I guess. I was assuming Amazon would keep the brands separate to avoid “tainting” their smiley faced box appeal. Now that Amazon’s launched their Zombie Apocalypse Supplies page, one wonders. Clearly, their marketing mavens have the latest firearms 2.0 trend on their radar. On other hand, the page is listed in the Industrial & Scientific Department. And there’s nary a link to pages selling the Fobus paddle holster or SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F01T Tactical Tomahawk. Not to mention the fact that Amazon is quite happy selling “No Firearms Allowed on this Property” signs. Speaking of signs, what up with a graphic showing zombies which way to escape? Whose side is Amazon on, anyway? [h/t Aharon]


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  1. Funny, I was just saying to my wife last night that my life would be significantly improved if Amazon would start directly selling, if not firearms, then everything but. Sure would be nice to be able to order ammo via Amazon Prime…

  2. I am surprised all of these big internet companies are sooooo afraid of an anti gun backlash. Gallery of guns has probably the best gun sales site around. Imagine how cool it would be if Amazon took on the same business model. Or Ebay for that matter.

  3. Hmmm. Could buy me a new rifle, the latest copy of Maxim and some ammo all in the same place!!
    That would be nice!!!

  4. Robert, you said –> “At some point, eBay will bite the bullet and buy GunBroker. ” Not Amazon

    Amazon has always sold many gun accessories and cleaning items short of bullets and firearms themselves. And sells a ton of airsoft items as well. With their eCommerce EC2 platform they can spin up these sites without even thinking.

    There is already an Amazon warehouse for open box deals and Amazon Supply for bolt, nuts and screws and everything that goes with that so it would not be stretch to have a Zombie site

    HOWEVER, you link DOES NOT link to an amazon site. This is a listmania list. This is a list of items Amazon sells that some either paid or joe avg user put and published. This is not an Amazon Zombie site. Good Try

    • I will agree with Pascal in that Amazon may not carry guns or ammo, yet they sell and make available a myriad of shooting, self defense, and hunting accessories up the yazoo. They also have a ton of air products from airsoft to blowguns to hard hitting hi-caliber pellet rifles.

  5. How dare they sell no firearms allowed signs. But wait, they also sell pro-republican and pro-democrat signs, t-shirts, and stickers? And Magpul products? Oh dear, they sell (almost) everything? How dare they pander to both sides of the fence.

  6. Like pascal said, the other blog post was on Ebay, not amazon. Amazon actually carries a good amount of prepper/reloading/survival gear.

  7. Those “no guns allowed” signs at Amazon are obviously not very popular items to order since only 1 or 2 people have bothered to comment about them.

  8. I can understand Amazon not wanting to deal with the hassles of selling guns and having to ship to FFL’s and track C&R licenses and everything.

    What I don’t understand is why they don’t sell ammo…they could clean house if they started selling ammo.


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