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Amazon Driver Shoots a Knife-Wielding Attacker Who Charged Him Shouting ‘Knife Fight!’

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Chief David Birk
Middletown, Ohio Police Chief David Birk (Courtesy fox19.com)

Delivery drivers are at more risk than many people realize. Approaching hundreds of strangers’ houses delivering anything from pizzas to potentially valuable packages can draw the attention of criminals and crazies.

That’s apparently what happened to one Amazon delivery driver in Middletown, Ohio. A man reportedly ran him while carrying a knife.

According to fox19.com . . .

The driver was out on his route when the suspect, Christopher Roberts, walked up to him with a knife, according to Middletown police.

The video here tells a slightly different story. In a 911 call recording, the unidentified driver says the man charged him shouting “Knife fight! Knife fight!” That’s when the driver pulled a gun from his pocket and fired a shot.

“Obviously, he [Amazon driver] was in fear,” explained Middletown Police Chief David Birk. “So, in defense of himself, he was able to discharge a firearm striking the individual in the leg area.”

Here’s a surprise . . .

The police report shows Roberts was suspected of being under the influence of drugs when he confronted the Amazon driver.

After police arrested Roberts with a gunshot wound to the leg and transported him to a local hospital, he managed to wander away. Police soon located him again and re-arrested him.

“Him walking away from the hospital kind of helped clarify the situation that the Amazon delivery driver was just defending himself,” Chief Birk said.

Well yeah.

Roberts has been charged with felonious assault. The Amazon driver, according to Chief Birk, acted in self defense and hasn’t been charged. Keeping his job after carrying a firearm on the job and discharging it in order to protect himself, however, may be more of a problem.



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  1. I should think workman’s compensation for the ptsd he will suffer. I bet he can get another gig at least as good.

    • He could also sue for workplace retaliation and unlawful termination, I’d presume. I’m from Indiana not Ohio so I’m not 100% sure.

  2. Keeping his job after carrying a firearm on the job and discharging it in order to protect himself, however, may be more of a problem.

    Yeah, guess who IS looking for a new job today.

    • Not sure how Amazon plays this, I recall that Bezos got shamed by the rest of the billionaires club for not contributing to antigun “charities” and starting a veteran funding group for political candidates of any persuasion.
      Don’t know much else other than he likes rockets

        • “Bezos has a facility at NASA that is larger than the NASA facilities.”

          It’s larger because that’s where ‘Blue Origin’ is gearing up to mass-produce Bezos’s orbital rockets, in competition with Musk’s company.

          …that haven’t flown yet…

        • Don’t care about Dr. Bezo’s footprint. Elon’s rockets fly out of here all. the. time. Bezo’s don’t.

        • “Elon’s rockets fly out of here all. the. time. Bezo’s don’t.”

          That’s what I apparently failed to articulate clearly.

          No Bezos rocket has flown to date, despite the brand-new massive factory Bezos built at the Cape. As far as I know, there are very few pictures of what’s going on inside that factory, as well.

          Meanwhile, Musk a short while back launched 2 SpaceX rockets in the same day, one from Florida, the other from Vandenberg in California for a polar orbit…

        • No Bezos rocket has flown to date,

          Hmmmm, Bezos aka Blue Origins Today (Aug 4, 2022), Blue Origin successfully completed its sixth human spaceflight and the 22nd flight for the New Shepard program. The astronaut crew included: Coby Cotton, Mário Ferreira, Vanessa O’Brien, Clint Kelly III, Sara Sabry, and Steve Young. NOT a Bezos fan but sometimes even FACTS overrule TRUTH in spite oof what Braindead says.

        • Bezos doesn’t seem to care about launching orbital-class rockets, despite that shiny-new big-assed factory on the space coast of Florida…

    • Maybe driver/victim ought to find a great defense lawyer and go after the Zon for canning him. He was ONLY protecting HIS OWN life, something Jeffie and company are not interested in doing. Wrongful termination. He has a RIGHT under the US and Ohio Constitutions to own carry and use arms in defense of his own life. Contracts be damned, that right trumps anything Jeffie Boy puts in his contracts.

      Driver/victim SHOULD file a workmen’s comp claim for the stress etc of the incident, certainly work related, and that took place prior to his canning.

  3. At one point in the past at a place we recently moved from (a few months ago, new home construction finished) neither Amazon, fed-ex, or UPS would deliver, for fear of their drivers being attacked and seriously injured or killed. It happened to more than several of them. They just stopped delivering, you would need to go to a pick up location to get your package and the nearest for all of them were about 30 miles away at that time so a 60 mile round trip. Even the post office restricted mail to letters for fear of carrying packages that the gang members would think had something valuable inside.

    After constitutional carry came in a lot more people in the area started carrying, The bad guys eventually got the message when their victims suddenly started shooing them. Within a year after constitutional carry came in and the number of criminals being shot by their victims rose steadily weekly the crime rate in the area had dropped more than 80% and was decreasing and fed ex, amazon, ups, and post office started delivering again and we could get packages by U.S. mail too and people stopped being afraid to go out.

    • “They just stopped delivering, you would need to go to a pick up location to get your package..”

      The upside to that is, your package won’t get stolen off your front porch… 🙁

    • What does that mean? They can fire him. They will have no downside, corporately. One driver is a drop in the ocean to them.

      I agree that they’re shit but that’s true even if they don’t fire him

  4. Its a shame a person has to decide between a paycheck and staying alive. This guy should keep his job, they will fire him probably though because he was carrying IF he was an actual Amazon employee and not a contractor.

    • While I haven’t read the terms of employment, I am confident that UPS, FedEx and the other public small package carriers all have a clause about no firearms and no self defense. Now, in view of NY Gun Club v. jackass a couple of class actions against employers with such clauses in their employment contracts should change the scenery. Where are the sharks when they could really do some good?

  5. Don’t bring a knife fight to a knife fight, Fool! I guess he never watched that Indiana Jones movie?

  6. good for the driver.what are you suppose to do,let the guy stab you,because some democrat or woke joke dope,who has been indoctrinated thinks it is a shame,he got shot,well let;s see what all these bleeding hearts would do;in the same situation,as this amazon driver had done.i am sure the liberals,would have let this criminal stab them,right liberals> go trump 2024

    • Yup.
      Calmly allow him to stab you then avoid bleeding on the packages then fill out the police data collection form.
      He will stop stabbing once his arm gets tired.

  7. Yep, Besos the Dark Lord of Mordor errr… Amazon will make sure to fire him.

    • Amazon’s a pretty awful employer from everything I know. Hope this dude gets a better gig!

  8. Appears Amazon drivers are not alone… Looks like the Dems are gearing up for the mid-terms as mail carriers are being targeted for their Master Keys to mailboxes, apartment building mailbox clusters, lock boxes AND ballot drop boxes, seems like a strategy to me.

  9. Well, bright side…yeah he may be looking for a new job but better than getting stabbed to death, at least he still lives and able to work a better job. F’em.

    • Good call there, possum. I’ve been to the Amazon. Every time we stopped our vehicles for a break, the buzzards would come in from all around, and begin to roost in the nearest tall tree, just watching us. Made for some good campfire stories.

  10. The Amazon driver … acted in self defense and hasn’t been charged. Keeping his job after carrying a firearm on the job and discharging it in order to protect himself, however, may be more of a problem.

    As I stated yesterday (or the day before?):

    The Ruling Class readily uses, abuses, exploits, coerces, and deceives the working class as necessary to increase their (Ruling Class) wealth, power, and control. The Ruling Class is quite content to require that workers be defenseless and therefore die on the job when a criminal attacks.

    Note that the Ruling Class exerts (and reinforces) their power and control when they promptly fire workers who violate the “self-defense not allowed” policy.

  11. On the plus side, he’s not going to be an Amazon employee much longer.

    No more being forced to shit in a plastic bag in the back of the truck. I’d call that a win.

  12. Wow, he must’ve REALLY wanted out of the gene pool! EVERYONE knows you NEVER bring a knife to a gunfight!!

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