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Thanks to the accommodating folks in the Glock booth, we finally got our hands on the new (as of the SHOT show) 30S. No, not the 30SF. The 30S is the slimmer, slightly less zaftig variation that still packs 10+1 rounds of .45ACP whoopass. But not until we chatted up the members of Team GLOCK who were on hand signing promotional materials and just about anything else the crowd presented to them. Then there’s the Gunny . . .


Always the biggest draw wherever he goes, R. Lee Ermey was doing what he does best – messing with show-goers and posing for pics destined for a thousand Facebook likes.


But back to that gun. Somehow we managed to miss the latest terrific Tenifer toy at SHOT. So to make up for that egregious oversight, we made it our first stop of the morning. And as someone who’s never been able to find a GLOCK to comfortably fit his freakishly small hands, the 30S was a pleasant surprise.


Yes, it’s still the same trigger. And sights. But it’s a sure bet to be the same feature the alarming reliability that’s made Gaston’s gang what they are. While we’d love to get a 30S to review, we’re not holding our breath. Since they were introduced, they’ve been harder to find the cellulite on Texas Bikini Team members. But there’s good news on that front, too. According to one of their marketing people who’s in the know, the sultans of Smyrna expect to be shipping for current orders by the end of the year. Keep your fingers crossed.


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  1. I don’t get it. Most of the ladies shooting at my range either look like Marjorie Main or are inked up like one of the Suicide Girls. Glock gets Tori Nonaka and Michelle Viscusi, both of whom are hot enough to melt Glock’s polymer.

    What a life.

    • Are you really harshing on girls with tattoos? I’m offended. And I’m not a lady I just think girls can be downright sexy with two full sleeves. Fake boobs and commie caps don’t hurt their cause either.
      Edit: request to RF. can tomorrow’s question of the day be “are women with guns sexier with or without ink.”

    • Hate to burst your bubble Ralph, but Michelle got tatts including a rather big (and beautiful) one on her shoulder that’s close to a half-sleeve. 😉

      Gotta hand it to Glock… they pick some great spokespeople. Gunny, Viscusi, Nonaka, Eusebio. What other gun manufacturer has a line-up line that?
      No offense, Nick… but most of us don’t want to see you in a bikini. 😉

      • Michelle got tatts

        Is she skilfully posed not to show them?

        I don’t like tats on girls. It’s an old guy, cultural thing. We see tats, we think sailors and retired prizefighters, not women.

        • She’s got a big flower on her right shoulder, a phrase in (I’m guessing) Italian on her left inner forearm, and a brace of .45’s on her left ribcage. I’ll let you do the GIS for them.

  2. It doesn’t hurt the new 30S that there’s suddenly more states where 10 is the limit.

    I would really love to meet the Gunny. Let’s just say I was lucky enough to be able to use some of his quotes in a proffessional context.

      • Not enough to keep the dealers shelves as empty as they’ve been. You don’t suppose the anti’s have been lying to us about this diminishing number of gun owners, do you? Couldn’t be, they’re all honest and honorable people……man, I can’t even type that without a little throw up in the back of the throat.

        Nah, they’re lying like cheap rugs. If all us OFWG’s died off tomorrow it would probably have little to no effect on the numbers of guns and amounts of ammo being sold.

        • If all us OFWG’s died off tomorrow it would probably have little to no effect on the numbers of guns and amounts of ammo being sold.

          Maybe so, but it would be a major setback to the bourbon industry.

  3. I just bought a G36 to use the slide on my G29 (which basically is the same as the G30S) It’s a sweet shooter with good groups. I can’t wait to get back to the range with it.

  4. The Glocks I’ve tried in the past have just missed fitting my hand right. They are simple and reliable but they just don’t feel quite right. If I ever spot one of those 30’s I’ll give it a grip and see.

  5. Hickok45 got one to test! He actually made two videos on it! You guys have got to be able to get your hands on one.


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