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I swear I’ve seen this somewhere before, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The proprietary receiver accepts Saiga magazines and turns your tube fed gun into a box fed badass. The tube is still required (to keep the barrel attached) but rendered useless, as the follower assembly has been removed and there is no lifter.

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  1. Wasn’t there like a kit by someone like ATI that allowed Mossberg 500’s to take box and drum mags?

  2. I think I remember EAA importing something like this in the early 90’s.
    See if Paul Richter is manning the EAA booth there. He’ll know.

  3. Ok it looks good, but what mfr? what model? what price? What’s with the tease and lack of info?

  4. per the black aces tactical website the mossie 500 kit not available-MSRP $499.00

  5. This setup came onto the radar of the Saiga-12 board I infest frequent a few months back and generally the reaction was “Meh…”especially given the price.

    • I’m thinking the same thing. The ability to do a swift reload on a pump-action is pretty neat, but if someone thinks they’ll need to spit out that much lead at something that quickly, it’s even money that they’ve already got an autoloading shotgun that takes magazines.

  6. …and hopefully they would make a variant for my SA-20! (semi auto *and* mag-fed!)

    • Ditto for my 459. A combination which I will never, ever be allowed to own in CA.

  7. In this video about arms manufacture in Pakistan they make a bunch of magazine fed pump shotguns.

    • Wow. Color me impressed.

      Different styles of hammer fired pistols, beretta clones, glock clones. Pump action magazine feed shotguns, semi-automatic magazine feed shotguns, luxury side by side barrel shotguns, sub machine guns. All sorts of sub machine guns.

  8. i think this is featured in the new universal soldier movie on netflix, or a similar variant i suppose ??

    eh, id still rather get an X Rail

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