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“Federal authorities say that the two assault rifles and two handguns used in the San Bernardino massacre were all purchased legally in the United States — two of them by someone who’s now under investigation.” That’s the word from the ATF. As Nick wrote earlier today, to two black rifles were California-legal, but had been altered in violation of the state’s Brady Campaign A-rated common sense gun laws. Who could have possibly predicted that Joey and Janey Jihadi would have disregarded the Golden State’s labyrinthine gun control regime in their preparations to commit mass murder? The news here is . . .

the third individual. A straw purchaser! Again, in blatant disregard for both federal and state laws!

Meredith Davis of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives says investigators are now working to make a connection to the last legal purchaser.

She says all four guns were bought four years ago but she’s not saying whether they were purchased out of state or how and when they got into the hands of the two shooters.

Davis says California requires paperwork when guns change hands privately but many other states don’t.

So let’s see if we have this straight. California’s rigid regime of gun control laws — universal background check, 10-round magazines, bullet buttons — were all circumvented by these climate change ISIS-inspired attackers. But the state’s senior senator says the logical response to this tragedy is to prevent those on the terrorist watch list from buying firearms (a list that apparently didn’t include Joey or Janey) via extra-judicial diktat. Plus ca change . . . .


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  1. “Who could have possibly predicted that Joey and Janey Jihadi would have disregarded the Golden State’s gun control regime in their preparations to commit mass murder?”

    Ooh! Ooh! (Raises hand) Pick me, pick me!

    • But why would they pick an ordinary citizen when there are so many liberal elitists to choose from?

  2. Show of hands: who here on 9/11 thought that in 14 years we’d see members of the media tampering with a crime scene on Live TV in order to help the President bury a story about Muslim terrorists so that he and his party can focus on the Real Terrorists: the Framers of the Constitution?

    I did, but then again I was a very depressed and cynical child.

    • The US media certainly did its job siding with the US government terrorists and hiding the massive crime scenes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        • Implying the US government war crimes have anything to do with 9/11. Keep chugging that Kool-Aid. 🙂


        There is a red herring on the field.
        What does this have to do with anything?

        Illegal use of a strawman argument.
        Attempted deflection of an opponent’s argument to a point they were not defending.

        Play is no good.

        • PLEASE folks, don’t let the trolls get away with tossing out some red herring that they hope will deflect you from the argument. When they do that, they win, because you let them have the point that was being debated, and start debating some unrelated thing. They win.

          Don’t fall for that tactic.

      • “and hiding the massive crime scenes in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

        Which ones were those, you shrimp stick eater of jihadi poo?

        • It’s funny when people actually believe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were fought against “jihadis”. 🙂

      • They were rifling through boxes of documents, photos, ID cards. There were also shredded papers the Fibbies apparently felt were unnecessary to take.

        The FBI is now claiming they gave permission for the media to go through the crime scene, but anyone who thinks that crime scene was actually thoroughly investigated has never seen what the police do at crime scenes not linked to terrorism.

        The only question is: did the FBI deliberately leave mounds of evidence behind and give the media permission to rifle through the crime scene? Or did the media jump the gun and the FBI is now covering for them?

        • If it had been gone through properly (for a criminal investigation) that room would looking pretty empty except for furniture. You get a warrant for a serious crime like a multiple murder, you’re going to take everything you can that’s not excluded on the warrant. For a terrorism investigation I’m a little surprised that the family was allowed to remain living in the home, that the home wasn’t sealed in plastic then put on a truck and shipped to a black site. I’m completely stunned that a bunch of reporters destroyed any integrity the CS had left or that they were allowed in at all by anyone.

        • “There were also shredded papers the Fibbies apparently felt were unnecessary to take.”

          That right there concerns me the most.

          When paper is shredded into strips, it’s a relativity straightforward process for a computer to reconstruct the documents whole.

          Scan each strip on a flatbed scanner and the software will match up the edges to the other strips and viola! Your document is rebuilt.

          They can even do this to the more secure crosscut shredders, it’s just a lot more time consuming.

          So why in the HELL did the FBI just ignore the strips?

          Mr. and Mrs. Jihadii wanted those documents destroyed, you would think the FBI would have wanted to know what they wanted to hide and snatched that up

          What the hell is going on?

  3. Here is my surprised face that someone disobeyed the Kalifornians common sense gun laws.
    And a bunch of terrorists after all.
    My my……….

    • Yeah, it’s like terrorists don’t have any respect for our legal system or our way of life. Go figure.

      Maybe the statists think we’re currently fighting the redcoats, who will overtly march into a field and stand in rows while trading musket volleys, with a gentleman’s agreement to not target officers or civilians.

  4. I posted this on your facebook too, but I’ll also post it here:

    Hold up on that straw purchase accusation, CBS says they were purchased by others but legally transferred to the perpetrators:

    “A law enforcement source told CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton the weapons were purchased legally in California. The long guns were legally transferred from a friend.”

    • Legally transferred? Even better. That means the attackers waded through California’s sea of derp until they were ready to act, then made the illegal modifications (gasp!)

      They can keep piling on and piling on, and these people will keep waiting them out.

        • You mean, the purchase of these items at a local Home Depot? The utterly complicated process of waiting in line?

        • I recall a satirical commentary from the 70’s supposedly reporting a raid on a Weather Underground cell. Officers found empty wine and beer bottles, sheets on the beds and a car in the garage with a half tank of gas and reported that they had raided a bomb-making factory.

          We obviously need to outlaw PVC and probably Home Depot, or at least put their employees on a watch list.

    • At this point, whether the 2 rifles were purchased legally or not does not really matter. The fact is, as they sit, they are NOT legal in CA. Regardless of where or who purchased them, that they were unlawfully modified shows just how ridiculously useless gun control laws are. It’s a damn fine example of “criminals don’t care about the law”

      • That’s the point; CA already HAS almost every single gun control / “gun safety” law that the anti-gunners are currently pushing nationally, and it didn’t make a lick of difference. THAT’S the point we have to drive home, every chance we get — gun control doesn’t stop anything, doesn’t even inconvenience criminals/terrorists.

        Gun control doesn’t work! It’s a fantasy, a waste of time and money, and serious people shouldn’t even consider it as a reasonable option. If someone proposes it, laugh in their face. Ask them how it worked in the last dozen or so shootings. This is the only way we can win this argument — by showing gun control to be worthy of nothing more than ridicule.

        • wrongo, boyo. the honorable senator barbara boxer (may her name be praised !) declared yesterday that california proved gun control works !!

  5. The only logical response is to arm, train and be ready and willing to use force to protect yourself from violence whenever and wherever.

    Any other response is pointless at best and reckless at worst.

  6. So the private sale was illegal under Commifornia state law. But this wasn’t a straw purchase.

    • No, the transfers WERE legal, and both passed background checks, because California does not have a “gun show” loophole or a private party transfer exception: all transfers are processed through an FFL. Neither had any criminal history, and both passed. Which again shows that background checks don’t prevent crime.

      • Not sure if the wife on a K1 visa was legal to purchase or own firearms. Could be wrong on that.

        Either way, she was not legal to use the weapon to murder people.

        • NOBODY can be on a K1 visa for 2 years. 3 months and then she is either illegal or has a green card.

      • Not so. The only requirements for it to be a straw purchase is if you’re buying the gun on someone else’s behalf with their money. Doesn’t matter if they’re able to own a gun legally or not, or at least that’s what the Supreme Court said in the Abramski case. Is that completely stupid? Yes. Yes, it is.

      • Untrue (which makes the straw purchase law all the more absurd). In fact, the most high-profile straw purchase conviction involved two parties both lawfully allowed (2A? What 2A?) to possess firearms. The intent of the straw purchase was to let Party B take advantage of Party A’s LEO discount.

        Good job taking down THOSE violent criminals, government!

  7. How much money did all of this cost? More than he makes? Travel, bombs, training, tactical gear, weapons, ammo, wife, kid, rent, utilities… state worker salary. Doesn’t add up. There must be a paper trial. BTW, anyone ID those optics? What did they cost?

    Also, anyone see that the first responder was a docotor with a rifle? Combat medic of some sort…

    • I suspect they were aided in part by MasterCard and Visa, possibly also Discover and American Express.

    • I work for the State, and have all of that besides bombs and bomb making material, and a lot more guns. I’m a bargain shopper, and have 13.00 dollars in credit card debt (saved 5 cents at the pump!)

    • Plenty of state employees make more money than they’re worth – it just depends on what his job was. In any case, a couple thousand rounds of ammo and four entry-level guns is hardly going to break the bank.

    • Apparently he was making something like $68000 for making restaurant inspections (+benefits including unlimited on the clock time bowing towards Mecca).

  8. Does anyone else see anything wrong with the buffer tube on the left rifle? It seems flat. Like the bolt wouldn’t be able to cycle at all. Just weird looking to me

  9. How can the evil AR on the left be Kalifornia compliant? It has one of those evil and very deadly bayonet lugs…They are not legal last i heard. ?

  10. So which is it? A straw purchase or a legal transfer? In our lovely state of CA to do a legal transfer you have to go thru an FFL a 10 day waiting period and all the other fees and hoopla. If somebody else buys it for you (a straw purchase) THAT is ILLEGAL! So why do they keep saying that the guns were purchased legally?
    Never mind the illegal modifications and the likely illegal transfer of full capacity (post ban) magazines.
    Like others have said here before, we need to make this stuff “illegaler”. Surely non of this would have happened in Los Angeles because they made magazines over ten rounds really illegal.

    • It’s blatant media misdirection… “The guns were purchased legally…” at one point or another in the past. But it’s obvious the shooters did not obtain them through legal means, and they are not in legal configuration.

      • True that. And frustrating.

        All of the crap the antis are pushing for is already in place in CA and yet they still push for it everywhere else. The so called gun show and internet “loopholes” are ridiculous. Every single transaction goes through an FFL in CA. You would think that this would actually raise awareness to the silliness of more regulation.

        We have known for a long time that none of it makes any difference when it comes to lowering crime rates.
        The only thing that will help at this point is more CCW licenses or constitutional carry.

      • That is NOT what the police said. The police said all firearms were legally purchased and both buyers passed background checks, which is hardly surprising since neither had any criminal history.

    • Try to remember, all these guns were purchased/transferred 3-4 years ago, I suppose they went to an FFL and got the rifles transferred.

  11. So let me get this straight. Two jihadists who were not on the “watch list,” inspired by global warming, bought California guns that somehow materialized from Nevada and Arizona, modified them so that they would be more powerful and killed a bunch of people for the right wing militia, and if there were universal background checks, bullet buttons, magazine bans and gun registration throughout the universe like there is in California, the air would cool and all religions would peacefully join in singing “I want to buy the world a Coke.”

    Is that basically it?

    • You had to watch Bret Baier on Fox this morning, as he authoritatively proclaimed that manufacturers were authorized to build semiautomatic rifles with 10-round clips, with bullet buttons. Where the problem started was when the bullet button was pressed, which illegally converted the rifle to full-auto fire with a 30 round clip. Absolutely the stupidest assertions I have ever heard, absolutely NOTHING correct, I was glad I was already bald, I was trying to tear my hair out.

    • Me too Lee-the gal without a face. How do you get a visa without a pic? Burka babe? BTW I wanted to scream a few minutes ago when the murderers relative(and his lawyer) used the word “alleged” and defended the “religion of piece”. Don’tknow nuttin’…

  12. Would have been interesting if they’d traced the guns to the ATF’s ‘Fast and Furious’

  13. bought four years ago It was still global warming back then as I recall/pre “Climate Change”.

    Sounds to me like the islamists have a long term weapons acquisition program running.

  14. I would like to think that when they find the straw purchaser they hit him/her with multiple murder charges. They totally failed to do that after Columbine even though they had the perp dead to rights.

  15. One thing we need to bring back…. profiling. Kudos to the gun shop in Florida that won’t sell to muslims.

  16. I’m hearing that there was a 3rd shooter, and that there are about 100 small terrorist cells in the area. More stacks are being planned against malls, theatres, and public places.

    Don’t vote for Democrats, and keep your powder dry.

  17. M&P Sport and Dpms oracle (the uppers have been swapped between the two), two of the cheapest options on the shelf. Chinese aftermarket rails, optics, and grip-pods. Apparently their poor judgement related to many topics.

    • I was thinking along the same lines. “So THAT is what all the cheap-ass AR accessories on Amazon look like on a rifle.”

  18. Just for curiosity, what did the modify on the rifles that made them ‘illegal’ in this fine state? The replace the bullet buttons with standard mag releases? Or much more sinister, 30 round mags or a complete modification of the fire control to select fire?

  19. The DPMS receiver still has the CA-legal “Bullet Button” intact (I’ve seen a higher resolution photo than the one above) … lot of good that did to prevent a mass-shooting!

  20. Something that’s been overlooked: the murderers used a Yukon SUV to transport their arsenal to and from the crime scene. By news reports there were over 1600 rounds of ammo in the SUV when the cops searched it. We need to severely restrict the availability of such large vehicles. No one needs anything larger than a Honda Fit to go to work, school or shopping, and it have precious little room for 1600 rounds of ammo, 4 guns, 12 pipe bombs, 2 rollout bags, tactical vests with magazines etc. Restrict the huge vehicles and the terrorists will be stuck at home with their arsenal. Just a suggestion. /s off.

  21. This article really needs to be updated. A “straw purchase” is not a legal purchase by definition.

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