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Press release:

Alien Gear Holsters renames ShapeShift “Starter Kit” to “Core Carry Pack”

POST FALLS, Idaho (July 9, 2018) — Alien Gear Holsters renamed their flagship product to more accurately describe why it exists and who it’s for.

Part of the ShapeShift Modular Holster System, the ShapeShift Starter Kit is now known as the ShapeShift Core Carry Pack to better explain that the product includes the most popular, essential everyday carry styles within the growing modular holster system.

The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack includes a single polymer shell that is configured into four separately designed open and concealed carry styles on the beltline.

“The change was heavily influenced by customer feedback. There were questions about who the ‘Starter Kit’ was for and whether it had to be the first purchase in the ShapeShift Modular Holster System,” Alien Gear Holsters COO Tim Treto said. “The four carry styles in the Core Carry Pack represent our most popularly requested holsters from all gun owners at all experience levels, which spurred the need for a name change in a system offering so many possibilities.”

The name change is the only alteration. It includes the same product at the same price with the same lifetime warranty.

“It’s similar to another recent change: our active retention thumb release,” Treto said. “As the product line was further developed, all aspects of it are continually revisited. These design and product changes take immense time and resources, but the outcome means we’re developing unprecedented holsters based on community feedback.”

Alien Gear Holsters is continually in the process of designing further holster iterations to expand and further develop the entire system, while a separate effort concurrently runs to increase the shell compatibility for additional guns in the ShapeShift Modular Holster System.

About Alien Gear Holsters

Founded in 2013, Alien Gear Holsters manufactures premium, incredibly comfortable holsters for concealed carry. Alien Gear Holsters are the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the planet. Any planet. For more information about Alien Gear Holsters, visit

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  1. The first concealed carry holster I ever bought was an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0. I’ve carried concealed for a long time, but I always carried “Mexican style”. I liked it, it is a very comfortable holster.

    But I don’t use it. Why? It’s too much of a PITA to put on. I like a simple IWB Kydex holster a lot better.

    • Same. Kinda. I first carried a 380 IWB in a kydex at about 4:00, but when I switched to a Glock 19 I wanted something that supported it a little more, something more comfortable to help with the heavier and larger handgun. Enter my cloak tuck 3.0. And it’s as comfortable as anything. I can wear it all day and not have any problems, and it’s great if I’ll be doing a lot of moving around, sitting, or anything other than backflips basically (never do backflips, trust the Internet on that one).

      But the Cloak Tuck is a pain to put on and take off. So I keep a kydex holster for my Glock in my truck as well for short trips, like to the corner store, grocery store, gotta make a Home Depot run, that kinda thing. It’s no where near as comfortable as the alien gear, but it’s laughably easier to put on and take off.

      My recommendation for anyone considering carrying a larger handgun like Glock 19 is simple: it’s totally do-able, but just get the right holsters. 1) A basic kydex for quick trips, and a 2) cloak tuck or for when you’re carrying it all da

  2. Call it whatever they want, it’s still too bulky for EDC. When I ordered one it looked like an errector set with all those pieces.

    • It might be a bit larger than it otherwise could have been, but i find it pretty comfortable. Use mine every day for a p938. I just wish they would start selling half shells, 1.5 shells really makes using the multiple options MUCH more convenient.

      Maybe if others besides me emailed them, cmon guys!


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