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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
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Media and political phenom Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has an answer for everything. Don’t believe it? Just ask her.

Miss AOC decided to weigh in on gun control while everyone else was focused on the Mueller report over the weekend. In short, the democratic socialist thinks we need to outlaw private gun sales, keep our guns loked up, and ban semi-autos and standard capacity magazines.

But remember, no one wants to take away your guns.

For the record, domestic abusers became prohibited persons way back in 1996 thanks to the Lautenburg Amendment back when little Sandy Cortez was about seven years old.

Also for the record, the story from the Indy Star Miss Ocasio-Cortez referenced in her tweet concerned police officers showing teachers what happens when they cower in a corner during an active shooter incident. Getting shot hurts. Hopefully those teachers will internalize that and do whatever they need to in order to protect their students should the worst happen.


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  1. This is what we’re fighting. Not some silly procedural ban on a piece of mostly useless plastic that will get overturned when it has time to work its way through the courts. But sure, let’s keep autistically shouting OrangeManBad as if failing to keep him in the White House is not the worst of available options.

    • In the meantime, this “silly procedural ban” is functioning as an ACTUAL ban and REAL confiscation. Even if it does get struck down eventually, those whose property was confiscated and anyone who may be prosecuted is still SOL.

      This is not okay. Our good orange MAGA friend doing this to us doesn’t make it any better.

      If not in 2020, then in 2024, Miss Lipstick Lenin or one of her fellow travelers will land in the Oval Office…and follow his example by issuing “silly” procedural bans of their own.

        • If Trump can do it — and there’s a chance that it might survive legal challenge, as it has so far — then why wouldn’t a Democrat do it to us even harder?

          Please explain.

        • If I had a bump stock, I wouldn’t be silly enough to turn it in or destroy it with cases pending. Lower courts are drawing this out to present a fait accompli when they have no choice but to strike it down. They are hoping that they can make the administrative ban last long enough to get idiots to help get a Demokkkommie in office.

          All this “Trump is no different than Obama” bullshit has to stop. For some reason people STILL keep underestimating a man who “had no chance to get the nomination”, “had no chance to win the general”, “[was] going to get impeached over Russia”, “will never lower taxes”, “will never build the wall”, “will never defang Obamacare”…

          Oh wait… all of this has happened or is happening. When will your retards realize that a stupid man doesn’t get to become a billionaire?

        • Serge, I don’t underestimate Trump. Never did. That’s why I don’t trust him.

          He’s a thousand times better than the alternative — that’s obvious — but he’s not altruistic. He’s driven to WIN above all, as is anyone who reaches the White House. He’d be perfectly happy to win at my expense or yours — and that’s what he did with the blatantly unconstitutional bump-stock ban.

          Never trust anyone who has that much power.

        • First part of your statement is quite true, as for the rest, I personally think Trump, depending much as he does on advisors, put to much credence on input concerning bump stocks. That and all the emotional rhetoric! Not defending him, just sayin!

      • Every bit of time and money spent on that ban and it’s overturning is money and political capital and effort THEY wasted on what is clearly not legal.

        In the 1980’s the BATF went to the Legislature and got ANY DEVICE that cause a gun to fire more than one shot per pull of the trigger as a “Machinegun” under the law. This was to deal with the DIAS (Drop In Auto sear) or the Lighting link or any and all devices that didn’t require you to alter the gun itself to fire fully automatic.

        They can be GUTLESS and not pass a change to the law because they don’t want their vote on a list on where they really stand. I hope it get’s pushed off blowing up in the appellate division(s) and they force a vote on something in 2020. You can see how well that worked out for Democrats in 1996. The year even their Speaker of the House lost his seat AND the Speaker’s gavel.

        The longer Trump is in, the more likely he’ll appoint another Justice. That will override Chief Justice Roberts not wanting to hear a gun case again.

        I don’t think that will work out well for state level controls in the end. This won’t be the FOPA of 1986 where states just ignore it. It will be a Supreme Court ruling on an amendment’s meaning and breadth.

    • True, but we will hear here the constant refrain of “Trump is no better than anyone else” despite massive evidence he is much better on 2A than anyone in office the past 150 years. We will also hear that “Republicans and Democrats are the same,” despite cold hard facts in tens of thousands of data points on gun control legislation votes, that demonstrate that is not true, and in the past ten years we have gone from this being a somewhat partisan issue, to a perhaps the most partisan issue there is.

        • Roosevelt is my favorite president. But he’s dead. So that’s not much use to us anyways, now is it?

        • that was quite a while ago, so no, he hasn’t been proven wrong. By quite a while ago, I mean 100 years plus !

    • “…would be better if we banned semi-automatic tweeting.”

      She’s stuck on full-auto, and that magazine has near-bottomless capacity, and a barrel that will never overheat…

      *sigh* 🙁

    • Or something close to it. Society at large operates under the assumption that everyone over 60 is senile and out of touch while everyone under 30 is harboring magical insights into this new world of theirs. In reality unless otherwise ill the over 60’s have history and experience on their side while the under 30’s have only just begun to see the world as it is and not as Disney presents it to be. Meanwhile anyone in between those ages is too busy working, raising a family, paying the price for all the pipe dreams and making the country actually run to be bothered with the games of naive children or retired grouches.

    • Has she started tweeting about wealth redistribution yet? Of course certain zones (Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Palm Springs, etc) and certain industries (entertainment?) would be excepted.

      So it will be up to the bourgeois middle class to take up the tax burden. If Alexandra Occasional-Cortex looks up the history of when the last time this was proposed, ordinary people said NO to paying more than 70% of their income in taxes.

      • Can you include all the millionaire athletes (some making $25 million plus a year – e.g. Russel Wilson, Felix Hernandez, Mike Trout, etc.?) Lump all these guys together and were talking a serious pot of money to be re-distributed.

      • Other than Hillary and maybe Maxine Waters, I think Bill would hit any female, including his alleged daughter.

  2. AOC is an actress who auditioned for the part of running for Congress. She has no positions. She says what she is told to say. She is a puppet.

    The worst part about it is the fact the organization(s) which funded her campaign don’t deny it. They’re proud of it, and claim that they’re doing it in order to usher in a Socialist America.

    • This woman must never be allowed anywhere near the White House. If she’s ever elected president she’ll steal the Heart of Gold, and the thought of her with her hands on an infinite improbability drive, well now that’s what keeps me awake at night.

      • Considering her only following is in NY and Cali, I don’t think we have much to fret.

        #like #omg #airhead #like #like #like #like

        • Unless she changes her name to Zaphod and has a third arm surgically attached…

        • Her only following right now. She’s an idiot, but there are geniuses behind her pulling the strings.

          And as a young, Latinx, feminist, democratic socialist Chavista communist from the Bronx, she’s perfectly positioned at the focal point of intersectional identity politics.

          Remember how the Magic Children of Parkland High School suddenly pulled off those massive, professionally staged rallies in a matter of days through their magical victimhood? The same people who made that happen are making AOC happen.

          Unless something goes spectacularly wrong in the plan, she’s going to rise faster than Obama did, probably land in the White House, and do more damage than he ever dreamed of.

        • Yes, by all means, let’s not forget Soros, Bloomberg and the rest of the vermin hiding in the background. Without their backing, the Latina nut bag and the rest would just be bad jokes.

        • Tide Pod Evita ain’t got that much of a following outside of her district in NY. Most of the rest of us think she’s a moron.

        • Well we all know where Humma Kavula’s ‘Don’t Vote for Stupid’ campaign got him.

    • She does stand a chance of being the first “People’s Commissar of the People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of Kalimexico”.

    • Wtf is up with the multiple camera angles while moving…make it seem spontaneous? This too is manufactured news, just like AOC. Her staff didn’t make up the Green new deal, so he’s either lying or uninformed. She recycled it. Nothing new about this communist manifesto.

  3. Don’t confuse her with the facts. Her head will explode. That would make a mess if there were anything in it.

  4. I think what you meant to say is I think it’s time to ban childish, low IQ , entitled people from serving in our law making bodies.

  5. Occasional-Cortex is the most dangerous person in America. She’s an Un-American ideologue with an unearned and outsized political influence and is breathtakingly ignorant.

  6. Never fear, Ms. Ocasio Cortez, bump stocks are officially banned! So everyone is safe now. No more Parklands, or Newtowns, or Pulse, or Columbine, or Vegas will ever happen again. You won. Way to go! The President took care of it for you. Now are you satisfied? We can feel safe knowing these dangerous machine guns, weapons of war, are off the proverbial streets.

    • I don’t give a shit abut bumpstocks nor do any of the many gun owners I know. I do know Trump outsmarted Feinstein who was good to go with a broader bill on 90% public support, and he chopped the legs out from under her

      • He didn’t “outsmart” shit. The dems, including Feinstein, introduced anti-gun legislation as soon as the new session opened. None of it would have passed the Senate, and you know it. It is disingenuous, at best, to claim otherwise. By the time our next (D) president takes office, they will have solid foundation to go after a blanket semi-auto ban, based on the garbage that Don introduced in his “machine-gun” ban. I’m sure you’ll blame someone else when it happens, but he left the back door wide-open.

  7. Alexander Occasional-Cortex, her new friend Rep. Ratshit-A Turd, Sen. Curly Booger (the fourth Stooge), and presidential candidate Master Beto O’Dork – gifts that keep on giving!

  8. Everyone’s always hating on AOC, but the truth is she’s a Republican plant and it’s working – she’s doing a fantastic job of making Democrats look stupid.

  9. This is what happens when the generation brought up to feel that they are the best, even if they can barely read or write begins to take positions of authority. Since they have been “winners” their entire lives, they can’t even conceive the notion of being wrong, much less being an idiotic loser. So the fatuously self-important scream at the top of their lungs whatever the FEEL like, because that’s all they know how to do, and have never been told to sit down, shut up and become erudite, rather than educated.

  10. She just reprimanded people for saying just “Cortez” instead of both of her last names, explaining “it’s a Latinex thing” using both of your parents names. Does this mean when she’s married her kids will have 4 last names while her grandkids have 8? Then 16 and so on? I think the Latinex naming process would fall apart after several generations.

    • Having a hyphenated last name used to be the exclusive province of snotty English c*cksuckers..

      “Vice Lord Percy Uppington-Smythe”

  11. That is right: ban civilian ownership of all semi-automatic weapons, but keep them for
    the armed bodyguards who provide 24/7 security protecting these elitist’s asses! And
    usually at taxpayer’s expense.

  12. So, a 29 year old, bug-eyed, horse-faced, imbecile bartender/waitress has no respect for a constitutionally enumerated right. Now that is front page news!

  13. Y’all keep using the word “socialist” in the wrong context and incorrectly.

    People like her are totalitarians. Isn’t that bad enough?

    They are authoritarian shits who think they know better than you and I what we “need”, and she has a D after her name, but there are plenty with an R as well.

    Know your enemy.

    • She was a bartender/waitress, I’m sure she’s got some skeletons in her closet, and stories floating around out there…it’s just a matter of time until the dirt surfaces…

  14. I would say that it was time to ban or do away with any and all idiotic Congress Critters, or which she is a prime example.

    • I’d still tear a hole in her esophagus with my toxic masculinity. She would be permanently mute.

  15. The national media frenzy over the airsofting of consenting adults who signed up for voluntary training has been absolutely unreal.

    Perhaps they should just scream “I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PREPARE FOR THIS” at the gunman. That’ll stop him.

  16. “You know, instead of training children, teachers, houses of faith, & concertgoers to prep for being shot…”

    Hey, doofus, maybe train them to AVOID getting shot. Train them to not huddle in corners waiting for the bullets. Train them to fight. Maybe even to shoot. Nobody on ‘our’ side wants people training to be shot.

    But if you try to train real tactics against active shooters, some teachers lose their shit and cry to the news because it’s upsetting and traumatic.

  17. Time to rein in the left. The Bill of Rights is a documentation of the GOD Given rights of the citizens of this nation, that as the Founders often said no person may tamper with. In it the citizenry are documented as being the militia, the last line of defense for this nation. This teeny bopper airhead in a woman’s body has not got a clue what she is talking about. She just goes to the University Commie Indoctrination Playbook and regurgitates what ever commie tripe she was taught by the Commie Academics rather than receiving a real education. If you take the Founders at their word though, all laws hindering our ability to buy, retain and carry firearms are illegal and might even be treasonous if you take them at their effect on national security due to hindering we the militia from obtaining proper defensive weapons. We need a national referendum to repeal all firearms laws and to create a law making it illegal to create any law that might hinder the citizens GOD given right to own the firearms of their choice. Let the Libertard Weinies scream and stomp hankies over that.

  18. As vapid and shallow as AOC is, the real shame is that a majority of living breathing human beings voted her in to office.

    With the past president elected, AOC elected, and all the other bat-sh!t crazy people being elected, what’s that say about the condition of the general voting public?

    It says that over the last 20+ years, there’s been a slow crawl to the left by an increasing number of Americans. And this crawl does not appear to be stopping.

    That’s the real travesty in all of this.

    • Not a chance. She plays well in NYC from a district dominated by single mothers. Nationally, she hasn’t got a prayer. Moderate Democrats hate her as much as anybody. I seriously doubt she could win a NY senate seat, although Hillary did it so anything is possible.

      After all the crap with the Amazon headquarters deal, I think she’s got a real good chance of being a one-term wonder.

    • “It says that over the last 20+ years, there’s been a slow crawl to the left by an increasing number of Americans. And this crawl does not appear to be stopping.

      That’s the real travesty in all of this.”

      It is no accident. In case you haven’t yet seen this…

      “KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America”

      • +5.

        Having two parents who are research chemists who taught PhD students as well I have wondered about this for a long, long time.

        For most things I’d have said Yuri was making shit up but after wondering for years and then seeing that video back in the day it all suddenly made sense. It also couldn’t be 20/20 hindsight because he said that stuff when I was like four years old before the problem because seriously noticeable to the casual observer.

      • “KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America”

        I watched this video and it sent shivers up my spine. This is exactly what’s happening now. People like AOC are the new wave of socialism/communism. Do not underestimate her “naiveté”. She’s going to surprise many in the future.

      • @strych9 & @Eli2016:

        I’m glad it was of use. If anyone hasn’t seen his extended videos, where he really breaks it down, I strongly suggest them. Once you see them, it all makes a whole lot of sense. He’s not selling anything, IMHO. As he states in one interview segment; he’s here and stuck in the middle of it like the rest of us.

        When I first saw him years ago, I thought there was a good bit of bullshit in there too. Today I see exactly the results he proclaimed were coming… right down to the mindless useful idiots.

  19. Well, no. If it’s locked up and unloaded, it isn’t very useful when a Democrat decides to borrow your tv set at 2 am.

  20. Apparently, she has never read the Constitution and is amoral. Amoral people are worse than legal positivists.

  21. When she was running for office Representative Ocasio-Cortez made some pro-gun control statement and a BUNCH of a her supporters (myself included) would quick to bring up a few key counterpoints. Many point out the issue of unlilateral gun control. For instance, In NYC we’ve had an ‘assault weapons’ ban for a few decades but that ban doesn’t extend to the private guns owned by members of the NYPD. There’s nothing egalitarian about that. Additionally, gun control laws have a disproportionate effect on minority communities.

    You’d be surprised how many 2A proponents are on the left. It’s a shame that one’s stance on gun rights is treated as some political bellwether.

    For my part I’ll keep using whatever connection I have to AOC to remind her that gun control is folly.

    • The leftist gun owners will be amongst the first liquidated when they force us to DEFEND our Constitutional Republic against their “War of Leftist Aggression”. My suggestion to those on the left… rifle plates. For your children. If they are in the vicinity, they’ll need em. I’m just thinking about the children.

      • Maniacs like you won’t last long in a group of armed, liberty minded riflemen. You seem to have this fantasy of unrestrained genocide. Please, seek competent psychological help. You need it. Seriously.

    • “For my part I’ll keep using whatever connection I have to AOC to remind her that gun control is folly.”

      Please, encourage her to go full gun control; no holds barred. Liberty loving individuals need the wake-up call.

  22. What the MSM doesn’t tell you is that this chick’s approval rating with the general public has completely tanked in the last month or so. The more the public finds out about her the less they like her.

    Also, “keep our guns loked up”… I know what loked out means in street slang but it doesn’t really seem to apply to guns. How does one get a gun to be all crazy and shit?

    • “What the MSM doesn’t tell you is that this chick’s approval rating with the general public has completely tanked in the last month or so.”

      “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s approval rating in New York declines following Amazon deal collapse, while Trump hammers Democrats over ‘socialism’”

      “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has grown less popular in New York – even among Democrats – following Amazon’s decision to scrap its planned offices in Queens.

      Thirty-one percent of registered voters in the state view the freshman House Democrat favorably, while 44 percent have an unfavorable view, according to a Siena College poll released Monday. In January, 34 percent of New York voters viewed Ocasio-Cortez favorably, versus 29 percent who had an unfavorable opinion, a Quinnipiac University poll found.”

  23. they hate us
    that much is certain
    like him or not the truly great thing about the trump era is that finally all the masks are off now
    everybody knows whos who and what they really really want
    they want our guns
    all of them
    because we know how much they loathe and despise us survival dictates that we cant give them all of our guns
    that starts with not giving them any of our guns
    they are no longer our countrymen
    we must think act and feel accordingly
    we must be cautious

  24. “You know, instead of training children, teachers, houses of faith, & concertgoers to prep for being shot, we could just:

    -Pass Universal Background checks (#HR8!)
    -Disarm domestic abusers
    -Mandate safe storage
    -Ban bump stocks, semiautos, & high cap mags designed to kill people

    None of these is easy.
    None of these is effective.
    None of these is “just.”

    The fact is a defensive arm is to stop someone by force when everything else has failed. And everything else fails. 500,000 to 2,500,000 / year says the CDC.

    The next time a whack-job passes background checks to shoot up a couple Mosques with low-end arms secured *despite* all the bans in NZ, maybe we should let the people who will step up for others have something more effective than a credit card machine.

    Maybe we should lay off cracking down on what millions of people who’ve never hurt anyone do, and focus on the whack-jobs.

    Maybe, just maybe, nobody trusts any of this because of the universal, relentless drive to push new laws, expand the reach of the laws in place, stealth-ban (operation chokepoint much?), slime people who’ve done nothing and ignore rulings that you just don’t like.

    The review post the Fla mass shooting came out with the same things, the things we already know, none of them on that list. Meanwhile, in case there was any question, two more kids didn’t get help, that same place. Whack-job, whack-jobbing for years and nobody does anything. Whack-job shoots up a school, and it takes an unarmed kid not yet a Cadet to do something, along with police from the next jurisdiction over, and a guy coaching in a field, to step in and do something. Etc.

    Ban All The Things! gives everyone an excuse. You’re paid to make a school less dangerous, you do that, there, at that school, when some danger becomes real.

    “Nobody is coming for your guns.” except, look, a bunch vague policies to “come for” guns and people who use them, on the back of dead worshipers.

    They don’t want people seeing the video because it shows what it’s like to people who can’t protect themselves when the self-appointed protectors have failed. Watching the whack-job methodically go here and there finding new targets for the 20 minutes before help arrives … we’ve seen what someone can do with that much time and a truck, or a knife, or their bare hands. They don’t want people seeing the final horror these preening pontificators are OK inflicting on you. They don’t want peoplel seeing what fighting back, even with a credit card reader can do.

    They don’t want to let any inconvenient facts interrupt their shrieking sessions. Addicts.

  25. Miss Occasional Cortex can take her gun control, and shove it where the sun does not shine. This is the same stupid idiot that does not know what the three branches of government are, and pisses and moans about whether she can afford to live where she is in D.C. Ship her a** to Venezuela if she hates guns so much. She can take Feinstein with her, too, while she is at it. You can sure as hell bet those starving serfs down there are wishing they had not given up their guns right about now.

  26. These proposed bans dont solve anything. If any of these politicians would research the federal and state laws that are already on the books and enforce them or make the punishment harsher then that would be a good place to start. At the end if the day criminals will still get their hands on weapons and commit crimes. That’s not the issue, the issue are these politicians and their desire for gun confiscation and a socialist government. That’s why the 2A needs to be defended.

  27. Stupid B***h, she thinks we are prepping to be shot. SMH, we are prepping to NOT be shot. Maybe first she should introduce a law that says all lawbreakers MUST obey the law.

  28. I fail to see the use of a bump stock, they are expensive and they waste ammunition. Be that as it may if that is how you want to piss your money away go for it. I’m left handed and I like semi autos and pump actions and lever action rifles, bolt actions not so much.

    • You aren’t very bright are you? This has nothing to do with bump stocks. It has to do with the ATF just re-defining something out of the blue as well as an unchecked executive order by the President. They can do this same thing with semi-auto rifles if we allow this to stand. Good god, wake the fuck up you dumb Fudd.


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