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You can’t miss fast enough. In this case, an armed security guard (the one who didn’t initially scarpered) took out a bad guy with a head shot and then . . . also took off. From his vantage point, aimed fire could have ended this Nigerian bank robbery (no emails exchanged in making this picture).

It’s a simple point made many times in many ways but no less important for it: spray and pray isn’t an ideal self-defense strategy. Unless, of course, you’re using it to cover a hasty retreat. And maybe not even then.

As for point-shooting — rather than using your sights — that can work. But it’s always best to use your sights and squeeze the trigger. Preferably behind cover or concealment, but whatever.

How do you not freak the f out and aim during a life or death fight? Regular practice helps. Force-on-force training is even better. It helps inoculate you to stress and gives you a good idea of your limitations. Which are bad enough with your sights, and a lot lower without.

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  1. Dude was using an AK at contact range. Most of us will be using not AKs.

    The first security guy did the smart thing. Buggered off and lived to run away another day.

  2. Does anybody know the condition of the guard who stayed to fight? Was he wounded by the other robbers? Did he survive?

  3. Practice presentation & Front Sight Press. Shots in the 10 ring of a CPP Marine target after a few hours of dryfire at 10 yards (or 15 yards after a lot of practice). FST is fast and works in low light (especially with night sights).

  4. Note he was not a policeman in the United States. Similar videos are available on YouTube of Brazilian police taking out criminals with minimal shooting…often just one shot. None of the multiple wild shots / everyone empty their magazine shooting you see in our country when police are involved. One advantage of revolvers in the old days was there was much less lead flying around. Officers had to make each shot count more, since they had fewer of them. What these videos of officers in other countries demonstrate is it is not the fault of their semi-automatic pistols. It is their own lack of discipline or lack of training or lack of caring about innocent civilians that may be injured by stray bullets. Of course, if an officer accidentally injures some civilians, as in the NY Empire State Building shooting, there are no consequences for them. But, if a civilian accidentally shoots a bystander, a whole different story. (Yes, I understand this video was about a security guard. But my point still stands.)

  5. It looked like the guard with the AK fired up the BGs’ car pretty good with that AK and it still emptied like a clown car at the circus. WTF?

  6. So much weird stuff in this video. The uniformed but unarmed guard runs home, the robbers are dressed like they just left a night club in the 80s, one of the robbers just casually walked off with his AK on his shoulder, the people just casually walking past the shoot out. This whole video is wtf.

    • The part where the guys getting out of the car that’s just been hosed with a AK, and they seem nonplussed. Like, who are these guys, and what does it take to get them to use cover?

  7. Head shots negate the threat immediately. Doesn’t look like the robbers had much of a plan. Perhaps the sight of firearms was supposed to be enough intimidation.

    • It was a Hyundai Elantra, not a Prius. I own one and that’s how I know.

      As for quick target acquisition, I’ve got a green Crimson Trace laser on my handgun that I’ve used to train myself how to aim and fire from both a normal raised position as well as from a partially raised position (halfway between arms raised and fully extended and arms bent and held partially in the ready position). I use the second method for low light situations at distances where pointing the front sight forward prevents me from seeing what the perp is doing.


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